20131 examples of flower in sentences

He had tasted of the early autumnal fruits, had drank the delicious juice from her purple grape, and watched the early symptoms of decay that were visible in some withering flower or fading leaf, and felt that "passing away" was legibly written on all earthly things.

As we stand by the spot and read the melancholy tale, we can but exclaim with Ossian, "The flower lifts its green head to the sun.

Variety is sweet to me As many blossoms to the bee; And I will roam from flower to flower, Sipping honey ev'ry hour; I will wander with the bee, And drink thy sweets, variety.

Variety is sweet to me As many blossoms to the bee; And I will roam from flower to flower, Sipping honey ev'ry hour; I will wander with the bee, And drink thy sweets, variety.

When we contemplate the forest standing in silent grandeur, the tree, the shrub, the flower in all its beautiful varieties, the rock, the precipice, the foaming cataract that has thundered on for ages with the same deafening roar, and all the ten thousand varied objects of inanimate creation, and observe the nice regulations in which they are placed, we can but remark with reverential awe, "In wisdom hast thou made them all.

The spotted butterfly, that flits through the air, on fairy wing, or rests its downy pinions on the bosom of the fragrant rose; the bird that carols on the spray, or warbles sweetly through the air; the mountain bee, that comes humming round the summer flower, sipping its store of sweets, and even the drowsy hum of the summer-fly, as it floats in mazy circles, are all connecting links in nature's chain.

Such a scene, at such an hour, spoke forcibly of the varied changes and uncertainties of life, and as we looked upon the marble paleness of the dear children, and compared them with the withering flowers beneath the window, we felt that human life is but a flower that perisheth.

The hand of disease fell heavily upon her, and her fragile form sank beneath the blow, and faded like a blighted flower.

The butterfly, that airy thing, That floated on its gilded wing, And birds that with their music rare, Warbling filled the summer air; Dewdrops that gemm'd the morning flower, Allall were pageants of an hour, The trappings of a summer day, That sank with her into decay.

But though bleak winter reigns around, Nor fruit, nor flower adorns the ground, We know that Spring will wake again All the pageant Summer train.

Do you know, really now, the chrysanthemum, in my opinion, is the most human-looking flower we have.

Rochester, the flower city, 1855-1890.

The flower-finder; front, photographed by W. H. Stedman; other photos.

The flower-finder.

SEE Wile, Ira S. The deathless flower.

Henry and the prairie flower.

By the footpath, higher up under the close-cropped hedge, the yarrow flourished, lifting its white flower beside the trodden soil.

"Yes," he replied, "I was in Florence last year when they were in flower, and I never looked at the beautiful blooming trees without fancying that I saw my cousin's face among the blossoms.

In the slums, with a slattern wife, or in a cottage with a flower garden in front, only a few minutes' walk from the green fields of the English countryside?

Madonna is encumbered by her heavy marble drapery, the girl with the flower-garland is an ugly young thing, and on seeing Hero with the weeping Cupid, one thinks of a pose arranged by a ballet-master.

But all the little birds outside the church sang so pleasantly, and so pleased, and the sun shone so warm:it was as if every little flower said: "God is so wondrous good to us altogether!"

From Scotland Memory's sprite appears as a powerful lad with bare knees; the plaid hangs over his shoulder, the thistle-flower is fixed on his cap; Burns's songs then fill the air like the heath-lark's song, and Scotland's wild thistle flowers beautifully fragrant as the fresh rose.

There was something about the young daughterI knew not myself what it wasbut I was led to think of the delicate flax flower, too delicate for the short northern summer.

A graceful English song-writer of the Elizabethan period, Thomas Campion, who was as fond as Bettina of the figure of the flower and the sun, through which she symbolized her relation to Goethe, has in his verses anticipated her pose and her tone of agitated expectancy: "Is [he] come?

These armes I'll spread, which only at (his) sight shall close, Attending, as the starry flower that the sun's noone-tide knowes.

20131 examples of  flower  in sentences