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11999 examples of  flown  in sentences

11999 examples of flown in sentences

My breast is one whole raging pain For that which was, and now is flown Into the Blank where life is hurled Where all is not, nor is again!" FOOTNOTES: An apparently unmeaning interpolation.

A thing that has no Name, she is so bad; One who so lately gave her self to me, And now is flown into another's Arms: One that attacks my Life, for the same Sins Which she her self commitsand thinks to live too.

Julie, it seems, had been overcome with longing for the Paris asphalt; no doubt, too, she had found herself ennuied by the lack of romance in married life with Rogers; and she had flown back to France.

And this one, this, the most importantthe only important one of them all, had flown, half-scorched, up the chimney and clung there within easy reach.

Prometheus stood by her, and pointed out in the immeasurable distance the little speck of shining dust from which they had flown.

Grief made the young Spring wild, and she threw down Her kindling buds, as if she Autumn were, Or they dead leaves; since her delight is flown, For whom should she have waked the sullen Year?

Ah! where is now that boasted valour flown, That in the tented field so late was shown!

Within the gate, in a grassy round Whence they had earliest flown, He upside-down'd his scythe, and ground Its edge with careful hone.

" Poor Mea was deeply affected by these words, and immediately her joy had flown.

The aviators operating in the early engagements have undoubtedly flown down from Brussels and are in temporary camp at Liege.

As soon as an airman has flown over us, ten minutes later we get shrapnel fire in our position.

That dream hath vanished, and my hope is flown; For he who fain a seraph would pursue Wingless, hath cast words to the winds, and dew On stones, and gauged God's reason with his own.

All the same, the shaky old nest of the Moineauds was destroyed, and the whole family had flown off, dispersed chancewise.

Saw seven or eight hobaras, but too windy for the hawks to be flown.

Tommy Townshend moved that the sermon of Dr. Nowell, who preached before the House on the 30th of January (id est, before the Speaker and four members), should be burnt by the common hangman, as containing arbitrary, Tory, high-flown doctrines.

Company kept coming, for news of Kitty's expedition had flown abroad, and her young friends must just run in to hear about it, and ask what she was going to wear; while Kitty was so glad and proud to tell, and show, and enjoy her little triumph that many half hours were wasted, and the second day found much still to do.

Don't forget to finish running up the facing; I've basted it carefully, and would do it if my head didn't ache so, I really can't hold it up any longer," answered Pris, who had worked like a disinterested bee, while Kitty had flown about like a distracted butterfly.

Then indeed the feelings of Mr. Jarvis, his plain statement corroborated by this testimony, struck her at once as true; and as she rose to leave the room, she fell senseless into the arms of Emily who observing her movement and loss of color had flown to her assistance.

At sight of her, the blood had flown to Maude's face also, and she tried to check her horse; but Adonis, at any time rather more than she could well manage, was fresh and too eager to join the other horse, and he carried her up the field against her will.

He that hath found some fledged birdes nest may know At first sight if the bird be flown; But what fair dell or grove he sings in now, That is to him unknown.

The old she-wolf would have flown at his throat like a fury had he showed his head over the top of the ridge.

Before any of those upon deck could recover from their alarm or those from below come up upon deck, a part of the pirates, under the carpenter and the surgeon, had run to the gunroom and had taken possession of the arms, while Captain Morgan, with Master Harry and a Portuguese called Murillo Braziliano, had flown with the speed of the wind into the great cabin.

What a power of them, counting big and little; though they 're all of a size, just as much as if they had flown through a hole made on purpose to kape them down to a convanient bigness, in body and feathers.

"The Lord ha' maircy on us, and on a' wretched sinners!" exclaimed Jamie, as soon as near enough to be heard without raising his voice on too high a key"there are just the beds of the three Connecticut lads that were to come into the laird's guard, as empty as a robin's nest fra' which the yang ha' flown!" "Do you mean, Jamie, that the boys have deserted?

She awoke refreshed and strong and brave, not the same woman who took Nancy's idea to bed with her; for this woman's heart and hope had somehow flown from the brick house in Charlestown and had built itself a new nest in Beulah's green trees, the elms and willows that overhung the shining river.

This day is but a gleam of gladness, flown Back from the past to tell us what is gone.

"It was quite easy; the birds had flown," he answered.

And this the sweetness that I keep, To wake, to find the vision flown With my cigar!

~My Pipe is Out.~ My pipe is out; the hour is late, And sitting lonely by the grate Sweet thoughts that led their circling train In puffs cerulean 'round my brain Have flown, and left me to my fate.

When any cranes, or pheasants, or other birds are seen, notice is given to the falconers who are near the khan, and by these to the khan himself, who then orders his travelling house to be removed, and the hawks to be flown at the game, and he, sitting in his bed, enjoys the sport.

