137 examples of find out about in sentences

This wicked old Witch has created a very clever illusion that has made Ozma unable to see her or to find out about her.

Each night the woman "Premier" took her curtain calls and received the bouquets which came showering in, but not a word could the public find out about her.

"Yes, I will," said Ralph, settling himself into his chair, "I will, if I can only find out about my father 'n' mother.

"Let me just go and give the order for my things to be packed, Timothy, and tell Ash to go and find out about the trains, and I will return and listen to whatever you wishI will, indeed.

" "How did you find out about it, then?" inquired his friend.

I hope she'll never find out about this adventure of mine.

It would be of no use to find out about him; of no use to tell him how she loathed herself and her life; that she wanted to know about that Rest, and about that heavy-laden one.

I am sure it was the Lord that helped you to find out about our land.

His mother's marriages, for instance: he was sure there was a great deal to find out about them.

In fact he was a very inquisitive little pigthat is, he always wanted to find out about things, and why this and that was so, and what made the wheels go around, and all like that.

She intended to call on Mrs. Brinkly and find out about this; and she also determined to drop in at Cobhurst, and see how poor Ralph was getting on by himself.

" "I'll telephone you when I go to town, and find out about my plans.

"Fred," she asked, moved by her never slumbering impulse to find out about things, "just what is it you care for in Helen?

I couldn't go on hating my fellow-men because I was too busy trying to find out about them.

In one apartment we'll be doing all we can to help win the war, and in the apartment next door the people will be plotting and scheming to help Germany win, and it is only by accident we find out about it.

She hoped Miss Sniffen would not find out about Miss Nita's ankle.

Find out about the trains.

It may not be the one I fear it is, but we ought to find out about that.

So he rested content with his ignorance, nor did he ever find out about Horvendile, though later Manuel must have had horrible suspicions.

He just must find out about it! XIV PETER RABBIT MEETS UNC' BILLY POSSUM After Sticky-toes the Tree Toad had poured out his troubles, Peter went back to the Old Briar-patch, more puzzled than ever.

" "What did you find out about Mr. Gordon?" "I accidentally learned that he has a considerable sum in the savings-bank.

I was just going to telephone to find out about trains.

Well, I will find out about the Liras for you in a day or two, before I leave Rome again.

"If you could only find out about the ship, and the poor passengers!" "May-be," answered Luke,saying this to comfort her.

He must find out about the roses; he could not endure to pass the whole day in wonder and doubt.

137 examples of  find out about  in sentences