99 examples of foller in sentences

Whatever comes afore mornin', I'm glad o' that!" "Have you no more to say to me?" "Yes, Dougl's,'s for my little girl,ef so be as I should foller my boy sometime, I'd wish you'd be friends to Dode, Dougl's.

"I'd foller dem fellers right fru' dis yer eatin'-house.

" "So rumsellers say, but it ain't a good trade to foller, and I'd chop wood 'fore I'd earn my livin' harmin' my feller man.

Says he, "Young man, the tribe of Phinns Knows their own whisky-skins!" He went for his 'leven-inch bowie-knife: "I tries to foller a Christian life;

"You doddle about 'ere for ten minutes," said Mr. Kidd, as they reached the Monument, "and then foller on.

"You doddle about 'ere for ten minutes," said Mr. Kidd, as they reached the Monument, "and then foller on.

We wos to foller yer, and to do the job wherever we could.

I'll foller you till I drop dead.

They got on a bus, and as Sam was about to foller Ginger and Peter on top, Mr. Goodman took hold of 'im by the arm and said they'd go inside.

If he even see a straddle-bug start to go anywheres, he would bet you how long it would take him to get toto wherever he was going to, and if you took him up, he would foller that straddle-bug to Mexico but what he would find out where he was bound for and how long he was on the road.

"Maybe you don't foller me.

In France I used to foller 'im to gather up the bits; 'E "'adn't 'eard" o' snipers and 'e "wasn't 'eedin'" Fritz; Till in a slip o' garden by the Convent 'e was copped, And dahn among the lavender, the trodden sodden lavender, The bloody muddy lavender 'e dropped.

" "Then she can foller him 'ome in the morning," ses the skipper.

It came at last, a lovely morning with a beautiful sunrise; and that woman sitting up wide awake, waiting to foller me 'ome.

" "Well, she can foller you agin," she ses.

If you should 'appen to take a fancy into your 'ed to wait behind a pile of empties till the ship comes in, and then slip out and foller your 'usband and give 'im the little surprise you spoke of, it's nothing to do with me.'

Then I told Mrs. Pratt to pick up 'er bag and foller me.

It seems to foller 'im about.

I'll let down de bars an' foller you.

Er s'posen I des woun's her, en she gits erway,w'at she gwine do ter me den?' "'I is done studied 'bout all dem things,' sez de cunjuh man, 'en it 'pears ter me de bes' plan fer you ter foller is ter lemme tu'n you ter some creetur w'at kin see in de da'k, en w'at kin run des ez fas' ez a cat, en w'at kin bite, en bite fer ter kill; en den you won't hafter hab no trouble atter de job is done.

"I'm goin' to foller Martin Tyrer to his long home, if I ha' to hop," he added sternly.

sez he, and after a minute's thought he added, "Others can foller suit and set them that are dearest to 'em out-doors.

"Wal, boys," said the farmer, "no use to try to foller the varmint any further.

" "I don't foller your words," said the cattleman, "but from the drift of your tune I gather you're a bit peeved; and if you are" His voice had risen to a ringing note as he proceeded and he now slipped from his chair and faced Randall Byrne, a big man, brown, hard-handed.

On one occasion, wishing to indooce her lover to foller her example, she stepped into the flame to encourage himsomething went wrong with the works, and she was instantly redooced to a cinder.

99 examples of  foller  in sentences