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719 examples of  find out  in sentences

719 examples of find out in sentences

"Now that will do, Miss Connie," he said; "it is one of the old Miss Murchisons, who are always so fond of finding out about their neighbors.

"Is nothing to be done toward finding out whether the Indians whom the sentinel saw, succeeded in getting back to their own camp?"

It would be a pity to spend your labour in finding out for yourself what shoemakers have known for hundreds of years, and which you could learn so easily by letting me show you."

I have no way of finding out, since children are not accustomed to write to authors to tell them what they think of their books.

Seems to me their members are finding out that Sunday school is something big and fine."

While we are finding out how these later lands were made and unmade, we may stumble on some hints as to how the first primeval continents rose out of the bosom of the sea.

But I wanted at starting to show my readers something of the right way of finding out truth on this and perhaps on all subjects; to make some simple appeals to your common sense; and to get you to accept some plain rules founded on common sense, which will be of infinite use to both you and me in my future papers.

as a Protestant, much likelihood of finding out for himself.

"I started life as Philip Merton Ware the day I took these rooms, and if the time should come," he went on, "that any one seriously set about the task of finding out exactly who I was before I was Merton Ware, you and I might as well take that little journeywas it to the Hudson, you said, on a foggy morning?together."

In finding out what he can eat, we must remember, he will have gone through much experience which will have inspired him with a serious respect for the hidden wrath of nature; like those Himalayan folk, of whom Hooker says, that as they know

I'm rather good at finding out things.

"I have had no opportunity of finding out; but I am sure he will want to settle down quietly when all this is over" "You mean when he's no longer in love with Sarah?"

What he was I could not guess, but I was dead set on finding out before the night was over.

Don't be vexed with me, dearest, for finding out your secret.

"So you are not very angry with me for going there and finding out your secret," inquired she.

I took the trouble which the police should have taken immediately, of finding out something about the finances of the Hazeldene mรฉnage.

"Then when we get near the northern end of the lake perhaps you'll think it best to make a landing somewhere, and prowl around on foot, finding out what we can," Andy, continued eagerly; for he had become much worked up by this time, and was hoping that fortune would be as kind to them as on a previous occasion, which all Bloomsbury remembered very well.

" "But that doesn't tell you where the treasure-chamber is?" argued Hayle. "Perhaps not, but there are other ways of finding out; that is, if a man has his wits about him.

After I had finished my inspection of the fence I visited every public-house in the neighbourhood in the hope of finding out whether a man with a wounded hand had been seen in any of them on the night of the murder.

Nor was it by them that he got the knowledge of those demonstrations, but by finding out intermediate ideas that showed the agreement or disagreement of the ideas, as expressed in the propositions he demonstrated.

Secondly, The other is the art of finding out those intermediate ideas, which may show us the agreement or repugnancy of other ideas, which cannot be immediately compared.

So that we may in REASON consider these FOUR DEGREES: the first and highest is the discovering and finding out of truths; the second, the regular and methodical disposition of them, and laying them in a clear and fit order, to make their connexion and force be plainly and easily perceived; the third is the perceiving their connexion; and the fourth, a making a right conclusion.

Before letting her know that I had discovered the imposition I asked her one or two questions with the idea of finding out as much as possible about her.

By finding out the common elements in tricks repeated in different forms, we shall be enabled to exhibit certain general stratagems which may be advantageous, as well for our own use, as for frustrating others if they use them.

She replied, "I am greatly tired, and likewise hungry and thirsty; I will rest here a little, whilst thou findest out some means to pass over [the river]."

Besides, what object would a South American spy have in finding out details of the defenses at Panama.

"You are finding out its characteristics by degrees, I see."

While the Punchayiet, a picked council, are taking down the names of intending competitors, finding out about their form and performances, and assigning to each his antagonist, the young men throw themselves with shouts and laughter into the ring, and go through all the evolutions and postures of the training ground.

Your finding out my style in your nephew's pleasant book is surprising to me.

I stared at his bare legs walloping the planks, and feeling certain that I had lost all chance of finding out where the white waterfall and Black Fernando's hell were situated, I found a new shadow patch and lay down again.

When that day is likely to arrive, we shall see such samples of consistency, and such instances of stable conviction, in finding out on which side of their bread the butter lies, as cannot fail to gratify even Mr. Cushing himself.

But the members were bound to take other measures for finding out the truth, and they resolved on praying and drawing lots; there was nothing unusual about such proceedings a hundred years ago.

