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1164 example sentences with  flares

1164 example sentences with flares

From the heart of a Prussian blazonry, there flares on you in Chinese yellow a recommendation to try "Our Chicken Chop Soy."

The flame flares in wide, lurid curves, revealing the outlines of the sleeping man.

This was not difficult to pick up, for there were many flares burning to enable working parties to repair engines, rolling stock, and permanent way.

We made the relief under German flares and the light from a burning town.

That moment alone, out in the open, with the strange, windy pall of nightall-enveloping, with the flares, like sheet-lightning, along the horizon, with a rumble here and a roar there, with whistling fiends riding the blackness above, with a series of popping, impelling reports seemingly close in frontthat drove home to Kurt Dorn a cruel and present and unescapable reality.

Out in front of him was only thick, pale gloom, with spectral forms, leading away to the horizon, where flares, like sheet-lightning of a summer night's storm, ran along showing smoke and bold, ragged outlines.

And we must have got pretty close to the enemy linesin fact, we hadwhen up shot one of those damned calcium flares.

Why it flickers, why it flares and glares, spurts, flutters, burns hard or soft, orange-blue or yellow.

The provision of "flares" for illuminating minefields at night, and a system of submarine detection by the use of electrical apparatus were also matters which were taken up and pressed forward during 1917.


In the late summer of 1917 flares were experimented with; they were intended to be used from kite balloons with the object of sighting submarines when on the surface at night.

Manufacture on a large scale was therefore commenced, and during 1918 the flares were in constant use across the Straits of Dover.

Various proposals were considered, such as the use of searchlights on Cape Grisnez and at Folkestone, together with the provision of small light-ships fitted with searchlights and moored at intervals across the Channel, and also the use of flares from patrol craft.

Flares had already been experimented with from kite balloons by the Anti-Submarine Division of the War Staff, and they were found on trial to be efficient when used from drifters, and of great use in illuminating the patrol area so that the patrol craft might have better opportunities for sighting submarines and the latter be forced to dive into the minefields.

The flares guided the searching parties back to the boat, but so far as finding trace of the missing ones was concerned, neither flares nor searchers were of any avail.

Shall I be frighted when a madman flares?

But some order went about among the youths, and they made a long line, with a certain space between each, because of the terror of their weapon, and immediately, it seemed, the Giants were upon them, a score and seven they were, and seeming to be haired like to mighty crabs, as I saw with the Great Spy-Glass, when the great flares of far and mighty fires threw their fierce light across the Dark Lands.

Where either all is still, so still one feels That something huge must presently explode, And back, far back, is heard the noise of wheels From Prussian waggons on the Douai road; And flares shoot upward with a startling hiss And fall, and flame intolerably close, So that it seems no living man could miss How huge my head must look, my legs how gross!

Compared with Tompkins and his Lewis gun, Or eager folk who play about with flares, And, like as not, mistake me for a Hun; Compared with when some gunner, having dined, To show his guest the glories of his art 'Poops off a round or two,' which burst behind, But fail to drown the beating of my heart Sweet to all soldiers is the rearward view; To infanteers how grand the gunners' case!

but sometimes 'twas necessary to signal with flares, though they were used as little as might be.

The Resolution cruised about, firing guns and burning flares, but no response was heard, and when the weather cleared up, the Adventure was not to be seen.

Purple and crimson flares rolled across the bottom of the ragged sky.

Monsieur Bargemont wheeled to the right, into a fairly broad street, empty and badly lighted by petroleum flares that supplied the place of the gas lamps.

A few rather premature bar row-flares adapted Scripture to modern conditions by hiding their light under tin substitutes for bushels, in the hope of protecting such valuables as cat's meat and bananas from aerial outrage.

"Keep the lights blazing," Rawbon paused to shout to the man with the pistol flares.

Magnesium flares and pistol lights were kept going almost without ceasing, while the artillery made a regular practice of loosing off a stated number of rounds per night.

