210 examples of flos in sentences

This joke, often attributed to Lamb himself, will be found in Ars Punica, sine flos Linguarum, The Art of Punning; or, The Flower of Languages, by Dr. Sheridan and Swift, which will be found in Vol.



Flos hominum, proper men, well proportioned, carefully brought up, able both in body and mind, sound, led like so many beasts to the slaughter in the flower of their years, pride, and full strength, without all remorse and pity, sacrificed to Pluto, killed up as so many sheep, for devils' food, 40,000 at once.

This is so grievous a torment for the time, that it takes away their appetite, desire of life, extinguisheth all delights, it causeth deep sighs and groans, tears, exclamations, (O dulce germen matris, o sanguis meus, Eheu tepentes, &c.o flos tener.)

O decorem, &c. flos recens, pullulans, &c. Alexander, a man of most invincible courage, after Hephestion's death, as Curtius relates, triduum jacuit ad moriendum obstinatus, lay three days together upon the ground, obstinate, to die with him, and would neither eat, drink, nor sleep.

[5806] "Ut flos in septis secretus nascitur hortis, Ignotus pecori, nullo contusus aratro, Quam mulcent aurae, firmat sol, educat imber, &c. Sic virgo dum intacta manet, dum chara suis, sed Cum Castum amisit," &c. Virginity is a fine picture, as [5807]Bonaventure calls it, a blessed thing in itself, and if you will believe a Papist, meritorious.

" Let them take time then while they may, make advantage of youth, and as he prescribes, "Collige virgo rosas dum flos novus et nova pubes, Et memor esto aevum sic properare tuum.

1. flos omnium pulcherrimus statim languescit, formae typus.

Sufficit hoc votis, flos hic pulcherrimus aevi est, Et senium triplex Nestoris urna capit.

flos, from which it is corrupted.

This practice is described by the following epigram: Est rosa flos, Veneris cujus quo facta laterunt, Harpocrati matri dona dicavit Amor, Inde rosam mensis hospes suspendit amicis Convivii et sub ea dicta tacenda sciat.

Flos comitum, Wilhelmus obit, stirps regia, longus Ensis vaginam capit habere brevem.

Height, 15 ft. Adonis Flos.

For instance, what declamation on the emptiness of human existence could be more impressive than Job's: Homo, natus de muliere, brevi vivit tempore, repletus multis miseriis, qui, tanquam flos, egreditur et conteritur, et fugit velut umbra.

Villegas, in the "Flos Sanctorum," while admitting the modern origin of the opinion, and the silence of the Church, contended that, had this great fact been made manifest earlier and in less enlightened times, it might possibly have led to the error of worshipping the Virgin as an actual goddess.

[Footnote 1: Quoted literally from the legend in the old French version of the Flos Sanctorum.

With reference to the first four lines of this stanza, compare Catullus, Carmen Nuptiale, verse 39. 'Ut flos in septis secretus nascitur hortis, Ignotus pecori, nullo contusus aratro, Quem mulcent auræ, firmat sol, educat imber: Multi illuum pueri, multæ optavere puellæ: Idem quum tenui carptus defloruit ungui, Nulli illum pueri, nallæ optavere puellæ: Sic virgo, dum intacta manet,' etc. 38.

A different abridgment of the story as given by Surius, is to be found in Ribadeneyra's "Flos Sanctorum" (the edition before me being that of Barcelona, 1790, t. 3. p. 304).


The Flos Adonis, a blood-red flower of the Anemone tribe, is one of the many plants which, according to ancient story sprang from the tears of Venus and the blood of her coy favorite.

The PANSY (víola trîcolor) commonly called Hearts-ease, or Love-in-idleness, or Herb-Trinity (Flos Trinitarium), or Three-faces-under-a-hood, or Kit-run-about, is one of the richest and loveliest of flowers.

It was known amongst the early Christians by the name of Flos Trinitatis, and worn as a symbol of their faith.

273 Sedum majus Great Stonecrop c.m. 274 - Aizoon Yellow ditto c.m. 275 Agrostemma coronaria Common Rose Campion c.m. 276 Flos Jovis Umbell'd ditto c.m. 277

Ut Rosa flos florum Sic est domus ista domorum.

210 examples of  flos  in sentences