291 examples of fidgeting in sentences

While the two men ate, the shriveled outcast beamed timidly, hovering about them, fidgeting.

The thought of her mother fidgeting for her return home was delightful.

Then followed a long period of waiting, wherein Madame, fidgeting restlessly on her seat, kept fierce eyes fixed on the door through which the viands entered.

Now I must stop and go and dress, I see Bella fidgeting.

She tried to talk to Lord Valmond, who was fidgeting about, looking as cross as a bear; but he would not stay still long enough to have any conversation.

She sat fidgeting in her chair, trying her best to convince the detective that she was a woman grown.

And his self-restraint sobered her, made her refrain from the flashing and fidgeting which were the only way she knew of taking part in the immemorial love-dance.

Sam didn't say nothing, but he kept fidgeting about as though 'e'd got something on his mind.

" "Why not?" ses Mrs. Cook, fidgeting.

She was abstracted obviously for the simple reason that she had something on her mind, something not altogether to her liking, judging from the uneasy color which came and went in her face, by her rattling, senseless flow of chatter, by her fidgeting, unnecessary adjustments of the mechanism of the car.

Always ready, day and night, to do just what I want done and in the way I want it, never knocking things about or fidgeting round, but just ready-handed, neat and bright.

" He stood there fidgeting about for a bit, and then he puts his 'and on my shoulder.

Good-looking chaps, too," The sarcasm escaped Saunders, who was fidgeting uncomfortably.

"Why, but yes, this fair lame child of yours is my husband to-day,poor, frightened, fidgeting gray Manuel,and I love him, for Sesphra is all that you were when I loved you, Manuel, and when you condescended to take your pleasure of me.

You are welcome to your fidgeting gray husband.

"You only talk and fidget, because you are upset by the appearance of your allies; and such talking and fidgeting is very disturbing to an artist who is striving to reanimate the past.

" That irrepressible birdthe old cockrefused to consider himself as under arrest in his hen-coop, and insisted upon crowing about fifteen times a minute with that fidgeting irregularity which seems peculiar to certain unpleasant sounds, and which retains the ear fixed in nervous tension for the next explosion of defiance or pride, or whatever evil impulse it is which causes a cock to crow.

The Vicar had been fidgeting in his study, getting up and sitting down, and looking at the clock every two minutes.

," said Captain Bowers, fidgeting.

The sleeping figure in that big four-poster moved a little as the tide of sound played upon it, fidgeting this way and that.

His strength declined until assistance was needed to turn him in the bed, and his great sinewy hands were forever trembling and fidgeting on the coverlet.

Then dull monotony reigned once more, and Keith resumed his fidgeting back and forth between the kitchen door and his own corner.

I would only urge on you the great importance of studying to be quiet and composed, and not fidgeting.

One of this character had annoyed the clergyman where he attended church by fidgeting, and by uncouth sounds which he uttered during divine service.

He was fidgeting with the paper in a fashion that seemed to indicate embarrassment.

291 examples of  fidgeting  in sentences