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12184 examples of  finished  in sentences

12184 examples of finished in sentences

If a lady wishes her dairy to be very nicely finished, she should have all the articles she requires of glass, instead of wood and earthenware.

It is true, these houses were not very highly finished; but they were of great value to persons in the situation of the colonists.

Just as the party started out to kill it, it slid off into the waterit had evidently finished its sleepbut it is encouraging to have had a chance to capture a seal so close to the hut.

The pillars and boarding of the bunks had carefully finished edges and were stained to mahogany brown.

These little fish have an extraordinarily sweet tastebread and butter and marmalade finished the meal.

As he hurriedly finished dressing, Panton plumed himself on his cleverness.

After her letter was finished, she suddenly felt that she must put in a word to account for the delay in her answer to what should have received an immediate reply.

One day, when she had just finished reading the miracle of the blind man receiving sight, she said, "Ah! Raphael, I would go to the end of the earth, if I could obtain that blessing for you.

When finished, his name reached half round the tree, and each letter was nicely formed and neatly cut.

I saw enough of it before I had finished to have made the world turn Turcophobe.

The campaign finished, I returned to Florence, where, during the lull in Eastern matters, I found my only public occupation in the contest with regard to the restoration of ancient buildings in Italy.

A fine liberal style of nature it seemed to be: hair crisped, moustache springing thick and dark, head firmly planted, lips finished, as one commonly sees them in gentlemen's families, a pupil well contracted, and a mouth that opened frankly with a white flash of teeth that looked as if they could serve him as they say Ethan Allen's used to serve their owner,to draw nails with.

A woman with a creamy voice, and finished in alto rilievo, would be a variety in the boarding-house,a little more marrow and a little less sinew than our landlady and her daughter and the bombazine-clad female, all of whom are of the turkey-drumstick style of organization.

[-41-] As for Lucius Lucullus, he finished his term of office as city praetor, but on being chosen by lot thereafter to serve as governor of Sardinia he refused, detesting the business because of the throng who were fostering corruption in foreign lands.

Pompey had left town to attend to the grain, much of which had been ruined by the river, but set out with the intention of attending the first court,for he was in Italy,and, as he missed that, did not retire from the suburbs until the other was also finished.

[-55-] In this way Milo was convicted; and so were Rufus and Plancus, as soon as they had finished their term of office, together with numerous others on account of the burning of the senate-house.

For Curio using the acts mentioned as his text delivered before the populace a violent arraignment both of the consuls and of Pompey, and when he had finished his term he at once set out to join Caesar.

After this was finished he inspirited them by adding such words as the occasion demanded.

Neither spoke as she finished her work.

And if for this reason the whole English tense, with all its variety of forms in the different moods, "may, with propriety, be denominated imperfect;" surely, the participle itself should be so denominated a fortiori: for it always conveys this same idea, of "action not finished," be the tense of its accompanying auxiliary what it may. OBS.

7.In the compound tenses, there is never any variation of ending for the different persons and numbers, except in the first auxiliary: as, "Thou wilt have finished it;" not, "Thou wilt hast finishedst it;" for this is nonsense.

And even for the former, it is better to say, in the familiar style, "Thou will have finished it;" for it is characteristic of many of the auxiliaries, that, unlike other verbs, they are not varied by s or eth, in the third person singular, and never by st or est, in the second person singular, except in the solemn style.

"But I went on, and so finished this History, in that form in which it now appears.

The past participle signifies action perfected, or finished: as, 'I have written a letter.

The participle which denotes the completion of an action, as torn, is called the perfect participle; because it represents the action as perfect or finished.

In parts of his long blank-verse poems, The Excursion, 1814, and The Preludewhich was printed after his death in 1850, though finished as early as 1806the poetry wears very thin and its place is taken by prosaic, tedious didacticism.

'That's what it means, then!" said Malcolm, when he had finished reading the verse.

Then, when one walnut is finished, they fly back to the tree for another.

" "We have finished the walnut family," said Miss Harson, "but there is a tree that I wish to speak of here because of its long pinnate leaves, which appear to connect it with the walnuts and hickories.

In our embassy in Paris one of these latter had just finished struggling with two American women.

After the work of the day was finished they had planted gardens, had reared fruit- trees, built arbors; under them at mealtime they sat surrounded by those of their own household.

While overlooking a game of chess, I smiled and made some remark about a bad move of one of the players, upon which his opponent, turning to me with a sneer, said "No doubt you think yourself very clever, but wait till I have finished off this stupid fellow, and I will play you for any stake you like.

But it would never do for him to be in the secret; therefore, when he has finished, put on his fetters again, and report to the king that he is exceedingly obstinate; that you have tried all other means to make him confess, and that nothing remains but to put him to torture.

" When Purnabhadra had finished this story, I said to him, "I am that child who was exposed in the cemetery, and saved by the fairy.