Now come along, and keep low, and drop the instant a light flares."

There were quick shots from one spot of the German parapet, confused shouting, the upward soaring of half a dozen blazing flares.

"I wonder," he said (and as he spoke I broke off from my daily duties of writing to Her)"I wonder what about these Flares?

The grove should be ruddy with pine-knot flares perched high, and be full of luminous tents stocked with stuffs for sale at the most patriotic prices by Zingaras, Fatimas, and Scheherazades.

Listening to Wadakimba's tale, I pictured the crazed man, scorched to tatters, heedless of bruises and burns, scrambling up that difficult and perilous ascent, and hurling his ridiculous blasphemy into the flares of smoke and steam that issued from that vast caldron lit by subterranean fires.

We walked along a hard road in the dark toward an aurora borealis of German flares, which popped into the sky like Roman candles and burst in circles of light.

The radiance of the flares lighted the profiles of those on guard, whose faces were half-hidden by coat-collars or ear-flaps imperturbable, silent, marooned and marooning, watchful and fearless.

As night wore on the sky was brightened by cold, winter stars and their soft light became noticeable between the disagreeable flashes of the flares.

Then one of the German searchlights that had been swinging its stream of light across the paths of the flares lay its fierce, comet eye on us, glistening on the froth-streaked mud and showing each mud- splashed figure in heavy coat in weird silhouette.

We kept moving our mud-poulticed feet forward, with the flares at our backs, till we came to a road where we saw dimly a silent company of soldiers drawn up and behind them the supplies for the trench.

The searchlights and the flares and the machine-guns waited for the relief.

Reddish, flickering swaths of light were thrown across the fields between the trenches by the enemy's Roman candle flares.

One tried to estimate how many flares the Germans must use every night from Switzerland to the North Sea.

"The Germans are always sending up flares," I remarked.

Any small boy who had never had enough fireworks in his life might be given a job in the German trenches, with the privilege of firing flares till he fell asleep from exhaustion.

"There are three or four sharpshooters and a fat old Boche professor in spectacles, who moves a machine-gun up and down for a bluff," said a soldier, and another corrected him: "No, the old professor's the one that walks along at night sending up flares!"

Always hard to believe, perhaps, until after all the cries of wolf the wolf came; until after nineteen harmless flares the twentieth revealed to the watching enemy the figure of a man above the wheat, when a crackling chorus of bullets would suddenly break the silence of night by concentrating on a target.

Keeping cover from German flares is a part of the minute, painstaking economy of war.

It was in their first trenches that I saw them, and they were "on the job, all right," in face of scattered shell-fire and the sweep of searchlights and flares.

" Two oil flares with orange flame throwing off red sparks on the crowd, were fastened to the brake below.

As the light steadied they would return to the pretence of being green things till a puff of the warm night wind among the flares set the whole line off again in a crazy dance of dwergs, their shadows capering on the house fronts behind them.

He is a curious man, with a passionate soul, and if he flares out like a torch in the wind, it will be fitting enough.

Flares of noon heat shot up from the reddish-gray levels.

Lord, I have laid my heart upon Thy altar, But can not get the wood to burn; It hardly flares ere it begins to falter, And to the dark return.

All air raid warnings were started from this bunker by red, yellow and white flares.

It is also used in flares.

Red phosphorus is used in matches and flares.

She lights the fire which flares up and she rides on her horse Grane into the flames.

Solar flares are observed (looked at) with special instruments.

Solar flares can be "active" from several flares a day or "quiet" from several flares every week.

Solar flares can be "active" from several flares a day or "quiet" from several flares every week.

Solar flares can be "active" from several flares a day or "quiet" from several flares every week.

Solar flares occurs during the 11-year cycle (the solar cycle).

There are less "large flares" than smaller ones.

The same energy releases may produce coronal mass ejections (CME), although the relation between CMEs and flares is still not known.

These included fender flares and a rear wing.

