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107 examples of  fickleness  in sentences

107 examples of fickleness in sentences

To show that dark suspicion's fears had tried his fortitude; His shield was blazoned with the moon, a purple streak above, To show that fears of fickleness are ever born with love.

But time, that shall my constancy, thy fickleness will show, The world shall then my steadfast heart, thy tongue of treachery know.

WOMAN'S FICKLENESS A stout and valorous gentleman, Granada knew his worth, And rich with many a spoil of love, Went Abenamar forth.

FICKLENESS REBUKED While in the foeman's ruddy gore I waded to the breast, And for mine own, my native shore Fought braver than the best, While the light cloak I laid aside, And doffed the damask fold, And donned my shirt of mail, the spoil Of foeman brave and bold, Thou, fickle Mooress, puttest on Thine odorous brocade, And hand in hand with

Then she threw contempt on his change of purpose, and accused him of fickleness and cowardice; and declared that she had given suck, and knew how tender it was to love the babe that milked her, but she would, while it was smiling in her face, have plucked it from her breast, and dashed its brains out, if she had so sworn to do it, as he had sworn to perform that murder.

The tenants of the Lagunes, with the fickleness with which extreme ignorance acts on human passions, had suddenly experienced a violent revolution in their feelings towards their ancient comrade.

With the fickleness of men little influenced by reflection, and subject to sudden and violent emotions, a temperament which, the effect of a selfish system, is commonly tortured into the reason why it should never be improved, they had abandoned all idea of revenge on the agents of the police, and had turned their thoughts to the religious services, which, being commanded by the prince himself, were so flattering to their class.

Near the earth's surface winds blow in variable directions, and the weathercock becomes the type of fickleness.

Griselda: A Tale of Wifely Patience Men, said Dioneo, are wont to charge women with fickleness and inconstancy; but there comes into my mind a story of a woman's constancy and a man's cruelty which, I think you will agree, is worth the telling.

Politics were, indeed, taking such a hold over Marie Antoinette that they begin to furnish some topics for her letters to her mother, one of which shows that she had already formed that opinion of French fickleness which she had afterward too abundant cause to maintain.

He lost, however, the friendship of Henry, from the usual levity and fickleness of that prince; he was banished the court; he was recalled; he was intrusted with the command of Guienne [t], where he did good service and acquired honour; he was again disgraced by the king, and his banishment from court seemed now final and irrevocable.

Fickleness and instability, your lordship will please to observe, are of the very essence of a real statesman.

Thus fallen from a heighth of greatness, our poet retired to bemoan the fickleness of fortune, and then wrote his Testament of Love, in which are many pathetic exclamations concerning the vicissitude of human things, which he then bitterly experienced.

He did not hate her for such fickleness.

They gather about the poet; the god upbraids him for having translated the Romance of the Rose, and for his early poems reflecting on the vanity and fickleness of women.

This was an unfavourable circumstance for our author, as it more particularly shews the fickleness of his disposition in state-matters, and gave him less credit with those parties he afterwards espoused.

Villiers duke of Buckingham was his first patron, who notwithstanding his fickleness, and inconsistent levity, never forsook him; a circumstance which has induced many to believe, that that nobleman owed much to the refinement of our author; and that his Rehearsal had never been so excellent, nor so pungent a satire, had it not first passed under Dr. Sprat's perusal.

In Euphues, however, the love story serves chiefly as a peg on which to hang discussions on fickleness, youthful follies, friendship, and divers other subjects.

The following passage upon mankind's fickleness is a good specimen of his satiric vein in dealing with human weakness: "There are no better satires than letters.

Yea, so far as I could gather, the town had been surrendered before now had it not been for the opposition of old Incredulity and the fickleness of my lord Will-be-will.

And to wait till the enemy's forces were augmented and their cavalry had returned, he concluded, would be the greatest madness; and knowing the fickleness of the Gauls, he felt how much influence the enemy had already acquired among them by this one skirmish.

