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444 examples of  fleck  in sentences

444 examples of fleck in sentences

And faster still, until your feet dash fire from the flinty stones and your nostrils fleck your breasts with foam.

He even made a point of arriving that afternoon at the apartment house in the company's repair wagon, the vehicle having been procured through Fleck's assistance.

" Calling the other operative from the roof, before he even had had time to attract the attention of Lena Kraus by his activities, they hastened back to the office, where Fleck and Carter together scanned the two papers from which the clippings had been taken.

"Perhaps," said Fleck, as he began studying the advertisements, "but it would not surprise me if these advertisements contained some sort of code messages.

" Alone in his office, Fleck bent with wrinkled brow over the first of the two advertisements, which read: REMEMBER

"Hello," came a faint voice, as if the speaker were using long distance, and had a bad connection, "is this Fleck?" "Yes, Fleck," he answered, "who is this?" "Dean speaking," came the voice faintly.

"Hello," came a faint voice, as if the speaker were using long distance, and had a bad connection, "is this Fleck?" "Yes, Fleck," he answered, "who is this?" "Dean speaking," came the voice faintly.

"What's that?" cried Fleck.

" "Let me know as soon as he arrives," said Fleck curtly, turning away from the 'phone.

The Hoffs' affairs had assuredly taken a new and bothersome turn, over which Fleck sat puzzling many minutes.

Perhaps even in spite of all that had happened she still might be able to aid Chief Fleck in trapping them.

CHAPTER XII PUZZLES AND PLANS Chief Fleck had spent a sleepless night trying to put two and two together.

What does the girl say?" "Nothing yet," said Fleck.

"Why wouldn't she talk?" "I don't know yet," said Fleck decisively, "but I am going to find out.

Although she herself had been physically uninjured in the accident the shock to her nerves had left her unstrung, and besides she had been bothering all through the dark hours as to how much of what had happened in the last few hours it was her duty to tell to Chief Fleck.

She could not see that it was any of Chief Fleck's business, nor

"Well," said Fleck, studying her countenance, "what have you to tell us?" "How is Dean?"

"Will he live?" Fleck and Carter exchanged glances.

" "Go on," said Fleck quietly, "tell us the rest.

" "What did you talk about on the trip home?" asked Fleck suspiciously.

"We found," said Fleck, his keen eyes fixed on her face as if trying to read her innermost thoughts, "a British officer's uniform hanging in Frederic Hoff's closet, proof positive that he is a dangerous spy.

I wonder" Fleck and Carter had their heads together and were talking in low tones.

" Fleck took the paper quickly from her hand and he and Carter bent eagerly over it to see if her theory was correct.

"Stop passports business, closely watched," repeated Fleck aloud.

Only five minutes before she had arrived home from Chief Fleck's office.

She realized that the journey he was about to make was in connection with the plot that she and Chief Fleck were seeking to uncover.

It was Chief Fleck.

In a turmoil of mental anxiety Jane waited the arrival of Chief Fleck at the place he had designated.

As she waited she debated with herself whether or not to tell Chief Fleck what had passed between herself and Frederic.

As Fleck swung the door of the tonneau open for her she noticed lying on the floor under a rug several rifles and drew back questioningly.

It was too late now for regrets, for repentance, too late for her to do anything but to try to serve her country, cost her what it might, yet anxiously she awaited Chief Fleck's reply to her question.

," said Fleck quickly.

" As the car swung into the park and stopped before the entrance of the two-story restaurant building, Fleck sprang hastily out and started for the telephone but stopped abruptly at the sight of a young man with bandaged head and with one arm in a sling who rose from the concrete steps of the building to greet him.

" All his affection for the girl had revived at this unexpected sight of her, and with a lover's righteous anxiety he resented Fleck's having exposed her to the probable perils of this expedition to the enemy's secret lair.

"I got Carter on the 'phone," Fleck explained hurriedly as they swung out of the park and turned northward.

" "And one of them," muttered Fleck, "a mighty dangerous man.

Sheltered by a great rock and the underbrush about it, Jane, with Fleck and Thomas Dean, peered eagerly out at a dingy, weather-beaten frame structure which neighborhood gossip had told them was the sheltering place of the "Friends of the Air."

Carter, with the other men, under Fleck's orders, had divided themselves into scouting parties and had crept away through the woods to study their surroundings at still closer range while the waning afternoon light permitted.

"What do you suppose they do here?" "I can't imagine yet," said Fleck with an impatient shake of his head.

"Absurd," cried Fleck indignantly, "what do you mean?

" "You are perfectly right," said Fleck soberly.

"Here comes Carter," replied Fleck.

"What's up?" asked Fleck, as soon as he was within hearing.

" "Friends of the Air," muttered Fleck; "so that's what it means.

" "To bomb New York," said Fleck soberly; "that's their plan.

" "That would be telling government secrets," said Fleck, smiling mysteriously, "but I'd just like to see them try it.

" "What's more," said Fleck, "if I understand German thoroughness, they will go over their final plans in detail to make sure that everything is understood.

" "I'm puzzled," said Fleck, "to know what they plan to do with the aeroplanes after the bombing has taken place.

Fleck was insistent that they should do nothing to betray their presence until after the Hoffs had arrived, and Dean once more voiced his protest against Jane taking part in the attack.

Fleck was in command, and his orders must be obeyed unquestioningly if their plans for the capture of the plotters were to be successfully carried out.

