12575 examples of finger in sentences

"You don't say so," I said as I rubbed it reverently between my finger and thumb, just to show that he wasn't the only one who could do it.

He alleges that you must have been close at hand, and moved not a finger to save him until half his troop was destroyed.

"There wasn't even a finger held out to us.

" After she had retired Deppingham was so unwise as to run his finger around the inside of his collar and utter the lamentation: "By Jove, Aggie, it is hot in these rooms."

Knives slipped from many sashes; Von Blitz was screaming with insane laughter, pointing his finger at the discredited American.

Chase pointed his finger at Von Blitz and shouted: "I can't, eh?

And over here," his finger swept across the screen to a large ripple in the upper center, "is the asteroid coming our way!

He presented a folded bit of paper, snapping it on the back with a finger.

What says Mr. Gibbon in his great workin his remarkable work, his treasure house of learnin'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empireif I had my copy here I could put my finger on to the very place where he says it, sirs.

"I observed that nearly the whole of the natives whom I had seen, were deficient in the joints of the little finger of the left hand, and some of both; some of the first joint only, others two, and many the whole of both fingers.

Not a monarch in Christendom, Sire Edward reflected, but feared and in consequence hated the Hammer of the Scots, and in further consequence would not lift a finger to avenge him; and not a being in the universe would rejoice more heartily at the success of Philippe's treachery than would Sire Edward's son and immediate successor, the young Prince Edward of Caernarvon.

"I design that within this moment my lords shall slay you while I sit here and do not move a finger.

FINGER, CHARLES J. Bobbie and Jock and the mailman.

Illustrated by Helen Finger.

Charles J. Finger (A); 8Oct65; R370317.

Finger, finger.

Finger, finger.

My finger-tips ran on the flaccid surface of an even row of shrivelled gums.

His five-guinea coat, elegant studs, spotless shirt and wristbands, valuable seal ring on one finger, patent leather boots, keyless watch, eyeglass, gold toothpick in one pocket, were all carefully selected, and in the best possible style.

He calms their fears and raising the hill Govardhana, supports it on his little finger.

Obviously no simple boy could lift the mountain on his finger.

Then he saw a ring upon Mrs. Dove's finger and asked: "Where did you get this?"

To her standing stricken underneath, it seemed to explode somewhere in the roof with a shock beyond all artillery,to tear up the ground under her feet, like the spasm of an earthquake,to rend the walls, like lightning's electric finger; and to shriek in her ringing brain the advent of some implacable and dreadful judgment, but not the doom of all men,only one, which doom, alas!

In the genial spring evenings the priest was seen sitting by the mound, his finger closed in the unread prayer-book.

All these shadows and types pointed at him, and directed, as with a finger, the Israelites, who were under that dispensation, to look to Christ, the promised Messiah, and to rest, and to lay all their weight on him.

12575 examples of  finger  in sentences