1533 examples of fight with in sentences

It must have some such cry, else obviously it could not fight with any whole-heartedness or any force.

After being cured, we recommenced our navigation, and, through the same cause, we often were obliged to fight with a great many people, and always had the victory over them.


Dick "hailed" from Illinois, and was a comely young fellow, full of dash and daring; rough and rowdy, generous and jolly, overflowing with spirits and ready for a free fight with all the world.

They will fight with you in the van, in the rear, where you will.

thou hast failed thy plighted word, To fight with caution, not to tempt the sword; I warn'd thee, but in vain; for well I knew, What perils youthful ardour would pursue: That boiling blood would carry thee too far; Young as thou wert to dangers, raw to war!

For a moment Sinclair had to fight with himself for control.

The king and his court were anxiously praying at that instant for the arrival of some champion to fight with the dreaded Lurcanio; for the month, as I have stated, was nearly expired, and this terrible brother appeared to have the business all his own way; so that the stake was soon to be looked for at which the hapless Ginevra was to die.

Such an event, it was felt by all, would be a public calamity to Virginia; and the general joy may be imagined when it was known that Lee had resigned and come to fight with his own people.

To fight with need and care or desires, the satisfaction of which is refused and forbidden, is good enough work for those who, were they free of would have to fight with boredom, and so take to bad practices; but not for the man whose time, if well used, will bear fruit for centuries to come.

Who hath a heart courageous Will fight with right good cheer; For well may he his foes out-face Who owns no foe called Fear!

"And after the shooting this chap got into a fight with a tall man twice his size and fairly mopped up the floor with him.

COLUMN IV THE FIGHT WITH THE WINGED BULL OF ANU The gods appear above to watch the fight, And Erech's masari rush in affright To Izdubar, who sits upon his throne, Before him fall in speechless terror prone.

If the matter in hand is the determination of the particulars of a fight with a bloody ending, the witnesses are questioned and testify: We heard and saw how A began the quarrel by insulting B, and the latter answered the insult with a blow, whereupon

Indeed, the men of the Free States, as was the wont of their ancestors, have made up their minds to this fight with a slow reluctance which would have been almost provoking but for the astonishing promptness which marked their action when once begun.

It developed that Worth visited this tip of the Island with the ever faithful Watts, and that one day the boat mender and Watts hadoh just the awfulest fight with words Worth had ever heard.

If you can't love me, for God's sake fight with me.

In a bitter fight with the Moors, Douglas was killed, and after the battle, his body was found lying across the silver case, as if his last object had been to defend the heart of Bruce.

Fight with Master My mother's first master was named Rasly, and her second was named Neely.

Make the effort, appear to fight with every weapon, that the O.R. & T. might have no claim in the future of unfairness but to fail!

"I cannot fight with a plaything like that," Colonel Campbell said roughly.

Since I am recollecting upon this Subject such Passages as occur to my Memory out of ancient Authors, I cannot omit a Sentence in the celebrated Funeral Oration of Pericles which he made in Honour of those brave Athenians that were slain in a fight with the Lacedaemonians.

Accomplishing great and terrible feats in the melee, I will fight with thy foes.

He would by no means have spoke of the duel before the transaction of it, but that his honour, his blood, his &c. would never permit him to fight with one who was no cavalier; which was what he came to inquire of his excellency.

Mr. Salter, the midshipman on whom the command devolved, continued the fight with determined bravery, and after a stout resistance, beat them off, chased them some distance out to sea, and subsequently regained the anchorage in safety.

1533 examples of  fight with  in sentences