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152 examples of  fly by  in sentences

152 examples of fly by in sentences

In this sweet discourse the minutes flew by unmarked, and would have gone on flying, had not Jeanne reappeared of her own accord, to remark that it really was very late now; did mademoiselle think that possibly anything could have happened to Doctor Arkroyd?

" "So the Germans can see us as they fly by, eh?" "They won't see us in the dark," said Frank.

Bullets flew by on all sides, but none struck home.

This caused me to slacken; for I had recognised this latter, as he flew by, as Sweetwater, the detective, and knew that he would do this work better than myself.

The week which followed flew by like a dream.

We are late, and the last twenty-seven kilometres fly by in thirty-two minutes!

Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom?

all three dived at me like a rock and bullets flew by me, cutting my plane, so I pulled up at them, fired, swerved so my gunner could let them have it also and then saw the iron cross flash by, so I knew it was the Huns.

" The ocean breeze smarted in their eyes, the motor thrummed merrily, trees and houses flew by, the racing car leaped to fresh speed.

When he communicated this unwelcome intelligence to Ferangรญs, she was thrown into the greatest alarm and agitation; but ever fruitful in expedients, suggested the course that it seemed necessary he should instantly adopt, which was to fly by a circuitous route back to Irรกn.

And the owls, that fly by night, Mock it from the ivied tower, Hooting at the midnight hour Down upon it from the height.

Ah, they don't dream whose eye is on them, they never guess what secrets the telegraph wires tell as the messages fly by, and little know what a report I give to the winds of heaven as I ring out above them morning, noon, and night."

Week flew by after week, and still he lingered at the residence of his kinsman, unable to tear himself from the society of one so worshipped, and yet afraid to take a step by making a distinct declaration which might involve him in disgrace or ridicule.

As he did so, that mysterious craft flew by, and the whole sea seemed lighted up by a strange illumination.

" This is all that Mrs. Sykes heard, for just then Jane flew by again like a returning comet and had to be captured and properly tied up.

And then at last one morning some Wind Creatures flew by, above the garden wall!

"The hours fly by like minutes," continues Nancy, stopping by the side window and twirling the curtain tassel absently.

And they were gaunt; he could see that as he flew by them.

Upon a day, as Love lay sweetly slumbring All in his mothers lap, A gentle Bee, with his loud trumpet murm'ring, About him flew by hap.

Just then flew by a monstrous crow, As big as a tar barrel, Which frightened both the heroes so, They quite forgot their quarrel.

Feare nothing, lady, whose bright eye Sing'd Deaths wings as he flew by: Wee therefore, trust me, only come To sing Deaths Epicedium.

Hours flew by unnoted, as they sat on the terrace facing the vast horizon and the shady banks of the Viorne, and the slopes of Sainte-Marthe, from the rocky bars of the Seille to the valley of Plassans in the dusty distance.

It was a marvel how content Katie found herself as the winter flew by.

The hours flew by like minutes.

At the next moment, fleet as the wind, Marmion's steed riderless flew by, the housings and saddle dyed crimson.

He saw move through the stillness a bird all black, and beneath the beatings of his wings Babbulkund gloomed and darkened; and after him flew a bird all white, beneath the beatings of whose wings Babbulkund gleamed and shone; and there flew by four more birds alternately black and white.

How we flew by town, river, and hill!

Still we were very happy and very comfortable, and the days flew by.

And with each new wild geese-flock that flew by, the tame geese became more and more unruly.

But the white one flew by unhurt like the rest.

He saw several birds that resembled the wild duck, but they flew by without noticing him, and he could understand that none among them was the right one.

Yes! another six months and Christmas will be here; and, after Christmas is turned, the weeks till February the 12ththe second anniversary of Theophil's coming to New Zionwill fly by in no time.

Anyway, time flew by.

Two hours flew by like minutes; she was gone when he got up from the table.

The guard raised his bayonet in the air, to command the car to stop and show its papers, but it flew by him and dashed up the hill.

All the afternoon she watched the Louisiana plantations, lakes, and bayous fly by in sunshine and shadow; or she read a novel of the South as it had been in old days.

The days flew by and the date of the Yates game rapidly approached.

