1709 examples of fest in sentences

Himlen er bleven Jordens Gjaest Snart er det Julens sode Fest.

When we came to the hotel he asked the landlord for a room for me, who immediately came to me and explained that on account of the great "Fest" (anniversary) he had turned all the spare rooms of the house into coffee-rooms, "but," said he, "though I know that Americans are used to good accommodations, I can only offer you the Fruchtkammer (granery) to-night, where I have a good nice bed for you, however, if that will suit you."

The city was splendidly decorated with flags, and the "Fest" was a grand success in every respect.

The Beschehr-Fest, in particular, came back to him,the feast of gifts at Christmas,when the entire community paired off and gave presents, many of which had taken weeks to make or the savings of many days to purchase.

Mr F, the Poles and myself hired a cabin to ourselves.

Our host, who was a friend of Mr F's, gave us the best of every thing, and our expences did not amount to more than seven florins Wiener Währung, for supper, bed, breakfast and dinner.

At the Polytechnic school one of the principal professors is a friend of Mr F's, and he explained to us the nature of the establishment and the course of studies pursued.


He no longer alluded to the hazards of the passage, but strove, by the thousand nameless assiduities which his station enabled him to man fest, to expel all recollection of had passed from their minds.


"F has an uniform sound in every position except in of.

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The history of the Jornado, of indwellers named and known, begins with six Americans, as follows: Sandoval, a Mexican; Toussaint, a Frenchman; Fest, a German; Martin, a German; Roullier, a Swiss; and Teagardner, a Welshman.

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"This fest was noble ynow, and nobliche y-do [done]; For mony was the faire ledy, that y-come was thereto.

1709 examples of  fest  in sentences