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272 examples of  flips  in sentences

272 examples of flips in sentences

She is absorbed in a book of the softer sort, and she flips its pages against her lap-dog's nose.

" "I understand, Gert, but" "For two years and eight months, Jimmie, life has got to be worth while living to me because I could see the day, even if weyounever talked about it, when you would be made over from a flip kid toto the kind of a fellow would want to settle down to making a littletwo-by-four home for us.

How could such reproaches fail to my feelings? <Throw, pitch, hurl, dash, fling, cast, toss, flip, chuck, sling, heave, launch, dart, propel, project.

"Westover's not the place it was," said Murray, sipping his flip disconsolately,"not the place it was while Miss Evelyn was alive.

Eggs are employed in a very great many articles of cookery, entrรฉes, and entremets, and they form an essential ingredient in pastry, creams, flip, &c.

The beverages composed partly of fermented liquors, are hot spiced wines, bishop, egg-flip, egg-hot, ale posset, sack posset, punch, and spirits-and-water.

=Flip's Islands of Providence.= A story of a boy's life battle, his early defeat, and his final triumph, well worth the reading.

" A groan from the players, and the vicious flip of a card, acknowledged the hit.

They had some difficulty at first in contriving for her to hold her cards and then to play them, but this was at last overcome by his stacking them for her on a sloping board, after which she could flip them out very neatly with her claws as she wanted to play them.

For with them she was pleased enough, but only delighting to bite at them, and flip them about with her paws, and never considering for a moment whether they were diamonds or clubs, or hearts, or spades or whether the card was an ace or not.

"If Racey didn't mean nothing by it, what did yore eyes flip for and why didja shuffle yore feet?

cool, flip one's lid, hit the ceiling, hit the roof; fly into a rage (anger) 900. break out, fly out, burst out; bounce, explode, go off, displode^, fly, detonate, thunder, blow up, crump^, flash, flare, burst; shock, strain; break open, force open, prize open.

refluence^, reflux; backwater, regurgitation, ebb, return; resilience reflection, reflexion [Brit.] (recoil) 277; flip-flop, volte-face [Fr.].

wine, spirits, liqueur, beer, ale, malt liquor, Sir John Barleycorn, stingo^, heavy wet; grog, toddy, flip, purl, punch, negus^, cup, bishop, wassail; gin &c (intoxicating liquor) 959; coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea, the cup that cheers but not inebriates; bock beer, lager beer, Pilsener beer, schenck beer^; Brazil tea, cider, claret, ice water, mate, mint julep

He had practised cart-wheels, hand-springs, back and front flips.

The following is a very dainty and novel Egg Flip.

He could flip them out in the night, automatically as a pianist fingers the scale in the dark.

He didn't fidget this time, nor walk over to look at maps and time-tables, nor flip out his watch every other minute with such a bored air that everybody knew he was seeing me off just as a duty.

Anyhow this is how it goes: "I love to flip and flop and flap, And buzz around the room, I leap up to the ceiling high, And hit it with a boom!

He shakes it open saying: 'See that ten and raise you ten more.' I look over his shoulder as he flips up his cards.

Cato, in the undress of a red flannel shirt and tow-cloth trousers, was cuddled, in a consoled and protected attitude, in the corner of the wooden settle, with a mug of flip in his hand, which Candace had prepared, and, calling him in from his work, authoritatively ordered him to drink, on the showing that he had kept her awake the night before with his cough, and she was sure he was going to be sick.

Of course, worse things may happen to a man than to be vigorously taken care of by his wife, and Cato had a salutary conviction of this fact, so that he resigned himself to his comfortable corner and his flip with edifying serenity.

"What did I make you dat ar' flip for, 'cept you was so hoarse you oughtn' for to say a word?

When I am birthed in one of your inner cabins, with a mug of flip and a kid of good Rhode Island beef within grappling distance, why, as many questions as you choose, and as many answers, you know, as suits my appetite.

It calls for deep soul-searching on the part of Mr Narayan to find out why scores of journalists have resigned from the Herald since October 10, 1983 the date which the paper was launched... ON THE FLIP side, Rajan at least in his early phase had the ability of encouraging his staff.

he said, dusting himself off with vigorous flips of a large Yale blue silk handkerchief.

