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7559 examples of  flame  in sentences

7559 examples of flame in sentences

At night the lime-kilns, spotted with white deposits, burn redly, showing through their open doors like great, inflamed diphtheretic throats, tongues of flame bursting and licking out.

Charge not my Soul with so remiss a flame, So dull a sense of Virtue to refuse it.

But then I languisht even to death for him; But Love who suffer'd me to take no rest, New fire-balls threw, the old scarce dispossest; And by the greater flame the lesser light, Like Candles in the Sun extinguished quite, And left no power Alcander to resist, Who took, and keeps possession of my breast.

My early Love, if 'twere a noble Flame.

She lov'd me too, yes, and repaid my flame, As kindly as I sacrific'd to her: The first salute we gave were harmless Love, Our Souls then met, and so grew up together, Like sympathizing Twins.

How has he order'd his audacious flame, That I cou'd ne'er perceive it all this while.

Then 'twas a flame conceal'd from you alone, To the whole Court, besides, 'twas visible.

Methinks I see the Motions of her Eyes, And how her Virgin Breasts do fall and rise: Her bashful Blush, her timorous Desire, Adding new Flame to his too vigorous Fire; Whilst he the charming Beauty must embrace, And shall I live to suffer this Disgrace?

No, Sister, no, renounce that Brother's name, Suffers his Patience to surmount his Flame; I'll reach the Victor's heart, and make him see, That Prize he has obtain'd belongs to me.

I had my self acquitted, as became Erminia's wrong'd Adorer, and my Flame; My Rival I had kill'd, and set her free, Had not my Justice been disarm'd by thee.

Yesyou may disapprove this flame in me, But cannot hinder what the Gods decree; Search here this truth; Alas, I cannot fear; Your Steel shall find a welcome entrance here.

Do but forbear to hear his amorous Tales, Nor from his moving Eyes learn what he ails: A Fire that's kindled cannot long survive, If one add nought to keep the flame alive.

I hitherto believ'd my Flame was guided By perfect Reason: so we often find Vessels conducted by a peaceful Wind, And meet no opposition in their way, Cut a safe passage through the flattering Sea:

My Lord, I knew not that I was a Lover; I felt no flame, but a religious Ardour, That did inspire my Soul with adoration;

And had I not perceiv'd her Love to you, I had not known the nature of my flame:

But yet the saucy Flame can ne'er controul That Adoration which I owe my Princess: That, with Religion, took possession here, And in my Prayers I mix with you the Deities.

Then came a sharp burst of pain as a tongue of flame licked on my anointed ankles.

Instantly a flame rose to heaven, through which the figure of the magician showed fitfully like a mountain in mist.

The hill berries were ripening, and a touch of flame had fallen on the thickets.

For the oxygen, upon which the lungs chiefly feed, is the fiery principle in Nature,all that we denominate fire and flame being but the manifestation of its action.

Now these blank walls not only encompass society as a mass, but also run between individuals, cutting off bosom from bosom, and rendering impossible that streaming of heart-fires, that mounting flame from meeting brands, out of whose wondrous baptism come the consecrate deeds of mankind.

" Sharkey stared across at his companion, and saw that the smouldering fire which lurked always in his eyes had burned up into a lurid flame.

But though his features were still mask-like, his eyes shone through the mask; and they were eyes of leaping flame.

In desert march or battles flame, In fortress and in field, Our war-cry is thy holy name, Thy love our joy and shield!

And pondering of my fatethe broken storm Sobbing its life awayI was aware There grew between me and the quieting skies A face and form I knew,not as in dreams, The sad dishevelled loveliness of earth, But lighter than the thin air where she swayed, Gold hair flame-fluttered, eyes and mouth aglow With lambent light of spiritual joy.

"That I came hither safely through Was to thy gracious message due, And, blinded by thy splendor's flame, I cannot tell the way I came.

