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3128 examples of fetches in sentences

He goes to the stables and fetches a pitchfork and places it at the other side of the visitor.

Presently he imagines to himself that she must want something, and so fetches her food and water, but she never so much as looks at it, but still goes on her rounds, every now and then scratching at the door.

Fernando fetches in Eleonora. Mac.

Ime the principall, The very source from whence this brooke of bloode Fetches its spring.

To be sure, folks does like our butter, and it always fetches a pretty good price,he's very proud on't.

[Fetches a chair.

Wax, which is much in request for church solemnities, fetches half a dollar per catty; and resin averages half a real per chinanta.

This operation, which requires several months for its completion, yields such a bad, dark-brown, and viscid product that the pitcher fetches only two dollars and a quarter in Manila, while a superior oil costs six dollars.

After a good harvest the caban fetches four reales; but just before the harvest the price rises to one dollar, and often much higher.

His merchandise, consisting of four small bags, seemed hardly worth the carrying, but Kej tobacco fetches high prices in Beïla.

Art and industry are, as well as trade, practically at a standstill in the Khan's city, though a handsome embroidery, peculiar to Kelát, is made by the women, and fetches high prices in India, while some of the natives are clever at brass work and ironmongery.

He fetches up more paint, yellow ochre this time, for the house itself.

He fetches his next Thought from Tyburn; and seems very apprehensive lest there should happen any Innovations in the Tragedies of his Friend Paul Lorrain.

but he fetches in some hurted critter an' works with it.

There be great holes in the bowssen where they gets through and fetches them.

Presently he flaps heavily off to the opposite side of the gorge, and fetches his wife.

He fetches a stick, coaxes him out of the house, drops it at his feet; then retiring backwards, barking, plainly indicates his desire to have it thrown for him.

That name he is content to bear aloneto go where the persecuted syllables shall be no more heard, or excite no meaning some spot where his native tongue has never penetrated, nor any of his countrymen have landed, to plant their unfeeling satire, their brutal wit, and national ill mannerswhere no Englishman(Here Melesinda, who has been pouting during this speech, fetches a deep sigh.)

If divided into a number of lots, each of small size, land still fetches its value, and can be readily sold; but that is not always convenient, and purchasers hesitate to invest in extensive estates.

Even the less directly baneful spirits such as Finvarragh, king of the fairies, who haunts the stony slopes of Knockmaa, and all the endless variety of dii minores, the cluricans, banshees, fetches who peopled the primitive forests, and still hop and mow about their ruined homes, were far more likely to injure than to benefit unless approached in exactly the right manner, and with the properly littered conjurations.

"Whenever the Kaffir monarch hears of a young woman possessed of more than ordinary beauty, and at all within his reach, he unceremoniously sends for her or fetches her himself....

INDIAN LOVE-POEMS As it is not customary for an Indian to call at the lodge where a girl lives, about the only chance an Omaha has to woo is at the creek where the girl fetches water, as in the above idyl.

It fetches from one to three rupees, each root.

" He rises and fetches it, slips it quickly out of its coverings, and puts it into my hand.

The mother milks for the passing customers, the father fetches it all lovely and foaming and warm to your cab, and the pretty, big-eyed children caper around you, begging for a "macaroni" instead of a "pourboire.

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