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6083 example sentences with  festivals

6083 example sentences with festivals

The Sahib baba-logue have a lively share in several of the native festivals.

They sound louder still on the saints days and festivals.

With the festivals pass summer and winter, both dreary to the poor.

the river Serchiothe feudal tower in which she sat, over which still floated, on festivals, the banner of the Guinigi (crosses of gold on a red fieldborne at the Crusades); the stately palace at Luccaits precious heirloomsstrangers must have it all!

The southern rim of the Cuzco Basin is broken by no very striking peaks, although Huanacaurai (13,427 ft.), the highest point, is connected in Inca tradition with some of the principal festivals and religious celebrations.

Feasts and festivals.

There had been little festivals for years'Soundouts,' we called themmusic all night, sleep in a field.

I belonged to the literary societyat which we generally discussed the race questionand attended all of the church festivals and other charitable entertainments.

The Athenian genius was so fertile, and the Athenian audience so eager for novelty, that new pieces were demanded, and were forthcoming, for each of the great festivals, and if a piece was represented a second time it was usually after an interval of some years.

Whatever the connection was, it was so close that the festivals of all three, Tlaloc, Chalchihuitlicue and Quetzalcoatl, were celebrated together on the same day, which was the first of the first month of the Aztec calendar, in February.

Popol Vuh, p. 332.] Their close relation with Itzamnรก is evidenced, not only in the fragmentary myth preserved by Hernandez, but quite amply in the descriptions of the rites at the close of each year and in the various festivals during the year, as narrated by Bishop Landa.

The Hindoos have no particular festival-day in the week, but festivals at certain times, which last for some days.

Martyrs' festivals are no longer celebrated with full splendour.

And as Memory has the power to purify the past of all material grossness, Faith has the same power as regards the present Hence, the closest connection of religious faith with the most joyous festivals, with a finely moulded Venus or Apollo, with an Ephesian temple or a splendid cathedral, or the sweetest symphonies of music, does not mar, but reveals its natural beauty and strength.

The country was well suited for agriculture and grazing, but the populationa very queer mixture of raceswas indolent, and more given to keeping holidays and festivals than to honest labor.

We duly attended, not on this occasion only, but on all ecclesiastical festivals, grave or gay,the only difficulty being to discover any person in town who had even approximate information as to when or where they were to occur.

Every hamlet is clustered round its church, almost always magnificently situated, and each has its special festivals.

"I anticipate," he says, "great pleasure in seeing many dear relatives about me, on one of the greatest festivals the world has ever witnessed."

The three great annual festivals.

And the various family festivals, such as at the weaning of children; at marriages; at sheep shearings; at the making of covenants, &c., to which reference is often made, as in 1st Sam.

Three times every year, all the males over twelve years of age, were required to attend the public festivals.

To realize its oriental color one must resort entirely to that portion which deals with the home life of the people, with their fasts and festivals, their emotions, manners, and traditions.

We lingered long at that noon meal,fifteen minutes, at the very least; for you hospitably said that you did not have these little social festivals very often,owing to frequent illness in the family, and other causes,and mast make the most of it.

At great Sunday-school festivals we know to which school a boy belongs by the flag that he carries.

He was willing to keep Christmas, if Mark saw fit, but rather wished to pay proper respect to all the festivals and observances of Friends."

High in favour with his sovereign, and anxious to profit by so favourable an opportunity of enhancing his own personal attractions, Buckingham appeared at the Court festivals attired in the Crown jewels, and indulged in a reckless profusion which enriched all with whom he came into contact, and soon rendered him a general favourite.

However, the senators did not change their attire nor attend the festivals nor celebrate the feast of Jupiter on the Capitol nor go out to Albanum for the Feriae Latinae, held there for the second time by reason of something not rightly done.

Custom had established yearly festivals for them in the classic regions of St. Giles's, which were frequented by the wits of the daySwift, Gay, Bolingbroke, Steele, &c. From these high followers of the muses, yearly contingents of ballads were expected.

THIRKIELD, GILBERT H. SEE Hymns of faith and life for church worship, hymn festivals, assemblies and schools.

THIRKIELD, WILBUR P. SEE Hymns of faith and life for church worship, hymn festivals, assemblies and schools.

A new calendar was devised, which excluded the ancient festivals, and limited public worship to the decade, or tenth day, and all observance of the Sabbath was interdicted.

