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446 example sentences with  fickles

446 example sentences with fickles

It's this land business that fickles one.

The wounds on our cheeks are but transient, I own, With a blush they appear and decay; But those on the heart, fickle youths, ye have shown To be even more transient than they.

thy mortal race, And rid thy life from fickle fortune's snares; Thus hast thou lost this world and worldly cares, And of thy foe, to honour thee withal, Receiv'd a golden grave to thy desert.

The vault was aglow with waves of red, violet, and purple that danced and whirled, with fickle, inconstant flashes of gold and green and yellow bars.

Mahomet has now paid complete homage to the fickle goddesses force and craft.

Nor ever yet Success was wooed with tears; To notes of gladness Alone the fickle goddess turns her ears, She hears not sadness.

Struggling with difficulty against the force of the current, we succeeded, with the assistance of light and fickle winds, in reaching Legaspi, the port of Albay, on the following evening.

We started off in the middle of a fickle-minded shower, which first blew puffs of wetness in our faces, like spray on a flawy day at sea, and then broke off to let the sun shine through for a minute or two.

Now prodigal, and then covetous, they do, and by-and-by repent them of that which they have done, so that both ways they are troubled, whether they do or do not, want or have, hit or miss, disquieted of all hands, soon weary, and still seeking change, restless, I say, fickle, fugitive, they may not abide to tarry in one place long.

Many men are as constant in their choice, and as good husbands as Nero himself, they must have their pleasure of all they see, and are in a word far more fickle than any woman.

But while Horatio was thus experiencing the vicissitudes of fortune, his beautiful sister suffered little less from the caprice of that fickle goddess.

Our fickle memory seems to convict us of ingratitude, and yet we know how far that sin is from us; and how, if those sowers could but be revealed to us, we would fall upon their necks, or at their feet.

In this respect the name would well fit Florio, who, from his intimacy with the Daniels and their friends, could not but have known the passion of the poet, and the encouragement at one time given him by his fickle mistress.

And do they not amount to a moral demonstration, that, in assigning the character and adventures of Mirabella and Rosalinde to the sister of Samuel Daniel, the wife of John Florio, we have given no unfaithful account of the first fickle mistress of Edmund Spenser?We shall next ascertain the name and history of his wife from the internal evidence left behind him in his works.

Fickle indeed were the Florentines ever, but in Cosimo they had a master who would not let them go.

" Not content to retire in disgust from the world, Glicera, the victim of fickle man in "The City Jilt" (1726) determines to retaliate upon the lover who has ruined and abandoned her when the death of her father left her without a fortune or a protector.

ART Art is a gipsy, Fickle as fair, Good to kiss and flirt with, But marryif you dare!

So fickle his moods, so versatile his genius, so quick to creation his fancy, that he never knows what his next composition will be till the second that it is begun.

There, I understand, if a young man goes home with a young lady on a Sunday evening, it is considered as good as an engagement; and if, on the next Sunday evening, he goes home with another young lady, he is looked upon as a fickle-minded miscreant, capable of ruining a whole town.

He realizes the cruel fact that Fame is fickle, and he makes one desperate effort to grasp it, by offering determinedly to walk around the world in ninety days, stopping for his gruel only at Hong Kong.

Boats were out again, pulling for Savoy or the neighboring villages: and the whole view betokened the renewed confidence of those who trusted habitually to the fickle and blustering elements.

"There is naught sure in this fickle state of being;" he continued.

In 1773 Piccinni found himself suddenly deprived of the fickle support of the Roman public.

51, No. 2, but, in his fickle way, he transcribed it to the Countess Lichnowsky, and put her own name over the "Moonlight Sonata" instead.

If she was fickle, he was inconstant, and so let us waste no pity on this episode, over which lakes of tears have been shed and rivers of ink have been spilt.

It was Cytheris, the fickle actressif the scholiasts are rightwho opened his eyes to the fact that there were themes for passionate poetry nearer home than the legendary love-tales; and when she forgot him, finding excitement elsewhere during his months of service with Octavian, he nursed his morbid grief in un-Roman self-pity, this first poet of the poitrinaire school.

The young mistress is fickle, egotistical, capricious; she exacts adoration, and most frequently loves you for a whim and for want of occupation.

Noble, Generous, Great, and Good, But never to be understood; Fickle as the Wind, still changing, After every Female ranging, Panting, trembling, sighing, dying, But addicted much to Lying: When the Siren Songs repeats, Equal Measures still it beats; Who-e'er shall wear it, it will smart her, And who-e'er takes it, takes a Tartar.

The World has seen me shamefully lose that Time to please a fickle Woman, which might have been employed much more to my Credit and Advantage in other Pursuits.

My good old Dame, hear for your comfort what a foolish, fickle youth has dared to say of your darling Jannette, and that while she is yet in the first blush and bloom of virgin loveliness'next to painting I love Jannette the best.'

And, having looked up a train, I hastened out to telegraph before I could change my fickle mind.