Although Caesar was aware of this proceeding, yet he addresses the ambassadors with as much mildness as he can: "That he did not think worse of the state on account of the ignorance and fickleness of the mob, nor would diminish his regard for the Aedui."

Charms are sufficient to make a man amorous; to render him constant, something more is necessary; skill is required, a little management, a great deal of intelligence, and even a touch of ill humor and fickleness.

Irresolution N. irresolution, infirmity of purpose, indecision; indetermination, undetermination^; unsettlement; uncertainty &c 475; demur, suspense; hesitating &c v., hesitation, hesitancy; vacillation; changeableness &c 149; fluctuation; alternation &c (oscillation) 314; caprice &c 608. fickleness, levity, legerete

She was boastful, jealous, quarrelsome, lavish, magnificent, full of fickleness,exhibiting on all sides the exuberance, the magnanimity, the folly of youth.

But the people refused to listen; the offerings of meat and fish and fur ceased to come to his door; and he sulked withinso they thought, fasting in bitter penance; in reality, eating generously from his well-stored cache and meditating upon the fickleness of the mob.

Generally she was attended by Fritz, a beautiful collie, who had, with the fickleness of his nature, transferred his affection from his master to her, and though uncertain in temper towards most, was never anything but amiable when with the little girl.

A third menace shows in that fickleness of temper and false standard of life that cause us to admire the wrong type of leader.

Its vice is fickleness, morbidity, exhaustion.

The result of it all is an increasing fickleness of temper, so that the same people who shout most loudly when the popular hero goes by, the next week cover his very name with vituperation and abuse, if he offends their slightest whim.

This evil breeds another: fickleness in the people means demagoguery in the leader, inevitably.

Selfishness, fickleness, ignorance, irreverence in the people, with demagoguery in the leader these are the menaces of American democracy.

Several years were now elapsed, and she had become acquainted with a number of gentlemen, many of whom had rendered themselves disgusting by the extreme levity and fickleness of their manners.

His splendid talentsalthough linked to fickleness and inconsistencyand his liberality, appealed to the Florentines, and he might have proved a second Lorenzo il Magnifico.

He had all the making of a great man, but fickleness, inconsistency, impatience, and self-indulgence, belittled his reputation.

But you both behaved toward him with fickleness and again after filling Sejanus with conceit and spoiling him you put him to death, and therefore I ought not either to expect any decent treatment from you."

Their fickleness has passed into a proverb; but their inconstancy, as well as their power, from the fanning air to the destructive tornado, are to be traced to causes that are sufficiently clear, though hid in their nature from the calculations of our forethought.

" "Thou hast forgotten to name thine own quality," cried Pippo, who was too much used to buffoonery not to relish the whim of Maso, and who, with Neapolitan fickleness, forgot his anger the instant he had given it vent.

Disappointed, bewildered, cut to the quick, yet as much in love as ever, he could only in bitter silence turn over in his thoughts the issue of his cherished dream; now persuading himself that Ellen's denial was the effect of a sudden bashfulness, now inveighing against the fickleness of the sex, as all men do when they are angry with any one woman in particular.

But while the hollyhock was taking the bee's fickleness so solemnly, a rose was revenging her upon him.

I do not care for the charge of fickleness which may with justice be made against me.

I do not grudge Lord Russell the sighs of Russia or the smiles of France; but I regret that, with characteristic discretion, he should have quitted the battle of the Conference only to take his seat in the House of Lords to denounce the perfidy of Prussia, and to mourn over Austrian fickleness.

It is a lamentable thing that every Man is full of Complaints, and constantly uttering Sentences against the Fickleness of Fortune, when People generally bring upon themselves all the Calamities they fall into, and are constantly heaping up Matter for their own Sorrow and Disappointment.

I was in hopes that you had got over this fickleness ere this...

By being unwilling to forego the praise due to any, we may forfeit the reputation of all; and instead of uniting the suffrages of the whole world in our favour, we may end in becoming a sort of bye-word for affectation, cant, hollow professions, trimming, fickleness, and effeminate imbecility.