No words but these,and these to him are best: That, henceforth, like a quenchless vestal flame, His words of truth shall burn on Truth's pure shrine; His memory be truth worshipped and confessed; Our gratitude and love, the priestess line, Who serve before Truth's altar, in his name.

She held a lamp in one hand; the blast of cold air made the flame flicker and flare, and, as she put up one hand to shade it, the light was thrown sharply across her features, making them stand out like the distorted features of a hideous mask.

On the flame of my candle blowing aside, I perceived that I had left my door unfastened, so that it now stood ajar.

I stood alone among tall grasses and watched the timid flame of her lamp uselessly drifting in the tide.

Again, can there be conceived a spot more entirely consecrated to classical associations than the grotto, at Twickenham; that retreat in which gazing on "Thames translucent stream," Pope passed so many hours of undisturbed privacythat spot "Where British sighs from dying Wyndham stole, And the bright flame was shot thro' Marchmont's soul.

An elegant writer having occasion to mention the state of wit in the reign of King Charles II, characterizes the poets in the following manner; The wits of Charles found easier ways to fame: Nor sought for Johnson's art, nor Shakespear's flame: Themselves they studied; as they lived, they writ, Intrigue was plot, obscenity was wit.

Some bubbling upward thro' the water came, Prepar'd by fancy to augment my flame.

But Venus, who with pity saw my flame Kindled by her own Amorer so bright, Approv'd in private what she seem'd to blame, And bless'd me with a vision of delight: Careless she dropt Florinda's veil aside, That nothing might her choicest beauties hide.

I had noticed, indeed, when he had upon him the red headman's dress, which fitted him like a flame climbing up a tall back log on the winter's fire, that old Hanne trembled from head to foot and shrank away into her den under the stairs.

But none of them all is more notable than thisthat women, or at least (for it is no use saying "women," every one being different in temper, though like as pease in some things) many women, will permit that which it suits them to be oblivious of, when if you ask them for permission or make a favor of the matter, they will promptly flame sky-high with indignation.

" The girl's face seemed to flare toward him as flame is blown, acknowledging the claim he made upon her; but the look passed like an illusion, and she said seriously, "The sagamore should speak to Father Petit.

A flame arose, gradually revealing the black earthen floor, the swarm of refugees, and even the tear-suspending lashes of little children's eyes.

In Ruthenia the bonfires are lighted by a flame procured by the friction of wood.

While the elders of the party are engaged in thus "churning" the fire, the rest maintain a respectful silence; but when the flame bursts from the wood, they break forth into joyous songs.

Cuissard tells us that he himself witnessed in Touraine and Poitou the superstitious practices which he describes as follows: "The most credulous examine the ways in which the flame burns and draw good or bad omens accordingly.

A writer of the last quarter of the seventeenth century tells us that in Ireland, "on the Eves of St. John Baptist and St. Peter, they always have in every town a bonfire, late in the evenings, and carry about bundles of reeds fast tied and fired; these being dry, will last long, and flame better than a torch, and be a pleasing divertive prospect to the distant beholder; a stranger would go near to imagine the whole country was on fire."

When the fire burns still lower, the young girls leap the flame, and those who leap clean over three times back and forward will be certain of a speedy marriage and good luck in after-life, with many children.

In ancient Ireland, as we saw, a new fire used to be kindled every year on Hallowe'en or the Eve of Samhain, and from this sacred flame all the fires in Ireland were rekindled.

In Wales, too, not so long ago women used to congregate in the parish churches on the night of Hallowe'en and read their fate from the flame of the candle which each of them held in her hand; also they heard the names or saw the coffins of the parishioners who would die within the year, and many were the sad scenes to which these gloomy visions gave rise.

If they burned quietly together, the pair would be man and wife, and from the length of time they burned and the brightness of the flame the length and happiness of the married life of the two were augured.

The witches tried to blow out the candle, and if they succeeded, so much the worse for you; but if the flame burned steadily till the clocks had struck midnight, you were safe.

