5667 examples of find out in sentences

he cries in a fury, "you've been spying around to-night, to find out something about my Spiritualism that may be distorted to injure my Ritualistic standing.

"Well, son, you'll find out, right enough!"

He had begun to find out one could not do that kind of thing.

"I also found my three nieces at Elmhurst, and it struck me it would be a good time to study their characters; for like Jane I had a fortune to leave behind me, and I was curious to find out which girl was the most deserving.

"What did you find out?"

The bronze doors leading to the emperor's apartments were shut and guards posted outside them who demanded extremely definite reasons for admitting any one; even when the centurion's message was delivered some one had to be sent in first to find out whether Marcia was willing, and for nearly half an hour Narcissus waited, biting his lip with impatience.

He wanted to find out by the man's pace the distance he would cover in a given time.

You see, when there's trouble brewing over there behind the hills, and I want to discover to what height it has grown and how high it's likely to grow, I select one of my police, a Pathan, of course, and I send him to find out.

Well, I must only ingratiate myself all the more with her; and find out, too, whether she has his secret as well as I. What I am most afraid of is my having told him plainly that he was in my power; it's apt to make sprats of his size flounce desperately, in the mere hope of proving themselves whales after all, if it's only to their miserable selves.

"We'll go to the Zoo to-morrow," Nancy commanded, "and you can talk to the monkeys and find out what they think.

That I had to find out.

At last he gave up, crying, "All right, then, get to the bottom your own way; but it's the way to sudden death, as you'll find out quick enough.

No more can you find out what's goin' on by sittin' down in an old house an' waitin' for someone to bring you the news in a New York newspaper!

I'll give my fancy leave to range Through every where to find out change; The black, the brown, the fair shall be But objects of variety.

Dot and Will find out what it means to be rich.

He will find out his mistake yet.

I tried to find out what they cost, but the shopman did not heed me.

Know that I am the wife of that bull among kings, known to all by the name of Damayanti, anxious to find out my (missing) lord.

Then he had kept awake all night to find out what it meant, and he had heard what sounded like his own voice screaming "Thief! thief! thief!"

I never hear a child cry, now, that I do not feel that I am bound to find out the reason.

Neither of them propogated [sic] through the season, and I have had each of them killed in consequence, which has so completely tired me of overfeeding that I never intend exhibiting another aged ram, unless I greatly alter my mind, or can find out some method of feeding them which will not destroy the animals, and which I have hitherto failed to accomplish."

"We want accurate information of the enemy's strength on his left," said he; "look at this maphere is our position, nearly on our extreme right; we want you to find out what is opposite our right and what force extends beyond our front.

I'll find out about that in my own way.

I want to see how long it will take him to find out the rest.

Don't let me ever find out that you've let anybody else kiss"

5667 examples of  find out  in sentences