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20131 examples of  flower  in sentences

20131 examples of flower in sentences

When hatched from an egg which had been deposited upon a leaf, they invariably made their first meal on the substance of the leaf, and then wandered about for a longer or shorter space of time, evidently seeking a boll or flower bud.

In the midst of a stormy sea, on which night seemed fast settling down, a helmless, mastless, sailless bark lay weltering giddily, and in it sat a man in the full flower of vigorous manhood.

The Reverend Mother opened a glass door, and brother and sister stood for some time admiring the flower vases that lined the terrace.

He had tasted of the early autumnal fruits, had drank the delicious juice from her purple grape, and watched the early symptoms of decay that were visible in some withering flower or fading leaf, and felt that "passing away" was legibly written on all earthly things.

As we stand by the spot and read the melancholy tale, we can but exclaim with Ossian, "The flower lifts its green head to the sun.

Variety is sweet to me As many blossoms to the bee; And I will roam from flower to flower, Sipping honey ev'ry hour; I will wander with the bee, And drink thy sweets, variety.

Variety is sweet to me As many blossoms to the bee; And I will roam from flower to flower, Sipping honey ev'ry hour; I will wander with the bee, And drink thy sweets, variety.

When we contemplate the forest standing in silent grandeur, the tree, the shrub, the flower in all its beautiful varieties, the rock, the precipice, the foaming cataract that has thundered on for ages with the same deafening roar, and all the ten thousand varied objects of inanimate creation, and observe the nice regulations in which they are placed, we can but remark with reverential awe, "In wisdom hast thou made them all.

The spotted butterfly, that flits through the air, on fairy wing, or rests its downy pinions on the bosom of the fragrant rose; the bird that carols on the spray, or warbles sweetly through the air; the mountain bee, that comes humming round the summer flower, sipping its store of sweets, and even the drowsy hum of the summer-fly, as it floats in mazy circles, are all connecting links in nature's chain.

Such a scene, at such an hour, spoke forcibly of the varied changes and uncertainties of life, and as we looked upon the marble paleness of the dear children, and compared them with the withering flowers beneath the window, we felt that human life is but a flower that perisheth.

The hand of disease fell heavily upon her, and her fragile form sank beneath the blow, and faded like a blighted flower.

The butterfly, that airy thing, That floated on its gilded wing, And birds that with their music rare, Warbling filled the summer air; Dewdrops that gemm'd the morning flower, Allall were pageants of an hour, The trappings of a summer day, That sank with her into decay.

But though bleak winter reigns around, Nor fruit, nor flower adorns the ground, We know that Spring will wake again All the pageant Summer train.

And as handsome and as tasteful as everthe band of his straw hat, the flower in his buttonhole, his tie, his socksall in harmony; no ostentation, just the unerring, quiet taste of a gentleman.

A few yards away Adelaide, head bent and blue sunshade slowly turning as it rested on her shoulder, was strolling round the great flower-rimmed, lily-strewn outer basin of Mrs. Dorsey's famed fountain, the school of crimson fish, like a streak of fire in the water, following her.

We have made some additions to our flower-pots and flowers this spring.

Lest you should think us too extravagant, I ought to tell you the cost of the flower-pots.

Do you know, really now, the chrysanthemum, in my opinion, is the most human-looking flower we have.

Mustard flower.

Kathleen Norris (A); 12Feb57; R186373. Passion flower.

First the flower then the fruit.

First the flower then the fruit.

Chinese flower and fruit prints.

Rochester, the flower city, 1855-1890.

The flower-finder; front, photographed by W. H. Stedman; other photos.

The flower-finder.

ROBERTS, MARGERY A. Design in flower arrangement.

Helen W. Thurber (W) & Rosemary Thurber Sauers (C); 9Sep64; R344374. Dog smelling a flower.

Two kittens in flower bed.

SEE Wile, Ira S. The deathless flower.

Henry and the prairie flower.

The flower that did not grow.

R. Ross Annett (A); 30Aug68; R441454. Like a flower, kind of.

By the footpath, higher up under the close-cropped hedge, the yarrow flourished, lifting its white flower beside the trodden soil.

Across the bottom on the dim, watery green of the eastern slope, the thorn trees were in flower.

It was delicious to Tommy to feel that there was this little unspoken something between him and Grizel; he half regretted that the time could not be far distant when she must put it into wordsas soon, say, as Elspeth left the room; an exquisite moment, no doubt, but it would be the plucking of the flower.

