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7376 example sentences with  flood

7376 example sentences with flood

In the flood-tides of the spring the water in this chasm has risen 126 feet.

Down they fell and were swept away by the flood; so the whole race of fiends perished from the face of the earth.

On the Union Pacific Ry.] So much has been said of this mighty river that the preconceived idea of the tourist is of a surging flood of unknown depth rushing like a mountain torrent.

Great waves of blushes ran in tumultuous flood up Carlen's neck, cheeks, forehead.

"Wherein I spoke of most disastrous chances, Of moving accidents by flood and field."

He was not a man who feared to face death; by flood or field, on the stormy sea and the dizzy cliff, he had dared it a thousand times with perfect unconcern; but to meet the grim tyrant there, alone, to struggle hopelessly with him for life in that dreary tomb, was more than his fortitude could bear.

The need, however, was pressing, for a flood in 1333 had destroyed a large part of the Roman bridge.

Gaddi builded so well that when, two hundred and more years later, another flood severely damaged three other bridges, the Ponte Vecchio was unharmed.

"Here we've been back from the flood district over two weeks now, and we haven't had a line from Mr. Hadley.

"Besides," Blake went on, "you know there was a lot of trouble over the Mississippi flood picturesreels of film getting lost, and all thatto say nothing of the dangers our friends ran.

And now they were qualified to take moving pictures of anything from a crowd, shuffling along the street, to a more complicated scene, such as a flood, earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Of course Blake and Joe went, and their adventures in the flood fill the volume immediately preceding this one.

"He told me that you had just returned from the dangers of the Mississippi flood section, and were up here resting.

We have hardly become rested from taking flood pictures."

It is too bad to break in on your vacation again, as we did to get the flood pictures, but the expected big slide, like the flood, won't wait, and won't last very long.

It is too bad to break in on your vacation again, as we did to get the flood pictures, but the expected big slide, like the flood, won't wait, and won't last very long.

Our cameras will need overhauling after the hard service they got in the flood, and we'll have to stay in New York about a week to get things in shape.

But even the most remote possibility has been thought of by the makers of the great Canal, and, should all the lock-gates be torn away, and the impounded waters of Gatun Lake start to rush out, there are emergency dams that can be put into place to stop the flood.

"Well, it's lucky she didn't ram the gates, and let out a flood of water," said Joe to Blake a little after the occurrence.

To do justice to Mr. Alcando he was not a coward, but this was very unusual for him, to make pictures in the face of a great dangerto stand calmly with a camera, turning the crank and getting view after view on the strip of celluloid film, while a flood of water rushed down on you.

Fortunately they were long enough to enable her to rise on the flood of the rushing water, or she might have been held down, and so overwhelmed.

Then he and his chum, setting up their cameras on the tripods, aimed the lenses at the advancing flood, at the swung-back gates and at the men on top of the concrete walls, endeavoring to bring into place the emergency dam.

The tug rose and fell on the bosom of the flood, unconfined as it was by the restraining gates.

But in this case something went wrong, and the two gates were opened at once, letting out the flood.

They had brought some waterproof boxes to be used in case of rainsome they had found of service during the flood on the Mississippi.

The water of the Chagres River is exceptionally high, owing to the rains, and if a breach were blown in the dam now it would mean the letting loose of a destructive flood."

Then my charmer opened the door, and blazed upon me, as it were, in a flood of light, like what one might imagine would strike a man, who, born blind, had by some propitious power been blessed with his sight, all at once, in a meridian sun.

" "Like tall Orion stalking o'er the flood: When with his brawny breast he cuts the waves, His shoulder scarce the topmost billow laves."

But how confounded was he, when the next day accosting her with all the tender transports of a lover, she turned from him, and burst into a flood of tears.

The tender soul of Louisa was so much dissolved at these words, that she burst into a flood of tears, and cried out, Oh! too generous du Plessis, think not I will survive the cruel hour which informs me all that is valuable in man has ceased to be!Take,oh! take no care for me; when you are no more, nothing this world affords can enable me to drag on a wretched life!