When he had finished, and Robin had retired with the tray and implements, the poor fellow made me draw my chair still nearer to his own.

They were themselves to have danced when the men had finished, but were overcome with shyness at the thought of dancing with so many strangers looking on.

Very curiously, before the soup was finished, we became aware that the candles which assisted the electric glow lamps (merely for artistic effect) began to flare in a most uncandlelike mannerthe flames turning down, as if some one were blowing downward on the wicks; and at the same time the complaints of "Draughts, horrid draughts!" became general, and from every quarter.

" When he had finished speaking, I took him heartily by the hand, told him of my early visit to the mountain and the bullet still in my possession.

Ye'll ha' promised the wife, maybe, when ye slipped oot, that ye'd come richt back, so soon as ye had finished wi' Sandy.

Other poets display cabinets of precious rarities, minutely finished, wrought into shape, and polished into brightness.

He began his military life as a boy-ensign in one of the regiments forming part of the expedition which, under Sir Ralph Abercromby, drove the French out of Egypt in 1801; and on the shores of the Mediterranean, where his career began, it was for the most part continued and finished.

On the 5th, about seven o'clock in the morning, all the soldiers were first embarked on board the raft, which was not quite finished, these unfortunate men crowded together upon pieces of wood, were in water up to the middle.

Presently we found a serious solution of continuity in the track, which, after leading us along a precarious ledge by the side of the river, finished abruptly; sheared clean off by a recent landslip.

Old Hodson always finished his lecture by thrusting both hands into his breeches pockets, and whispering to you confidentially that it was not the least use for a man to go into farming now unless he had got ten thousand pounds.

But the labour, the incessant supervision, the jotting down of notes, the ceaseless interviews, the arguments, the correspondence, the work that is never finished when night comes, tell even upon that physical vigour and mental elasticity.

" Before he finished she was clinging to his arm.

" Robert finished his food and resumed a comfortable place against a tree.

" The long supper which was in truth a dinner was finished at last.

Before Nails had finished the task, however, the ranchman had regained control of himself.

" Nails was helping Bill with the ponies, and almost as soon as Mr. Wilder had finished his instructions the animals were ready.

"That will give Whitefoot more rest, and by the time we have finished he'll be as good as new.

No longer than necessary did the ranchman linger at the table, and when he had finished a hasty meal went out, mounted the pony Nails held waiting and galloped away in the direction of the Three Stars Ranch, which lay to the east.

" The pallor, the shadows under eyes and cheeks, the nervous lines at the corners of the nose, had almost disappeared when Burgess finished.

Ailsa considered; and she knew that now her brief for Colonel Arran was finished, for beyond the abstract right she had no sympathy with the punishment he had dealt out, even though his conscience and civilisation and the law of the land demanded the punishment of these erring' ones.

The bottle's finished, I'm afraid.

XIV I have just finished a book and despatched it to the press.

At first one has a sense of relief at having finished a task and set down a burden, but that elation lasts only for a day or two, and then one begins to miss one's true and faithful companion.

There is no season in the world in which the mind travels faster from its standpoint than when it has finished a book, because during all the writing of it one has kept, as it were, tensely and constrainedly at a certain point; and so when freedom comes, the thought leaps hurriedly forward, like a weight lifted by an elastic cord that has been stretched almost to breaking.

I slept for an hour, and then settled down again and worked very late in the night, until it was finished.

When he had finished his task, which was no light onethe road growing worse and the carriage shaking more and morehe went to thrust the box under the door, which fitted ill at the bottom.

It was a letter from the young man's mother, in which she thanked him for having sent her part of his wages to relieve her in her misery, and finished with telling; him that God would reward him for his dutiful affection.

They had served most of the community in this manner, and by these means had just finished their own nest; when all the other rooks, in a rage, fell upon them at once, pulled their nest in pieces, beat them soundly, and drove them from their society.

The New Zealanders have established here a wise custom, which prevents a great deal of waste and confusion, and generally preserves to the planter a good crop, in return for the trouble of sowing; namely, as soon as the ground is finished, and the seed sown, it is tabooed, that, is rendered sacred, by men appointed for that service, and it is death to trample over or disturb any part of this consecrated ground.

Accordingly, about the end of the month, when we had finished our cargo, although it was a business of some danger, I determined to go round.

In New Zealand, the "mechanic" missionary only carries on his trade till he has every comfort around himhis house finished, his garden fenced, and a strong stockade enclosing all, to keep off the "pagan" savages.

The buildings, the work of English carpenters, were constructed of dry rushes and well-seasoned wood, and this was one of a very respectable size, and we had hoped, in a very few days, would be finished fit for our removing into.

He finished his enumeration by exclaiming "By golly, he too dear!"

