Do we say fire or peace

fire 32538 occurrences

I made a fire very quickly, prepared the coffee, baked the graham bread, toasted white bread, trimmed the solar lamp, and made another fire in the dining-room before seven o'clock.

I was up before six, made the fire in the kitchen, and made coffee.

I saw some outburst of fire when Mrs. Hale's book was spoken of.

" "Generally he sat by an open fire, with his feet thrust into the coals, and an open volume of Thackeray upon his knees.

Mrs. H. was somewhat of an invalid, and Mr. Hawthorne tried in vain to make the servant understand that she must have a fire in her room.

He spoke no word of French, German, or Italian, but he said emphatically, 'Make a fire in Mrs. Hawthorne's room.'

So I said in execrable French, 'Make a fire,' and pointed to the grate; of course the gesture was understood.

Another has a pair of bellows and is blowing a fire.

On another wall is a portrait of Newton, and on a third the sweet face of a young girl, Dr. Whewell's niece, of whom I heard him speak as 'Kate.' "Dr. Whewell received us in this room, standing on a rug before an open fireplace; a wood fire was burning cheerily.

There was just the light of a coal fire, and as I stood before it Sir John bustled in, an old man, much bent, with perfectly white hair standing out every way.

"While Mrs. Somerville talked, the old gentleman, seated by the fire, busied himself in toasting a slice of bread on a fork, which he kept at a slow-toasting distance from the coals.

That big chair he loved to sit in when the fire was agoin'.

"I saw a smoke last evening, too, which must have been made by a camp-fire.

They set fire to the city, and burnt it to the ground, and committed such horrid carnage among the remaining magicians that streams of loathsome blood crimsoned all the place.

The force of fire soon flutters and decays When ocean, swelled by storms, its wrath displays.

in thy declining days, Forfeit the honours of thy country's praise?" This artful censure set his soul on fire, But patriot firmness calm'd his burning ire;

"That crimson tent where spear-men frowning stand, And steel-clad veterans form a threatening band, Holds mighty Gúdarz, famed for martial fire, Of eighty valiant sons the valiant sire; Yet strong in arms, he shuns inglorious ease, His lion-banners floating in the breeze.

Rustem, oppressed by Gíw's desponding thought, Amidst his Chiefs the mournful Monarch sought; To him he told Sohráb's tremendous sway, The dire misfortunes of this luckless day; Told with what grasping force he tried, in vain, To hurl the wondrous stripling to the plain: "The whispering zephyr might as well aspire To shake a mountainsuch his strength and fire.

"When first I saw him, graceful in his might, He looked far other than a Tartar knight; Wondering I gazednow Destiny has thrown Him on thy swordhe fought, and he is gone; And should even Heaven against the earth be hurled, Or fire inwrap in crackling flames the world, That which is pastwe never can restore, His soul has travelled to some happier shore.

One day Súdáveh, the daughter of the Sháh of Hámáverán, happening to see Saiáwush sitting with his father, the beauty of his person made an instantaneous impression on her heart, The fire of love consumed her breast, The thoughts of him denied her rest.

At length he resolved to ascertain the innocence of Saiáwush by the ordeal of fire; and the fearless youth prepared to undergo the terrible trial to which he was sentenced, telling his father to be under no alarm.

" A tremendous fire was accordingly lighted on the adjacent plain, which blazed to an immense distance.

The king himself fell from his throne in horror on seeing him surrounded and enveloped in the flames, from which there seemed no chance of extrication; but the gallant youth soon rose up, like the moon from the bursting element, and went through the ordeal unharmed and untouched by the fire.

This furious animal was called Sohám, on account of its being of the color and nature of fire.

And he took the fire in his hand and a knife, and Isaac said, "Behold the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?" yet suffered himself to be bound by his father on the altar.

peace 21005 occurrences

The lesson proved sufficient, and the Indians were glad to conclude a permanent peace, agreeing that no further depredations against the Señor or his property should be attempted.

The supposed Cibola not panning out according to expectation, they did not seek reinforcement, and left the Pueblos in peace.

Peace now your pratinge and heare another spirit.

Bold baggadge, peace!

Peace, listen further.

I sawe Fryar Jhon, arm'd dreadfully with weapons Not to be worne in peace, pursue his lyfe; All which I'l tell the abbott.

Peace, fellowe Godfrey.

Peace, I am somwhat trobled.

These tell mee, that those bloodhounds who pursude My fall, my oppressinge creditors I meane, Are gone before to answer for my wronges, And in there deathes with due acknowledgment Of all theire violens doon mee; peace with them!

Peace, bawde, Ile have no conference with you.

Montano, prethee, peace.

Peace would doe better, so it pleas'd your sonne.

In few words is it peace, or shall we fight

Peace, untaught Groome, My heart's so great that Ide forerun my doome.

We will have tortures made to awe the slaves; Peace makes them ever proud and malapert, They'l be an Overseer of the State.

damn his body too, hee's at peace with hell

His willing minde doth strive to make the peace Betwixt our discord thoughts; his free consent Is given to Lentulus; there, Tulley, take on holde, And, when a Sunne of thy intent shines fayre, Onset loves fort with polliticke assaults And conquer; conquest in obtaining that Where victors are repulsed.

There was some whispering and stifled laughter, then peace was restored.

With his quiet ways, tactful temper and air of kindly aloofness, he was popular with the more sensible boys, while the others left him in peace, as he did them.

Jean left him in peace and reopened his Sophocles with a sigh of relief.

Happy the families that meet together in peace in the heart of their fatherland!

The heads of the newly organized society were lordly occupants of castles, who in time of peace had little to do.

By this Act, the claimant is permitted to select a justice of the peace, before whom he may bring or send his alleged slave, and even to prove his property by affidavit.

By the Federal Constitution, fugitives from justice are to be delivered up, and under this constitutional provision, a free negro may be converted into a slave without troubling even a Justice of the Peace to hear the evidence of the captor's claim.

A treatise on justices of the peace in Wisconsin.

Do we say   fire   or  peace