The pretended revolution of the thirty-first of May, 1792, which has occasioned so much bloodshed, and which I remember it dangerous not to hallow, though you did not understand why, is now formally erased from among the festivals of the republic; but this is only the triumph of party, and a signal that the remains of the Brissotines are gaining ground.

The barbarism of the Middle Ages was essentially a thing of the past, but much barbaric splendor in the celebration of ceremonies and festivals still remained to satisfy the artistic sense, while every-day costumes and customs lent a picturesqueness to ordinary life.

The neglect of his writings must be considered as indicative of an increasing neglect of that apostolical establishment, whose Fasts and Festivals this author has illustrated with a raciness of style and sentiment worthy of a primitive father of the Church.

The gay period to a stranger is that of the carnival; but, at other times, the festivals of the church, celebrated in this isolated place with more of the mummeries of Roman Catholicism than obtain in many other countries professing the same faith, afford amusement to the lovers of the grotesque.

The great variety of religions extant in Bombay, each being distinguished by numerous festivals, all celebrated in the same mannerthat is, by noise and illuminationssufficiently accounts for the perpetual recurrence of lamp-lighting and drumming in all directions.

After this had been distributed, they made the circle again, and threw gold leaf upon the volumes; then came spices and betel-nut, cut in small pieces, and lastly flowers, and a profusion of the red powder (abeer) so lavishly employed in Hindu festivals.

They ask me to their christenings and to other festivals.

They grace festivals, and triumphs, and processions; and cast a glory on gala days; and are amongst the last sad honors we pay to the objects of our love.

D.L.R. There are several extremely elegant customs connected with some of the Indian Festivals, at which flowers are used in great profusion.

Soc., iv (1890), 80, where he says: "The [Yatton] wardens attended these festivals at Ken, Kingston, Wrington, Congresbury, etc., with more or less regularity, making their contributions, commonly xijd.

chanted by the Jews at their great annual festivals.

And he goes on to advise the planters for the sake of their own interest to behave like good men, good masters, and good Christians, and to impose less labour upon their slaves, and to give them recreation on some of the grand festivals, and to instruct them in religion, as certain preventives of their decrease.

Little wonder, all important cultural festivals in Item, such as Igwa Nmam, Ita Achicha, Iwa Ama and Iri Ndi are celebrated on same day in Item Clan.

London has many celebrations, festivals and events.

Nattu Kaka and Baagha also celebrate festivals and take part in events with Gokuldham Society.

On the contrary, warning symbols and festivals, such as Citipati, are widely spread.

She appeared at international opera houses and festivals, with a focus on contemporary music including world premieres.

She has appeared at many different music festivals, including the Bergen International Festival, Kissinger Summer Festival and Usedomer Music Festival.

Some Shaktism-related festivals revere Shiva along with the goddess considered primary and Supreme.

The British and International Federation of Music Festivals organizes music competitions for amateurs in many parts of the British Isles.

The city is also known for its festivals, like the Montreal Jazz Festival and Just For Laughs.

The city is also well known for its festivals.

These victories started Lupu's career all over the world and he has appeared with all of the famous orchestras and at all of the famous festivals and music capitals of the world.

The world premieres of the movies, presented under the title โ€œMy Homeโ€, took place at the Visions du Rรฉel Festival in April 2005 before being shown at international festivals.

Different sects celebrate different festivals but festivals like Diwali, Holi, Shivratri, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtmi etc. are celebrated by the majority of Hindus.

Different sects celebrate different festivals but festivals like Diwali, Holi, Shivratri, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtmi etc. are celebrated by the majority of Hindus.

For some festivals, over 700,000 people came from all over Egypt, often in boats, sailing along the Nile.

He became a founding member of the 1980s Zaviot jazz quartet, which recorded albums with the label Jazzis Records and performed at festivals and clubs in Israel and Europe until its break-up in 1989.

Before the pandemic Spain was holding almost 1,000 festivals a year and the music industry supported around 300,000 jobs.

But Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™s a lot of films in the same boat as us where we have other festivals lined up that we were going to screen at, but that can all be affected by the fact that they are no longer screening at South by Southwest.

"Public leisure, faith-based or sporting events, parades, concerts, festivals, conventions, fundraisers and similar activities of that dimension are prohibited as we go forward," Inslee said.

A report due to be published by the council today will signal a clampdown on the use of its parks for festivals and events.

