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979 example sentences with  fiddle

979 example sentences with fiddle

performance, execution, touch, expression, solmization^. V. play, pipe, strike up, sweep the chords, tweedle, fiddle; strike the lyre, beat the drum; blow the horn, sound the horn, wind the horn; doodle; grind the organ; touch the guitar &c (instruments) 417; thrum, strum, beat time.

"The Giraffe""plays the fiddle" "Macadam's roads""I hate this chalk" "Sweet girl""a charming riddle" "I'm nearly drunk with""Epsom salts" "Yes, separate beds""such cronies!" "Good heaven!

But the crowdthe crowdthe painted throng that steps to the tune of a fiddle, that hangs on the moods of a caterer, whose inspiration is a good dinner, whose aspiration is a new dance, that crowd is never missed by any one who really delights in the manifold attractions of nature.

A screechy fife, a bass drum's beat Is wonderful music to marching feet; A scratchy fiddle or banjo's thump May tickle the toes till they want to jump.

Young men and rosy-cheeked girls, with smiles on their faces, were dancing to the sound of a fiddle.

But these last words died away upon Daffy-down-dilly's tongue, for, happening to cast his eyes on the fiddler, whom should he behold again, but the likeness of Mr. Toil, holding a fiddle bow instead of a birch rod.

Who could have thought of his playing on a fiddle!"

Sometimes it would be a big book he'd lug home, and sometimes it would be a mikerscope, and sometimes it would be a dreadful old-lookin' fiddle that he'd picked up somewhere, and kept a-screechin' on, sayin' all the while that it was jest as smooth as a flute.

He was from Hรคlsingland and had come to Skansen with his fiddle to play folk dances and other old melodies.

Clement could not recall having seen the stately old man before, but the latter must surely have noticed Clement sometime when he was playing the fiddle, because he stopped and spoke to him.

Dan's daughters were a hit playing a fiddle and accordion medley of dance tunes and Christmas carols.

For my own part, to be free with you, I would rather hear an English Fiddle; though I durst not shew my Dislike whilst I was in the Play-House, it being my Chance to sit the very next Man to one of the Performers.

"There is nothing for it, then, but for your majesty to call for a fiddle, and amuse yourself, like Nero, while your city is burning," remarked Rochester, sarcastically.

The Cat and the Fiddle!

The queen answered, "Why should I do nothing but fiddle about the nursery?"

The musical gipsy begins to handle his fiddle as soon as he can toddle.

Their instruments are the fiddle, 'cello, viola, clarinet, tรกrogato (a Hungarian specialty), and, above all, the cymbal.

They sit there and fiddle away on bramble roots and sing about various things they like."

"Cricket and marsh-frog and brown tree-toad, Sit in the sedgy grass by the road, Each at the door of his own abode; "Each with a fairy fiddle or flute Fashioned out of a briar root; The fairies join their notes, to boot.

Fiddle and dance!

He then facetiously observes, "How should we marvel to see the Duke of Wellington, like another Epaminondas, take his flute out of his pocket to still the clamour of the opposition, or Mr. Peel reply to the arguments of Mr. Huskisson with an allegro on the fiddle."

Such a person as Paganini, it is said, was able to "discourse most excellent music" on a ballad-monger's fiddle; yet will any one question that he needed an instrument of somewhat finer construction to show forth his full powers?

"Uncle Dock" recalls that his master, Dan Wilborn, who was a good-natured man of large stature, derived much pleasure in playing his "fiddle" and that often in the early summer evenings he would walk down to the slave quarters with his violin remarking that he would supply the music and that he wished to see his "niggers" dance, and dance they would for hours and as much to the master's own delight and amusement as to theirs.

The air adapted to a Violin: a fellow flying a kite-fiddle in a field.

Von Blitz and Rasula, who had played second fiddle until he could stand it no longer, were surprised and somewhat staggered by the peremptory tone of the call, but could see no chance for the American to shift his troublesome burden.

An old fiddle was lying in the window.

"Fiddle string in his leg!"

You've ruined old Eleazar's fiddle, though, taking that E string!

After graphic descriptions of life on big stations outback, and the dashing snake yarns told by our kitchen-folk at Bruggabrong, and the anecdotes of African hunting, travel, and society life which had often formed our guests' subject of conversation, this endless fiddle-faddle of the price of farm produce and the state of crops was very fatuous.