What is more shameful than inconsistency, fickleness, and levity, both to individuals, and also to the entire senate?

But water, the feminine element, is so mobile and impressible that it must protect itself by much that seems caprice and fickleness.

With the childish fickleness of a mob, they now experienced a satisfaction almost as great as, though less exciting than, that attendant upon taking life.

Of course, I received a torrent of gibes on my fickleness; for they did not understand my feelings in respect to the responsibility that I feared to take for my younger sister.

The second, the fickleness of women.

Ancient mythology typified the changing wonders of aquatic Nature, as well as the fickleness of the treacherous sea, in those shifting deities, Glaucus and Proteus, who tenanted the shore.

This brings us to a time of stress when Minna began to suffer from the fickleness of some one nearer to her than fortune.

Was it from him that Beethoven caught his own fickleness along with so much of his musical manner?

" Scythrop tore both the letters to atoms, and railed in good, set terms against the fickleness of women.

Fickleness of national character is principally due to the several members of the nation exercising no independent judgment, but allowing themselves to be led hither and thither by the successive journalists, orators, and sentimentalists who happen for the time to have the chance of directing them.

I like it better than fickleness, don't you?

Of course, I cannot deny the fickleness of man.

"On this side, modesty is engaged; on that, impudence: on this, chastity; on that, lewdness: on this, integrity; on that, fraud: on this, piety; on that, profaneness: on this, constancy; on that, fickleness: on this, honour; on that, baseness: on this, moderation; on that, unbridled passion.

Our "line of four trochees" he supposes to be "difficult of construction,""not of very frequent occurrence,""the most agreeable of all the trochaic measures,""remarkably well adapted to lively subjects,"and "peculiarly expressive of the eagerness and fickleness of the passion of love.

The whole series was the work of many hands, modeled upon Lydgate's Falls of Princes (taken from Boccaccio), and was designed as a warning to great men of the fickleness of fortune.

I do not impute fickleness to you, but merely point out a masculine characteristic, and that you are a man, and only a man, pure and unadulterated.

" "Yes, though he has the reputation of great fickleness.

His friends told him of the fickleness of Italian women, and he began to believe that she had deserted him.

Rightly or wrongly, I have the reputation of fickleness in regard to women, and Aniela must have heard remarks about it; maybe it is for that very reason the dear girl shows such unbounded confidence in me.

I understand, and can almost hear the pure soul saying: "They wrong you,you are not fickle; and those who accuse you of fickleness do not know what love means, and did not love you as truly and deeply as I love you.

In that passage of the "Purgatory" in which Beatrice is described as appearing in person to her lover the first time since her death, she addresses him in words of stern rebuke of his fickleness and his infidelity to her memory.

At that time the tide of popular success at Drury Lane had reached a rather low ebb, a painful circumstance due, no doubt, to the fickleness of a public that was beginning to tire of the favourite players and to betray a fondness for operatic and spectacular productions rather than the "legitimate."

It is said, however, to suggest fickleness and caprice, levity and irresolutiona bad character for any tree.

To take your own simile, you don't accuse the brook of fickleness merely because it eddies around under some flowery bank; after it has made the circle, it keeps on its steady course.

I know the fickleness of your disposition.

He cursed the girl's fickleness, her coyness, her obstinacy!

O! turn to him, who gave himself for you, Your love, your heart, your life, are all his due; No fickleness or change in him is known, He loves and will for ever love his own; Here place your treasure, and here find your rest, Make God your all, and be for ever blest.

The poem recounts Radha's anguish at Krishna's fickleness, his subsequent repentance and finally their passionate re-union.

Other factors, however, aided its growth, among them man's fickleness.

Most of the savages, with characteristic fickleness of temper, then declined to go farther; but a body of somewhat over three hundred Hurons and Lake Indians remained.