In many parts of the group woman is treated, according to Williams, "as a beast of burden, not exempt from any kind of labor, and forbidden to enter any temple; certain kinds of food she may eat only by sufferance, and that after her husband has finished.

Presently the mother bear came back and suckled her cubs, and when they had finished they asked their mother to leave them some of her hair that they might amuse themselves by plaiting it while she was away.

"Well," said the ploughman, "your lesson is finished but still I will give you one more piece of advice free and it is this: You are the son of a Raja; Restrain your anger, if anything you see or hear makes you angry, still do not at once take action; hear the explanation and weigh it well, then if you find cause you can give rein to your anger and if not, let the offender off.

So he went there and drove his hatchet into the trunk of a tree and then returned and watched his brothers working hard clearing the scrub, and when they had finished their work he went and fetched his hatchet and returned home with them.

When they had finished cooking Kuwar asked the old woman whether she lived alone

But before her sons came back Kuwar and the princess finished their meal and paid the old woman and mounted Piyari and gallopped off.

There were several customers still in the store, however, and therefore we had to sit in silence while Vincenzo quickly finished a prescription and waited on the last one.

" "You talk like a professor I had at the university," ejaculated DeLong contemptuously as Craig finished his disquisition on the practical fallibility of theoretically infallible systems.

A group of young men of his set were commiserating with him on his luck and discussing it with the finished air of rouรฉs of double their ages.

Our smoke finished, we went back to the saloon, where the gentlemen sat down to poker, which Lord Ralles had just learned, and liked.

As fast as I finished examining them I pitched them back, exceptWell, as I have thought it over since then, I have decided that I did a mean thing, and have regretted it.

But I couldn't bear to think of Miss Cullen's anxiety, and the moment I had made myself decent, and finished eating, I went into 218.

About A.D. 241 or 242 the sixth Roman legion, commanded by Aurelian, at that time military tribune, and thirty years later, emperor, had just finished a campaign on the Rhine, undertaken for the purpose of driving the Germans from Gaul, and was preparing for Eastern service, to make war on the Persians.

Hardly had he finished speaking, when Captain Pedro de Paz and all those who were with him dismounted and addressed the noble prince in these words: "Sir, save the honor and service due to the king our master, we declare to you that we are, and wish forever to remain, your servants."

At last he finished, and added, 'The most amusing part is, that he has told all, and so, you see, there are some folks in a great fix.'

Finished most interesting review of John Foster's life.

I have got on a little with Gibbon's Rise and Fall, and have begun Neander on the Emperors, finished one volume of Goethe with L., and begun Milton with M., and English history with R. 9th Mo. 2d.

Idealism has its finished world therein; in romanticism it has rather its prophetic work.

As I finished speaking she pointed out a pretty house standing back from the road, and told me that was where she lived.

I had not finished dressing before the little man knocked again, this time with some gray socks and a pair of embroidered slippers.

When we had finished supper I found that the skies had nearly cleared and that it was growing quite light again.

When we had finished the round of these rooms he made me a bow as stiff as one of his white and gold chairs, and I followed the butler up the staircase.

The walls were hard-finished and adorned with etchings in vermilion of animals, geometrical figures, and nondescript grotesques, all of the rudest design and disposed without regard to order.

These hard-finished walls are really handsome.

After he had finished his tea, he returned to his study and had the servant carry in the tortoise which stubbornly refused to budge.

AZYMITES, the name given to a party in the Church who insisted that only unleavened bread should be used in the Eucharist, and the controversy hinged on the question whether the Lord's Supper was instituted before the Passover season was finished, or after, as in the former case the bread must have been unleavened, and in the latter leavened.

Such was the plan of the poem, but only six of the books were finished, and these contain the adventures of only six of the knights, representing severally Holiness, Temperance, Chastity, Friendship, Justice, and Courtesy.

LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM, eminent Arabic scholar, born at Hereford; set out for Egypt in 1825; studied the language and manners, and returned in 1828; published in 1836 an "Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians"; translated in 1840 "The Arabian Nights," and spent seven years in Egypt preparing an Arabic Lexicon which he had all but finished when he died; it was completed and edited by S. Lane-Poole (1801-1876).

There were three successive structures that bore the nameSolomon's, built by Solomon in 1004 B.C., and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 588 B.C.; Zerubbabel's, built in 515, and pillaged and desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanes in 167 B.C.; and Herod's, on the ruins of the former, begun in 16 B.C., finished in 29 A.D., and destroyed by Titus in 70 A.D.

I finished the sketch in private, and gave it the title of "A Christmas Dinner," as one more modern.

Meandering along the path of that family, I took them much to heart, and finished their record within a year.

" Thus my education at Miss Black's was finished with a blow.

"She's up garret writing geography, and told me nothing in the world must disturb her, till she had finished an account of the city of Palmiry," said Temperance.