A streak of brown flew by, and a moment later Joel heard the thud as the full-back's shoe struck the ball.

And the miles flew by, green and brown and golden, while I wondered what use I might be in the world, who could not help a child to forget, Possibly there was another way, I thought.

Joe asked, as they flew by a lighthouse blinking from a rocky headland.

A pilot-boat, running for shelter from the coming storm, flew by them like a frightened bird, passing the steamer as though the latter were standing still.

So, amid the whirl and roar of winter-life in Washington, when one has no time to read, write, or think, and scarcely time to eat, drink, and sleep, when the days fly by like hours, and the brain reels under the excitement of the protracted debauch, life becomes an intolerable bore.

I'm prepar'd to fly By a new track through ether's wide dominion, To distant spheres of pure activity.

Most of the small birds fly by jerks, rising and falling as they advance.

They fly by too quickly, yet each is loaded with story, incident, or song; and when I consider the world of ideas, images, and impressions that have been crowded upon my mind since I have been here, it seems incredible that I should only have been two days at Abbotsford.

"It was too tempting; so I climbed upon the tender and rested my weary legs, while the pines and drifted sands flew by us an hour or more and I had crossed New Jersey!"

Where late Amintor made a nymph a bride, 30 Joyful I flew by young Favonia's side, Who, mindless of the feasting, went to sip The balmy pleasure of the shepherd's lip; I saw the wanton where I stoop'd to sup, And half resolved to drown me in the cup; Till, brush'd by careless hands, she soar'd above: Cease, beauty, cease to vex a tender love!

"O, here is the kittyI've found her," said auntie, suddenly seizing Fly by the shoulders, and stopping her mocking-bird mouth.

When this question was before him he was staying with Sir John Jaffray, Bart., and in discussing the matter with his host he walked up and down the room talking and talking till the hours flew by and it became late.

It flew by every thing on the river, yet no one was visible on board.

While his companions deadened the sense of apprehension by their light but equally necessary employment Wilder stepped the two masts of the boat, and properly disposed of the sails, and those other implements that might be useful in the event of success Thus occupied, a couple of hours flew by, as though minutes were compressed into moments.

The water was icy, and the banks flew by like the country from an express train.

The time flew by far too fast, till at last Sir Charles, with a half-laugh, suggested: "Do you know, dearest Countess" She corrected him in a soft, low voice.

"They fly by night, and assail infants in the nurse's absence.

If present speed and course are maintained, object will fly by the Earth.

Maple seeds fly by means of double-winged sails which carry them far afield before they settle.

"Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south?

I stood up, and pressing my forehead to the cold window-pane, vainly attempted, through the inky blackness of the foggy night, to discern the objects which flew by.

Her thoughts flew by and upwardintent, but swift to vanish, like bees in high noon.

He needed to stroll around, to talk with somebody, in order that time might fly by with greater rapidity, beguiling his uneasy wait.

The goats fly by with timid cry, Their realm rashly won; They pausehe still ascends on high They gaze, but he is gone.

Time lost its familiar sluggishness; the long industrious days, that had been so slow of old, flew by the bailiff's daughter like the shadows from a magic-lantern.

The Khรกnsha, occupied in her household affairs, not infrequently left Ammalรกt for hours together in her apartmentsas he was a relation; and Seltanetta, with two or three of her personal attendants, seated on cushions, and engaged in needlework, would not remark how the hours flew by, conversing with the guest, and listening to his talk.

Sometimes when he's been livin' on bacon an' beans fer months, he lets a flock o' young ptarmigan fly by him 'cause he says they look so soft an' pretty an' fluttery he don't like ter shoot 'em; an' Moose is a dead shot.

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R71815, 18Dec50, National Geographic Society (PWH) CAPTAIN FLY BY NIGHT, a photoplay in 5 reels by R-C Pictures Corp. ยฉ 24Dec22, L18625.

R64520. Captain Fly by Night.

I was feeding quietly near the pales which separated the meadow from the railway, when I heard a strange sound at a distance, and before I knew whence it camewith a rush and a clatter, and a puffing out of smokea long black train of something flew by, and was gone almost before I could draw my breath.

