12184 examples of finished in sentences

Scarce had we finished our discourse upon this head, but a sailor came to the cabin door, with a message from the Captain, that we were chased by five sloops full of armed men.

When produced it consisted of fourteen paragraphs, each of which finished up with the sentence, "This is obviously a problem for the Company Commander."

" Ere Larry had finished speaking they had started back to the scene of their encounter.

It is so late in the year all the balls are finished and lots of people have already gone to Europe.

Presently after we had tried to attract their attention, one condescended to serve us, while she finished her conversation with her friend round the corner perfectly indifferent as to our wants, or if we bought or not!

And everybody was witty and brilliant, and nobody wanted to interrupt with their story before the other had finished his.

The moment we finished our food we drew up at our destination, and in this wilderness there was a telegraph station and a few shanties, but it could all be lit by electric light!

Think of one long, long board barn of two storeys high, not finished quite, being built, with kind of little rabbit hole rooms off each side of a long passage on both floors, in some the boards not meeting, so that you can see into the next person's apartment, or into the open air as the case may be, and in all, if a knot is out of the wood, a peep hole!

It seemed an eternity before the men had finished ransacking the rooms, swearing terribly at finding so little there; and then they came out and made for the door at the end, which had an outside staircase leading on to the mountain.

While he sat there with eyes riveted, he had her to dinner at a restaurant, and took her up the river, and called her "little woman"; and when she held up her mouth he said tantalizingly that she must wait until he had finished his cigar.

when the lady at the pianoforte had finished.

Along the shore, where as many more toiled, were boats finished and others in all stages of progress.

They could certainly make a powerful resistance even to the daring and skillful French Chevalier, and, with a certain number of boats finished, the lake also was open to them, in case retreat became necessary.

The roaring in his ears was gone, his nerves became amazingly steady, and every stroke with his paddle was long and finished, a work of art.

They are not boat builders, because no boats, either finished or unfinished, show at the water's edge.

"The datcha is finished now; to-morrow you must go and see it.

I finished my tea and then returned to the crowd.

You limit God's fruitfulness to six days: and you say the world is finished and made.

But for us the world is never finished; every spring is a new creation, every day God adds or takes away.

When he finished this walk and saw the Heavenly City at the end of it he fell down and cried out, "It is worth it, every inch; not only would I walk a quadrillion of versts, but a quadrillion of quadrillions raised to the quadrillionth power.

We finished the first pilgrimage at the Church of the Tomb on the day after our arrival in Jerusalem; we should finish the second on the last day of Holy Week, at the triumphant Easter morning.

What first struck me about him was, that though he gave me a quick glance when, having first tapped at his door and walked inside his office, I stood there confronting him, he finished his immediate concern before giving me any further attention.

" There was the luncheon basket lying on the cabin tablejust as I had last seen it, except that Carstairs had evidently finished the provisions which he and I had left.

"'Tis such a pleasure to fuss with hairand such fine threads, too; indeed, I have half a mind to become a peruquier,there, 'tis finished!"

He did write Cedric some time since that he was about to return to England, that his work there was nearly finished.

12184 examples of  finished  in sentences