These two men being the last to fall into her toils, she began to sigh wearily over her too easily captured victims, when her fickle fancy was caught by game more worthy so expert a sportsman.

But it is not summer yet, only the fickle month of May. Tom Peregrine is getting very anxious.

Ere the good lady could collect herself to reply with the decorous deliberateness becoming her years and station, an embroidery-frame at her side was overturned, and there sprang eagerly forward a comely young damsel of the pure Saxon stock, with eyes like England's violets,clear, dewy, and wide-awake,cheeks and lips like its rose-bloom, and hair which held tangled in close, golden folds its fickle and flying sunshine.

She pondered the processes which made success so easy for some peoplehers, for instance, a happy accidentwhile others, Jarvis-like, had to be tied to the wheel before the fickle goddess released them and crowned them.

I mightn't be handy the next timeand Roaring Lake's as fickle as your charming sex.

"For still I tried each fickle art, Importunate and vain; And, while his passion touch'd my heart, I triumph'd in his pain: "Till, quite dejected with my scorn, He left me to my pride; And sought a solitude forlorn, In secret, where he died.

Thus her blind sister, fickle Fortune, reigns, And, undiscerning, scatters crowns and chains.

I should then with double pain Feel all the rigour of thy fickle clime;

Or likest hovering dreams, The fickle pensioners of Morpheus' train.

Two females, elegantly attired in mourning, were parading the garden; immediately I saw them I thought of the beautiful Eliza; she to whom the fickle Yorick swore eternal attachment, and then "lit up his heart at the shrine of another," leaving Eliza to wonder "that fresh features Have such a charm for us poor human creatures."

Abu-Tessifin, a Maraboot, or Monk, taking advantage of the divisions which convulsed these countries, and above all of the credulity of this fickle people, sent several of his disciples to preach and excite the multitude to revolt, under the pretext of recovering their liberties.

He made it his whole study to render this fickle and turbulent people happy; the latter part of his reign was perfectly undisturbed, and his death was universally and justly lamented.

The Moors are very fickle, and their predilection may be converted into hatred, which is exactly the point the French aim at, to the great detriment of our fleet stationed in those seas, but particularly to the garrison of Gibraltar, and would ultimately involve us in an unprofitable war.

The great "Father of Waters" is notoriously fickle; its channel is continually changing, the current is swift, and the frequent floods fill up and scour out new channels constantly.

On fickle wings the minutes haste, And fortune's favours never last.

There is a fame which owes its spell To popular applause alone; Which seems on lip and tongue to dwell, And findsin others' breathits own; For such the eager worldling sighs, And this the fickle world supplies.

"You may laugh at me, and call me fickle, and perhaps credulous, dear Mrs Wyllys," the unsuspecting girl cried, just as Wilder had taken the foregoing position, "but I wish we were well out of this 'Royal Caroline,' and that our passage was to be made in yonder beautiful ship!"

And when by fancies vain and wild, As that which cost the kite that's lost, The busy brain again is crossed, Of shining vapor then beware, Nor trust thy joys to fickle air.

"Ha, ha!" said the Bee, as the Clover died, "Her fortune's smile was fickle!

It is to behold a world which they do not know, and to which they are unknown; it is to live to weep for the generations passed away, for lovers, for parents, for children, for friends, in the grave; it is to see every thing turned upside down by the fickle hand of fortune, and the absolute despotism of time; it is, in a word, to behold the vanity of human life in all its varieties of display!

Thus ever varying all things seem "Fickle as a changeful dream;" And naught is left of that gay train, My gentle bird, but thy sweet strain.

What a balm to the tempest-tossed soul is a little love, though it may be fleeting and fickle!

You know you are very fickle and considered a lady-killerbe merciful to my poor little Sybylla, I pray.

Men were very fickle, certainly; but this change seemed to have been very, very sudden!

He wrote a cheerful letter to Mrs. Shand, in which he told her that though he had not been absolutely engaged to marry Hester Bolton before he started for Australia,and consequently before he had ever been at Pollington,yet his mind had been quite made up to do so; and that therefore he regarded himself as being abnormally constant rather than fickle. '

I understand, and can almost hear the pure soul saying: "They wrong you,you are not fickle; and those who accuse you of fickleness do not know what love means, and did not love you as truly and deeply as I love you."

Perhaps I am a little fickle by nature, and this disposition, developed under the influence of the barren, empty, worthless sentiments I met with in the world,this might have dried up my heart and corrupted it altogether; in which case Aniela would have to pay for the sins of others.

Knowing well that on the morrow Changed will be those fickle cries.

It is written in the skies, And a guardian angel cries, Dream no more of earthly joys, They are fleeting, fickle toys.

The fickle Happiness, whose smile awaits Those who scarce seek it; nor can courage earn What the Grace showers not from her own free urn!

EDEN, ROB. Fickle.

fickle, wild; But I lov'd her from a child; And, could we catch the distant strain, Sure to be sweet, though false and vain,

He worked hard in these years, but, as many another industrious farmer has discovered, he found that he could do little unless nature smiled and fickle nature persisted in frowning.

