365 examples of fissure in sentences

Here, the noise came up to me, plainly; and I saw, below me, a torrent of clear water, issuing from a small fissure in the Pit side, and rushing down the rocks, into the lake beneath.

He stated that with the aid of a powerful telescope he had discovered an immense Fissure in the Moon.

Several showed vertical or irregular fissures filled with discoloured ice or snow; but, when looked at closely, the discoloration proved usually to be very slight, and the effect at a distance was usually due to the foreign material filling the fissure reflecting light less perfectly than the general surface of the berg.

He was in a chamber roughly square, a hollow within the rock part natural and part hewn by hand, a commodious chamber lighted by a jagged hole in the rock above, a fissure all o'er-grown with vines and creeping plants whose luxuriant foliage tempered the sun's rays to a tender green twilight very grateful and pleasant.

Now pendant from the opening was a ladder of cords, and upon this ladder, just beneath the cleft, Beltane beheld a pair of lusty, well-shaped legs in boots of untanned leather laced up with leathern thongs; as for their owner, he was hidden quite by reason of the leafy screen as he leaned forth of the fissure.

" Hereupon Beltane arose, and, climbing the ladder, looked forth through a screen of leaves and underbrush and saw that from the fissure the ground sloped steeply down, a boulder-strewn hill thick with gorse and bramble, at whose base the road led away north and south until it was lost in the green of the forest.

Back from the ladder Beltane leapt and down through the fissure came Walkyn to fall cat-like upon his feet, to shake free the ladder after him, and thereafter to sit panting upon a stool, his bloody axe betwixt his knees.

During the first few weeks she had suffered from a fissure, and even now her breast was sensitive; but she smiled, notwithstanding, with that peaceful look which mothers wear, happy in giving their milk as they would give their blood.

Our guides feigned ignorance of it; and it was not till after two days' wandering about, and after many debates, that they came to the decision, since I adhered to my purpose, to encounter the risk; when, to my great astonishment, they conducted me back to Calapnitan's cave; from which a narrow fissure, hidden by a projection of rock, led into one of the most gorgeous stalactite caves in the world.

" Holman yelled the names of the two natives into the gloom above us, but his yells only started a million echoes rolling through the tremendous fissure in which we were prisoners.

We sat close together upon the cold floor and endeavoured to cheer each other's spirits by constantly asserting that the air of the place made it reasonable to suppose that there must be some other entrance besides the hole through which Leith had lowered the three, and the fissure through which Holman and I had rolled down the gigantic ash pile.

The fissure was some four feet wide, and my exclamation made Holman put a question.

It appears to have been originally a solid mass, without entrance, but a passage has been broken in one place, and in another there is a split or fissure, evidently produced by an earthquake.

This word arose from a confusion of "cliff," a precipice, and "cleft," a fissure.

Hence it seems much more natural to suppose that the great sheets of ore-bearing quartz now contained in the Comstock fissure were deposited by ascending currents of hot alkaline waters, than by descending currents of those which were cold and neutral The hot springs are there, though less copious and less hot than formerly, and the natural deposits from hot waters are there.

If the ore were derived from the trachyte, it should be at least somewhat alike in the two mines, should be more generally distributed in the Horn Silver fissure, and might be expected to give out at, no great depth.

From what has gone before it must not be inferred that lateral secretion is excluded by the writer from the list of agencies which have filled mineral veins, for it is certain that the nature of the deposit made in the fissure has frequently been influenced by the nature of the adjacent wall rock.

The proximity of heated masses of rock has promoted chemical action in the same way as do the Bunsen burners or the sand baths in the laboratory; but no case has yet come under my observation where it was demonstrable that the filling of a fissure vein had been due to secretion from igneous or sedimentary wall rocks.

She had forced her horse to leap across a narrow fissure in the volcano the day before.

Fissure eruptionhistoric only in Iceland, but best prehistoric examples Deccan (India) and Oregon (U.S.).

Just behind him there was a shelf not three feet above the gunwale; beyond that was a second step, and still farther a winding fissure.

In the verb assure, and each of its derivatives, also in the nouns pressure and fissure, with their derivatives, we hear, according to Walker, the sound of sh for each s, or twice in each word; but, according to the orthoëpy of Worcester, that sound is heard only in the accented syllable of each word, and the vowel in each unaccented syllable is obscure.

This is a natural fissure or cleft in the earth, running from the village to the sea in a circuitous direction and increasing in width and depth as it approaches the shore.

The sound appeared to him to come from a spot immediately above his head; he looked up and could see through a fissure in the wall what seemed to be a moving form.

"I was thinkin' of goin' to look for himand when I woke up it was black night an' I couldn't find" Suddenly she uttered a shrill scream, and darting forward, stooped over one of the stone supports which had formerly upheld old Peter's beloved rick, eagerly groping in a certain little fissure in the rough stone, almost hidden beneath the horizontal slab which surmounted it.

365 examples of  fissure  in sentences