221 examples of fifty-two in sentences

The year has twelve months, fifty-two weeks plus one day, or 365 days and almost six hours.

in fifty- one," he repeated with his abominable chuckle, "an' Nal's filly has never done better than fifty-two.

"There are fifty-two," she said.

And this new Tatler actually ran to fifty-two numbers, appearing twice a week between January 13th and May 19th, 1711, but, feeble from the first, it then collapsed.

The chancellor surrounded himself by able men, looking even as far as Gaul for poor Englishmen who were distinguished for their talent; fifty-two clerks were employed under him in the Chancery.

All the ice yachts and snow-shoes are home-made, and in the country districts many of the skates.[p] CHAPTER XVII THE NEWSPAPERS OF NORWAY AND SWEDEN There are seven hundred and fifty-one newspapers and periodicals in Sweden, including fifty-two dailies.

If it goes up one or two points, say to fifty-one or fifty-two, he sells out, and the profit goes to you, deducting twenty-five cents a share which he charges for buying and selling.

Page eleven, number fifty-two.

The treasurer of the Antislavery Society was to turn over certain moneys to this academy to provide for the needs of the colored students, who then numbered fourteen of the fifty-two enrolled.

At the end of the Aztec or Toltec cycle of fifty-two years,for it is not accurately ascertained to which of the tribes the astronomical science of Tenochtitlan is to be attributed,these primitive children of the New World believed that the world was in danger of instant destruction.

The men had been paraded, fifty-two of them in all, and they were divided into parties now for the defence of each part of the stockade.

There are nine others in Dudley-street, and four in Park-street, wherein fifty-two aged females reside.

It wasn't built until fifty-two.

She's fifty-two, and she can't hardly get through that door there.

"The Hebrews had fifty-two journeys or marches.

When it was over he was one of fifty-two men left of his company that had numbered two hundred and fifty-one.

MASTERMAN, OLIVE D. The mystery of fifty-two.

SEE Masterman, Walter S. MASTERMAN, WALTER S. The mystery of fifty-two.

She made an immediate success as a portrait painter, and from 1814 during fifty-two years her pictures were annually exhibited at the Academy with a few rare exceptions.

For the last fifty-two years of his life O'Keeffe was blind, an affliction which he bore with unfailing cheerfulness.

The pension amounts to eighteen pounds, say ninety dollars, a year and is not given to any one who has an income of fifty-two pounds a year.

For such of our readers as need aid in this direction, we give in this chapter bills of fare for fifty-two weeks' breakfasts and dinners.

The season is a very short one, only ten weeks out of fifty-two, but the prices are moderate and the comfort unchallengeable....

" I finished reading and looked up at the questioning eyes of Frau Lang and at the wonderful, indescribable blue eyes of the "butcher" across the table, who, I may add, is fifty-two years of age, and has not had a day's military training in his life.

Last year it had dwindled to three hundred and fifty acres, but upon its old land thirty-three homesteads had risen that kept between them sixty-two horses and two hundred and fifty-two cows, beside the sheep, and the manor farm was worth twice as much as before.

221 examples of  fifty-two  in sentences