(seeing the birdcage) Has the bird flown? MRS HALE: (putting more quilt pieces over the box) We think thecat got it.

It overlooked a desert on three sides, and the sea on the fourth; and a man might as well have flown as endeavoured to scale it.

You picture to me the charms of the Countess with a complacency which demonstrates that your sentiments are not altogether so high flown as you would have me believe, and as you think down in your heart.

the bird has flown, non est inventus [Lat.].

They take so much pleasure in bombast, and write in such a high-flown, bloated, affected, hyperbolical and acrobatic style that their prototype is Ancient Pistol, whom his friend Falstaff once impatiently told to say what he had to say like a man of this world.

In this way an author lays the foundation of his stile empesรฉ, which is then carried to perfection by the use of high-flown, pompous expressions to communicate the simplest things, and other artifices of the same kind.

My race is run, my flight is flown;

let me get one look, Yon is the golden sky, With all its glorious lights, and there My subject sea flows by; Around me all my comrades stand, Who oft have trod with me On prince's necks, a joy that's flown, And never more may be.

For ten years the village of Sullacro had been divided over the quarrel of two families, the Orlandi and the Colonaa quarrel that had originated in the seizure of a paltry hen belonging to the Orlandi, which had flown into the poultry-yard of the Colonas.

And when Dionysius rose up, he raised her up with him, and many pretty gestures, embraces, kisses, and love compliments passed between them: which when they saw fair Bacchus and beautiful Ariadne so sweetly and so unfeignedly kissing each other, so really embracing, they swore they loved indeed, and were so inflamed with the object, that they began to rouse up themselves, as if they would have flown.

sir, returned she disengaging herself from his embrace, and falling at his feet!How can I look upon you after having flown from your protection, and given you such cause to think me the most ungrateful creature in the world!

You have loved to show your superiority in school over me and others older and better than yourself; I saw your supercilious looks at me as you spouted your high-flown declamation to-day; ay, and I caught expressions in it which you may live to rue, and that very soon.

By some chance which Providence seemed to direct, the Tiber, having over flown its banks, thereby forming stagnant pools, could not be approached at the regular course of its channel; notwithstanding it gave the bearers of the children hope that they could be drowned in its water however calm.

I have not the book; for the man is flown, whither I know notto Hades or a Mad House.

Those vapours are flown.

And sweetest melodies of bright Sami, Our Happy Fields above dear Subartu; Come nestle closely with those lips of love And balmy breath, and I with thee shall rove Through Sari past ere life on earth was known, And Time unconscious sped not, nor had flown.

He fiercely seizes it, as swooping down, The bird with its sly quarry would have flown; But the a-si quick seized it by the throat, While the wide wings with frantic fury smote The beast, and the sharp talons deeply tore Its foeboth greedy for the other's gore.

A bubble blown Upon the breeze, that bursts its shell, And all our brightest hopes are flown, And leaves our solitude a hell.

When Ishtar, Queen of Love, from Earth had flown, With her love fled, and left all nature prone; From Earth all peace with love then fled amain.

forever my sweet queen hath flown!"

A shining god raised me, and bade my fears Be flown, and I beheld the glorious throne Of crystaled light; with rays by man unknown.

from joyous earth my life has flown.

'I believe he is a very high flown young man,' said Lady Kirkbank, soothingly; 'he was never in my set, you know, dear.

No, I see Pret-ty Dick has flown a-way, And is sing-ing blithe and gay, Sit-ting yon-der on a spray Of the tree.

They had flown too low.

He did not fly past the moon, but he moved just as though he might have flown out from it.

Therefore he said: "Mother must have felt very sorry when she discovered that Morten Goosey-Gander had flown?"

It was in this craft that Jimsy and Roy had flown over for mail when they made their entrance at the beginning of this chapter.

Like the last rose of Summer I'm left quite alone; All my blooming companions To Paris are flown Three daughters, two brothers, Two sons and a niece Have all gone to Paris To speed up the Peace. 'Tis just the same story Wherever I go, There's hardly a soul left For running the show Five thousand officials, Not counting police, Have all gone to Paris To speed up the Peace.

He would have been a very ungrateful lover, if his whole soul had not flown towards Suzanne.

The hope had flown and he was able to breathe again, though breathing seemed to hurt.

"The bird has flown, but the bat remains, captain," said one of the troopers, tightening Quasimodo's bonds.

The car had a proud way of dismissing the landscape impatiently, if given her head; but as her new owner was not out to show what he could do, she was compelled to crawl when she would have flown, like Pegasus harnessed to the plough.

She asked the birds she met if they had seen him, but they answered that they had flown over all the country around, for hundreds of miles, without seeing him.

But now she has flown away, leaving a little child for me to take care of, and I am in great sorrow.

At the cost of the desolation of their own country, Belgium has perhaps saved the flag of Britain, for where would it have flown on the seas if Germany had won?