Yes, he crashed a few days agoon his first solo flip, taking offtried to zoom, engine konked, bus stalledsideslipnose-dive.

"Flip; a mixed liquor, consisting of beer and spirit sweetened."

Flip-flap, flip-flap went her footfalls through the still heat of the day, and persistently, incurably, her umbrella sought to slip from under the elbow that retained it.

Flip-flap, flip-flap went her footfalls through the still heat of the day, and persistently, incurably, her umbrella sought to slip from under the elbow that retained it.

Or we'll flip a coin.



Mister Flip Flop.

The Flip flap book.

Flip and the cows.

Flip and the cows.

Flip and the cows.

He saw the mob visit the Journal of Commerce, and then turn on the Herald, yelling insult and bellowing threats which promptly inspired that journal to execute a political flip-flap that set the entire city smiling.

The flip Yahooda, with the City Education and Thirty Centuries of Commercial Training to back him up, saw that here was a Chance to work off some Old Stock.

Jack, standing in the center quietly, smiled at them, and gave the flip downward and forward that formed the little loop to which he seemed so partial.

So vast was the head and so small the aperture that one of the lateral wings of the chubby face caught on the sill, and the owner brought it away successfully with a jerk and a perfectly good-humored and audible "flip.

"To-morrow, if the Adjutant finds fault with my salute, I'll give him a faithful imitation of his own ridiculous ear-flip.

" "What?" "Flip.

"It ain't Flipper,it's Flip."

"Only," added Flip, with a sudden caution, "you'd better agree with me.

Flip remained silent, swinging the revolver.

"Burns charcoal and makes diamonds," said Flip, looking at him from the corners of her eyes.

Flip nodded her head.

But this was an accident of economy rather than taste, for which Flip apologized by saying that the bark of the pine was "no good" for charcoal.

The monotonous strokes of an axe were suddenly intermitted, and somewhere from the depths of the close-set pines a voice answered "Flip."

"Now, look yer, Flip, it's playing it rather low down on the old man, this yer running in o' tramps and desarted emigrants and cast-ashore sailors and forlorn widders and ravin' lunatics, on this yer ranch.

Before Lance could reply, Flip had already begun.

In course," he continued, as he observed Lance put his hand to his pocket, "you've only got a blank check on Wells, Fargo & Co. for a hundred dollars, and you'd like me to give you the difference?" Amused as Lance evidently was at this, his absolute admiration for Flip absorbed everything else.

He did this with a manner quite different from the careless, easy attitude he had assumed toward Flip; at least the quickwitted girl noticed it, and wondered if he was angry.

Yet a word or a gesture of Flip's was sufficient to change that manner, and when, with the fretful assistance of her father, she had prepared a somewhat sketchy and primitive repast, he questioned the old man about diamond-making.

I suppose they didn't tell you how I made the discovery?" Lance would have stopped the old man's narrative by saying that he knew the story, but he wished to see how far Flip lent herself to her father's delusion.

There was nights when me and Flip had to take our blankets up the ravine and camp out all night, and the back of this yer hut shriveled up like that bacon.

Mebbe you'll allow the heat was just the nat'ral burning of that pit?" "Certainly," said Lance, trying to see Flip's eyes, which were resolutely averted.

Lance raised his mirthful eyes to Flip.

"Thar's Flip, thar, knows it; she ain't no fool!"

" "I reckon it wouldn't suit the stranger," said Flip, dubiously producing a much-worn, slashed, and braided vaquero's jacket.

But it did suit Lance, who found it warm, and also had suddenly found a certain satisfaction in opposing Flip.

When he had put it on, and nodded coldly to the old man, and carelessly to Flip, he walked to the door.

"If you're going to take the Monterey road, I can show you a short cut to it," said Flip, with a certain kind of shy civility.

"That's it; let the chickens and the ranch go to thunder, as long as there's a stranger to trapse round with; go on!" Lance would have made some savage reply, but Flip interrupted.

This dangerous prospect silenced the old man, and Flip and Lance stepped into the road together.

