107 examples of fickleness in sentences

To show that dark suspicion's fears had tried his fortitude; His shield was blazoned with the moon, a purple streak above, To show that fears of fickleness are ever born with love.

But time, that shall my constancy, thy fickleness will show, The world shall then my steadfast heart, thy tongue of treachery know.

WOMAN'S FICKLENESS A stout and valorous gentleman, Granada knew his worth, And rich with many a spoil of love, Went Abenamar forth.

FICKLENESS REBUKED While in the foeman's ruddy gore I waded to the breast, And for mine own, my native shore Fought braver than the best, While the light cloak I laid aside, And doffed the damask fold, And donned my shirt of mail, the spoil Of foeman brave and bold, Thou, fickle Mooress, puttest on Thine odorous brocade, And hand in hand with

He lost, however, the friendship of Henry, from the usual levity and fickleness of that prince; he was banished the court; he was recalled; he was intrusted with the command of Guienne [t], where he did good service and acquired honour; he was again disgraced by the king, and his banishment from court seemed now final and irrevocable.

And to wait till the enemy's forces were augmented and their cavalry had returned, he concluded, would be the greatest madness; and knowing the fickleness of the Gauls, he felt how much influence the enemy had already acquired among them by this one skirmish.

But the people refused to listen; the offerings of meat and fish and fur ceased to come to his door; and he sulked withinso they thought, fasting in bitter penance; in reality, eating generously from his well-stored cache and meditating upon the fickleness of the mob.

Generally she was attended by Fritz, a beautiful collie, who had, with the fickleness of his nature, transferred his affection from his master to her, and though uncertain in temper towards most, was never anything but amiable when with the little girl.

A third menace shows in that fickleness of temper and false standard of life that cause us to admire the wrong type of leader.

Its vice is fickleness, morbidity, exhaustion.

The result of it all is an increasing fickleness of temper, so that the same people who shout most loudly when the popular hero goes by, the next week cover his very name with vituperation and abuse, if he offends their slightest whim.

This evil breeds another: fickleness in the people means demagoguery in the leader, inevitably.

Selfishness, fickleness, ignorance, irreverence in the people, with demagoguery in the leader these are the menaces of American democracy.

Their fickleness has passed into a proverb; but their inconstancy, as well as their power, from the fanning air to the destructive tornado, are to be traced to causes that are sufficiently clear, though hid in their nature from the calculations of our forethought.

But while the hollyhock was taking the bee's fickleness so solemnly, a rose was revenging her upon him.

What is more shameful than inconsistency, fickleness, and levity, both to individuals, and also to the entire senate?

But water, the feminine element, is so mobile and impressible that it must protect itself by much that seems caprice and fickleness.

" Scythrop tore both the letters to atoms, and railed in good, set terms against the fickleness of women.

I know the fickleness of your disposition.

The poem recounts Radha's anguish at Krishna's fickleness, his subsequent repentance and finally their passionate re-union.

Most of the savages, with characteristic fickleness of temper, then declined to go farther; but a body of somewhat over three hundred Hurons and Lake Indians remained.

They had many a handle against Abelard: his private life, the scandal of his connection with Heloise, the restless and haughty fickleness of his character, laid him open to severe strictures; but his stern adversaries did not take so much advantage of them as they might have taken.

We have followed them through their various conflicts from early youth to mature age, and have seen in their several changes of belief that there was no fickleness, no real inconsistency.

In looking over the list of exhibits, one finds evidence of the fickleness of fashion.

Wherefore some would have engaged me to prove that the admiral my father was honourably descended, although his parents, through the fickleness of fortune, had fallen into great poverty.

107 examples of  fickleness  in sentences