152 examples of fly by in sentences

" "So the Germans can see us as they fly by, eh?" "They won't see us in the dark," said Frank.

We are late, and the last twenty-seven kilometres fly by in thirty-two minutes!

When he communicated this unwelcome intelligence to Ferangís, she was thrown into the greatest alarm and agitation; but ever fruitful in expedients, suggested the course that it seemed necessary he should instantly adopt, which was to fly by a circuitous route back to Irán.

And the owls, that fly by night, Mock it from the ivied tower, Hooting at the midnight hour Down upon it from the height.

Ah, they don't dream whose eye is on them, they never guess what secrets the telegraph wires tell as the messages fly by, and little know what a report I give to the winds of heaven as I ring out above them morning, noon, and night."

"The hours fly by like minutes," continues Nancy, stopping by the side window and twirling the curtain tassel absently.

So, amid the whirl and roar of winter-life in Washington, when one has no time to read, write, or think, and scarcely time to eat, drink, and sleep, when the days fly by like hours, and the brain reels under the excitement of the protracted debauch, life becomes an intolerable bore.

I'm prepar'd to fly By a new track through ether's wide dominion, To distant spheres of pure activity.

Most of the small birds fly by jerks, rising and falling as they advance.

They fly by too quickly, yet each is loaded with story, incident, or song; and when I consider the world of ideas, images, and impressions that have been crowded upon my mind since I have been here, it seems incredible that I should only have been two days at Abbotsford.

"O, here is the kittyI've found her," said auntie, suddenly seizing Fly by the shoulders, and stopping her mocking-bird mouth.

"They fly by night, and assail infants in the nurse's absence.

If present speed and course are maintained, object will fly by the Earth.

He needed to stroll around, to talk with somebody, in order that time might fly by with greater rapidity, beguiling his uneasy wait.

The goats fly by with timid cry, Their realm rashly won; They pausehe still ascends on high They gaze, but he is gone.

Sometimes when he's been livin' on bacon an' beans fer months, he lets a flock o' young ptarmigan fly by him 'cause he says they look so soft an' pretty an' fluttery he don't like ter shoot 'em; an' Moose is a dead shot.

R71815, 18Dec50, National Geographic Society (PWH) CAPTAIN FLY BY NIGHT, a photoplay in 5 reels by R-C Pictures Corp. © 24Dec22, L18625.

R64520. Captain Fly by Night.

R71815, 18Dec50, National Geographic Society (PWH) CAPTAIN FLY BY NIGHT, a photoplay in 5 reels by R-C Pictures Corp. © 24Dec22, L18625.

R64520. Captain Fly by Night.

The Swallows' swift flight carries them far and wide, for not only do they make homes all through North America, but they are so sure of wing and confident of outstripping any cannibal birds who might try to chase them, that when they leave us they fly by day and often stop for a little visit in the West Indies on their way to South America.

In one form or another, as the hedges fly by the train windows, the subject is always war.

At this most critical juncture, and when it seemed as if death were inevitable, the martyr received absolution from Father Diez, who witnessed the blood-curdling picture with his heart pierced with grief at the sight of the sufferings of his innocent brother, feeling as must the condemned man preparing for death who sees the hours fly by with vertiginous rapidity.

In the same way, just as primitive men were keen reasoners, so early bees, more clever than modern bees, may have evolved the system of hexagonal cells, and only an early fish of genius could first have hit on the plan, now hereditary of killing a fly by blowing water at it.

Do they not fly by night?

152 examples of  fly by  in sentences
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