11999 examples of flown in sentences

" Poor Mea was deeply affected by these words, and immediately her joy had flown.

The aviators operating in the early engagements have undoubtedly flown down from Brussels and are in temporary camp at Liege.

As soon as an airman has flown over us, ten minutes later we get shrapnel fire in our position.

That dream hath vanished, and my hope is flown; For he who fain a seraph would pursue Wingless, hath cast words to the winds, and dew On stones, and gauged God's reason with his own.

Saw seven or eight hobaras, but too windy for the hawks to be flown.

Then indeed the feelings of Mr. Jarvis, his plain statement corroborated by this testimony, struck her at once as true; and as she rose to leave the room, she fell senseless into the arms of Emily who observing her movement and loss of color had flown to her assistance.

At sight of her, the blood had flown to Maude's face also, and she tried to check her horse; but Adonis, at any time rather more than she could well manage, was fresh and too eager to join the other horse, and he carried her up the field against her will.

He that hath found some fledged birdes nest may know At first sight if the bird be flown; But what fair dell or grove he sings in now, That is to him unknown.

The old she-wolf would have flown at his throat like a fury had he showed his head over the top of the ridge.

Before any of those upon deck could recover from their alarm or those from below come up upon deck, a part of the pirates, under the carpenter and the surgeon, had run to the gunroom and had taken possession of the arms, while Captain Morgan, with Master Harry and a Portuguese called Murillo Braziliano, had flown with the speed of the wind into the great cabin.

This day is but a gleam of gladness, flown Back from the past to tell us what is gone.

"It was quite easy; the birds had flown," he answered.

~My Pipe is Out.~ My pipe is out; the hour is late, And sitting lonely by the grate Sweet thoughts that led their circling train In puffs cerulean 'round my brain Have flown, and left me to my fate.

When any cranes, or pheasants, or other birds are seen, notice is given to the falconers who are near the khan, and by these to the khan himself, who then orders his travelling house to be removed, and the hawks to be flown at the game, and he, sitting in his bed, enjoys the sport.

It overlooked a desert on three sides, and the sea on the fourth; and a man might as well have flown as endeavoured to scale it.

You picture to me the charms of the Countess with a complacency which demonstrates that your sentiments are not altogether so high flown as you would have me believe, and as you think down in your heart.

the bird has flown, non est inventus [Lat.].

'I believe he is a very high flown young man,' said Lady Kirkbank, soothingly; 'he was never in my set, you know, dear.

No, I see Pret-ty Dick has flown a-way, And is sing-ing blithe and gay, Sit-ting yon-der on a spray Of the tree.

At the cost of the desolation of their own country, Belgium has perhaps saved the flag of Britain, for where would it have flown on the seas if Germany had won?

The jackdaws had all flown away, and there was no sound now but the tinkle and gurgle of the water.

"We seem to have flown ahead of the flying squadron.

Got a wild goose which has flown away, and three tame ones, one of which has been killed.

It must have flown across the lake from Canada.

He had flown into childish rages sometimes and had hurt her with his undisciplined strength.

11999 examples of  flown  in sentences