A toot from the horn as it arrived brought the men within the house tumbling out the front door with huzzas of greeting for their leaders, and Fleck observed that all the men as they came out automatically raised their hands in salute.

"Now," cried Fleck, "to your stations, men.

In accordance with instructions already issued two of Fleck's men rushed for the front of the house, where with rifles ready they stood guard, while the others took cover in the shadow of one of the outbuildings a few feet distant from the rear entrance.

Nevertheless Fleck, as he crept stealthily up to the building with Carter at his side, took out his automatic and held it in readiness, and Carter followed his example.

You" A suppressed sob at his side caused Fleck to turn quickly and lay his finger on the trigger of his revolver.

Were Fleck and Carter now gathering evidence that would bring about his conviction, perhaps his shameful death?

Fleck, as he recognized her, with an angry gesture of warning to be silent, turned back to hear what Otto was saying.

" There was something magnificent in his manner as he spoke, something almost regal, and Fleck regarded him with a puzzled air.

Despite the assurance with which he had spoken Fleck had observed in Frederic an uneasiness, a watchfulness, that none of the others seemed to exhibit.

Fleck's first thought was that he might have overheard the little cry that Jane had inadvertently given, but he quickly dismissed this theory.

One of Fleck's men in hiding out there in the shadow of the building had been seized by an irresistible desire to sneeze.

Fleck, rudely brushing Jane aside, dropped back from the window and blew a sharp blast with a whistle.

"In the name of the United States I command you to surrender," cried Fleck, springing boldly into the open doorway, revolver in hand; "the house is surrounded.

Some of those nearest the door, seeing behind Fleck the protruding muzzles of the guns, promptly threw up their hands in token of surrender.

Others bolted madly for the front door, only to find their egress there blocked by the rifles in the hands of the guard that Fleck had had the foresight to station there.

"Guard these men, Dean," cried Fleck, as with Carter close at his side he dashed into the fray.

It was Fleck's intention to try to overpower the trio before the four who had fled returned to aid them.

Fleck's strength pulling loose his fingers from the weapon was too much for him.

Fleck's men dared not use their weapons in the darkness.

Returning, she flashed it about the room, endeavoring to assist Fleck by its light.

Meanwhile Fleck's men, guided by Jane's light, were laying about them with their rifles clubbed.

Fleck's announcement that the house was surrounded had both deceived and disheartened them.

To Fleck's amazement it was Frederic Hoff who led in the surrender.

" "Perhaps he's afraid the girl will be hurt," whispered Carter, but Fleck was not there to hear him, having dashed forward to where old Otto was still fighting desperately.

The bullet, aimed at Fleck, left him unharmed, but found a mark in Thomas Dean, who with a little gurgling cry, fell forward at Jane's feet.

Carter turned at once to guard the prisoners, as Fleck, with a cry of rage, felled old Hoff to the floor, harmless for the present at least.

"Take the Hoffs' car outside," Fleck directed some of his men, "and bring up our two cars at once.

" Fleck bent to examine the body of his aide, feeling for the pulse.

yet There on the floor, not a dozen feet away from her, shameful circlets of steel girdling both his wrists and his ankles, lay the one man for whom she knew now she cared the most in all the world, the man she had just betrayed into Chief Fleck's hands.

In the midst of her mental wanderings she became conscious that Fleck was speaking to Carter.

"Certainly," said Fleck, "go ahead.

As Jane unfolded her plan, suggesting the possibility of sending American cruisers out to search for the X-boats after Sills had lured them by false messages to the surface, Fleck heartily approved of it.

Jane still dared not trust herself to look in his direction, but Fleck and Carter, too, observed curiously the expression in his eyes.

Crowded on the rear seat were Frederic and two other prisoners, and standing in the tonneau, facing them with his revolver drawn in case they should make an attempt to escape in spite of their shackles, was Fleck's chauffeur.

Inwardly Fleck was congratulating himself on his forethought in having provided shackles enough to go around, for otherwise he surely would have had a perilous job on his hands.

As they rode down the mountain lane, Jane rejoiced at the darkness that hid her face, both from Fleck and from Frederic on the seat behind.

Slowly and carefully, Fleck, with his lights on full, had steered the automobile down the narrow roadway through the woods.

The one glimpse he had caught of the uniform had conveyed to Fleck the welcome fact that the party surrounding him were Americanscavalry troopers.

"Chief Fleck," he announced, by way of identification.

"Who are you?" A tall figure in officer's clothes sprang up on the running board and peered into Fleck's face.

"I've beaten you to it," cried Fleck, with a note of triumph in his tone.

"He's better than captured," said Fleck.

Wasn't he working with you?" "Captain Seymour?" cried Fleck in astonishment.

"Chief Fleck has me here safe in shackles with the other prisoners.

"Chief Fleck, may I present Captain Sir Frederic Seymour, of the Royal Kentish Dragoons.

" But Fleck was too busy just then to heed the introduction, or to pay attention to the muttered "Donnerwetters" of indignation that burst from the lips of his other prisoners.

With a thrill she remembered the scene she had witnessed from her window the night K-19, her predecessor on Chief Fleck's staff, had been murdered.

"Here was I watching old Hoff for our government, and Kramer watching me for your navy and Fleck watching both of us.

"And when did you first find out that I was helping Chief Fleck watch you?" "I suspected it from the start.

I can't tell even you who they are, but I've given your Chief Fleck a list of them.