12184 examples of finished in sentences

If a lady wishes her dairy to be very nicely finished, she should have all the articles she requires of glass, instead of wood and earthenware.

'That's what it means, then!" said Malcolm, when he had finished reading the verse.

Then, when one walnut is finished, they fly back to the tree for another.

" "We have finished the walnut family," said Miss Harson, "but there is a tree that I wish to speak of here because of its long pinnate leaves, which appear to connect it with the walnuts and hickories.

The bottle's finished, I'm afraid.

XIV I have just finished a book and despatched it to the press.

At first one has a sense of relief at having finished a task and set down a burden, but that elation lasts only for a day or two, and then one begins to miss one's true and faithful companion.

There is no season in the world in which the mind travels faster from its standpoint than when it has finished a book, because during all the writing of it one has kept, as it were, tensely and constrainedly at a certain point; and so when freedom comes, the thought leaps hurriedly forward, like a weight lifted by an elastic cord that has been stretched almost to breaking.

I slept for an hour, and then settled down again and worked very late in the night, until it was finished.

Presently the mother bear came back and suckled her cubs, and when they had finished they asked their mother to leave them some of her hair that they might amuse themselves by plaiting it while she was away.

"Well," said the ploughman, "your lesson is finished but still I will give you one more piece of advice free and it is this: You are the son of a Raja; Restrain your anger, if anything you see or hear makes you angry, still do not at once take action; hear the explanation and weigh it well, then if you find cause you can give rein to your anger and if not, let the offender off.

So he went there and drove his hatchet into the trunk of a tree and then returned and watched his brothers working hard clearing the scrub, and when they had finished their work he went and fetched his hatchet and returned home with them.

When they had finished cooking Kuwar asked the old woman whether she lived alone

But before her sons came back Kuwar and the princess finished their meal and paid the old woman and mounted Piyari and gallopped off.

There were several customers still in the store, however, and therefore we had to sit in silence while Vincenzo quickly finished a prescription and waited on the last one.

" "You talk like a professor I had at the university," ejaculated DeLong contemptuously as Craig finished his disquisition on the practical fallibility of theoretically infallible systems.

A group of young men of his set were commiserating with him on his luck and discussing it with the finished air of roués of double their ages.

Our smoke finished, we went back to the saloon, where the gentlemen sat down to poker, which Lord Ralles had just learned, and liked.

As fast as I finished examining them I pitched them back, exceptWell, as I have thought it over since then, I have decided that I did a mean thing, and have regretted it.

Hardly had he finished speaking, when Captain Pedro de Paz and all those who were with him dismounted and addressed the noble prince in these words: "Sir, save the honor and service due to the king our master, we declare to you that we are, and wish forever to remain, your servants."

At last he finished, and added, 'The most amusing part is, that he has told all, and so, you see, there are some folks in a great fix.'

The walls were hard-finished and adorned with etchings in vermilion of animals, geometrical figures, and nondescript grotesques, all of the rudest design and disposed without regard to order.

These hard-finished walls are really handsome.

Such was the plan of the poem, but only six of the books were finished, and these contain the adventures of only six of the knights, representing severally Holiness, Temperance, Chastity, Friendship, Justice, and Courtesy.

There were three successive structures that bore the nameSolomon's, built by Solomon in 1004 B.C., and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 588 B.C.; Zerubbabel's, built in 515, and pillaged and desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanes in 167 B.C.; and Herod's, on the ruins of the former, begun in 16 B.C., finished in 29 A.D., and destroyed by Titus in 70 A.D.

12184 examples of  finished  in sentences