2405 examples of festivals in sentences

At the season of councils and religious festivals there was more of actual intercourse and sociality than at any other time; but this was confined to the dance and was in itself limited.

The account he gives of their various festivals, their eloquence, their devout religious feeling and gratitude to the Great Spirit for favors received, the thanks addressed to the earth, the rivers, the useful herbs, the moving wind which banishes disease, the sun, moon, and stars for the light they give, shows them to be far superior to most of the red men.

My theory that in practice, at any rate, if not in form, promiscuity was the original state of affairs among savages, in India as elsewhere, is supported by the foregoing facts, and also by what various writers have told us regarding the licentious festivals indulged in by these wild tribes of India.

At one of the Kandh festivals held in November all the lads and lasses assemble for a spree, and a bachelor has then the privilege of making off with any unmarried girl whom he can induce to go with him, subject to a subsequent arrangement with the parents of the maiden.

" Dalton gives a vivid description of these festivals as practised by the Hos in January, when the granaries are full of wheat and the natives "full of deviltry:" "They have a strange notion that at this period men and women are so overcharged with vicious propensities, that it is absolutely necessary for the safety of the person to let off steam by allowing, for a time, full vent to the passions.

Nor are these festivals of rare occurrence.

Incest: (See Licentious Festivals); Horror of.

Iroquois: Feathers and rank; No love; Licentious festivals; Cruelty to mothers; Woman man's servant; Love the last product of civilization.

Kandhs: Licentious festivals.

Licentious festivals; Kaffir; Australian (See Corrobborees); Hawaiians; American Indians; India.

Nicaraguans: Tattooing; Licentious festivals; Eating a rival.

On the 14th of June, 1563, Protestants were forbidden to work, with shops open, on the days of Catholic festivals.

He rejoiced with us on festivals when we were gay; when we were sad he sympathised.

* Small public houses in the vicinity of large towns, where the common people go on Sundays and festivals to dance and make merry.

A great fair is held here every year about the end of October, or beginning of November, on the occasion of the Hindu Diwâli, or Feast of Lamps, one of the most beautiful and impressive of all the Hindu festivals.

The Emperor attended every Friday night and on holy festivals, moving from one to the other of the guests and conversing with them.

This was the hidden machinery belonging to the great religious festivals; by these artifices the magnificent canopy of the holy week was raised and fastened.

And here am I, shut up, my only hope being perhaps to conduct a Mass of Rossini's at one of the great festivals!

One evening I listened to Wagner, dressed in the clothes of a friend of mine, a violinist, who plays here in Toledo at the great festivals.

The plain song was the established liturgy almost throughout Europe; but the people disliked it, and interspersed it with songs, and at the great festivals, religious hymns were sung, adapted to the popular melodies then in fashion, such as 'The song of the armed man,' 'Morencia, give me a kiss,' 'I know not what confuses me,' 'Weep for me, lady,' 'Bad luck to him who married you,' and others in the same style.

The great variety of religions extant in Bombay, each being distinguished by numerous festivals, all celebrated in the same mannerthat is, by noise and illuminationssufficiently accounts for the perpetual recurrence of lamp-lighting and drumming in all directions.

After this had been distributed, they made the circle again, and threw gold leaf upon the volumes; then came spices and betel-nut, cut in small pieces, and lastly flowers, and a profusion of the red powder (abeer) so lavishly employed in Hindu festivals.

For several years the regular meetings were held at our house, the "festivals" of the year being often given at the residences of other members of the societyMr.

Holidays and festivals, with what they commemorate, and the rites and ceremonies connected with them.

ELIS, a district of Greece, on the W. coast of the Peloponnesus, sacred to all Hellas as the seat of the greatest of the Greek festivals in connection with the Olympian Games, a circumstance which imparted a prestige to the inhabitants.

2405 examples of  festivals  in sentences