To this argument it may be replied, the State of Connecticut is so limited in its extent, information of all kinds is so generally diffused, and there is such a flood of newspapers that the characters of all the candidates for office may be thoroughly known by all who will bestow any attention to the subject.

There is a tongue in every leaf A voice in every rill A voice that speaketh everywhere In flood and fire, through earth and air, A tongue that's never still.

He reached Sturt's furthest point, and continued on to the point where Strzelecki's Creek carried off some of the surplus flood waters, and finally lost the many channels amongst the sandhills and flooded plains.

He was no apathetic, self-contained, impassible Stoic, but a passionate, warm-hearted man, who could break into a flood of unrestrained tears at the death of his friend Annaeus Serenus, and feel a trembling solicitude for the welfare of his wife and little ones.

MASKIGO RIVER.We began the ascent of this stream on the 19th, at half-past four A.M.; landed at seven for breakfast, at the old Indian gardens; at eight went on; at ten reached the first portage, passed it in an hour; went on till one o'clock; afterwards passed two other portages of about three hundred yards each; and went on to the great raft of flood wood, being the fourth portage, where we encamped at three o'clock, at its head.

GENERAL IMPRESSION OF THE MISSISSIPPI.The engrossing idea, in passing down the Mississippi, is the power of its waters during the spring flood.

Gretchen, he called!On yon threshold he stood; Amidst all the howling of hell's fiery flood, The scoff and the scorn of its devilish crew, The tones of his voice, sweet and loving, I knew.

If Lethe's murky flood not yet hath passed, Old Sir, through your bald pate, that sideways bends, The scholar recognize, who hither wends, Outgrown your academic rods at last.

From the bridge which spans the Tyne at Chollerford one of the finest views of the river, both up and down the stream, is to be seen; and to watch the swift brown stream, after a flood or a freshet, foaming through the arches is an exhilarating sight.

The bridge itself is a modern one, for we know that all the bridges on the Tyne, except that of Corbridge, were swept away by the great flood of 1771.

Yet, in the ballad of "Jock o' the Side," the rescuers, with Jock in their midst, reach Chollerford, and, after some anxious questioning of an old man as to whether the "water will ride," are compelled to swim the Tyne in flood, which their pursuers, coming up, will not attempt to do.

Perhaps the good Bishop did not personally oversee the rebuilding of Chollerford Bridge: more probably the Wear and Tees do not come down with the angry impetuosity of the Tyne in flood!

That bridge is the same which we cross to-day; the date of its erection, 1674, may be seen on one of its stones, and it was the only one on the Tyne which withstood the great flood of 1771, when even the old Tyne Bridge at Newcastle was swept away.

Bywell suffered greatly in the flood of 1771, when the bridge was swept away, many houses destroyed, several people drowned, and both churches greatly damaged.

We do not know how long Hadrian's bridge lasted, but William the Conqueror, when returning from his expedition into Scotland in 1071, was obliged to camp for a time at "Monec-cestre," as the Tyne was in flood, and there was no bridge.

it was not a case for tears; there are some sorrows that cannot be counted out in drops; a flood comes, a great freshet rises in the soul, and whirls spirit, mind, and body on, on, until the Mighty Hand comes down and lifts the poor wreck out of the flood, and dries it in the sun of His absorption.

it was not a case for tears; there are some sorrows that cannot be counted out in drops; a flood comes, a great freshet rises in the soul, and whirls spirit, mind, and body on, on, until the Mighty Hand comes down and lifts the poor wreck out of the flood, and dries it in the sun of His absorption.

But in the main the efforts of the merchant were pretty fairly understood and a perfect flood of congratulations followed the enlightenment.

The valley of the Reuss lies bathed from end to end in a flood of golden light, shining through an atmosphere of crystal purity.

Earth's ocean thou, O Life, shalt drown, Shalt flood it with thy finer wave, And, sepulchred, entomb thy grave!

Memorymemories of my boy, swept over me in a flood.

