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114 examples of  fluster  in sentences

114 examples of fluster in sentences

The Colonel looked about in a flustered way for the tattered San Francisco Examiner; Potts and the Boy hustled the punch-bowl on to the bucket board, recklessly spilling some of the precious contents.

For all his affectation of leisureliness and her obvious fluster, no doubt about it, Joe was gaining on her.

She came into the place alone, walking quickly, for she was unwarrantably flustered by her late encounter.

He was astonished and a little horrified to see that she was not in the least flustered, but very angry.

Although Mr. Mattingford was somewhat flustered by the unexpected appearance of Mrs. Holymead, he did not depart from precedent to the extent of regarding her as entitled to any other treatment than that accorded to clients who called on business.

" Without a trace of the hurry and fluster that had so affected her young mistress, Pansy Potts, in neat white cap and apron, opened the door to the guests.

The Tea Club does seem to make a most awful amount of fluster in a new house.

I never could remember all that, I should be so flustered, you know.

She met Cousin Peligros coming towards the drawing-room in her best black silk dress, and in what might have been called a fluster of excitement at the thought of a visitor, if such a word had been applicable to her placid life of self-deception.

You got flustered, without knowing whence; tipsy upon words; and reeled under the potency of his unperforming Bacchanalian encouragements.

It's so high, it makes me dizzy jest to think of.' "'Well, then, I'll do the best I can; but I wish them boys was to Jericho!' says the old lady, with a groan, for she was fat and hot, had her gown pinned up, and was in a fluster generally.

The fleet did not reach Jamestown until 1652, when, after a little fluster, Sir William Berkeley retired to Greenspring, and the government was turned over to the roundheads, who chose Richard Bennet, Esquire, to be governor of the colony for one year.

In came the first gentleman, flustered with excitement.

If he noticed that I was flustered and afraid of Aunt Lavinia seeing me, and guesses who she is and connects my running away from home with her, he would tell her where I am just out of spite.

Miss Starr, quite flustered, ran rapidly to escape being caught in its drooping folds.

Returning to the hotel, rather worried and flustered by the morning's events, he found the girls quietly seated in the lobby, busy over their embroidery.

"The man ain't born that can fluster Mr. Macnair.

"Lady Tintern arrived unexpectedly by the afternoon train yesterday," explained Mrs. Hewel, in her flustered manner, turning once more to Peter.

The company looked a little flustered one morning when I came in,so much so, that I inquired of my neighbor, the divinity-student, what had been going on.

I was prevailed upon to fluster myself, with an intention to make some advances, which, if obliged to recede, I might lay upon raised spirits: but the instant I beheld her, I was soberized into awe and reverence: and the majesty of her even visible purity first damped, and then extinguished, my double flame.

Of course that flustered me.

"Well, I was flustered, of course, naturally," went on the large lady.

" It was rather an astonished telegraph operator who, a little later, was confronted by four pretty girls, a man who looked as if he had been in a shipwreck, and a much-flustered lady.

So in my fluster I didn't catch what he meant.

The prince was detained by some accident; and his sailors, as well as their captain, Thomas Fitz-Stephens, having spent the interval in drinking, were so flustered, that being in a hurry to follow the king, they heedlessly carried the ship on a rock, where she immediately foundered.

re-voilร ," cried his Majesty and the Duchess of Kendal, and expressed their pleasure that she had changed her mind, but Lady Mary was so flustered that, instead of maintaining a discreet silence she burst out, "Oh, Lord, Sir, I have been so frightened!" and related her adventure.

This put the poor people into a terrible fluster.

Who, if his heart be not of steel or stone, Can read unmoved of Charley or of Jo; Of dear Miss Flite, who, though her wits be flown, Has kept a soul as pure as driven snow; Of the fierce "man from Shropshire" overthrown By Law's delays; of Caddy's inky woe; Or of the alternating fits and fluster That harass the unhappy slavey, Guster?

I drew Sangree to one side and moved away, while Maloney took the distressed girl into her tent, and his wife followed them, energetic and greatly flustered.

506. call off the attention, draw off the attention, call away the attention, divert the attention, distract the mind; put out of one's head; disconcert, discompose; put out, confuse, perplex, bewilder, moider^, fluster, muddle, dazzle; throw a sop to Cerberus.

