Do we say firs or furs

firs 305 occurrences

But Willie had chosen to ascend in this direction for another reason as well: one of these boughs was in close contact with a bough belonging to one of the largest of the red firs.

He made his camp at eight o'clock in a sheltered spot among the firs.

A garden was prepared; but the plants that sprung up withered away in immaturity: some fir seeds were sown; but, though this be the native tree of rugged climates, the young firs, that rose above the ground, died like weaker herbage: the cold continued long, and the ocean seldom was at rest.

She saw a tall, narrow, turreted building against a ruddy sunset sky; a bare ridge of hills crowned sparsely with ragged Scotch firs; a sea of heather which had seemed boundless to a childish imagination.

And so they walked as patiently as they could down a long, long slope through dark firs and hemlocks.

They had struggled through a thick undergrowth of thorned bushes where the great arms of the firs shut out everything ahead.

Woke at daybreak and joyed to find all white without and covered with rime, sparkling like diamonds as the sun rose red and jolly above the firs; and so I thought our dear Moll's life must sparkle as she looked out on this, which is like to be the brightest, happiest day of her life.

It looked as if the forest of firs and pines had the power to bind the winter to itself.

Do huts have parks with beech-groves and hazel-bushes and trailing vines and oak trees and firs and hunting-grounds filled with game, wow, wow, wow?

"Dere's been a good many papers 'stroyed in dis yer house firs' an' last.

The front of the rock was ragged and precipitous, but it was flat and mossy upon the top, and firs and other evergreen trees grew there, some of them hanging over the edge.

And round about the stream there were huge hillocks, And firs and mountains, houses too and farms; A maid lay on the grassher light and fair locks Were gently wound around her folded arms, While softly grazing near there stood a huge ox,

"Can't yer see this is Firs-Class, and if you got a Firs-Class ticket, can't yer see there's two Sahibs 'ere?

"Can't yer see this is Firs-Class, and if you got a Firs-Class ticket, can't yer see there's two Sahibs 'ere?

The shikari had not climbed the mountain's brow to waste time over scenery; so, having apparently gone as far as he wanted on the ridge, he plunged down among the silver firs to the right, and I, with my heart in my mouth, went after him.

A thick border of dark green firs bounds the copsethe brown leaves that have fallen from the oaks have lodged on the foliage of the firs and are there supported.

A thick border of dark green firs bounds the copsethe brown leaves that have fallen from the oaks have lodged on the foliage of the firs and are there supported.

Here, amidst the crags of the rocks, are to be seen the remains of the renowned cedars with which Lebanon once abounded; but a much larger proportion of firs, sycamores, mulberry trees, fig trees, and vines now exist.

Their white blossom makes, for three weeks in the year, a pretty contrast with the larches and Scotch firs that serrate the long ridge above; and close under their branches runs the line of oak rails that marks off the plantation from the meadow.

Beyond and above the orchard comes a stretch of pastureland and then a young oak-coppice, the fringe of a great estate, with a few Scotch firs breaking the sky-line on top of all.

'Sieur Frowenfel'? Dat de way de publique halways talk about a hartis's firs' pigshoe.

We see it in the sunshine, and it is like a large English landscape garden; but the greensward plain is here the deep sea, the flower-beds in it are rocks and reefs, rich in firs and pines, oaks and bushes.

What other city in the world has a better prospect over the salt fjord, over the fresh lake, over towers, cupolas, heaped-up houses, and a palace, which King Enzio himself might have built, and round about the dark, gloomy forests with oaks, pines and firs, so Scandinavian, dreaming in the declining sun?

The Neckar's vale hath wine and corn; Full of dark firs the Schwarzwald stands; In Spessart rings the Alp-herd's horn.

He loved the snow forests, and the snow-girt streams, and the ice cathedrals, and the great firs patient beneath their snow-burden.

furs 700 occurrences

Glancing my eye then to the south,"See," said I, "while the Kamtschadale is providing his supply of furs and of fish, for the long winter which is already knocking at the door of his hut, the gay and voluptuous native of the Sandwich and other islands between the tropics.

My traps warn't disturbed after that, and I carried home a pack of furs that bro't me near two hundred dollars.

When she stepped off that train in them white furs and a purple face-veil, I just wished to God the whole depot would open and swallow me.

At Junction City we sold our wagon and furs and went with a government mule train to Leavenwortharriving there in March, 1860.

We kept up a running fight for the remainder of the afternoon, and the Indians repeatedly attempted to lead us off the track of their flying village, but their trail was easily followed, as they were continually dropping tepee poles, camp kettles, robes, furs and all heavy articles belonging to them.

In the old capital they stood, With yellow fox-furs plain, Their manners all correct and good, Speech free from vulgar stain.

Then she arose cautiously, tucked the baby in the warm blankets and furs, put on her heavier garments, and went outside.

She bundled the baby deep in the furs and returned to the fire-bed.

After that she piled all the furs and blankets that remained on the sledge close to the fire, and snuggled baby Joan deep down in them.

Joan went back and peered down under the furs, and what she saw there spurred her on again almost fiercely.

With her face in the furs under which baby Joan was buried, there came to her with swiftness and joy a vision of warmth and home.

In another lull of the wind there came from out of the mass of furs on the sledge the wailing, half-smothered voice of baby Joan.

Late that morning the man harnessed his dogs, and from the fringe of the forest Kazan saw him tuck Joan and the baby among the furs on the sledge, as old Pierre had done.

Steinmetz, buried in his furs like a great, cumbrous bear, appeared to be half asleep.

The spring was backward, and the bears still in their dens, but Merriam and I decided to take the North American Company's schooner Maksoutoff on its spring voyage around the island, when it carries supplies and collects furs from the natives.

Raising these animals for their fur has become a regular business, and when furs are high it pays well.

When Vortigern was assured of his fealty, he caused Constant to put off the monk's serge, and clothe him in furs and rich raiment.

A vessel freighted with furs would have caused much excitement of itself; but, by some means or other, the deacon's great secret of the buried treasure had leaked out, most probably by means of some of his lamentations during his illness, and, though but imperfectly known, it added largely to the expectations connected with the unlooked-for return of the schooner.

"I've seed all sorts of vessels stowed, but a hundred press-screws couldn't cram in furs enough to bring a craft so low!

Reassured that it was indeed there, his hand returned to the shelter of his mangy furs, and he again fell to listening.

The traders not only purchased what furs Robinson had on hand but also the two hind quarters of the deer which Mary was bringing home.

It is, however, understood that the country on that river is inhabited by numerous tribes, who furnish great supplies of furs and peltry to the trade of another nation, carried on in a high latitude through an infinite number of portages and lakes shut up by ice through a long season.

"I don't envy you," said the Princess Hélène from the veranda, her silveren head barely visible above the furs which enveloped her.

"Doesn't she look splendid in her furs?

She was wrapped in furs from head to foot, and her large, kindly face shone out of them like a November sun emerging from a mass of cloud.

Do we say   firs   or  furs