9 examples of filiation in sentences

It is no easy matter to find clear and unmistakable evidence of filiation among fossil animals; for, in order that such evidence should be quite satisfactory, it is necessary that we should be acquainted with all the most important features of the organisation of the animals which are supposed to be thus related, and not merely with the fragments upon which the genera and species of the palaeontologist are so often based.

M. Gaudry has arranged the species of Hyoenidoe, Proboscidea, Rhinocerotidoe, and Equidoe in their order of filiation from their earliest appearance in the Miocene epoch to the present time, and Professor Rütimeyer has drawn up similar schemes for the Oxen and other Ungulatawith what, I am disposed to think, is a fair and probable approximation to the order of nature.

I answered, 'The contest concerning Douglas's filiation was over long ago; but the contest now is, who shall have the estate.'

Relation N. relation, bearing, reference, connection, concern, cognation; correlation &c 12; analogy; similarity &c 17; affinity, homology, alliance, homogeneity, association; approximation &c (nearness) 197; filiation &c (consanguinity) 11; interest; relevancy &c 23; dependency, relationship, relative position.

But the rumor might have been whispered about, and as the purport was to give a psilanthropic explanation and solution of the phrases, Son of God and Son of Man,so Saint John met it by the true solution, namely, the eternal Filiation of the Word.

Does he not attribute to an immediate influence of especial inspiration even Peter's acknowledgment of his Filiation to God, or Messiahship?Was it from the Gospels that Paul learned to know Christ?Was the Church sixty years without the awful truths taught exclusively in John's Gospel?

But when we come to consider the relations among those Western documents themselves, no regular descent or filiation seems traceable.

They became the governing element, and were able to transmit their privileges by male filiation.

We have had ingenious theories of the genesis of the movement, and the filiation of its ideas.

9 examples of  filiation  in sentences