Adj. drunk, tipsy; intoxicated; inebrious^, inebriate, inebriated; in one's cups; in a state of intoxication &c n.; temulent^, temulentive^; bombed, smashed; fuddled, mellow, cut, boozy, fou^, fresh, merry, elevated; flustered, disguised, groggy, beery; top-heavy; potvaliant^, glorious; potulent^; squiffy [Slang]; overcome, overtaken; whittled, screwed [Slang], tight, primed, corned, raddled^, sewed up [Slang], lushy

" Migwan felt a little flustered as Miss Amesbury came smiling into their midst.

Some women always are pretty when they are put out,and then again, some ain't; it appears to me there's a great difference in women, very much as there is in hens; now, there was your aunt Deborah,but there, I won't get on that track now, only so far as to say that when she was flustered up she used to go red all over, something like a piny, which didn't seem to have just the same effect.

From the flurry and the fluster, From the ruin and the crashes, They arise in brighter lustre, Like the phoenix from his ashes.

The poorer classes are easily flurried; they will always give what information they have if kindly spoken to, but you must not fluster them.

And it was generally plain that the ladies of the house were in a tremendous fluster.

These thoughts surged through his flustered brain.

"He went down the garding, miss, when the gentlemen cleared, bein' a little flustered by the goin's on.

A ball is proceeding at the house of a Parisian financier, when the whisper spreads that the host is ruined, and has committed suicide in a room above; whereupon the guests, after a moment of flustered consternation, go on supping and dancing!

"Er" stammered Priam Farll, utterly flustered and craven.

He grew flustered and stood, for once, at a loss.

He was a little flustered, till the sight of the eatables and drinkables gave him the same Mercian courage which it gave Diggory.

"But land's sakes alive," exclaimed the farmer's wife, "I declar ter goodness, we've bin so flustered thet I don' know no more than a wet hen.

It seemed like the original dead end job, but he did it well, never flustered, taking pride in his cart and the tables that were clean for moments.

She stammered, as though the wrong sentence flustered her a second.

I was flustered beyond belief and ashamed that I was so.

Why should we fluster ourselves, why wax so hot, when time thus brings its inevitable revenges?

Now, the day he slipped down that chimbly an' run away he wasn't a bit flustered, an' he didn't play hookey the balance of the day neither.

We had bought it chiefly on his account, so ez to git 'im accustomed to seein' handsome things around, so thet when he goes out into the world he won't need to be flustered by finery.

The maid, all flustered and red-eyed with emotional unrest, told us that Jane was upstairs, and Clare too.

" She gently disengaged her hands, her chief sensation one of amusement, Abbey was in such an agony of blushing diffidence, all flustered at his own temerity.

She tried to speak, but was too much flustered.

Each man knew that, shelter them as they would from observation, the sparks were almost certain to betray them; but although some rifles began at once to crack spasmodically and the bullets to whistle overhead, each man went on with the allotted program steadily, without haste and without fluster, devoting all their attention to the proper igniting of the bomb-fuses, and leaving what might follow to take care of itself.

It flustered her that she could have said the thing at all.

Three or four of us raced upstairs to aid Sister in keeping the top end of the apparatus from jerking free, while several more went to the assistance of the flustered Dutton.

She was quite flustered and frightened, and said cordially enough how glad she was to have us both.

He was a bit flustered, it seemed to me, and he tried to laugh the matter off, but the girl didn't.

Don't fluster yourself!"

He appeared flustered.

But he reached the dock with scarcely a quarter of an hour to spare, and after a difficulty which was cleared away, found himself upon the deck of the Kaiserin Augusta, a somewhat flustered individual, with many loose ends dangling in retrospect, with no cabin as yet assigned to him, sober of face but inexpressibly happy.

He gave one the impression of having all his ideas on the subjects he thought worthy of attention carefully culled and packed in his brain-pan, and neatly labelled, so that he might without fluster pounce upon any of them at a moment's warning.

She does not have to fluster in, buttoning her cuff, when people call.

A jaunty lump of a parlor-maid in a fluster at the sight of so much grandeur says "At home" (some of them have "days"), and we are ushered into a narrow hall and so to a drawing-room.

She was a plump, meekly prettyish woman with a quick, flustered manner and a soft voice.

Flustered, eager, pleasantly shocked at her own daring, Winona distributed gifts from the basket, seeing only the hands that came forth to receive them.

"Of course, I was flustered just at firstso sudden and all.

"Don't get yourself flustered, sir," said Mary.