He might as well have attempted to make his fortune by scraping a fiddle up and down Auburn Street, Goulburn.

"On the contrary, she was in great fiddle.

A great concourse of young men and women in vehicles and on horseback, and in expectation of great fun, were wending their way to Yabtreenearly every trap containing a fiddle, concertina, flute, or accordion in readiness for the fray.

Queen Anne had been obliged to divert herself, in 1703, with a fiddle and a hautboy, and with country dances on the bowling-green.

I saw there the vilest of men and the vilest of women, meeting with the worst intentions; but even for this they had the fiddle, music and dancing.

Last night the Canary wine flashed in the red Venice glasses on the oaken tables of the hall; loud voices shouted and laughed till the clustered hawk-bells jingled from the rafters, and the chaplain's fiddle throbbed responsive from the wall; while the coupled stag-hounds fawned unnoticed, and the watchful falcon whistled to himself unheard.

Second fiddle.

Fiddle Longspay.

Second fiddle.

Lige Weedy'a fiddle.

Fiddle away.

Margaret Cousins (A); 26Oct71; R516432. Second fiddle.

NYE, NELSON C. Fiddle-back Ranch, by Clem Colt, pseud.

They would then call on any man who owned a fiddle and spend the evening, with interludes of singing and story-telling, in dancingan amusement they considered as only below hunting.

The buffalo was the stand-by of the settlers; they used his flesh as their common food, and his robe for covering; they made moccasins of his hide and fiddle-strings of his sinews, and combs of his horns.

Only, with greater skill than he knows, he mentions how Skale drew out of that fiddle the peculiarly intimate and searching tones by which strings can reach the spiritual center of a man and make him respond to delicate vibrations of thoughts beyond his normal gamut.... Spinrobin, listening, understood that he was a greater man than he knew....

Mr. Skale, as they walked over the snowy moors in the semi-darkness between tea and dinner, had been speaking to him about the practical results obtainable by sound-vibrations (what he already knew for that matter), and how it is possible by fiddling long enough upon a certain note to fiddle down a bridge and split it asunder.

We are here between six and seven hundred, of all ages and of all ranks, taken from our homes, and from all that usually makes the comfort of life, and crowded together under many of the inflictions that constitute its misery; yet, in the midst of all this, we fiddle, dress, rhyme, and visit as ceremoniously as though we had nothing to disturb us.

For my own part, to be free with you, I would rather hear an English Fiddle; though I durst not shew my Dislike whilst I was in the Play-House, it being my Chance to sit the very next Man to one of the Performers.

The country people are so jovial and addicted to music that the very husbandmen almost universally play on the guitar, singing and composing songs in praise of their sweethearts, and will commonly go to the field with their fiddle; they are merry, witty, and genial, all which I much attribute to the excellent quality of the air.

He used it for a fiddle-bow, whistling with terrific energy and sawing the air.

He carried a carpetbag full of belongings in one hand, which he put in the wagon, and a fiddle in its case in the other.

It didn't seem to have as much tune to it as the old-style fiddling, and he would hardly ever play for dances; but his fiddle just seemed to sing.

That evening Magnus came over and brought his fiddle.

The absence of the fiddle and the "calling off" and the name of dancing took the curse off.

But what with Magnus and the fiddle and his stories of Norway and mine of the canal we amused ourselves pretty well and got along without baths.

At sunset the fiddle and the banjo began their melody.

They trooped up to the fur warehouse, and the sound of a fiddle and the thump of soft-shod feet were soon heard; for the French were ready to celebrate any occasion with dancing.

It represents the youthful Orpheus crowned with the laureate wreath playing before Pluto and Proserpine upon a fiddle or crowd of antique pattern.

"Fine as a fiddle," he shouted.

Constraint gave way to license; pious hymns were replaced by Bacchanalian ditties, and the shrill quavering notes of the village fiddle hardly rose above the roar of voices that went up from the merry brotherhood of the Green Wolf.

His mother's anxious questions as to his health irritated him, and he so far lost his temper as to ask his sister why she was wearing a face like a fiddle.

"Here, give me that fiddle and I'll fiddle it, dammy if I don'tay, and sing it, too!"

"Here, give me that fiddle and I'll fiddle it, dammy if I don'tay, and sing it, too!"

