35 examples of flippers in sentences

I can see him yet rolling over and over embracing a big cow, his head jammed in an ecstasy of ferocity between the animal's front flippers, his legs clasped to hold her body, only his right arm rising and falling as he plunged his knife again and again.

Later!" The troll placed a powerful and majestic hoof on one of Lambert's flippers.

And well they knew I carried it, which they had often seen A-glistening in my flipper, chaps, a patent pill machine.

They gave these a wide berth, for should they grow friendly and mix their great flippers with the sub's propeller, trouble would follow.

Anyone who has seen the diving power of a Seal, and its wonderful way in the water, will agree that the "flippers" of the Seal are as useful as the fins of the fish.

In fact, the flipper beats the fin, for the Seal earns his dinner by chasing and catching fish.

They know well the voice of their keeper, and clap with their flippers to let him know that feedingtime is near; and in many other amusing ways they prove their intelligence.

[Illustration: SEA-LION] You have noticed, perhaps, that these Sea-lions can shuffle along on their hind flippers, which are turned forward under the body.

What's matter if yer flippers are clear?" Something rushed toward me in the dark, and again I heard the musical tinkle that made me think of chain-armour.

" "Then, lash his flippers down and put a bight on his legs," said Buckrow; and he brought rope and began to fashion it into knots.

Taquisara thought that he was like a turtle standing on its hind flippers, preternaturally endowed with a hemispherical black stomach, and a large watch chain; but the idea did not seem comic to him, for he was in no humour to be amused at anything.

The face bears some rude resemblance to the human countenance; the eye is large, black, and expressive; excepting two very small flippers or paws at the shoulder, the whole body tapers down to a fish's tail; they are of a delicate mouse colour, the fur is very fine, but too oily for any other purpose than to make mocassins for the islanders.

His clothes were rags, and his naked feet like the flippers of seals.

(The down had come off the head and flippers and commenced to come off the breast in a vertical line similar to the ordinary moult.)

Another most curious sight was the feet and tails of two chicks and the flipper of an adult bird projecting from the ice on the under side of the jammed floe; they had evidently been frozen in above and were being washed out under the floe.

In form they somewhat resemble seals, having barrel-shaped bodies, with round, or rather square, blunt heads and shaggy bristling moustaches, and two long ivory tusks which curve downwards instead of upwards, serving the purpose frequently of hooks, by means of which and their fore-flippers they can pull themselves up on the rocks and icebergs.

But O'Riley recovered, hauled his harpoon back, and succeeded in planting it deep under the creature's left flipper; and Fred, reloading, lodged a ball in its head, which finished it.

It partook very much of the form of a seal, having two large paw-like flippers, with which, when struggling for life, it had more than once nearly succeeded in getting upon the ice.

Just as they reached it and crouched, the walrus rose, snorting the brine from its shaggy muzzle, and lashing the water into foam with its flippers.

He was answered almost instantly by the walrus reappearing, and making furious efforts by means of its flippers and tusks to draw itself out upon the ice, while it roared with redoubled energy.

" Awatok obeyed, and gave it a thrust under the left flipper that seemed to reach its heart, for it fell back into the water and struggled violently.

There, in a place of honor over the dining-room door, stands the baby pelican, its little flippers wide outstretched.

It was considerably more bulky in proportion to its length, its chest and back more elevated, its fore flippers thicker and more rounded, and its hind quarters less tapering to the tail.

Promptly the turtle drew in head and flippers, and was safe under its shell.

Their little horny eyes looked with uneasiness at the light which was held near them, and their flippers, like oars of some disabled galley, vaguely moved up and down, as seeking some impossible escape.

35 examples of  flippers  in sentences