She was rather hurried and flustered about the matter, as the steamer from Petersburg was coming around the point above and would soon be making this same landing, and a schooner that was loading was right in the way, and the first line that was thrown out broke, and the engine stopped at the wrong time, andall those people looking on!

to be sure she is married,' said Mistress Pauncefort, exceedingly flustered.

' Mistress Pauncefort disappeared in a fluster of delight.

" This flustered Gavinia; but Grizel, who enjoyed her own jokes too heartily to have more than a polite interest in those of other people, said to her: "How can you be angry!

He is never shy or flustered; he found one day here, staying with me, a somewhat rare species of visitor, a man of high political distinction, who came down to get a quiet Sunday to talk over an important article which I happened to be entrusted with.

The attorney, flustered and excited, cast a look at Mr. Thomasson as if his entrance were an added grievance; but that done, went on with his complaint.

Three was their dinner hour; it was not yet four, yet already the young lord was flushed and a little flustered, talked fast, swore at Jarvey, and bragged of the girl lightly and without reserve.

he tripped forward to embrace her, and, the wine emboldening him, was about to clasp her in his arms, when she checked him by a gesture unmistakable even by a man in his flustered state.

But Stella was not to be flustered.

They shook hands, and Captain Bowers, reaching up for a cage containing a parrot, which had been noisily entreating the cabman for a kiss all the way from the station, handed that flustered person his fare and entered the house again.

"I say 'amen' to those sentiments," he added, too much flustered just then to use his affected style of speech.

I'll harry you and fluster you and heckle you and make a fool of you, and I'll roll you up in a ball and blow you out the window, and turn old Hassoun loose for an Egyptian holiday that will make old Rome look like thirty piasters!

" "I hope indeed" stammered the flustered and puzzled secretary, and then stopped, blushing absurdly.

I am one of those who live in Taverns to a great Age, by a sort of regular Intemperance; I never go to Bed drunk, but always flustered; I wear away very gently; am apt to be peevish, but never angry.

While these young Fellows resign their Stomachs with their Hearts, and drink at the Idol in this manner, we who come to do Business, or talk Politicks, are utterly poisoned: They have also Drams for those who are more enamoured than ordinary; and it is very common for such as are too low in Constitution to ogle the Idol upon the Strength of Tea, to fluster themselves with warmer Liquors:

She had spent almost two hours running to and fro, was all in perspiration and a fluster, had done me a great deal of harm and nobody any good, had wasted all the kindlings for the evening fire, enough tea to have served a large family for a meal, and fairly illustrated a large part of the hospital service rendered by women oppressed with the nursing mission.

" "Oh don't talk so," said Eric, shocked and flustered, "why everybody knows and says that you're getting better.

Lillian Underwood flustered!

" "That's a very gallant speech," she said, blushingand I vow, I didn't know what gallant meant, and was a little flustered for fear her blushes were called out by something shady.

If she had not been in such a fluster, she would have waited until you had poured out your tea, which was what she probably meant to do, or have dropped the sugar into the milk-jug.

"'I'm sure I beg your pardon,' says Miss Loys, all of a fluster.

"I'm pretty well," said the flustered lady.

It saves worry and fluster when the time comes."

M. Grascour was not in the least flustered, whereas poor Harry had been hardly able to speak his mind.

" Bog blushed, but this time with honest pride, though he was flustered to look up and see that Miss Minford nodded in approval of his independent spirit.

" These words of sympathy from the young girl flustered the poor boy for a minute.

Uncle Ith was so much flustered by all these tokens of popularity, that he could not utter an articulate word, but only mumble, and wipe his heated brow.

They pushed open the door, and there sat St. Piran in his arm-chair, looking good for another twenty years, but considerably flustered.

Above him the rooks had poured out of their nests, and were cawing in flustered circles.

Old Mead, whose memory was never good, became flustered, and at the end of the line came to a dead stop.

Some said Captain Fortescue looked much more agitated than he did when he saved his uncle's life off Dartmouth, some years before; it was marvellously strange for a brave young officer such as he, to be so flustered at such a simple thing as taking a pretty girl for better or worse.

I'se on'y a little frustrated, (flustered,) Miss, with de 'fusion, and I'se jes a-studyin'.

I found Jone in an awful fluster about my being out so late; but I do stay pretty late sometimes when I walk by myself, and so he hadn't anything new to say.