8361 example sentences with  find out

8361 example sentences with find out

So another hunter and myself agreed to come up here in July, and take a look at matters, and find out whether the old copperhead told the truth or not.

"In my opinion," began Oaks, as soon as order was restored, "the first thing is to try to find out who did it; surely a fellow can't be set on by three or four others without somebody knowing something about it.

Naturally a great curiosity possessed me to find out the girl who had played the third part in the drama which had been enacted in the tower.

"Very well," she said, indifferently, "that does seem the shortest way to find out the poor fellow's whereabouts.

When spring with its moist verdure and frail, sweet-smelling flowers had gone; when the great plain began to turn to a rusty-brown colour, and the dry hard earth was full of cracks, and the days grew longer and the heat greater, there came an appearance of water that quivered and glittered and danced before his wondering sight, and would lead him miles from home every day in his vain efforts to find out what it was.

And so we shall live for ever under our great taskmaster's eye, and find out that that eye is not merely the eye of a just judge, not merely the eye of a bountiful king, but more the eye of a loving and merciful Saviour, in whose presence is life even here on earth; and at whose right hand, even in this sinful world, are pleasures for evermore.

I find out in an instant if my companion does not want me, and ropes cannot hold me when my welcome is gone.

And those who fancy that it is so, will find out their mistake bitterly enough.

John Moseley had been able to find out exactly the hour they breakfasted at the deanery, the length of time it took Egerton's horses to go the distance between that house and the hall; and on the sixth morning after the departure of his aunt, John's bays were in his phaeton, and allowing ten minutes for the mile and a half to the park gates, John had got happily off his own territories, before he met the tilbury travelling eastward.

He is a soldier, but I cannot find out what battles he has been in."

He did not recognise Anne and her friends, or did they till he had left the town find out who he was; but he was obviously struck with Anne, and gazed at her with a degree of earnest admiration which she could not be insensible of.

Meanwhile our comrade who has brought us the good news and I will go and find out the house, and decide what had best be done."

Now that we are certain that he did not go that way, we must try and find out in what direction he did proceed.

'I could not forget those words, and I was determined to find out the way to the home of which she spoke.

"Now," said he, "I will eat at last, and I will find out, too, who and what it is that wakes me."

The moment he discovered this he set himself down to find out why it was not a success.

He did not stop long enough to find out the cause of it, but hurried on after Grayskin.

I shall then first really feel that John is Minister, and find out the pains of the position, having as yet little experience of anything but the pleasures of it.

And now to find out that it was Theresa he wanted all the time, and he was only coming to see Mother so he could see Theresa!

It will take me all my life even to begin to find out.

But you'll try and find out something about this young man, won't you, Vin?"

"How on earth did you find out?"

so many do, at the very foundation, and find out first, what faith is, and next, how to exercise it.

You will find out what it contains when you are in Spain.

I tried to find out what they cost, but the shopman did not heed me.

The youngest brother saw them disappear every day and made up his mind to find out what they did.

But if so, the difference in kind is the radical distinction, and we should find out what that is, and found our definition upon it.

He had a strong inclination to find out the humours of low life, and to make himself master of them.

"Suppose we question the porter?" "What for?" "To find out where she's gone and when she will be back."

From what we know, I don't think it will be hard to find out more."

And he is going to find out what you meant by saying you were afraid of making mischief."

We have (d) to find out our ignorance.

Yet I doubt whether publishers and the folks they consult would find out that.

That evening his sent orders for general John Buford’s 1st Cavalry Division to cross the Rapidan at Germanna Ford to find out where the Confederates were.

The campers find out there is a spy among them who is reporting everything to Kronos, who took over Luke's body in the fourth book.

But you won’t find out where every one is.

GH fans know Alexis headed to the hospital to find out about Neil Byrne’s (Joe Flanigan) autopsy report, but she got sidetracked when she ran into Finn.

She wrote then-Mayor John Fetterman to find out more about the town, whose declining population numbered around 2,000 at the time, and his efforts to improve his community.

Check out the Institute for Justice and find out all about it.

Find out about the events and see books where SuzieB was published.

If you want to get involved, find out how to become a CKUT volunteer and get in touch with us at culture DOT ckut DOT ca!

It doesn't take long for his new shipmates find out that Saul is not a typical pirate at all.

It takes a few weeks to adjust to the way of life, and to find out how the school systems works.

Join our Evolutionaries as they explore familiar and not-so-familiar landmarks, buildings, historical sites, events and more to find out the stories behind what we see on the surface.

One of the good things our program approach is helping us do is find out different ways of (inaudible) each program where we can do exactly what you are talking about.

So we'll find out what happens in a couple of hours, and then we will communicate that to their constituents, so their constituents know whether they kept their promise or whether they broke their promise.

Take a lively look at football through the ages and find out when the first matches kicked off, why the first rules developed, and how rugby and American football were born.

They'll never find out.

We visited the Canadian Explosives Research Lab in Ottawa, Ontario to find out more about how the nation's fireworks are tested for the big day.

Whether they want to request leave in Slack, find out a coworker’s office location in Microsoft Teams, or leave a colleague feedback in Workday by Facebook, Workday will be there, through our open approach.