802 examples of fiddle in sentences

We was jest in the midst of bilin' cider, with one biler on the stove and the biggest brass kittle full in the fireplace, when in comes boltin' Miss Jaynes, dressed up as fine as a fiddle.

Old Mother WINSLOW couldent play 2nd fiddle to his preachin, and her sirop is better'n a club to put children to sleep.

But they were Neroes men, like Nero arm'd With Lutes and Harps and Pipes and Fiddle-cases, Souldyers to th'shadow traynd and not the field.

Every twenty yards they stopped, went through a series of antics, supposed to be country dances, to the tune of the cornet and a fiddle, and then brought round the hat, frequently embracing any woman who objected to give her sous.

There is also a good deal about his maternal ancestors, in a poem on Lachion-y-Gair, a mountain, where he spent part of his youth, and might have learned that pibroach is not a bagpipe, any more than a duet means a fiddle.

'No, Sir, he cannot have pleasure in musick; at least no power of producing musick; for he who can produce musick may let it alone: he who can play upon a fiddle may break it: such a man is not a machine.'

She dictated the words to me, which are foolish enough: 'Green sleeves[710] and pudding pies, Tell me where my mistress lies, And I'll be with her before she rise, Fiddle and aw' together.

I also may be allowed to claim some merit in leading the conversation: I do not mean leading, as in an orchestra, by playing the first fiddle; but leading as one does in examining a witnessstarting topics, and making him pursue them.

But now I longed for a message of another kind, and chance, if chance there is, brought it, for a man got into the carriage and began to play on a fiddle made apparently of an old blacking-box, and though I am quite unmusical the sounds filled me with the strangest emotions.

The faeries and the more innocent of the spirits dwelt within it, and lamented over our fallen world in the lamentation of the wind-tossed reeds, in the song of the birds, in the moan of the waves, and in the sweet cry of the fiddle.

It said that with us the beautiful are not clever and the clever are not beautiful, and that the best of our moments are marred by a little vulgarity, or by a pin-prick out of sad recollection, and that the fiddle must ever lament about it all.

What, the Lavolta![270] eh? nay, if the heavens fiddle, Fancy must needs dance.

[307 [Fiddle.]

"We'll get busy now, and soon have things as fit as a fiddle," said Tom, throwing off some of his superfluous garments so as to be free to work.

A POOR FIDDLER Is a man and a fiddle out of case, and he in worse case than his fiddle.

A POOR FIDDLER Is a man and a fiddle out of case, and he in worse case than his fiddle.

He puts himself up into a sedan, like a fiddle in a case, and is taken out again for the ladies to play upon, who, when they have done with him, let down his treble-string till they are in the humour again.

There was the orchestra against the back-cloth, rendering selections from popular Pekin revues on the drum, cymbal and one-stringed fiddle.

The big fiddle, by Kay Boyle.

KOCH, HOWARD LEE. Fiddle finger formsvisualized violin technic.

One of the ole salves would come to our cabin with his fiddle and we'd dance.

He donned his long-tailed blue coat, having carefully polished the glittering gilt buttons; then raised his immense shirt collar, which he considered essential to his dignity, and, fiddle in hand, sallied forth alone.

Instinctively he thrust out his fiddle at them.

Books 1 10 3 Sashes 1 5 0 Dress Cap 2 8 Hatt 3 10 Handkerchief 1 Childrens Books 4 6 Whirligig 1 6 Fiddle 2 6 Quadrille Boxes 1 17 6."

I am idly fiddle-faddling with a piece of work, and Rogeris it possible?is stretching out his hand toward a book.

802 examples of  fiddle  in sentences