Do we say firing line or line of fire

firing line 125 occurrences

Here is the firsta railway line in process of doublingand large numbers of men, some of them German prisoners, working at it; typical both of the immense railway development all over the military zone, since last year, and of the extensive use now being made of prisoners' labour, in regions well behind the firing line.

Most effective at all times was the fraternal co-operation of the Artillery, Siege, Field or Mountain, one Field Battery not hesitating to push right up to the firing line.

The first American permitted to witness actual battles near the eastern frontier of Germany was Karl H. von Wiegand, who wrote as follows from the firing line near East Wirballen, Russian Poland, October 9: "The German artillery today beat back, in a bloody, ghastly smear of men, the Russian advance.

Two-story trenches became common on both sides of the firing line.

GRIM REALITIES OF THE WAR A vivid picture of the horrible realities of the war, as seen in a field hospital near the firing line, was given in "The New Republic" of November 28 by Mr. Henry W. Nevinson, who described his experiences at Dixmude in Belgium as follows: "When I entered Dixmude one night in the middle of October the first bombardment was over, but from both sides the heavy shells flew across the town.

" This is another novel of society life like "The Fighting Chance" and "The Firing Line."

The mist obscured them instantly and the line of vision shifted, so that bit by bit I saw I dare say a mile of the firing line.

One more of the Pioneer companies now came into the firing line, and these three companies devoted their entire attention to one sangar, whose fire was now very intermittent.

That sangar was a death-trap to its garrisontheir only line of escape was across some open, shaley slopes within four hundred yards of our firing line, and the Levies were now working along the hill, and would catch them in the sangar if they didn't clear out.

-++ Letter of |If signaled from the rear | If signaled from the alphabet | to the firing line.

To enable it to follow or reach the firing line, the support adopts suitable formations, following the principles explained in paragraphs 212-218.

The movements of the support as a whole and the dispatch of reenforcements from it to the firing line are controlled by the major.

The PLATOON GUIDES watch the firing line and check every breach of fire discipline.

It is necessary only that no man or group of men should interfere with the fire of other parts of the firing line.

The pursuit is taken up by formed troops held in reserve or by the firing line only after its units are again gotten together.

Then their military automobiles came trembling and sputtering to the doorsteps, and in groups of fours and fives they went out to the firing line.

I'll have to stay on the firing line, literally.

It came louder as I advanced nearer to the firing line, with startling crashes, as though the summits of the hills were falling into the deepest valleys.

When Giles went to the front in this war, both Jefferson and Madison were busy behind the firing line supplying munitions.

Labor in Britain took its place on the firing line, like the laddies that went oot there to ficht.

Harry Dixon Loes (A); 10Mar58; R210250. Keep me on the firing line.

These truly are the Free, These souls that grandly rise Above base dreams of vengeance for their wrongs, Who march to war with visions in their eyes Of Peace through Brotherhood, lifting glad songs, Aforetime, while they front the firing line.

"The brilliant manner in which Lieutenant March accepted and discharged the responsible and dangerous duties of the day, and the pertinacity with which, assisted by his officers and men, he carried his guns over all obstacles to the very front of the firing line, was an exceptional display of warlike skill and good judgment, indicating the existence of many of the best qualifications for high command in battle.

"The splendid bravery of Captains Bjornstad and Seebach, and Lieutenant Lackore, of the Thirteenth Minnesota, all wounded, and, finally, the work of the soldiers of the first firing line, too, all went to make up a rapid succession of individual actions of unusual merit.

You are at any rate in no doubt that the myriad of hands at work behind those carefully guarded walls are even more vital factors in the war than the men in the firing line.

line of fire 44 occurrences

The nights were so much lighter, that the stars were scarcely to be seen, saving here and there an occasional hair-like line of fire, that seemed to sway a little, with the moon.

Being an old Italian position, it had gun pits already blasted in the rock, though they were not quite suited to our guns and line of fire, and we had to do some more blasting for ourselves.

The line of fire thus revealed, revealed the mark.

The surface of the ground in the line of fire, soon became covered with smoke, which every few moments was rent by a whistling ball.

She saw them now as stars in the sky: one of them fell down, forming a long line of fire.

Immediately a line of fire was kindled and its light, reflected again and again by the dazzling whiteness of their prison walls, made the whole place as light as day.

The line of fire at night.

The walls, too, had suffered much from the effects of our bombardment from September 11 to 14, the church being in the line of fire directed on the bastions.

As the little speck drew straight overhead, these human specks scattered over the Place de la Concorde suddenly realized that they were in the line of fire, and scattered just as people run from a sudden shower.

Through clouds of tawny smoke scarcely distinguishable from flame, so thickly were they charged with sparks and fire-flakes, they beheld a line of fire spreading along Cheapside and Cornhill, as far as the Royal Exchange, which was now in flames, and branching upwards in another line through Lawrence-lane to Guildhall, which was likewise burning.

"Perhaps the thing struck this wall," suggested Thorndyke, pointing to the one that was actually in the line of fire.

Marmaduke Wharne watched it all with that keen glance of his that was like a level line of fire from under the rough, gray brows.

That would only prove that the line of sight was not coincident with the line of fire, which can be easily rectified by moving the forward sight to the right or left, according as the variation was on the one side or the other.

Under the former administration, he had been, as Senator Grayson humorously called him, "his superfluous Excellency," and out of the direct line of fire.

Had an action then commenced, we might have been a mile out of the line of fire.

All we had to do was to keep our bodies below Grim's kite affair, out of the probable line of fire.

The gun is placed under a vault whose generatrices are at right angles to the line of fire (Fig.

On trips to the rear, he conveyed wounded soldiers from the line of fire.

Neither of the vessels was anchored, but all kept under way, manoeuvring about in front of the battery, but one brig hauled out of the line to the northward, and making a stretch or two clear of the line of fire, she came down on the north end of the battery, in a position to rake it.

"M. l'Abbé Martin," says another, "having been wounded in the hand by a bursting shell, remained at his post in the line of fire, prodigal in his help to the wounded and in his consolations to the dying.

6 Although I spent most of my time on the Belgian and French side of the war, I had many glimpses of the British troops who were enduring these things, and many conversations with officers and men who had come, but a few hours ago, from the line of fire.

Plunge into the line of fire.

There was nothing to be seen beyond the willow gully except smoke, set grotesquely with phantom trees, through which the enemy's fusillade sparkled and winked like a long level line of fire-flies in the mist.

The boy of course had his bow and bird arrows with him and he shot an arrow at the paddy bird: he missed the bird, but it happened that the tiger was just in the line of fire; the arrow pierced the eye of the tiger and killed it instantaneously.

More skirmishers from the forces of St. Luc came up, and the line of fire spread to both left and right.

Do we say   firing line   or  line of fire
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