7559 examples of flame in sentences

But yet the saucy Flame can ne'er controul That Adoration which I owe my Princess: That, with Religion, took possession here, And in my Prayers I mix with you the Deities.

Then came a sharp burst of pain as a tongue of flame licked on my anointed ankles.

Instantly a flame rose to heaven, through which the figure of the magician showed fitfully like a mountain in mist.

The hill berries were ripening, and a touch of flame had fallen on the thickets.

" Sharkey stared across at his companion, and saw that the smouldering fire which lurked always in his eyes had burned up into a lurid flame.

In desert march or battles flame, In fortress and in field, Our war-cry is thy holy name, Thy love our joy and shield!

And pondering of my fatethe broken storm Sobbing its life awayI was aware There grew between me and the quieting skies A face and form I knew,not as in dreams, The sad dishevelled loveliness of earth, But lighter than the thin air where she swayed, Gold hair flame-fluttered, eyes and mouth aglow With lambent light of spiritual joy.

"That I came hither safely through Was to thy gracious message due, And, blinded by thy splendor's flame, I cannot tell the way I came.

No words but these,and these to him are best: That, henceforth, like a quenchless vestal flame, His words of truth shall burn on Truth's pure shrine; His memory be truth worshipped and confessed; Our gratitude and love, the priestess line, Who serve before Truth's altar, in his name.

She held a lamp in one hand; the blast of cold air made the flame flicker and flare, and, as she put up one hand to shade it, the light was thrown sharply across her features, making them stand out like the distorted features of a hideous mask.

On the flame of my candle blowing aside, I perceived that I had left my door unfastened, so that it now stood ajar.

The poor body that lay there, dust in dust, had no more to do with Father Payne than the stained candle-socket with the flame that had leapt away upon the air.

XVI Leclair, Ace of France. XVII Miracles, Scourge of Flame. XVIII "Captain Alden" Makes Good.

Far into the deeps of Jehannum it shall fall, where the Prophet says: 'Stones and men shall be the fuel of the everlasting flame!'


"If he's breathed flame" began the major.

Leclair lighted a cigarette, and silently squinted at Africa with eyes long inured to the sun of that land of flame.

And on, on drifted Nissr, askew, up-canted, with the pitiless sunlight of approaching evening in every detail revealingas it slanted in, almost level, over the far-heaving infinitudes of the Atlanticthe ravages wrought by flame.

What do you mean?" The lieutenant's eyes had begun to fill with flame.

Once more he screamed: "O Allah, deny not their skin and bones to the eternal flame!

The little fire soon grew into a leaping flame, its base hidden by sand-mounds.

At thought of the death-angel standing nigh, his heart quaked; but rage and hate inspired him, and he muttered: "Fire to your bellies, broiling in white flame!

The fire by the beach flailed into long tongues of flame, throwing black shadows along the side of the wady.

The French airman, hard in battle and with heart of steel and flame, was crying like a child.

Uncouth, lame, scarred by flame and shell, Nissr spread her vast wings andstill the Eagle of the Sky, undaunted and unbeatenroared into swift flight toward the waiting mysteries of the vacant abodes.

7559 examples of  flame  in sentences