In this way the savage philosopher, to whose meditations on the nature of things we owe many ancient customs and ceremonies, might easily imagine that he helped the labouring sun to relight his dying lamp, or at all events to blow up the flame into a brighter blaze.

In Franche-Comtรฉ, the province of France to the west of the Jura mountains, if the Yule log is really to protect a house against thunder and lightning, it is essential that it should burn during the midnight mass, and that the flame should not go out before the divine service is concluded.

A fragment of the log is occasionally saved, and put under a bed, to remain till next Christmas: it secures the house from fire; a small piece of it thrown into a fire occurring at the house of a neighbour, will quell the raging flame.

On a day appointed there must be no single flame in any house nor on any hearth.

Having been thus elicited, the flame was fed with wood of seven kinds.

In the fulness of her heart she confided to the stranger that her pigs were sick, that the two taciturn bumpkins were her sons, who were busy extracting a need-fire from the roller, and that, when they succeeded, the flame would be used to ignite a heap of rags and brushwood, through which the ailing swine would be driven.

Some people openly declared their suspicion that some rascal had not put out the fire in his house, when suddenly the tinder burst into flame.

While all other lights within the boundaries were extinguished, the new fire was produced by the friction of nine kinds of wood, and the flame so obtained was used to kindle heaps of brushwood or straw to which every inhabitant had contributed.

The sparks were allowed to fall on tinder and fanned into a flame, with which the dry brushwood was kindled.

The name "fire of heaven," by which the midsummer fire is sometimes popularly known, clearly implies a consciousness of a connexion between the earthly and the heavenly flame.

This fire was made on the summit of a mountain, and as the flame ascended, the people uttered a set form of words, with eyes and arms directed heavenward.

The poor body that lay there, dust in dust, had no more to do with Father Payne than the stained candle-socket with the flame that had leapt away upon the air.

XVI Leclair, Ace of France. XVII Miracles, Scourge of Flame. XVIII "Captain Alden" Makes Good.

Far into the deeps of Jehannum it shall fall, where the Prophet says: 'Stones and men shall be the fuel of the everlasting flame!'

Not in bursts of flame did they go plunging down the depths, gyrating like mad comets with long smoke-trailers and redly licking manes of fire.


Came a swift burst of flame; black, greasy smoke gushed from the stern, trailing on the high, cold air.

"If he's breathed flame" began the major.

Leclair lighted a cigarette, and silently squinted at Africa with eyes long inured to the sun of that land of flame.

And on, on drifted Nissr, askew, up-canted, with the pitiless sunlight of approaching evening in every detail revealingas it slanted in, almost level, over the far-heaving infinitudes of the Atlanticthe ravages wrought by flame.

What do you mean?" The lieutenant's eyes had begun to fill with flame.

Once more he screamed: "O Allah, deny not their skin and bones to the eternal flame!

The little fire soon grew into a leaping flame, its base hidden by sand-mounds.

At thought of the death-angel standing nigh, his heart quaked; but rage and hate inspired him, and he muttered: "Fire to your bellies, broiling in white flame!

The fire by the beach flailed into long tongues of flame, throwing black shadows along the side of the wady.

The French airman, hard in battle and with heart of steel and flame, was crying like a child.

Uncouth, lame, scarred by flame and shell, Nissr spread her vast wings andstill the Eagle of the Sky, undaunted and unbeatenroared into swift flight toward the waiting mysteries of the vacant abodes.

Aught that touched her sense of fairness sent a quick flame of anger to her cheeks which I admired.

That adds to the fuel which feeds the flame in himthat and the brooding on his own grievances" She moved nearer to me and laid her hand on my sleeve.

Wait, there's that little rosebud, Claire Putnam, Sir John's flame.