Each one in turn called thee his own, And deemed thee his submissive slave; But, when a few short years had flown, Of all thy wealth what could he save?

Closed are the stately inns once more; Flown, like the birds, is the latest guest; Many have gone to a southern shore, Some to the east and some to the west; But the smiling landlords count their gains,

One of the downy yellow dabs had swum two yards away from the others and his mother, after a daddy long-legs which had flown down on to the surface of the water, and had opened its little flat beak to seize it, when there was a whirl in the water, a rush and splash, and two great jaws armed with sharp teeth closed over the duckling, which was visible one moment, gone the next, and Robin drew an arrow out to fit to his bow-string.

"And I have been wasting your time in a fearful fashion; but perhaps you will forgive me, because I like talking to you so much," he said, rising from his seat and laughing, as he looked at his watch, to think how the morning had flown.

Often we seemed to hear it during the months that have flown away, when we knew that "our ancient" was standing sentinel for Time in another hemisphere.

It's flown away, Ke-pah-ze-qwah-o, Ke-ke-ze-kay. 8.

To the amusement of all, and to my increased consternation, he drew forth a volume of the "Wild Irish Girl," (which he had brought to return to Lady Ck) and, reading, with his deep, emphatic voice, one of the most high-flown of its passages, he paused, and patting the page with his forefinger, with the look of Hamlet addressing Polonius, he said, "Little girl, why did you write such nonsense?

The jackdaws had all flown away, and there was no sound now but the tinkle and gurgle of the water.

He wished well by his neighbors, did well by himself, And hoped for salvation, and struggled for pelf; And easy Tomorrow still promised to pay The still swelling debts of his bankrupt Today, Till, bestriding the deep sudden chasm that is fixed The sunshiny world and the shadowy betwixt, His Today with a pale wond'ring face stood alone, And over the border Tomorrow had flown.

a sad farewell! 'Tis fate's decree that we should part; Forebodings strange my bosom tell, That others now will pain thy heart: If so, calm as the waveless deep, Whereby the passing gust has blown, Unmark'd, the eye will turn to weep O'er days that have so swiftly flown, Remember meremember me, My latest thought will be for thee.

"Ta burd's flown; but ye may look after ta cage, and see tat no more o' your canaries got away.

went the carronade at last, and five little slits in the mainsail showed that her charge of grape had flown high.

"We seem to have flown ahead of the flying squadron.

We entered his tent, but the bird had flown.

The famed Italian Muse, whose rhymes advance Orlando and the Paladins of France, Records, that, when our wit and sense is flown, 'Tis lodged within the circle of the moon, In earthen jars, which one, who thither soar'd, Set to his nose, snuff'd up, and was restored.

Got a wild goose which has flown away, and three tame ones, one of which has been killed.

It must have flown across the lake from Canada.

He had flown into childish rages sometimes and had hurt her with his undisciplined strength.

It was easy to see that the cats had not been regularly fed, and one of the tame rooks had flown away.

and bye To share up with you as your wife Then, when a few years have flown

He had just flown against a window, not understanding about the glass, and had a headache in consequence.

The Black-crowned Night Heron who has just flown over is the most familiar member of his family hereabouts, and quite a sociable bird.

His gods had flown away.

"That's his rather high-flown name.

How swiftly have they flown Succeeding, still succeeding!

We must have the azaleas out to-morrow and thoroughly cleansed, they are devoured by insects; the tame rook has flown away; mother lost her prayer-book coming from church, she thinks it was stolen.

She sat still in a corner by the window, wrapped up in herself, and staring before her, as if she were a figure that had flown out of the frame around the dark, mouldy canvas, which had once shown a picture on the wall.

A butterfly sometimes may chance In heedless play to flutter hither And stop in momentary trance Where the narcissus blossoms wither; A dove that through the grove has flown Above this dell no more will utter Her coo, one can but hear her flutter And see her shadow on the stone.

Eight of the allotted ten minutes had flown before she set pencil to paper.

But he still had the same kind of a curious, sentimental, high-flown look to him.

If it had had the wings of a swallow it could not have flown there.

Illustrate by original sentences the proper use of the past indicative and the past participle of each of the following verbs, thus: A swallow FLEW into my room, but before I recovered from my surprise it had FLOWN out again.

He found Mr. Bartley alone, and why? because, at sight of Walter, Mary, for the first time in her life, had flown upstairs to look at herself in the glass before facing the visitor, and to smooth her hair, and retouch a bow, etc., underrating, as usual, the power of beauty, and overrating nullities.

However, Susan remained, to find her mistress flown, and in her fright, give Lady Rosamond as round a scolding as if she had been Charlie, for her rashness in attempting a transit, which Dr. Hayter had pronounced to be as much as her mistress's life was worth.