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Do we say   finesse   or  savvy

Do we say finesse or savvy

finesse 116 occurrences

The shark, who was a master of finesse, swam out a little way, to where the water was deeper, and then slowly sank, intending, if Mr. P. followed him again to the bottom, to stay there long enough to drown the unfortunate man.

" "Youyou have broken your engagement," he echoed, dully; and continued, with a certain deficiency of finesse, "

But it is the fashion of youth to glory in what it lacks, and I flattered myself that I had a natural gift for finesse and subtlety, and was a born deviser of wars.

Crochard, I think, reasons like this; to kill an adversary is too easy; it is too brutal; it lacks finesse.

Artifice, ruse, trick, dodge, manoeuver, wile, stratagem, subterfuge, finesse.

Fabricate, fabulous, facetious, factitious, fallacious, fallible, fastidious, fatuous, feasible, feculence, fecundity, felicitous, felonious, fetid, feudal, fiducial, filament, filtrate, finesse, flaccid, flagitious, floriculture, florid, fluctuate, foible, forfeiture, fortuitous, fractious, franchise, frangible, frontal, froward, furtive.

You're sadly lacking in finesse, Rolfe.

Paul he despised as a man lacking finesse and esprita truly French form of contempt.

Though Eve seldom spoke more sensibly, and never more temperately, than while delivering the foregoing opinions, Sir George Templemore doubted whether she had all that exquisite finesse and delicacy of features, that he had so much admired; and when Grace burst out in the sudden and senseless exclamation we have recorded, he turned towards her sweet and animated countenance, which, for the moment, he fancied the loveliest of the two.

Without the least pedantry, with a beauty of language that the other sex seldom attains, and with a delicacy of discrimination, and a sentiment that were strictly feminine, she rendered a theme interesting, that, however important in itself, is forbidding, veiling all its odious and revolting features in the refinement and finesse of her own polished mind.

" "What finesse!" murmured one.

In addition to this finesse in significations, he had a variety of pronunciations that often put strangers at fault, and to which he adhered with a pertinacity that obtained some of its force from the fact, that it exceeded his power to get rid of them.

Unless I underestimate him gravely he is incapable of such finesse.

His ear hath arrived to such finesse by practice, that it is reported, he can distinguish a plunge at a half furlong distance; and can tell, if it be casual or deliberate.

But he seems compelled to say too nearly what he means to render him useful in negotiations requiring any considerable finesse.

When this delicate subject, which required the utmost finesse of Venetian policy, since it involved the interests of one who happened, at that moment, to be in the dreaded council itself, was disposed of, the three turned their attention to other matters, with that semblance of indifference to personal feeling, which practice in tortuous paths of state-intrigue enabled men to assume.

The agents of the police had been too much alarmed by the rising of the fishermen not to call their usual ingenuity and finesse into play, the moment the disturbance was appeased.

Nothing was further from the thoughts of the veteran than a finesse like the general's; and, delighted to see George on the battle-ground, he pointed significantly over his shoulder towards the door of the room Isabel was in, and exclaimed, with a good- natured smile, "There she is, my hearty; lay her aside, and hang me if she don't strike.

As long as trade was trickery, business barter, commerce finesse, government exploitation, slaughter honorable, and murder a fine art; when religion was ignorant superstition, piety the worship of a fetich and education a clutch for honors, there was small hope for the race.

In degree, Nora's husband fixed the vice of finesse in her nature, for when even a "good" woman is accused she parries by the use of trickery and wins her point by the artistry of the bagnio.

Maud, the adopted one, however, had already the sunny countenance of an angel, with quite as much of the appearance of health as her sister; her face had more finesse, her looks more intelligence, her playfulness more feeling, her smile more tenderness, at times; at others, more meaning.

All this the captain, who was so familiar with the finesse of Indian stratagem, had resolved to improve in the following manner: In the first place, he directed the men to build a massive wall of stone, for a hundred and fifty feet in length, and six feet in height.

Of physical force, enough could be applied to toss them over the stockade itself, if necessary; but finesse was needed, rather than force, to effect the principal object, and that under difficult circumstances.