She had seen them come, in 1914, in the first days of the war, rolling past in great, gray waves, for days and days, as if the flood would never cease to roll.

Each fen, and flat, and flood, and fell, Gives birth to verses by the ell There Wordsworth, for his muse's sallies, Claims all the ponds, the lanes, and alleys There Coleridge swears none else shall tune A bag-pipe to the list'ning moon; On come in clouds the scribbling columns, Each prowling for his next three volumes.

"If wishing for rain brought it," he laughed, "we'd have had a second flood.

Men whose undegenerate spirit Has been proved on land and flood: By the foes ye've fought uncounted, By the glorious deeds ye've done, Trophies capturedbreaches mounted, Navies conquer'dkingdoms won!

A troop came next, who crowns and armour wore, And proud defiance in their looks they bore: "For thee" (they cried), "amidst alarms and strife, We sailed in tempests down the stream of life; For thee whole nations filled with flames and blood, And swam to empire through the purple flood.

Then shine the vales, the rocks in prospect rise, A flood of glory bursts from all the skies: The conscious swains, rejoicing in the sight, Eye the blue vault, and bless the useful light.

The gushing flood the tartans dyed.

Hark! 'tis the twanging horn o'er yonder bridge, That with its wearisome but needful length Bestrides the wintry flood, in which the moon Sees her unwrinkled face reflected bright!

There fell at the same time prodigious torrents of rain on the farm above mentioned, which occasioned a flood as violent as it was sudden, doing great damage to the meadows and fallows by deluging the one and washing away the soil of the other.

At the distance of twelve hundred yards the whole line of the enemy belched forth, from thirty iron mouths, a flood of smoke and flame through which hissed the deadly balls.

I pray you, think you question with the Jew: You may as well go stand upon the beach And bid the main flood bate his usual height; You may as well use question with the wolf Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb; You may as well forbid the mountain pines To wag their high tops and to make no noise, When they are fretted with the gusts of heaven; You may as well do any thing most hard, As seek to soften thatthan which what's harder?

In addition to other pressing needs, the Arno, when in flood, threatened the ancient fortress of the city.

A resplendent thoroughfare by day, 100 feet wide, Market street takes on a sorcery all its own at night, when the electroliers designed by D'Arcy Ryan, light wizard of the Panama-Pacific Exposition, flood it with radiance.

In the late sixties the great Comstock Lode, in Nevada, poured a flood of wealth into San Francisco, and in 1869, one hundred years after the first white man looked upon San Francisco Bay, came the railroad, bringing an increasing influx of people from the East.

SEE FLOHERTY, JOHN J. FLOOD, MILFORD J. Green are these memories.

All the blood in her body seemed to rush into her face and flood it and spread up her forehead to the roots of the gold hair that the east wind had crisped round the edges of her hat.

Having heard these words, king Bhagiratha directed his course towards the spot where lay those bodies of mighty Sagara's sons, in order that, O most praiseworthy of men, the holy water might flood (the same).

And suddenly Ailsa knew, and a flood of colour dyed her face; for the vague sense of leaving something undone was the instinct to let Berkley know she was goingthe blind, unreasoning need for some communication with him.

HENRY FLOOD Forty dull years, Parliamentary abuses, Charles Lucas, Flood enters Parliament, His struggle with the Government, Lord Townsend recalled, Flood accepts office, Effect of that acceptance, Rejoins the Liberal side, Tries to outbid Grattan, Failure and end.

For Mercies accorded; for Victory; for Deliverance from Pestilence; against Flood and Fire.

The giant world of restless stars breathes it, as were it the innermost soul of life, and lightly floats in its azure flood; the stone breathes it, sparkling and ever at rest, and the dreamy, drinking plant, and the savage, ardent, manifold-fashioned beast; but above all the glorious stranger with the thoughtful eyes, the airy step, and the lightly-closed, melodious lips.

The king is calmed, now calm this raging flood too, if you can.

Many were driven from their houses by the flood, and forced to seek shelter elsewhere.

