1080 examples of feller in sentences

Don't try to fool with me young feller.

"Damned if the feller ain't out!"

You savvy, he'd been all over the globe, that feller, and I should say his ex-perience of bars wassomeand

"By the look of him the last few months," snarled Sylvester, "I should say it had taken out of him what little real feller there ever was in.

I heard an argyment atween a feller with a hoss and a feller with a mule onct.

I heard an argyment atween a feller with a hoss and a feller with a mule onct.

The mule feller was kind of uppish about hosses; said he didn't see the advantage of the critter.

Well, ma'am, the hoss feller got kind of hot after some of this, so he says, 'Well, sir,' he says, 'there's this about it.

Butch was fast, but the young feller was faster.

He had Butch by the wrist before the gun came clearjust gave a little twistand there he stood with the gun in his hand pointin' into Butch's face, and Butch sittin' there like a feller in a trance or wakin' up out of a bad dream.

"And Drew?" "He's a big feller; big and grey.

" "Young feller," growled Glendin, "you ain't been in town a long while, but I've heard a pile too much about you already.

"This feller bein' a tenderfoot, he don't understand our ways; maybe he thinks the range is a bit freer than it is."

" "Yes, there ain't much difference; sometimes the difference ain't as much as a split-second watch would catch, but it may mean that one feller passes out and the other goes on.

"Then I come to a house which was all busted up because Bard had come along and flirted with the girl, and she's got too proud for the feller she was engaged tobegun thinkin' of millionaires right away, I s'pose.

It ain't ordinary for a feller to be so savin' on light.

" "So'm I. Feller can kill a lot of time chinning about books.

"I hear you seen something of a thinnish, dark feller named Bard.

Then the other day along comes this feller Bard with a queer way of talkin' school language.

" He paused on his tragedy, set his teeth over a sigh, and went on: "The feller ain't no good.

Feller built husky around the shoulderslooks like a fighter.

"What of the feller that done it, Shorty?"

"If you have a feller cut out for your own meat," answered Nash, "d'you want to have any one else step in and take your meal away?"

Apprehendin' a feller like Bard simply means to shoot him down and ask him to come along afterward, see?" "Nash, you got a great head.

"Please give me some water," cried Kinch, looking from one to the other of the laughing group: "help a feller to get it off, can't youit's all in my eyes, and the yeast is blinding me.

1080 examples of  feller  in sentences