Racey possessed too much native finesse to overdo it.

But I cannot imagine how any one, least of all the brilliant Froissart, should have conceived that lumpish soldier to be capable of the finesse needful for the Secret Service.

They'll waste no more time on finesse.

A little delicacya little finesse' 'Let us hear what you did then?'

knowledge of the world, world wisdom, savoir faire [Fr.]; tact; mother wit &c (sagacity) 498; discretion &c (caution) 864; finesse; craftiness &c (cunning) 702; management &c (conduct) 692; self-help.

[Fr.]; finesse, side blow, thin end of the wedge, shift, go by, subterfuge, evasion; white lie &c (untruth) 546; juggle, tour de force; tricks of the trade, tricks upon travelers; espieglerie [Fr.]; net, trap &c 545. Ulysses, Machiavel, sly boots, fox, reynard; Scotchman; Jew, Yankee; intriguer, intrigant^; floater [U.S.], Indian giver [U.S.], keener [U.S.], repeater

V. be cunning &c adj.; have cut one's eyeteeth; contrive &c (plan) 626; live by one's wits; maneuver; intrigue, gerrymander, finesse, double, temporize, stoop to conquer,

Taste N. taste; good taste, refined taste, cultivated taste; delicacy, refinement, fine feeling, gust, gusto, tact, finesse; nicety &c (discrimination) 465; to prepon [Gr.]; polish, elegance, grace.

He lacked finesse, and now he spoke boldly and to the point, the honest candor of his gray eyes shining full on the girl.

Charles, whose circumstances would not allow him to spend his time in diplomatic finesse, immediately[a] demanded a loan of money, an auxiliary army, and a declaration against his rebellious subjects.

It is in this part that I best remember him; tall, slender, with a not ungraceful stoop; looking quite like a refined gentleman, and quite like an urbane adventurer; smiling with an engaging ambiguity; cocking at you one peaked eyebrow with a great appearance of finesse; speaking low and sweet and thick, with a touch of burr; telling strange tales with singular deliberation and, to a patient listener, excellent effect.

" MISTRESS FATE "Faint heart never won fair lady," Mistress Fate herself should be courted, not with feminine finesse, but with masculine courage and aggression.

fingir, to feign, pretend, simulate, counterfeit, take the form of, affect, assume, imitate, seem to be. finura, f., charm, finesse.

The best friend of the Baboo cannot acquit him of a tendency to temporise, a hankering after finesse, a too fatal facility to fall under pecuniary temptation.

" The stout mountaineer raised himself in pride, and endeavored to acknowledge the compliment in the manner of his well-meant but rude courtesy; for refinement did not then extend its finesse and its deceit among the glens of Switzerland.

Thousands of Spaniards fell as the result of his daring and finesse in military execution.

They are of all classes, from the decayed gentleman and artist, to shopkeepers, cobblers, cooks, and tailors, who find in the large commissions gained a temptation to forsake their petty legitimate callings for the lottery-like excitements and finesse of picture-dealing.

Mr. R. S. writes one of his peculiar letters, in which the sentiments seem to be compressed, as if some species of finesse were at workan attenuated worldly precaution which leads him perpetually to half conceal sentiment, purpose and acts, as if the operations and business of life were not ten times better effected by plain straightforwardness than by any other mode.

On arrival I drove straight to the Darmstaedterhof, and asked to see no visitors' books, for the five days had taken the edge off my finesse, but inquired at once whether a Mrs. Lascelles was staying there or not.

The sum total gave her a man of rank passions, of rare and merciless finesse where his desires figured, a man who got what he wanted by whatever means most fitly served his need.

That was finesse!

Its excessive delicacy attracted; the finesse of its embroidery swayed and enraptured the audience; and the applause at the close was mad, deafening, and peremptory.

I knew I should suffer horribly in spoiling by my coarse amateurishness the miraculous finesse of his performance, but I resigned myself to suffering.

When, in the course of an hour, she did come, it was with such an utter ignoring of having done a smart thing, waving aside my admiration of her finesse, that I was taken aback.