Whether it did so for the purpose of admiring its very plain visage in the liquid mirror, or finding out what was going on among the fish, we cannot say, as it never told us; but at that moment a big, clumsy, savage-looking dog rushed out from the neighbouring thicket and began to worry it.

Very different to the forgetful lover or the sated husband, whose eyes and senses are so quickly habituated, she never grows weary of finding out that she is pretty, and making herself so; in truth a constant homage, earnest and conscientious.

The famous Doily is still fresh in every ones Memory, who raised a Fortune by finding out Materials for such Stuffs as might at once be cheap and genteel.

It seems to me no very hopeful method of finding out facts as they are."

England has been as indefatigable in solving this problem as she has been in finding out the North West Passage, and, at present, as unsuccessful.

Here, the same night, came the postman, and the seeming youth watched nervously, but determinedly, for an opportunity of finding out whether the fateful paper was in his bag or not.

He's always finding out something about those old stars just when we want him to pay attention to something else.

No one could be long with Louisa without finding out that she was a selfish child; while Emma, though she had many faults, of which carelessness was the chief, was of a kind, good-natured disposition, always ready to oblige.

If only there were some way of finding out who he was, get some clue as to his parentage.

Nobody being about to tell us, we paraded the town like a circus procession for about an hour before finally finding out where we were to billet, and ultimately we reached our destination when, turning into the barns allotted to us, we made the most of what remained of the night in well-earned repose.

"True," was the soft answer, "but in everything that grows, has life, that is, there's mystery past all finding out.

So that although pioneer conditions gradually passed away, and it became less easy to wrest a living from plain or mountain or mine, the idea of finding out what was wrong, improving methods of agriculture, conserving the forest wealth by continual replanting or working the less rich mines at a profit through new processes, or the utilization of by-products, did not at first suggest itself.

He was pushed forward through the crowd as by magic, all making room for him; and many of us thought that when science thus came forward capable of finding out everything, the miracle would disappear.

As our publication was aimed squarely at the Goan living abroad, this was an excellent resource for finding out what the Goan diaspora was up to and how Goa was perceived on the world stage (especially important in the area of covering tourism).

I'll take the sculls going down, and you can keep heaving the by way of finding out if there be sich a thang as a channel in that direction.

Now this daughterEmily was her nameleft the town after her parents died and there is no way of finding out where she went.

That is a fortune which has once befallen me, and no greater calamity followed than my having to call myself le Capitaine Smeet', and finding out the means of mystifying le vice-governatore."

Whether deluded by a real hope of finding out the Philosopher's Stone, or from an innate principle of villainy, cannot be determined, but he did not yet cease his pursuit, and still indulged the golden delusion.

Now, tho' in these my Compositions, it is visible to any Reader of Common Sense, that I consider nothing but my Subject, which is always of an indifferent Nature; how is it possible for me to write so clear of Party, as not to lie open to the Censures of those who will be applying every Sentence, and finding out Persons and Things in it, which it has no regard to?

Whenever she acted from her own impulses, she was very clever in finding out some disappointment or mistake, which she could claim as a punishment for her self-will.

Edna felt she must endeavor in all possible ways to prevent Mrs. Cliff from finding out that the curses of a wicked Rackbird were in the air, but she herself shuddered when she thought that one or more of the cruel desperadoes, whose coming they had dreaded and waited for through that fearful night in the caves of Peru, were now to be dreaded and feared in the metropolis of France.

He was always ready to praise the amateurs who came to him for a hearing, even if they were the pupils of other masters, finding out among all their faults, the little acquirements or talent which he could from their performance; sure, it is true, to correct them if he afterward became their instructor.

He asked me with the ostensible object of finding out what had become of his brother when he himself knew what had become of him."

Their instinct in finding out rich ones is unerring.

So St. George Mortimer Brandon was borne off to the Curlew, and there, indifferent to the glory of sunsets, or the splendour of bays and harbours, he occupied his time in cutting several teeth, in learning to seize everything that came near him, and in finding out towards the end of the time how to throw or drop his toys overboard.

Pan. Alas Sir, I am fearful, you do look On me, as if I were some loathed thing That you were finding out a way to shun.

We had no means of finding out where we were ourselves, or where the American party was.

Besides this, when we finally reached Anadyr Bay, if we ever did, we should have no means of finding out where the Americans were; and unless we happened to meet a band of Chukchis who had seen them, we might wander over those desolate plains for a month without coming across the stove-pipe, which was the only external sign of their subterranean habitation.

