188 examples of fixture in sentences

And behind these appeared the ebony face of Aleck Pop, the colored man who was now a fixture of the Rover household.

But her chief function, one which made her invaluable was that of receiving clients who came to the office, and in the first instance ascertaining just what their troubles were; and she was so sympathetic and at the same time so sensible that many a stranger who casually drifted in and would otherwise just as casually have drifted out again remained a permanent fixture in the firm's clientele.

There is no word of the 'Shannon' and till she arrives I am a fixture.

But it seemed as if a chuckle came from above; it was only some sound in the gasoline lamp, a big fixture which hung suspended by a slender chain from the centre of the ceiling and immediately above the table.

Other people came and went, took a look, and ran away; but he was a fixture.

He remained as ever, a fixture in my chamber.

Nayif that were possiblehe became still more of a fixture than before.

In the hut there was neither table, chair, nor chesta stool and a rude fixture in one corner, were all its furniture.

"For a time we rented a miserable garret, without furniture or fixture, at a shilling weekly, which was paid in advance.

I was sitting reading in a small house of one story above the ground-floor, when the trembling commenced; the table on which my book lay, first shook, and almost at the same instant the chair on which I sat; I immediately got on my legs, but found much difficulty in sustaining myself without holding by some fixture; the house all this time rocking to and fro as in a hurricane, but not a breath of air stirred.

The reality, then, of such a law becomes a fixture in the mind.

The individual who has been introduced to the reader under the high-sounding title of "General," stood upright and rigid as one of the masts of the ship, studying, with a critical eye, the equipments of his two mercenaries, and apparently as regardless of what was passing around him as though he literally considered himself a fixture in the vessel.

And so, in the even balance between the two categories, the little cripple remained a fixture in the stream of life that passed through that back room, in the fluxes and refluxes of buying and selling; not valueless, howeverrely upon a negro-trader for discovering values as substitutes, as panaceas.

This was not properly a part of the Gumble stock; it was a fixture, technically, giving an air to the place from its niche between two mounting rows of laden shelves.

He was like a piece of furniture that seems always to be getting in the way at first; but when all were once accustomed to him, he became an indispensable fixture in the family.

An overturned chair beside her and a shattered light globe told how she had tried to screw a new bulb into the fixture in the ceiling and had tipped over with the chair, striking her head on the cement floor.

I was a fixture.

By this plan the cushion is applied to the knife instead of to the plate, which of course makes the cushion plate, after it has once been set, a fixture; it also dispenses with the accurate setting, as is now necessary in the old arrangement.

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By another decree, dated August 2, 1497, he organized and regulated, as to its powers as well as its composition, the king's grand council, the supreme administrative body, which was a fixture at Paris.

I guess I'm a fixture for so long as you want me.

188 examples of  fixture  in sentences