He would walk the flower-garden with none of them until he knew for certain that the man walking it with little Elspeth was a person to be trusted.

Every wild flower that enlivens our English meads grew here luxuriantly, while the two streams crept along on either side like silver threads bordering a jewelled carpet.

" Her breath was coming faster; her face, now white as a flower, now flushed, swam before him.

All through the mountains, and far beyond, it stretched without a break; but towards the mouth of the Kentucky and Cumberland rivers the landscape became varied with open groves of woodland, with flower-strewn glades and great barrens or prairies of long grass.

"Yes," he replied, "I was in Florence last year when they were in flower, and I never looked at the beautiful blooming trees without fancying that I saw my cousin's face among the blossoms.

Vast as a mountain, as a whole range of mountains; beautiful as a star, as a whole heaven of stars; yet simple as a flower of the field; and singing this little song of pure glory and joy that he felt was the inmost message of the chordthis Presence in the room sought to push forward into objective reality.

He thought of some rare flower, delicately exotic, that had sprung suddenly into blossom from the heart of the bleak December day, out of the very boards whereon they sat.

In the slums, with a slattern wife, or in a cottage with a flower garden in front, only a few minutes' walk from the green fields of the English countryside?

Among the flowers the lovely Hortense continued to live on, and Gavarni, the great poet of the floral realm, has reared to her, as Hortensia, the Flower Queen, an enchanting monument, in his "Fleurs Animรฉes."

For my part, the fate which has cut me off, if I may use the expression, in the flower of my youth, and doomed me to be a non-climbing animal in future, is one which ought to exclude grumbling.

Madonna is encumbered by her heavy marble drapery, the girl with the flower-garland is an ugly young thing, and on seeing Hero with the weeping Cupid, one thinks of a pose arranged by a ballet-master.

But all the little birds outside the church sang so pleasantly, and so pleased, and the sun shone so warm:it was as if every little flower said: "God is so wondrous good to us altogether!"

From Scotland Memory's sprite appears as a powerful lad with bare knees; the plaid hangs over his shoulder, the thistle-flower is fixed on his cap; Burns's songs then fill the air like the heath-lark's song, and Scotland's wild thistle flowers beautifully fragrant as the fresh rose.

There was something about the young daughterI knew not myself what it wasbut I was led to think of the delicate flax flower, too delicate for the short northern summer.

3 Should some malignant planet bring A barren drought, or ceaseless shower, Upon the autumn or the spring, And spare us neither fruit nor flower; Winter would not stay an hour.

For when no healing art prevail'd, When cordials and elixirs fail'd, On your pale cheek he dropp'd the shower, Revived you like a dying flower.

ADO`NIS, a beautiful youth beloved by Aphroditรฉ (Venus), but mortally wounded by a boar and changed by her into a flower the colour of his blood, by sprinkling nectar on his body.

A graceful English song-writer of the Elizabethan period, Thomas Campion, who was as fond as Bettina of the figure of the flower and the sun, through which she symbolized her relation to Goethe, has in his verses anticipated her pose and her tone of agitated expectancy: "Is [he] come?

These armes I'll spread, which only at (his) sight shall close, Attending, as the starry flower that the sun's noone-tide knowes.


Deep down in the cups of the flower was a spot of soft, gleaming white which ran out to the edge of the petals in tiny light-green veins.

It was evidently not a native flower, but an exotic, whose seed some chancewho knows what?had deposited here in this little garden-bed, prepared by the putrefactive powers of Nature, and which a friendly summer sun had caused to grow and blossom.

A beautiful girl in simple attire, her straw hat hung over her arm, was kneeling by the flower, gently embracing its stalk as if it were her sweetheart's neck, and gazing into its red calyx with the sweetest look of joyful surprise.

But after a while, as she looked up from the flower with a sigh, her sidewise glance fell upon the water, and she caught sight of a man's shadow!

Had the spirit of the flower become alive?

THE HUNTER By Benjamin Vautier] It was the beautiful girl of the flower scene in the woods.

The one with the black eyes was building an immense, long table with stands, blocks, and boards, in the orchard among the flower-beds, having already completed a similar construction in the entrance-hall.

In a little while she war gonejis' faded away like a flower.

