5667 examples of find out in sentences

Jones has undertaken to find out what became of Jack after his arrival at the Union outposts.

"But he wanted to find out things from him.

But it ain't all fun, as you'll find out to-morrow when you go to work, for Sophie says you must," answered Mrs. Basset, as her guests trooped away, rashly promising to like everything.

I must find out the amount to which she has been accustomed and arrange a decreasing dose.

With weary steps I trace these desert groves, And search to find out Sophos' secret walks, My truest vowed friend and Lelia's dearest love.

"You go over with her and I'll find out who's councilor in Avernus and send her around.

We will not go to big folios to find out the big Latin names of the butterflies; but be sure, pet, they and you shall be better acquainted.

How did you find out?

When you find out where the collar has injured the shoulder, cut it and take out enough of the stuffing to prevent the leather from touching the sore.

Boggley, once we were out of sight, hid his in the ditch, but I, afraid they might find out and be offended, went about for the rest of the day decked like any sacrificial goat.

"I did my best to find out from the dealer where he got the pictures from, but he wouldn't tell me.

He is then describ'd as gliding through the Garden, under the resemblance of a Mist, in order to find out that Creature in which he design'd to tempt our first Parents.

You see, I know how to say some things that Folks do; by and by you will find out how I learned them.

If they find out I'm back, they'll simply make a slave of me.

I undid his equipment and the buttons of his tunic as fast as I could, to find out where he had been shot.

I have not been able to find out if he is married, but I am sorry to say that his play has not succeeded.

Got to find out when the Germans come back into the city.

I realised, and I regret to add revealed to two girls, a fortnight ago, the truth that all existing poems were in fact acrostics; and I offered a small pecuniary reward to whichever would find out Gray's "Elegy" within half an hour!

I thanked her for making me laugh, as did the sick and poor, whom she was sure to find out in her briefest sojourn in any place, for more substantial aid.

It may be that you will never find out.

The editor, agreeing that he certainly seemed to have done that, was all the more curious to find out how it was that a man who could do so well had not been able to add to his achievement the final "something" that was missing.

Dear Pierrepont: I had to send your last letter to the fertilizer department to find out what it was all about.

When Medb and Ailill compare their possessions, to find out which of them is better than the other, their herds of cattle, swine, and horses are driven in, their ornaments and jewels, their garments and vats and household appliances are displayed.

And," he added, with a significant look at Mr. Lindsey, "I think you'd better go to Edinburghand find out who Mr. John Paley is.

I haven't the proof, but I'll get it; I do not know the object, but I'll find out.

5667 examples of  find out  in sentences