421 examples of fickles in sentences

D'Urfey, Madam Fickle (1682), Act v, ii, when Flaile says: 'Y'have killed a Mon yonder, He that you quarrell'd with about your Crack there.'

For the verb vide D'Urfey's Madam Fickle (1676), Act v, I, where Zechiel cries to his brother: 'Banter him, banter him, Toby.

It's this land business that fickles one.

In closest concord bind; But that man turns away from me, And shows a fickle mind.

FICKLENESS REBUKED While in the foeman's ruddy gore I waded to the breast, And for mine own, my native shore Fought braver than the best, While the light cloak I laid aside, And doffed the damask fold, And donned my shirt of mail, the spoil Of foeman brave and bold, Thou, fickle Mooress, puttest on Thine odorous brocade, And hand in hand with

" With literary ventures stowed As full as ship can be, The good ship "Author" holds her way Over the fickle sea; Now sings the wind, and, all serene, The ripples forth and back Lap lightly round her gleaming sides And whiten on her track.

The wounds on our cheeks are but transient, I own, With a blush they appear and decay; But those on the heart, fickle youths, ye have shown To be even more transient than they.

With the fickle climate in most sections of this country, there are great risks of severe colds, pneumonia, and other pulmonary diseases from carelessness or neglect in this matter.

Neither the chest nor limbs of young children should be unduly exposed, as is often done, to the cold blasts of winter or the fickle weather of early spring.

"Are you as fickle as ever, then, mon cher?"

"I'm not fickle, Diana.

The poets represented her as capricious, fickle, and false.

They that have known me, knew me once of name To be a perfect wencher: I have tried All sorts, all sects, all states, and find them still Inconstant, fickle, always variable.

"She is easily persuaded, fickle, without strong sense, and with only a very shallow kind of cunning.

He will believe me fickle; he will believe that I have another lover.

You see they are a fickle lot!

B] too fickle.

As a consequence of these peculiarities, the passengers of the Winkelried had early evidence that they had trifled too long with the fickle air.

His after-history proves him to have been alike an incapable diplomatist, a timid leader, and a false and fickle friend; but as yet no suspicion of his courage or good faith had been entertained by any party, and he was consequently the centre around which rallied every cabal in turn.

EDEN, ROB. Fickle.

The rapid successes of the royal armies in the southern States had turned the Creeks into open antagonists of the Americans, and their war parties were sent out in quick succession, the British agents keeping alive the alliance by a continued series of giftsfor the Creeks were a venal, fickle race whose friendship could not otherwise be permanently kept.

She may be as fickle as a man, but it will be in a different way.

Song is my mistress, fickle she, Yet dear beyond all dearth of speech; Child of the winds of land and sea She charms me with the charm of each Full soft and sweet she sings

It seemed that he was fickle then, fickle as everyone declared him to be.

It seemed that he was fickle then, fickle as everyone declared him to be.

421 examples of  fickles  in sentences