152 examples of foemen in sentences

The Union force, as marked by the veil of smoke, curved, about the foemen, a vast crescent, seven miles or more from tip to tip.

he cried, "all ye that do love wife or daughter or little childall ye that would maintain them innocent and purefollow me!" As he ended, his sword flashed, and, even as he sprang, so sprang all those behind himdown, down they leapt upon the close-ranked foemen below, so swift, so sudden and unexpected, that ere they could be met with pike or sword the thing was done.

When their dark foemen from the west came o'er The ragged hills, and when on Croumba's shore The Viking hordes descending, fought and fled And when brave Conn, who would avenge the Red, By one-eyed Goll was slain.

And like the deer He sped to find if foemen had come near Fierce, swarthy hillmen, waiting at the fords For combat eager, or red Viking hordes From out the Northern isles ...

His wrath he wrought Upon the trees that morn, as if he fought Against a hundred foemen from the west, Till he grew weary, and was fain to rest.

Garry leapt From dreams that boded ill, with sudden fear That a fierce band of foemen had come near The seven fetters of his golden hair He wrenched off as he leapt, and so laid bare A shredded scalp of ruddy wounds that bled With bitter agony ...

for who Would us defend if our fierce foemen came When Garry is against us ...

For the last time his evil foemen came; The sons of Calatin by Lugaid led.

Round Shab Fuad desolate and grand, Till Ere with hate the hero did behold, Hast'ning to sweep the foemen from the land, His sword flash'd red and radiant in his hand, In sunny splendour was his spear upraised, And hovering o'er his head the light of heroes blazed He comes!

"We give thee leave, but thou must come again," His foemen said; then low made answer he, "If I will not return, I'll bid you come to me" His wound he bound, and to the loch did hie, And drank his drink, and wash'd, and made no moan.

Then came the brave Cuchullin forth to die, Sublimely fearless, strengthless and alone ... He wended to the standing pillar-stone, Clutching his sword and leaning on his spear, And to his foemen called, "Come ye, and meet me here.

He was now in the service of Pyrrhus, and being sent about to various cities, proved the truth of the Euripidean saw, that "All can be done by words Which foemen wish to do with conquering swords.

The downfall, exile, and death of his brother-in-law in 874 must have warned Alfred, if he had any need of warning, that no treaty could bind these foemen, and that he had nothing to look for but the same measure as soon as the pagan leaders felt themselves strong enough to mete it out to him and Wessex.

Long may Indian sportsmen find plenty of 'foemen worthy of their steel' in the old grey boar, the fighting tusker of Bengal.

Art thou above thy foemen, And free as Phoebus?

13,14 From the West to the East by the rising sun 15 may I have no foemen!

'So the foemen have fired the gate, men of mine; And the water is spent and gone? Then bring me a cup of the red Ahr-wine: I never shall drink but this one.

Thy valves are, sure, no safety-valves to thee, While rakes are free to desecrate thy bed, And bear thee off,as foemen take their spoil, Far from thy friends and family to roam; Forced, like a Hessian, from thy native home, To meet destruction in a foreign broil!

My heart leaped with joy and pride at the sight of them, those great, gray guardians of the British shores, bulwarks of steel that fend all foemen from the rugged coast and the fair land that lies behind it.

But they have been efficacious in his town, and in a larger field, with foemen more worthy of his steel, they are intended to enslave.

Desp'rate the conflict: 'tis for life or death; And many a pass will tell to after years Of glorious victories sealed in foemen's blood.

First let us sweep the foemen from the soil, Then reconcile our difference in peace!

I sometimes ache for foemen and the wilds.

Ah! why should good fellows foemen be?

My veteran knew the pikes and the by-paths, and we fraternised with the warmth usual among foemen who at last have become friends.

152 examples of  foemen  in sentences