But how fickle and wavering is the mind of man, even in our greatest fury and strongest inclinations.

Dyaks: Head-hunters; Gallantry; Scars and courage; Charms of women; Morals; Courtship; Fickle and shallow passion; Love-songs.

All the traders, though facing danger at every moment, from the fickle and jealous temper of the savages, wielded immense influence over them, and none more than the elder McGillivray, a far-sighted, unscrupulous Scotchman, who sided alternately with the French and English interests, as best suited his own policy and fortunes.

Like most barbarians they were fickle and inconstant, not to be relied on for pushing through a long campaign, and after a great victory apt to go off to their homes, because each man desired to secure his own plunder and tell his own tale of glory.

The two Frenchmen were anxious to improve their capture by attacking Boonsborough; but the fickle savages were satisfied with their success, and insisted on returning to their villages.

He had written repeatedly to Detroit, asking that regulars could be sent him, and that he might himself be replaced by a commandant of English birth; for though the French were well-disposed towards the crown, they had been frightened by the reports of the ferocity of the backwoodsmen, and the Indians were fickle.

The most difficult, and among the most important, of his tasks, was dealing with the swarm of fickle and treacherous savage tribes that surrounded him.

He wrote to his superior officer that the British were sure to succeed if they acted promptly, for the Indians were favorable to them, knowing they alone could give them supplies; and he added "the Spaniards are feeble and hated by the French, the French are fickle and have no man of capacity to advise or lead them, and the Rebels are enterprising and brave, but want resources."

The fickle savages were much elated by this stroke, but instead of being inspired to greater efforts, took the view that the danger of invasion was now over.

Of course the "submissiveness" and the light-heartedness of the French did not prevent their being also fickle; and their "docility" was varied by fits of violent quarrelling with their American neighbors and among themselves.

No more such fair but fickle she Shall find me her obedient; And, flighty shepherdess, we'll see Which of the twain will first repent.

She may be as fickle as a man, but it will be in a different way.

As the duchess of Cleveland was a woman of a very fickle temper, in six months time she began to be tired of Mrs. Manley.

The World has seen me shamefully lose that Time to please a fickle Woman, which might have been employed much more to my Credit and Advantage in other Pursuits.

I am, &c. Fanny Fickle.

Let Miss Fickle ask her own Heart, if she doth not take a Secret Pride in making this Man of good Sense look very silly.

Besides, Miss Fickle may consider, that as there are often many Faults conceal'd before Marriage, so there are sometimes many Virtues unobserv'd.

Mr. SPECTATOR, 'Having in your Paper of Monday last published my Report on the Case of Mrs. Fanny Fickle, wherein I have taken Notice, that Love comes after Marriage; I hope your Readers are satisfied of this Truth, that as Love generally produces Matrimony, so it often happens that Matrimony produces Love.

The fickle feet may roam,

What you miscall their folly, is their care; They know how fickle common lovers are: Their oaths and vows are cautiously believed, For few there are but have been once deceived.

It may be a very limited aim in morality to shoot a 'many-faced and fickle traitor,' but at least it is a better aim than to be a many-faced and fickle traitor, which is a simple summary of a good many modern systems from Mr. d'Annunzio's downwards.

It may be a very limited aim in morality to shoot a 'many-faced and fickle traitor,' but at least it is a better aim than to be a many-faced and fickle traitor, which is a simple summary of a good many modern systems from Mr. d'Annunzio's downwards.

Perhaps I have a love, where I have fixt Mine eyes not to be mov'd, and she on me, I am not fickle.

A middling poet, a pitiful politician, a fickle dangler in affairs of love, Waller was an admirable host, and not only gave good dinners and suppers, but flavoured them delicately with compliment and repartee.

The Protector, however, seems to have profoundly impressed even Waller's light and fickle mind; and the panegyric which he produced on him in 1654, is not only the ablest, but seems the sincerest of his productions.

Lord Alphingham lingered some time, and his son found in the society in which the Viscount took good care he should continually mingle, attractions weighty enough to banish from his fickle heart all love, and nearly all recollection of his wife.

But, you know, they are so fickle!

"There's a belief that summer girls are always fickle."

the fickle orb!"

Casey Ryan too old to lick any man who gave him cause, too old to hold the fickle esteem of those who met him in the road?

Fortune is a fickle ally, prone to switch sides and back again in battle.

He cautions that markets are fickle.

In the broader strategic picture, the Pentagon’s mission of implementing an effective response is impeded by the fact that it faces persistent and highly motivated forces whereas its own Commander-in-Chief is fickle and largely risk averse.

And even leisure passengers, who are more price-conscious, are fickle about flying with many of the country’s tourism hot spots closed.

Some models of Comet SWAN’s behavior have it peaking in brightness early in June, but comets are notoriously fickle.

There are cycles in the - it is interesting to know the first dip on the red line there where it drops sharply, investment was pretty good, revenue stayed up but skiers sort of fell away, and skiing is sort of fickle.