She said sadly, 'I am unused to falsehood, and finesse of any sort is distasteful to me.

Alarmed at the great armament coming against him, and cowed by recent reverses, Toolajee had come as a suppliant into the Mahratta camp to try if, by finesse and chicanery, he might escape utter destruction, while, in Gheriah, he had left his brother-in-law with orders to defend it to the last.

It is the interest of an indolent man to be honest: for it requires considerable trouble and finesse, to deceive others successfully.

I had no novice to deal with; nothing but delicate finesse would answer.

It might be only social finesse in Pearl but she was showing to others the same pleased vivacity she had shown to him.

Hence we may be prepared to find women succeeding better in finesse of detail, in pathos and sentiment, while men generally succeed better in the construction of plots and the delineation of character.

The signora Talberg was evidently bent on outwitting all his finesse, trying to keep from him the address of her friends.

" Her wrath burst forth without any finesse, with the frankness of intimacy.

The solution seems to lie in the temporizing feebleness of Buchanan and in the superior finesse and daring conspiracy of Cobb, Thompson, and Floyd.

Il montre une feinte sous laquelle se cache sa finesse.

ADRESSE, f., endroit quelqu'un demeure; dextérité, finesse.

FINESSE, f., habileté; action rusée.

LOURDAUD, E, personne lente et maladroite ou qui manque de finesse.

STRATAGÈME, m., ruse, finesse, tour d'adresse.

Food and finesse, the bride's bible.

Its representational finesse made it an ideal medium for transcribing the Indian scene and the appearance at the court of European miniatures, themselves highly naturalistic, stimulated this character still further.

"You are an Inglese, yourself, I trust, Signor Capitanowhat name shall I enter in my book, here?" "Jaques Smeet," answered the other, betraying what might have proved two very fatal shibboleths, in the ears of those who were practised in the finesse of our very unmusical language, by attempting to say "Jack Smith.

But, talking of this Sir Smees, you perceive in his air and manner the finesse of the Anglo-Saxon race; which is a people altogether distinct from the ancient Gauls, both in history and character.

There was the finesse of gunners' craft worthy of veterans in the way that these eighteen-pounders were concealed.

There is a power of finesse in the feminine mind that no man may fully compass, and Yolanda, in that respect, was the flower of her sex.

It certainly cannot occur to you to want to hold back still longer, and by sheer finesse to try to end the misunderstanding; for otherwise I should myself really have nothing more to say.

Her understanding is just and delicate; with a finesse of wit that is the result of reflection.

Sir Hardinge Giffard subjected me to a very stringent cross-examination, doing his best to entangle me, but the perfect frankness of my answers broke all his weapons of finesse and inuendo.

She isn't capable of the slightest finesse.

The movement of a single finger indicates great finesse.

This finesse had the desired effect, for during our absence they mounted a few guns on a hill, which commanded the passage, and gave us in lieu of the dollars, a warm salute on our return.

Nor was Washington entirely lacking in finesse.

And in preparation for the campaign of 1781 "much trouble was taken and finesse used to misguide and bewilder Sir Henry Clinton by making a deceptive provision of ovens, forage and boats in his neighborhood."

and finesse as to who shall approach most nearly to her cloudy skirts!

He played indifferently on the piano and after many painful attempts had succeeded in reading a score, but he was ignorant of harmony, of the technique needed really to understand a nuance, to appreciate a finesse, to savor a refinement with full comprehension.

His energy, tact, unscrupulousness, and art in conciliating the hostile and animating the indifferent made him unequalled in political finesse.

It was my judgment at first that the General, in stopping short when a question was difficult and referring to the Council he had to consult, was showing a capacity for finesse, that he really had the power to do or to undo, though he has not a personal appearance of possible leadership.

In short, to quote the language of a clever contemporary, she must have "the genius of tact to perceive, and the genius of finesse to execute; ease and frankness of manner; a knowledge of the world that nothing can surprise; a calmness of temper that nothing can disturb; and a kindness of disposition that can never be exhausted.