Changes included requiring all ships to carry enough lifeboats for everyone on the ship, and emergency materials such as flares.

According to the report, a few minor space flares have been emitted by this particular Sunspot group already, which has not caused anything major other than โ€œminor waves of ionization to ripple through Earthโ€™s upper atmosphereโ€.

Even the flares were deployed by a crewman simply dropping them out the door when the pilot signaled by flashing the cargo compartmentโ€™s light.

"Fighting Flares Between Azerbaijan and Armenia" by BY ANDREW E. KRAMER via NYT New York Times https://t.

Flares typically operate with that said pilot flames to provide the ignition source, and they use ambient air as the oxidizing agent.

Although these brief timescales can be difficult to simulate, incorporating the effects of flares is important to forming a more complete picture of exoplanet atmospheres.

Interestingly, whereas the high street often has a tendency to tone down catwalk extremes, bell-bottomed flares have flourished, particularly when it comes to soft, elasticated styles (rather than denim).

Kia festoons the Stinger with a few too many ducts and flares, but itโ€™s still quite good-looking.

Ordinary candles emit harmful soot particles when the flame flares and gives off black smoke.

Rainbow Laser Flares, which has been inspired by the Year of Coasts and Waters which is taking place across Scotland in 2020, will be about more than just spectacle, but is taking a stand against the more traditional form of light display; fireworks.

SaskEnergy has scheduled a series of controlled flares in the provinceโ€™s northwest area as part of scheduled maintenance work on its transmission system.

Solar flares are common on the sun, but this one was especially powerful.

Solar winds and flares emit billions of highly charged particles that impact planets, including Earth.

The protesters responded by hurling flares, stones, bottles and eggs at the officers.

As shows, red dwarfs are subject to frequent and powerful solar flares, making it difficult for life to emerge and evolve around them.

The RIB had four people onboard at the time of the incident, and distress flares were set off from the vessel after it broke down.

The violating aircraft was non-responsive to initial intercept procedures, but established radio communications after NORAD aircraft deployed signal flares.

They also had their lights activated and also put about 15 flares in the roadway to alert oncoming vehicles.

โ€œThey show miniature flares across the surface of the Sun, which look like campfires that are millions of times smaller than the solar flares that we see from Earth,โ€ he said.

โ€œThey show miniature flares across the surface of the Sun, which look like campfires that are millions of times smaller than the solar flares that we see from Earth,โ€ he said.

They wore Bianca Jagger trouser suits, Annie Hall waistcoats and baker boy caps, tank tops and flares, ponchos and fringing.

Those flares were probably one of the most dangerous things in the battle.โ€

Attack helicopters from the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade, deployed as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, fired flares over the crowd.

Wrenโ€™s father, Briar, is one of these preachers, although his temper flares if Wren calls him a snake handler.

First your SOLAS parachute flares ready, they are you best friend.

Front and rear fender flares provide the clearance necessary to run an assortment of tires and wheels while maintaining that exclusive design and look.

Always carry extra clothing, preferably survival suits, as well as extra food, water, matches, flashlights, flares, reflective clothing markers and an adequate first aid kit.

If you canโ€™t drive your car, turn on your hazard lights or use cones, warning triangles or flares.

It's such a refreshing difference from the often drab B&W of a subject such as this and the flares really add to this shot.

My favourite thing about shooting into the sun and using flares is the unpredictable nature of it.

Another idea that did not bear fruit was the search for an alternative to the use of flares in tactical night illumination.

Only buy the number of flares that you actually require.

Revolutions, riots, and unrest across the globe are associated with solar flares.

Are gravitational waves from giant magnetar flares observable?

Sometimes, even the most benign examination flares me up.

Speculations that viruses may be involved in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease have been advanced for some time because of the clinical association of respiratory virus infections with subsequent disease flares.

The flares along the way make it even more exciting and festive.

Universitรฉ de Montrรฉal Assessing the predictive capabilities of avalanche models of solar flares.