In a shower of gibes and laughter the fiddle was fetched, and the Indian fighter seized the bow and drew a most distressful strain, singing in a whining voice: "Come hearken to a bloody tale, Of how the soldiery Did murder men in Boston, As you full soon shall see.

And Claus gravely drew his fiddle-bow across the strings and sang: "In King Street, by the Butcher's Hall The soldiers on us fell,

"You know that I was high card once with the eldest." "You'd better comfort yourself with the thought," answered Babe, "for you couldn't play third fiddle in her string now.

The third evening he seemed to rally, talked with us all, and asked if some of the boys would not play the fiddle.

Then to the tune of an old fiddle they danced a dance called the "Green Corn Dance" and "Cut the Pigeon wing."

He played the fiddle and liked to see the slaves dance "cutting the pigeon wing."

O Cray, he'th brought up a log ath big ath a fiddle.

3 Before you were told How Satan the old Came here with a beard to his middle; Though he changed face and name, Old Will was the same, At the noise of a can and a fiddle.

"They're second fiddle partsnot the parts for you, Duchess."

But granting these were "second fiddle" parts, I want to make quite clear that I had my turn of "first fiddle" ones.

But granting these were "second fiddle" parts, I want to make quite clear that I had my turn of "first fiddle" ones.

As Romeo he reminds me of a pig who has been taught to play the fiddle.

And you hear the bees a humming like a fiddle with one string, While the air just seems to vibrate with a soothing kind of ring.

He come away while the Count was playin' his fiddle."

First a gypsy boy with long black curls and continuous genuflections, and a fiddle, and doleful complaints that he could not play it, and that it was the fiddle's fault.

First a gypsy boy with long black curls and continuous genuflections, and a fiddle, and doleful complaints that he could not play it, and that it was the fiddle's fault.

I had spent my last shilling, and there I was trapesing across the island on a wild-goose chase with my reaping-hook and my fiddle; and my poor little Grace, that Ithat I" Mary's hand went a moment to his other shoulder, and she murmured through her tears, "You have got me."

Let him tak a spring on his ain fiddle.

Bailie Nicol Jarvie quotes the proverb with great bitterness, when he warns his opponent that his time for triumph will come ere long,"Aweel, aweel, sir, you're welcome to a tune on your ain fiddle; but see if I dinna gar ye dance till't

The Hardanger fiddle can be tuned in lot of different ways, depending on the music to be played.

The typical orchestra has mainly percussion instruments, plus a spike fiddle, a female vocalist, and a male chorus.

To "fiddle" means "to play the fiddle".

To "fiddle" means "to play the fiddle".

Classical violin playing developed out of country fiddle playing.

Hardanger fiddle has an amazing story to it,โ€ Gravel says.

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Cole Caufield will lead the team and the conference in scoring this season, but who will play second fiddle?

You may be more tempted to fiddle with the additional mask, and that's a bad idea if you're in a place where other people have been hanging out and possibly spreading contagious droplets.

โ€œA down-to-earth blend of fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and sweet brotherly harmonies.โ€

From 1955 to 1969, The Flatt & Scruggs Grand Old Opry TV Show featured the duo performing live in the studio with the Foggy Mountain Boys-a. a Paul Warren (fiddle), Josh Graves (dobro), Curly Secklker (mandolin), and Jake Tullock (upright bass).

In 1996 he was the youngest to win the National Scottish Fiddle Championship.

McLaren, in a car designed by Adrian Newey, used a 'fiddle' brake on their 1998 car which allowed the driver to apply the brake to one or the other of the rear two wheels to provide them with a better 'toe' into a corner.

Anne Archer opened the evening as a wandering flute player, followed by Carolyn Stewart, founder and conductor of the Blue Skies and Perth Celtic Fiddle Orchestras.

Since meeting in Limerick in 2005, their sound has developed into a unique sonic fusion of harp, guitar and accordion bass accompaniment coupled with intricate interplay between fiddle, flute and harmony vocals.

The illness didn't to slow MacMaster down as she reinterpreted the fiddle in front of a packed house on Wednesday.

The Red River Jig fiddle tune has come to be known as the unofficial Mรฉtis anthem.

The Savoys bring the raw energy of the dance halls of southwest Louisiana to the stage with Marc on accordion, Ann on guitar, Joel on fiddle and Wilson on keyboards.

Willie Owens has been playing fiddle for twenty-five years.