To accomplish this, he must have the genius of tact to perceive, and the genius of finesse to execute; ease and frankness of manner; a knowledge of the world that nothing can surprise; a calmness of temper that nothing can disturb; and a kindness of disposition that can never be exhausted.

CHAPTER XII FINESSE "A man talks because he's drunk or lonesome; a girl talks because that's her way of takin' exercise.

I mingle little with those who study the finesse of life; and loving, as I do, my noble profession, Alida, was it so unnatural to believe that another might view it with the same eyes?

il a la finesse d'une femme, il est rusé comme un diplomate, et avec cela actif, persévérant ...

#fin, -e#, sharp, sly, fine. #finesse#, f., subtlety.

The eyes are rather dark, large, fine, and keen; with the thin lips, pursed in a half-smile, they form the most striking features of the countenance, and serve to give it that characteristic of finesse so peculiar to the man.

His earliest biographer, de La Porte, maintains that his father "ne négligea rien pour l'éducation de son fils, qui annonça de bonne heure, par des progrès rapides dans ses premières études, cette finesse d'esprit qui caractérise ses ouvrages.

Dans Marivaux, l'impatience de faire preuve de finesse et de sagacité perçait visiblement.

"Ce n'était point eux qui y mettaient de la finesse, c'était de la finesse qui s'y rencontrait; ils ne sentaient pas qu'ils parlaient mieux qu'on ne parle ordinairement; c'étaient seulement de meilleurs esprits que d'autres."

"Ce n'était point eux qui y mettaient de la finesse, c'était de la finesse qui s'y rencontrait; ils ne sentaient pas qu'ils parlaient mieux qu'on ne parle ordinairement; c'étaient seulement de meilleurs esprits que d'autres."

"J'ai eu beau le répéter aux comédiens, la fureur de montrer de l'esprit a été plus forte que mes très humbles remontrances; et *iis ont mieux aimé commettre dans leur jeu un contre-sens perpétuel, qui flattait leur amour-propre, que de ne pas paraître entendre finesse à leur rôle.

le spécimen de la bluette réduite à sa plus simple expression, joignant la finesse et la ténuité de la trame à l'exiguïté de la donnée.

et de la fantaisie, à mettre au service du sentiment les plus subtiles lumières de la raison,...l'esprit de finesse employé à découvrir les plus secrets mouvements de notre sensibilité,par conséquent l'usage conscient d'un style ajusté à la ténuité de ces enquêtes, style qui n'est pas exempt de recherche, mais qui abonde en trouvailles décisives,voilà précisément le marivaudage.

If, moreover, the finesse of the writer is such that he can perceive certain shades of meaning, not evident to the more commonplace beholder, how can he make them clear without deviating from the regular forms of expression?

If, then, his thoughts are understood, the next question is whether they could be formed with fewer ideas, and consequently fewer words, and still convey to the hearer all the necessary finesse, all of the delicate shades of meaning.

Quelle finesse entendez-vous à ce que je dis? SILVIA.

Moi, j'y entends finesse!

n'y entends point de finesse.

"Marivaux était honnête homme, mais d'un caractère ombrageux et d'un commerce difficile; il entendait finesse à tout; les mots les plus innocents le blessaient, et il supposait volontiers qu'on cherchait à le mortifier: ce qui l'a rendu malheureux, et son commerce épineux et insupportable."

JE N'Y ENTENDS POINT DE FINESSE, 'I cannot enter into such subtle distinctions on the question of happiness.'

savvy 44 occurrences

The men with him said 'Kaiomi' to everything I asked, and that means 'No savvy.'

" When he had puffed awhile, Nicholas took his pipe out of his mouth, and, looking at the Boy, said: "You no savvy catch fish in winter?

Oh, these Jesuits!" "How many children has this shameless priest?" "Father Brachet, him got seventeen boys, andme no savvy how much girltwelve girl ... twenty girl ..." The Boy, who had been splitting with inward laughter, exploded at this juncture.

You savvy?" "Me savvy," says Nicholas slowly and rather depressed.

