Do we say finesse or savvy

finesse 116 occurrences

Of physical force, enough could be applied to toss them over the stockade itself, if necessary; but finesse was needed, rather than force, to effect the principal object, and that under difficult circumstances.

Taste N. taste; good taste, refined taste, cultivated taste; delicacy, refinement, fine feeling, gust, gusto, tact, finesse; nicety &c (discrimination) 465; to prepon [Gr.]; polish, elegance, grace.

Mr. R. S. writes one of his peculiar letters, in which the sentiments seem to be compressed, as if some species of finesse were at workan attenuated worldly precaution which leads him perpetually to half conceal sentiment, purpose and acts, as if the operations and business of life were not ten times better effected by plain straightforwardness than by any other mode.

The sum total gave her a man of rank passions, of rare and merciless finesse where his desires figured, a man who got what he wanted by whatever means most fitly served his need.

That was finesse!

Alarmed at the great armament coming against him, and cowed by recent reverses, Toolajee had come as a suppliant into the Mahratta camp to try if, by finesse and chicanery, he might escape utter destruction, while, in Gheriah, he had left his brother-in-law with orders to defend it to the last.

It is the interest of an indolent man to be honest: for it requires considerable trouble and finesse, to deceive others successfully.

I had no novice to deal with; nothing but delicate finesse would answer.

The solution seems to lie in the temporizing feebleness of Buchanan and in the superior finesse and daring conspiracy of Cobb, Thompson, and Floyd.

Food and finesse, the bride's bible.

"You are an Inglese, yourself, I trust, Signor Capitanowhat name shall I enter in my book, here?" "Jaques Smeet," answered the other, betraying what might have proved two very fatal shibboleths, in the ears of those who were practised in the finesse of our very unmusical language, by attempting to say "Jack Smith.

There is a power of finesse in the feminine mind that no man may fully compass, and Yolanda, in that respect, was the flower of her sex.

This finesse had the desired effect, for during our absence they mounted a few guns on a hill, which commanded the passage, and gave us in lieu of the dollars, a warm salute on our return.

He played indifferently on the piano and after many painful attempts had succeeded in reading a score, but he was ignorant of harmony, of the technique needed really to understand a nuance, to appreciate a finesse, to savor a refinement with full comprehension.

It was my judgment at first that the General, in stopping short when a question was difficult and referring to the Council he had to consult, was showing a capacity for finesse, that he really had the power to do or to undo, though he has not a personal appearance of possible leadership.

The eyes are rather dark, large, fine, and keen; with the thin lips, pursed in a half-smile, they form the most striking features of the countenance, and serve to give it that characteristic of finesse so peculiar to the man.

His earliest biographer, de La Porte, maintains that his father "ne négligea rien pour l'éducation de son fils, qui annonça de bonne heure, par des progrès rapides dans ses premières études, cette finesse d'esprit qui caractérise ses ouvrages.

Dans Marivaux, l'impatience de faire preuve de finesse et de sagacité perçait visiblement.

"Ce n'était point eux qui y mettaient de la finesse, c'était de la finesse qui s'y rencontrait; ils ne sentaient pas qu'ils parlaient mieux qu'on ne parle ordinairement; c'étaient seulement de meilleurs esprits que d'autres."

"Ce n'était point eux qui y mettaient de la finesse, c'était de la finesse qui s'y rencontrait; ils ne sentaient pas qu'ils parlaient mieux qu'on ne parle ordinairement; c'étaient seulement de meilleurs esprits que d'autres."

"J'ai eu beau le répéter aux comédiens, la fureur de montrer de l'esprit a été plus forte que mes très humbles remontrances; et *iis ont mieux aimé commettre dans leur jeu un contre-sens perpétuel, qui flattait leur amour-propre, que de ne pas paraître entendre finesse à leur rôle.

le spécimen de la bluette réduite à sa plus simple expression, joignant la finesse et la ténuité de la trame à l'exiguïté de la donnée.

et de la fantaisie, à mettre au service du sentiment les plus subtiles lumières de la raison,...l'esprit de finesse employé à découvrir les plus secrets mouvements de notre sensibilité,par conséquent l'usage conscient d'un style ajusté à la ténuité de ces enquêtes, style qui n'est pas exempt de recherche, mais qui abonde en trouvailles décisives,voilà précisément le marivaudage.

If, moreover, the finesse of the writer is such that he can perceive certain shades of meaning, not evident to the more commonplace beholder, how can he make them clear without deviating from the regular forms of expression?

If, then, his thoughts are understood, the next question is whether they could be formed with fewer ideas, and consequently fewer words, and still convey to the hearer all the necessary finesse, all of the delicate shades of meaning.

savvy 44 occurrences

She know Joe savvy.

Then, seeing no electric recognition of the name, he added: "You savvy Kurilla!" The Colonel with much regret admitted that he did not.

"No savvy, sah," said one.

"How did them other fellows go?" "No savvy, sah.

There's an election coming onthere will be bills, cards, streamers, what not; good money in printing for the Governmentdo you savvy?"

"I savvy," said Mr. Driggs cheerfully.

Savvy?" "Right," replied Lodge, entirely won over, and he settled himself on the grass, with the notebook on his knee and a stub of a pencil poised over it.

conceive; apprehend, comprehend; take, realize, understand, savvy [Slang], appreciate; fathom, make out; recognize, discern, perceive, see, get a sight-of, experience.

They's a crowd of cowpunchers gatherin' in Elkhead, an' today or tomorrow they'll be strong enough to take the law into their own hands and organize a little lynchin' bee, savvy?" She shuddered.

"An" now, Gus, they's only one thing left to complete my little gamean' that's to get Whistlin' Dan Barry proclaimed an outlaw an' put a price on his head, savvy?"

She'd make his brain quiet, an' then his body'll take care of itself, savvy?"

Savvy that?" "Tut, tut, man!" said Thirkle.

I'm no gent to fool with, as ye ought to savvy by this; and if ye think I be, try something.

It's like this: when Nome was struck a Swede feller she had knew staked her a claim, but she couldn't hold it, her bein' a squabunder age, savvy?

"No savvy about the world.

And I was too late to see the cattlemen in a bunch when they was at the Associationonly you ain't likely to savvy that part uh the businessand had to chase 'em all over the country.

" "I wisht," said Billy pensively, "I had the nerve to take all this for sudden admiration; but I savvy, all right.

You're a crackerjack when it comes to the fine points uh business, and I sure savvy the range end uh the game, so between us we ought to make good, don't yuh think?

I see I didn't savvy this kind of business like I thought I did.

"Me savvy," replied the Indian.

"Me savvy," he replied and forthwith proceeded to make his bed with me.

"Me savvy," he replied, sullenly, then flared up.

"No savvy whoa!

No savvy whoa!" which proved conclusively that the Navajo had understanding as well as wit.

"No savvy whoa!"

Do we say   finesse   or  savvy