4584 examples of flood in sentences

And the tears, which all the kindly sympathy had failed to bring her, at the first breath of censure fell about her like a flood.

How did you manage there?" Evadne turned her head away and clenched her hands tightly as the flood of bitter-sweet memories threatened to engulf her.

He bases his conclusions upon the fact of the steady decrease in the volume of the surrounding atmosphere and the almost instantaneous action of all of Nature's destructive forces, fire and flood, storm and sunstroke, lightning and hail, earthquake and cyclone.

The Lord of Hosts hath sworn by Himself, saying, Surely I will fill thee with men as with caterpillars...." With that last word there came over me a flood of recollection.

But its thin light was unneeded, for the great flood of moonshine, coming through the slits of the skins, made a clear yellow twilight.

Mrs. Witherspoon had returned to Aiken, and after the first flood of commiserations from his friends on Lists Numbers One, Two, Three and Four he felt neglected, lonely and rather fearful.

With sweet command she beckoned me away And led me vaguely dreaming, till I saw Where the wild flood in sudden fury had burst A passage through the rocks: and thence I led My host unharmed, following her luminous eyes, Until the East was gray, and with a smile Wooing me heavenward

In France a flood of histories, annals, anecdotes, and memoirs,secret, gallant, and above all true,had been pouring from the press since 1665.

But if they slack their hands, or cease to strive, Then down the flood with headlong haste they drive.' (Dryden).

They widen to the contemplating eye, } With colonnaded aisles in lone array, And windows that enrich the flood of day O'er tesselated pavements, pictures fair, And niched statues breathing golden air, Nor there, whilst all that's seen bids Fancy swell, Shall Music's voice refuse to seal the spell; But choral hymns shall wake enchantment round, And organs blow their tempests of sweet sound.

" Beyond, in one wide flood of silver, flowed the Nile, extending far as the eye could reach along a plain verdant with its fertilizing waters.

Quick, as when kindling trails of active fire Up to their native firmament ascend: There shrouded in the briers unseen I stood, And thro' the leaves survey'd the neighb'ring flood.

Or seeks his wat'ring in the well-known flood, To quench his thirst, and cool his fiery blood: He swims luxuriant in the liquid plain; And o'er his shoulders flows his waving main.

So the gay pamper'd steed with loosen'd reins, Breaks from the stall, and pours along the plains; With large smooth strokes he rushes to the flood, Bathes his bright sides, and cools his fiery blood; Neighs as he flies, and tossing high his head, Snuffs the fair females in the distant mead; At every motion o'er his neck reclin'd, Plays his redundant main, and dances in the wind.

A flood of fire.

Still, at thought that sometime during the day now close at hand he was to see the last of this woman who had stood there before him in his cabin, with dark eyes looking into his, with eager, oval face upturned to his, with all that glory of lustrous hair a flood about her shoulders, something unknown, unwonted, fingered at the latchets of his heart.

A flood of memories surged over him.

Hence it came that in a flood the town was invaded both by the rise of the river from below, and by this current from above, on its way to rejoin the main body of it, and the streets were soon turned into canals.

It was a very different affair from a flood in a mountainous country, but serious enough, though without immediate danger to life.

The rain had ceased, and the flood was greatly diminished.

The flood left her no choice but go by the high road to Polwarth's gate, and then she had often to wade through mud and water.

Flood myth, 67.

As she tapped and opened the door, she put her hand quickly before her eyes, blinded by the flood of light which streamed out into the dark hall.

The iron bridge which spans the Adige at Verona, of which we publish illustrations, has been recently completed to replace an old masonry bridge built in the fourteenth century, and which was destroyed by the celebrated flood of 1882.

Our voyage concluded at a point which, we have since been informed, was discovered by a noble lord in a sailing expedition, where he was driven by adverse winds and tides, and baptized by him 'Waterloo Bridge,' after a certain victory supposed to have been obtained by the ancient Britons some time previous to the flood.

4584 examples of  flood  in sentences