Blind as people often are to their highest and truest interests, your country folk have generally shown remarkable acuteness in finding out where their worldly progress suffered let or hindrance, and have removed it with laudable alacrity.

PHILOSOPHY Philosophy is finding out how many things there are in the world which you can't have if you want them, and don't want if you can have them.

Let us hope for the best; and perhaps, if we were bent upon finding out the truth, the simplest way would be to watch the sales of the new edition of the poems of Beddoes, which Messrs. Routledge have lately added to the 'Muses' Library.'

An example is finding out a player's team.

BMI is less useful for finding out whether one person is too fat or too thin.

Dilton is also good at finding out how to solve the problems that they create.

Doxing is the process of finding out, digging for or uncovering personal information on a person, group, organization or corporate entity, compiling it in an organized format and posting it online.

According to experts, finding out the perfect vaccine and its mass production is only the start in pushback against the Coronavirus outbreak.

After finding out the cloth was used to clean the bathroom, the man was 'worried his armpit hairs ware getting bleached'.

But with the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, already floating the possibility of tax hikes and a public sector pay freeze to reduce the deficit, people will soon have a pressing interest in finding out exactly who has been profiting from this pandemic.

Finding out the "why" is the single best thing you can do.

Fuming about an unrequited love, a Florida man allegedly set a woman on fire after finding out she was in a relationship with his stepfather, according to a report.

Although the answer to this question was also riddled with controversy (of which Horikoshi is planning to correct), finding out this key piece of information is going to prove critical in the coming battle.

In "Competitive Wine Tasting", Jeff becomes obsessed with finding out why a beautiful woman chose to be with Pierce instead of him.

It all comes down to balance and finding out what works best for you.

Later, Strawn said in an interview that heโ€™d signed a 13-month lease just before finding out the news of his schoolโ€™s upheaval.

Madise also noted confusion that the law's arrival led to, with businesses often finding out about it only via the media, adding that it should have entered into force 10 days following its inception.

My first reaction to finding out?

She indicated that they had a misunderstanding after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Some examples include finding out that the French venerate Jerry Lewis, or that Salisbury steak is just a hamburger without the bun.

So much of Zuko's character arc revolves around him restoring his honor and finding out what honor means to him.

Styles was beside himself after finding out Riddle would get a shot at the belt, but that doesn't change the fact that it's happening next week.

The government surely had an interest in finding out who were the lawful owners of the blocks and into whose hands it was unloaded and the interests of the oil companies in these blocks.

As politicians decide how and when to lift the lock-down, Panorama reports from the scientific front line, finding out how science can help us defeat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Senate should see all available, relevant evidence rather than willfully avoid finding out information that President Trumpโ€™s supporters fear will damage him.

This is almost like finding out Greta Thunberg secretly hunts polar bears in her race car.โ€

When Lamb was a principal, she said a teacher would never just be finding out that he or she had a low score when they get their evaluation.

By telling only one co-worker, there is the risk of your supervisor finding out that you are looking.

โ€œFinding out that it is also among the top research universities in Canada came as a pleasant surprise when my interests shifted to empirical studies in psychology.โ€

From their point of view, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, thereโ€™s no point in finding out whether or not itโ€™s a duck.

I am glad to see that the government has come up with this initiative in cooperation with the City of Whitehorse, and I look forward to finding out more about it, so I can pass this information on to people in my riding and other interested people.

I know that I've come across this more than once in other bills that I've had the pleasure of examining and finding out that it's notโ€“certainly not unheard of to find sections of bills that are not proclaimed.

It involves meeting with a potential participant, finding out whether he or she is capable of giving consent, and discussing the purpose, risks and benefits of participation in the research.

It may simply be waking up on the wrong side of the bed, having a bad day yesterday (or last week, month), or finding out your favorite cereal is finished when you are about to have it for breakfast.

Once again very important looking at, consulting with and finding out what we needed to do, making that commitment on a budgetary basis and moving forward with it, Mr. Speaker, which is so important.

Thanks for any and all insights/comments -- looking forward to finding out more/participating!

The best way of finding out about the content of the microeconomics and global macroeconomics modules is to download and read the study guides.

Atlantic Veterinary College pathologists Pierre-Yves Daoust and Laura Bourque have been working on finding out what killed the endangered whales since late June, when they led the necropsies of three of the six right whales discovered dead at the time.

This is an algebraic problem - you need to "solve for x" which means finding out what number replaces x to make the equation right.

We need help in finding out where they reside so that we can forward them a gift from the Wall of Fame Ceremony.