Flip ran a little ahead, as if to avoid a reply.

"I don't know that it's any consarn o' yours what I think," replied Flip, hopping from boulder to boulder, as they crossed the bed of a dry watercourse.

Flip stopped short.

He hastened to assure Flip that he was joking.

You expect to recognize him?" "Well," replied Flip, gravely, "there is suthing in that, and there's suthing in this: some o' these chaps might run across brother and do him a good turn for the sake of me.

"No," said Flip, "no one ever did.

Flip began a series of distortions with her shoulders, ran on ahead, picked up a few pebbles and threw them into the wood, glanced back at Lance with swimming mottled eyes, that seemed a piquant incarnation of everything suggestive and tantalizing, and said: "That's telling.

"Look," said Flip, pointing to a faint deflection of their path, which seemed, however, to lose itself in the underbrush a dozen yards away, "ther's your trail.

But Flip's return had not been as rapid.

Flip sighed, raised herself, put her alternate foot on a stump, and took a long pull at her too-brief stockings.

Of these, three of the letters and the two parcels were directed to Flip.

The paternal Fairley, once convinced that his daughter's new companion required no pecuniary or material assistance from his hands, relaxed to the extent of entering into a querulous confidence with him, during which Flip took the opportunity of slipping away.

As Fairley had that infelicitous tendency of most weak natures, to unconsciously exaggerate unimportant details in their talk, the Postmaster presently became convinced that the butcher was a constant and assiduous suitor of Flip's.

Fired by jealousy and Flip's indifference, he "deemed it his duty"using that facile form of cowardly offensivenessto betray Flip.

It was Flip, but Flip made taller by the lengthened skirt and clinging habiliments of fashion.

It was Flip, but Flip made taller by the lengthened skirt and clinging habiliments of fashion.

Flip freckled, but, through the cunning of a relief of yellow color in her gown, her piquant brown-shot face and eyes brightened and intensified until she seemed like a spicy odor made visible.

I cannot affirm that the judgment of Flip's mysterious modiste was infallible, or that the taste of Mr. Lance Harriott, her patron, was fastidious; enough that it was picturesque, and perhaps not more glaring and extravagant than the color in which Spring herself had once clothed the sere hillside where Flip was now seated.

Flip sent one swift, withering look of contempt at the Postmaster, who at once becoming invertebrate and groveling, mumbled that he must "get on" to the Crossing, and rose to go.

It was true that a word or look from Flip generally brought these monologues to an inglorious and abrupt termination, but they were none the less lugubrious as long as they lasted.

These autumnal blossoms of affection, I fear, came too late for any effect upon Flip, precociously matured by her father's indifference and selfishness.

When it was partly opened by Flip he hastily slipped in, dragging the squaw after him, and cast one single suspicious glance around the rude apartment which served as a sitting-room.

Flip had apparently been writing.

Flip remained leaning against the door; but the young man in rising dropped the bandaged papoose, which rolled from his lap into the fire.

Flip, with a cry, sprang toward it; but Lance caught her by the waist with one arm, as with the other he dragged the bundle from the flames.

"Don't be alarmed," he said, gayly, "it's only" "What?" said Flip, trying to disengage herself.

"I couldn't wait any longer to see you, Flip, so I came here anyway," he went on.

" "Then you came here just to see me?" asked Flip.

" Flip dropped her eyes.

You're sure," she added, looking resolutely another way, but still trembling like a magnetic needle toward Lance, as he moved slightly before the fire, "you're sure you'd like me to come to you?" "Sure, Flip?" "Hush!" said Flip, as this reassuring query of reproachful astonishment appeared about to be emphasized by a forward amatory dash of Lance's; "hush!

If Flip did this all unconsciously, and with the mechanical dexterity of previous habit, it was because she did not quite understand the savage eyes and impatient gestures of Lance in his encompassing wig and blanket, and because it helped her to voice her thought.

Flip breathed quickly; the spiced aroma of her presence filled the blanket as he drew her tightly beside him.

Beneath it, side by side, lay Flip and Lance, dead, with their cold hands clasped in each other's.