His followers, on their side, displayed all that unruly fickleness which made the militia of the Revolutionary period a weapon which might at times be put to good use in the absence of any other, but which was really trusted only by men whose military judgment was as fatuous as Jefferson's.

They had many a handle against Abelard: his private life, the scandal of his connection with Heloise, the restless and haughty fickleness of his character, laid him open to severe strictures; but his stern adversaries did not take so much advantage of them as they might have taken.

" It is said that Francis I., when near his end, repented of this odious extermination of a small population, which, with his usual fickleness and carelessness, he had at one time protected, and at another abandoned to its enemies.

The people grew tired of massacres en masse, and executions en detail: even the national fickleness operated in favour of humanity; and it was also discovered, that however a spirit of royalism might be subdued to temporary inaction, it was not to be eradicated, and that the sufferings of its martyrs only tended to propagate and confirm it.

The people grew tired of massacres en masse, and executions en detail: even the national fickleness operated in favour of humanity; and it was also discovered, that however a spirit of royalism might be subdued to temporary inaction, it was not to be eradicated, and that the sufferings of its martyrs only tended to propagate and confirm it.

Fickleness and violence used to be, but are no longer, the vices which they charge to democracy.

It is a lamentable thing that every Man is full of Complaints, and constantly uttering Sentences against the Fickleness of Fortune, when People generally bring upon themselves all the Calamities they fall into, and are constantly heaping up Matter for their own Sorrow and Disappointment.

We have followed them through their various conflicts from early youth to mature age, and have seen in their several changes of belief that there was no fickleness, no real inconsistency.

He was not skilled in the ways of women, yet he did not accuse her of deliberate coquetry, as a man is prone to do under the smart of a hurt like his; for he sensed dimly that it was but the seeking sex-instinct of healthy youth that brightened her eyes and sent the laugh to her lips when she faced a man who pleased her; and if she were fickle, it was with the instinctive fickleness of one who has not made final choice of a mate.

Let him show us what he can do with that yellow one!" Dade, pushing his way exultantly toward him, saw the blaze of anger at their fickleness leap into Jack's eyes.

cried I, 'if fickleness is taxable in France, we have nothing to do but to make the best peace we can.' "And so the peace was made.

Oh! 'tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all; So I may say I have loved and lost a lot, And my fickleness has cost a lot.

"Mr. Chiffield," said he, "as a wholesale dealer in dry goods, you must have observed, perhaps at times experienced, the fickleness of fortune.

In looking over the list of exhibits, one finds evidence of the fickleness of fashion.

Curiosity and fickleness are merely parts of a restless seeking,nothing more.

My father began by setting it down to fickleness.

Wherefore some would have engaged me to prove that the admiral my father was honourably descended, although his parents, through the fickleness of fortune, had fallen into great poverty.

DODINGTON, GEORGE BUBB, an English politician, notorious for his fickleness, siding now with this party, now with that; worked for and won a peerage before he died; with all his pretensions, and they were many, a mere flunkey at bottom (1691-1762).

Fickleness was no part of St. Eval's character, of that she was convinced; but it was natural he should cease to love, when he had ceased to esteem, and in the society and charms of Louisa Manvers endeavour to forget his disappointment.

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A belief in a successful rival might give Mr. pain,might cause him to doubt her truth and affection,might induce him to forget her, or cast her off in bitter indignation at her supposed fickleness.

By this course he in nowise compromises either himself or the lady; but leaves open to both, at any future period, an opportunity of retiring from the position of courtship taken up on the one side, and of receiving addresses on the other, without laying either party open to the accusation of fickleness or jilting.

The communication should be made as tenderly as possible: room may be left in mere venial cases for reformation; but all that is done must be so managed that not the slightest shadow of fickleness or want of faith may rest upon the character of the lady.

The Coquette was built after a fashion much in vogue a century since, and which, by a fickleness that influences marine architecture as well as less important things, is again coming into use, for vessels of her force.

"It would seem that the fickleness of fashion exercises in constant local variations that mutability which is utterly denied to it in Brittany with regard to time.