As Dryden translates Virgil Whole droves of minds are by the driving God Compell'd to drink the deep Lethaean flood, In large forgetful draughts to steep the cares Of their past labours, and their irksome years; That unremembering of its former pain The soul may suffer mortal flesh again.

For thou hadst cast me down deep in the midst of the se: and the flood compassed me about: and all thy waves and rolls of water went over me: and I thought that I had been cast away out of thy sight.

bending her head forward, her emerald eyes so great and clear that their shining seemed to cover all her face as a wave covers a rock at flood-tide.

A flood of recollection has poured upon me.

The sun pours a continuous flood of light into the fruits, and they furnish the best portion of food a human being requires for the sustenance of mind and body.

We walked in so pure and bright a light, gilding the withered grass and leaves, so softly and serenely bright, I thought I had never bathed in such a golden flood, without a ripple or a murmur to it.

Some souls are like the white river-lilies,fixed, yet floating; but Mr. Gabriel had no firm root anywhere, and was blown about with every breeze, like a leaf on the flood.

And then the flood fell.

But if I have been just to her, send out Your power to compass me, and hold me safe From searching treason; I will use no means But prayer: for rather suffer me to see From mine own veins issue a deadly flood, Than wash my danger off with mothers blood.

For even while the children gazed after him the hounds came streaming down the coombe in a flood, with a man on a grey horse close behind them; and behind him, but with a gap between, a straggling line of riders broke into sight, some scarlet-coated, others in black or in tweeds.

The riders had arrived, and reined up, crowding the ledge before the cottage, and the most of them stood raising themselves in their stirrups, gazing after the stag that now, with little more than his antlers visible like a bleached bough moving on the flood, swam strongly out into the golden mist still cloaking the Island.

A flood of moonlight poured in at the window, and there in the full ray of it stood Arthur Miles, fully dressed.

As if consulted with, he has express'd The work of the Creator, and His rest; How the flood drown'd the first offending race, Which might the figure of our globe deface.

Such was the discord, which did first disperse Form, order, beauty, through the universe; While dryness moisture, coldness heat resists, All that we have, and that we are, subsists; While the steep, horrid roughness of the wood Strives with the gentle calmness of the flood, 210 Such huge extremes when Nature doth unite, Wonder from thence results, from thence delight.

But fearless they pursue, nor can the flood Quench their dire thirst; alas!

So when the king a mortal shaft lets fly 319 From his unerring hand, then glad to die, Proud of the wound, to it resigns his blood, And stains the crystal with a purple flood.

Steadily the warm, rosy flush of sunrise crept down the snowy slopes of the mountains, until at last, with a quick sudden burst, it poured a flood of light into the valley, tinging our little white tent with a delicate pink, like that of a wild-rose petal, turning every pendent dewdrop into a twinkling brilliant, and lighting up the still water of the river, until it became a quivering, flashing mass of liquid silver.

but I see no reason why it may not at some future time overwhelm the settlement of Kluchei and fill the channel of the Kamchatka River with a fiery flood.

Aberdeenshire Council is erecting the barriers on Saturday morning for Stonehaven, with the Stonehaven Flood Scheme contractor also activating its flood response plan.

Aberdeenshire Council is erecting the barriers on Saturday morning for Stonehaven, with the Stonehaven Flood Scheme contractor also activating its flood response plan.

Abofu drain; another flood disaster waiting to happen?

A combined paper prepared by more than two dozen experts in The Journal of Climate Change published in 2011 had stated that by upgrading the drainage system in Mumbai, losses associated with a one-in-100-year flood event could be reduced by 70 per cent.

Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum has disbursed the sum of N100 million to 10,000 households displaced by flood in

But assistance for drought- and flood-stricken farmers, manufacturing support via defence procurement, and government investment in private projects were all on the rise.

We want to flood only racist feeds.

While all attempts to con the law are duplicitous, using children's juice shipments to flood the country with heroin, cocaine and cannabis is especially evil.