An hour flew by much too fast, and it was with great reluctance that we finally turned our back on the finest part of the Lidar Valley, and sadly resumed our march to Sellar, crossing the river and following a rather hot and dull road.

We spent a week at Udaipura happy week, whose short days flew by far too quickly.

But as the days flew by it became more and more apparent to Claire that she was in no position to indulge in idle speculation.

The Swallows' swift flight carries them far and wide, for not only do they make homes all through North America, but they are so sure of wing and confident of outstripping any cannibal birds who might try to chase them, that when they leave us they fly by day and often stop for a little visit in the West Indies on their way to South America.

The hedges flew by, pale glimmering walls in the lamplight; the mud flew up and splashed Mr. Pomeroy's face; still he hung out of the window, his hand on the fastening of the door, and a brace of pistols on the ledge before him; while the tutor, shuddering at these preparations, hoping against hope that they would overtake no one, cowered in the farther corner.

As minute after minute flew by, the feeling increased, until it would not much exceed the bounds of truth to say that under none of the vicissitudes of war did there ever exist so feverish an hour on board his Britannic Majesty's ship the Proserpine, as the very period of which we are now writing.

As I dreaded the voyage, the days flew by too fast for my pleasure.

With reading, writing, going up to London, and receiving visitors, the months flew by without our accomplishing half the work we proposed.

Two days flew by and nothing happened, only at night they could hear foxes barking in the distance.

In one form or another, as the hedges fly by the train windows, the subject is always war.

At this most critical juncture, and when it seemed as if death were inevitable, the martyr received absolution from Father Diez, who witnessed the blood-curdling picture with his heart pierced with grief at the sight of the sufferings of his innocent brother, feeling as must the condemned man preparing for death who sees the hours fly by with vertiginous rapidity.

In an instant he started up, and ten or twelve more crusts flew by or hit him on the head, as he strode out of the desk towards the door.

Overhead the lazy crows flew by, winging out from their city roosts to the rice-fields for the day's food.

Dong-Yung longed to put each flower plant in a dragon bowl by itself and place it where the sun caught its petals one by one as the hours flew by.

And soon the huge masses of white plumage began to float from tree to tree across the reach, whilst their screams as they flew by seemed a fair challenge to the sportsman.

"There's your friend Ferry," observed Max, as they flew by at the gray mare's smartest pace, "working away in a strawberry patch as if his life depended on it.

His heart beat firmly and equably, the hours flew by, he did not even think about sleeping.

Many years flew by before the Stationers' Company discovered the mischief wrought by the statute they had themselves promoted.

I hallowed once and again to no avail, so I prodded the fellow with my sword to assist his respiratory organs, as he flew by.

The years flew by, and the date-palm and the priest grew together,only one became vigorous and the other feeble.

However, the Italian never even gave her a glance as he came up; his machine flew by with a swirl, amid a crashing crescendo; then it disappeared in the dust of the distance.

Though the days flew by, days filled with the busy nothings of prosperity, they bore no meaning.

In the same way, just as primitive men were keen reasoners, so early bees, more clever than modern bees, may have evolved the system of hexagonal cells, and only an early fish of genius could first have hit on the plan, now hereditary of killing a fly by blowing water at it.

" "Charles has something better to do," replied his father, laughing, as the little Lord Manvers flew by him, with his arm twined round his cousin Gertrude in the inspiring galop, and seemed to have neither ear nor eye for any one or anything else.

After that the inexorable minutes flew by until the performance ended.

Do they not fly by night?

395 Thus while the days flew by, and years passed on, From Nature and her overflowing soul, I had received so much, that all my thoughts Were steeped in feeling; I was only then Contented, when with bliss ineffable 400

Not a day flew by that he did not pay a visit to Aveline.

But Mr. Butler soon came in, and began to relate some of his "sailor yarns," as he called them (for he was a retired sea-captain), and the boys became so interested in listening to them, that they did not notice how rapidly the time flew by, and it was ten o'clock before they knew it.

Then feet flew by our door.

I recollected the maddened look of the creature, as it flew by me like a flash, frightened out of its wits, Mrs. Austin had said, by the clicking of the machinery of the huge clock, and the chiming of the responsive bell.