Then came old Cato, tricked out in flame-colored plush, bearing the staff of major-domo; and the servants in their tarnished liveries marshalled behind him and filed out, leaving us seated before a bare table, with only our glasses and bottles to break the expanse of polished mahogany and soiled cloth.

he bawled, "with all right and all wrong, and nobody to snuff out the spreading flame, but every one a-flinging tallow in a fire we all may rue!

In the silence, the east reddened to a flame tint.

Then her lips yielded and her arms tightened around my neck, and that swift embrace in the swimming darkness kindled in me a flame that has never diedthat shall live when this poor body crumbles into dust, lighting my soul through its last dark pilgrimage.

A grotesque masker, wearing the head-dress of a bull, hurled his torch into the air; the flaming brand lodged in the feathery top of a pine, the foliage caught fire, and with a crackling rush a vast whirlwind of flame and smoke streamed skyward from the forest giant.

" The red sunshine struck the three-cornered bastions of the rectangular fort; a distant bayonet caught the light and twinkled above the stockaded ditch like a slender point of flame.

Suddenly from the bastion on the west angle of the fort a shaft of flame leaped; a majestic cloud buried the parapet, and the deep cannon-thunder shook the evening air.

bang! bang! echoed the muskets, and the rifles spat flame into the deepening dusk and the dark woods rang with the war-yell of half a thousand Indians stripped for the last battles that the Long House should ever fight.

The remaining savage, a chief, by his lock and eagle-quill, had fastened to Elerson's legs with the fury of a tree-cat, clawing and squalling, while Murphy dealt him blow on blow with clubbed stock, and finally was forced to shoot him so close that the rifle-flame set his greased scalp-lock afire.

And I promise you the world shall hear of me one day!" I shall never forget his worn and shadowy face, the long nose, the strong, selfish chin, the devouring flame burning his soul out through his eyes.

The doors openthe doors of flame!

"What a good time of it the angels of wind and flame must have!" said the curate to himself as he went to wake her.

"What a delight to be embodied as a wind, or a flame, or a rushing sea!Come, Helen, my help!

It was, and forever, a loveless, careless, hopeless monotony of self-knowinga hell with but one demon, and no fire to make it cry: my self was the hell, my known self the demon of ita hell of which I could not find the walls, cold and dark and empty, and I longed for a flame that I might know there was a God.

At last came the cry from some one, "There's the light," and flashing out from the pier, its electric rays cutting its way through the wall of fog, shone that intermittent flame, and we knew that only a few feet away was the dock and safety.

* Left to himself, the old man again fell into a vacant contemplation of the dead body before him, until a stronger blast swept down like an avalanche upon the cabin, burst through the ill-fastened door and broken chimney, and, dashing the ashes and living embers over the floor, filled the room with blinding smoke and flame.

A sudden tremor seemed to shake the lambent flame that had lured him on.

I do not know who planted some straggling pyrus japonica near the house, but it is blessing my eyes with a hundred little flame-like buds, which will presently burst into a blaze; there are clumps of narcissus roots sending up sheaves of ivory blossoms, and I actually found a monthly rose in bloom on the sunny side of one of the dykes; what a delight they are in the slovenly desolation of this abode of mine!

Have you seen the lambent flame of dawn leaping across the livid east; the red-stained, sulphurous islets floating in the lake of fire in the west; the ragged clouds at midnight, black as a raven's wing, blotting out the shuddering moon?" "No," replied the rustic, "not since I give up drink.

the flame kindled, crackled, and leapt up, while a responsive fire was seen on St. Catherine's Down in the Isle of Wight, and northward, eastward, westward, on every available point,

#flamme#, f., flame.

As Marguerite suddenly ceased speaking, frightened by the secret import of her own words, her skin, which had the satinlike fineness and sheen of white poppy leaves, became dyed from brow to breast with a surging flame of rose.

And it applies closely, I am sure, in the consolations it suggests; that "He who willed her tender frame Should rear the martyr's robe of flame," has prepared for her a garland in Heaven, "Tinged faintly with such golden light As crowns His martyr train.