She marked him radiant, it seemed, in health and animation, his words flashed across her mind; soon would the hue of death be on that cheek, the light of that eye be dimmed, that sweet and thrilling voice be hushed on earth for ever; that beautiful form bent down as a flower, "the wind passeth over it and it is gone, and the place thereof shall know it no more;" and thus would it soon be with him she loved.

c. Blue Passion Flower c.m.s.

Asiatic Globe-flower l.b.s.

437 Mimulus ringens Oblong-leaved Monkey-flower

l. 438 Mimulus guttatus Yellow Monkey-flower l.b. 439 Acanthus mollis Smooth Bear's-Breech c.m. 440 spinosa Prickly ditto c.m.

636 Helianthus multiflorus Perennial Sun-flower c.m. 637 tuberosus Jerusalem Artichoke c.m.

638 divaricatus Rough-leaved Sun-flower c.m. 639 decapetalus Ten-petal'd ditto c.m. 640 altissimus Tall ditto c.m. 641 giganteus Gigantic ditto c.m. 642 Rudbeckia laciniata Broad-jagged-leaved Rudbeckia c.m. 643 - digitata Narrow-jagged-leaved do.

672 Lobelia Cardinalis Scarlet Cardinal flower l. 673 - siphylitica Blue ditto l. GYNANDRIA TRIANDRIA.

These are cultivated by sowing their seeds, in the months of March or April, in the places where they are to remain and flower during the summer months.

These should be sown in the month of May or June, and let remain in the place till the month of September, when they should be planted into beds, and in the following spring placed out where they are to flower.

35 - stolonifera Creeping ditto l. 36 - subulata Awl-leaved ditto l. 37 - setacea Bristly ditto l. 38 Convulvulus lineatus Dwarf Bindweed l. 39 Campanulla pulla Dark-flowered Bell-flower b.l.

134 Adonis vernalis Spring Adonis Flower c.m. 135 Ranunculus amplexicaulus Plaintain-leaved Crow-foot l.b.

I cannot pass over this singular and beautiful flower without notice.

DAISY.This plant affords us many very beautiful varieties for the flower garden.

MARSH MARIGOLD.This fine yellow flower is also made double by culture, and finds a place in the flower garden.

MARSH MARIGOLD.This fine yellow flower is also made double by culture, and finds a place in the flower garden.

LADIES SLIPPER.A flower of the most uncommon beauty, but is now become scarce; it is a native of the woods near Skipton in Yorkshire, but has been so much sought for by the lovers of plants as to become almost extinct.

LARKSPUR.This is also an annual flower, affording a pleasing variety in the flower garden in the summer months.

LARKSPUR.This is also an annual flower, affording a pleasing variety in the flower garden in the summer months.

The common single variety produces seed in great abundance, but the improved double varieties are sparing in produce: the fine kinds of this flower are reared by layers put down about the month of July; they may also be propagated by cuttings, but the other is the most eligible and certain mode.

From its beautiful blue flowers it is well adapted to the flower garden; it delights in bog earth.

PURPLE HORN POPPY.An annual flower of singular beauty, and deserving a place in the flower garden.

PURPLE HORN POPPY.An annual flower of singular beauty, and deserving a place in the flower garden.

CANDYTUFT.An annual flower of considerable beauty and interest.

IMPATIENS NOLI ME TANGERE.A very curious flower which is grown as an annual.

It is however considered an ornamental plant, and is often found in our flower gardens.

BASTARD BALM.Both these plants are very beautiful, and are deserving a place in the flower garden: they are of easy culture, and will grow well under the shade of trees, a property that will always recommend them to the notice of the curious. 32.

The one in question so very much resembles the humble-bee in appearance, that I have known persons mistake this flower for the animal.

ORNITHOGALUM latifolium and umbellatum are also ornamental, and are often cultivated for their beautiful flower.

The last is also an interesting little plant with a purple flower.

LONDON PRIDE.-A beautiful little plant for forming edgings to the flower garden, or for decorating rock-work.

THRIFT.This plant is valuable for making edgings to the flower garden.

GLOBE FLOWER.This is also a fine plant: when cultivated in a moist soil its beautiful yellow flowers afford a pleasing accompaniment to the flower border and parterre in the spring of the year.

This beautiful flower is also an inhabitant of our flower-gardens; it is called the Sweet-scented Florentine Tulip.

This beautiful flower is also an inhabitant of our flower-gardens; it is called the Sweet-scented Florentine Tulip.

It has a delightful scent when in bloom, and is highly worthy the attention of amateurs of flower gardens.