19 examples of flexion in sentences

Mr. Seward saw him presented to the Archbishop of York[620], and described his Bow to an ARCH-BISHOP, as such a studied elaboration of homage, such an extension of limb, such a flexion of body, as have seldom or ever been equalled.

Flexion of the leg to a right angle, increases the distance from the lines of insertion on the pelvic bones to the tuberosities of the tibia by two or three inchesan amount of stretching these muscle cannot undergo.

Hence the knee must be flexed in flexion of the hip.

In forcible and resisted flexion of the wrist two tendons come up in relief.

The act of restoring a limb, etc., to its natural position after it has been flexed or bent; the opposite of flexion.

Flexion (Lat. flecto, to bend).

Curvature N. curvature, curvity^, curvation^; incurvature^, incurvity^; incurvation^; bend; flexure, flexion, flection^; conflexure^; crook, hook, bought, bending; deflection, deflexion^; inflection, inflexion^; concameration^; arcuation^, devexity^, turn, deviation, detour, sweep; curl, curling; bough; recurvity^, recurvation^; sinuosity &c 248. kink.

Deviation N. deviation; swerving &c v.; obliquation^, warp, refraction; flection^, flexion; sweep; deflection, deflexure^; declination.

It is an imperfect hinge-joint, permitting of extension and flexion, allowing the first phalanx to pivot on the second, and admitting of the performance of slight lateral movements.

THE ARTICULATION OF THE SECOND PHALANX WITH THE THIRD, THE PEDAL, OR THE COFFIN JOINT.This also is an imperfect hinge-joint, permitting only of flexion and extension, which movements are more restricted than in the previous articulation.

It also assists in the flexion of the entire foot on the forearm, and in supporting the angle of the metacarpo-phalangeal articulation when the animal is standing.

Among other causes, we may enumerate sprains or wounds of the flexor tendons, or any disease of the limbs for a long time preventing extension of the fetlock-joint, such as sprains or injuries of the posterior ligaments of the limb, splints or ringbones so placed as to interfere with the movements of the flexor tendons, or, in the hind-limb, spavin, keeping for some months the fetlock in a state of flexion.

Extreme and forcible flexion of the corono-pedal articulation also sometimes gives evidence of tenderness.

In such a case we must rely wholly upon either extreme flexion or extreme extension of the joint to guide us, when, if contraction only is the offending condition, no symptom of pain will be shown.

All symptoms of pointing, the constant maintaining of the limb in a state of flexion, and a feeling manner of progression are again all present.

This is as true in other languages as in our own: "In almost every word of the Greek," says a learned author, "we meet with contractions and abbreviations; but, I believe, the flexions of no language allow of extension or amplification.

Variation of gesture, and flexion of voice, are to be obtained only by experience.

Dynamic inflections are produced by three movements: Direct movements, rotary movements and movements of flexion in the arc of a circle.

To prevent this flexion, the body must be carried well over on the hip of the strong leg, so that the side of the free leg may be elongated.

19 examples of  flexion  in sentences