The cancellation of Chicagoโ€™s House Music, Gospel Music and Blues Festivals in Millennium Park โ€“ due to the coronavirus โ€“ has prompted an online alternative.

The cancellation of concerts, festivals, and tours has brought an abrupt end to income for hundreds of thousands of people.

Things are a little different this year, and not just for the obvious COVID-related reasonsโ€”the online event will bring South Asian film festivals across North America together for two weeks of free online screenings and special events.

This dance in Manipur is associated with rituals and traditional festivals.

This includes, but is not limited to all gatherings for concerts, conferences, sporting events, sporting event practices, fairs, parades, festivals, and other similar social events.

This includes festivals, parades, assemblies, or sporting events.

Warren speaks at the South by Southwest conference and festivals in Austin, Texas, on March 9, 2019.

Watching all my shows and festivals for the year cancel or double book themselves is not.

We immediately became friends, and I particularly enjoyed our meetings at various film festivals around the world.

Writing on the ill-fated Rage parties, Dr Sheri Fanaroff from Wits University, said it was, of course, better to stay home, but those who attend such parties and festivals to conduct a risk-benefit analysis.

After moving from the United States to Canada in 2003, Carolyn explored the province more deeply, scouting out Toronto's multicultural neighborhoods and taking in theater festivals at Stratford and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

From music festivals to multicultural celebrations and culinary events, Ontario has a diversity of offerings that will be sure to appeal to everyone.โ€

He has appeared at national conferences such as Idea City, the Banff Festival for The Arts, Montrealโ€™s Canadian Club and numerous writersโ€™ festivals.

He has appeared in major international festivals and theatres, including Carnegie Hall, the Koncerthaus Berlin, and the Thรฉรขtre des Champs Elysรฉes in Paris.

His music has been premiered at major festivals in Argentina, France, USA and Northern Ireland.

His performances include concerts for national and international festivals as well as radio and television appearances.

A motion that Council adopted calls for the preparation of a report on ways the City can support festivals in various parts of the city that draw 100,000 or more attendees.

An abundance of free activities, festivals, nightlife, innovation, and just about anything youโ€™re craving to eat are accessible within 10 minutes of wherever you are.

I had fun at various festivals, talked to lots of kids, sold a couple of books (dozens really but I donโ€™t want to brag), ran a great workshop (actually, didnโ€™t run so much as laughed through โ€“ the students were doing the heavy lifting).

Prior to opening his pop-up, Carboni says he regularly rented booths and tables at other local fairs and festivals.

Revellers across Taiwan ring in the lunar new year with festivals of lanterns and fi reworks.

She played two festivals new to her this summer- Winnipeg Folk Festival and Folk on The Rocks in Yellowknife.

She received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008 and has exhibited her work in festivals and galleries throughout the United States and Canada.

Since the debut release it's been busy for the band including performances at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC, the Juno Celebrations in St. John's, NL and festivals throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

The book is at the top of the Amazonโ€™s Hot New Releases list as Justice begins a North American tour of literary festivals and campuses.

โ€œThe Court Festivals of Henry VII: A Study Based Upon the Account of John Heron, Treasurer of the Chamber.โ€

The Fryeยฎ Ruth Whipstitch Sandal has a timeless look that will have you in style at poolside parties or while rocking out at weekend music festivals.

The Golden Bough describes our ancestors' primitive methods of worship, sex practices, strange rituals and festivals.

These festivals and their meaning have the same relevance for Christians today that they had during the first century.

These festivals are.

These few simple words awoke a whole new series of impressions in my mind: they brought back a memory of country life I had long forgotten, a distant echo of the innocent festivals of my youth.

These include but not limited to, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, round tables, festivals, charitable events, networking within profession, etc.

The student is expected to contact their professors and schedule to complete makeup homework, course assignments or tests when traveling to perform at festivals and other performance events including campus productions.

Theyโ€™re also a staple at music and cultural festivals across the GTA.

โ€œBeing a part of the team and helping festivals in Ottawa with this industry-wide study has been great, and knowing that it will help the community makes it worthwhile.โ€

Be trained to conduct education sessions on fracture prevention to seniors at seniors centres, retirement homes and active living programs*, help with information tables at health fairs, community festivals and events.

We have formed study groups, childcare groups, playgroups, various puppetry and painting programs, and have facilitated the community in meeting together at seasonal festivals.