You savvy?" "Me savvy," says Nicholas slowly and rather depressed.

To clinch matters, he accompanied Nicholas from the cabin to the river trail, explaining: "You savvy?

"Kaiomino savvy.

By-and-by, as if wishing thoroughly to justify their action, Nicholas resumed: "You savvy, ol' father try white medicinefour winter, four summer.

"You savvy?" said Nicholas to his guest.

She know Joe savvy.

Then, seeing no electric recognition of the name, he added: "You savvy Kurilla!" The Colonel with much regret admitted that he did not.

Affidavit, allegro, lee shore, and pinch hit are "technical," while vamp, savvy, bum hunch, and skiddoo are "slang."

"No savvy, sah," said one.

"How did them other fellows go?" "No savvy, sah.

There's an election coming onthere will be bills, cards, streamers, what not; good money in printing for the Governmentdo you savvy?"

"I savvy," said Mr. Driggs cheerfully.

Savvy?" "Right," replied Lodge, entirely won over, and he settled himself on the grass, with the notebook on his knee and a stub of a pencil poised over it.

conceive; apprehend, comprehend; take, realize, understand, savvy [Slang], appreciate; fathom, make out; recognize, discern, perceive, see, get a sight-of, experience.

Indeed, the age of irony may be over, not just because the American dream has been interrupted by terrorism and economic shocks but because media-savvy Westerners are no longer satisfied with understanding current events through the second-hand cynical musings of magazine journalists.

" "All right this time," said Purvis, slowly restoring his gun to its holster, "but if this wolf of yours looks cross-eyed at me agin he'll hit the long trail that ain't got any end, savvy?" "Sure," said Dan, and his soft brown eyes smiled placatingly.

That way she'll meet him and head him off, savvy?" "Right," said Rhinehart.

They's a crowd of cowpunchers gatherin' in Elkhead, an' today or tomorrow they'll be strong enough to take the law into their own hands and organize a little lynchin' bee, savvy?" She shuddered.

"An" now, Gus, they's only one thing left to complete my little gamean' that's to get Whistlin' Dan Barry proclaimed an outlaw an' put a price on his head, savvy?"

She'd make his brain quiet, an' then his body'll take care of itself, savvy?"

"No savvy," replied Dam Li, shaking his head.

You savvy, he'd been all over the globe, that feller, and I should say his ex-perience of bars wassomeand

I've got to tell you some about myself before I get around to him or else you wouldn't savvy" "Oh."

"The lad has more savvy than ye'd think.

Savvy that?" "Tut, tut, man!" said Thirkle.

I'm no gent to fool with, as ye ought to savvy by this; and if ye think I be, try something.

It's like this: when Nome was struck a Swede feller she had knew staked her a claim, but she couldn't hold it, her bein' a squabunder age, savvy?

Chapter 8: Rural Goa, unheard, unsung... Melvyn S. MisquitaMelvyn S Misquita represents a trend among some of the younger journalists well-educated (he holds two M.A. degrees), Net-savvy, and eager to extend the boundaries of journalism in Goa should be looking at, apart from just the Secretariat.

This was quite unlike the press conference of an unabashedly media savvy cop Superintendent of Police Inder Dev Shukla, involving the sexuality of star athlete Pratima Gaonkar who had committed suicide in mysterious circumstances.

"No savvy about the world.

And I was too late to see the cattlemen in a bunch when they was at the Associationonly you ain't likely to savvy that part uh the businessand had to chase 'em all over the country.

" "I wisht," said Billy pensively, "I had the nerve to take all this for sudden admiration; but I savvy, all right.

You're a crackerjack when it comes to the fine points uh business, and I sure savvy the range end uh the game, so between us we ought to make good, don't yuh think?

I see I didn't savvy this kind of business like I thought I did.

"Me savvy," replied the Indian.

"Me savvy," he replied and forthwith proceeded to make his bed with me.

"Me savvy," he replied, sullenly, then flared up.

"No savvy whoa!

No savvy whoa!" which proved conclusively that the Navajo had understanding as well as wit.

"No savvy whoa!"