97 examples of followeth in sentences

6] And if we durst ioine therto whoredom their elder daughter, we shal find that she followeth after immediately.

A fantastic humour possesseth him of spurning at piety and soberness; he inconsiderately followeth a herd of wild fops, he affecteth to play the ape.

Thy princes are rebellious and companions of thieves; every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come before them.

HERE FOLLOWETH THE HISTORY OF JOB Read on the first Sunday of September

Now Christian again seemed for doing it; but Hopeful made his second reply as followeth: My brother, said he, rememberest thou not how valiant thou hast been heretofore?

So the fair speech of Cyprus echoeth around the name of Kinyras, him whom Apollo of the golden hair loved fervently, and who dwelt a priest in the house of Aphrodite: for to such praise are men moved by the thankfulness that followeth the recompense of friendly acts.

Without lot in trouble hath there been never any yet, neither shall be: yet still the ancient bliss of Battos followeth the race, albeit with various fortune; a bulwark is it to the city, and to strangers a most welcome light.

" PART III The Madness of Sir Tristram Here followeth the story of how Sir Tristram was driven out of Cornwall and of how he went mad because of his troubles.

There is, farther, a certain herb which followeth the sun, and removes after it, which is a strange and marvellous thing.

the Albatross proveth a bird of good omen, and followeth the ship as it returned northward through fog and floating ice.

"But say, what was it?" a poetical interlocutor is made to exclaim most naturally; and here followeth the answer, upon which all the pathos and interest of the story depend. A HOUSEHOLD TUB, like one of those Which women use to wash their clothes!!

w'ch we now p'rfesse, as also the disciplyne of the Churches, w'ch according to the truth of the said gospell is now practised amongst vs; As also in o'r Ciuell Affaires to be guided and gouerned according to such Lawes, Rules, Orders and decrees as shall be made, ordered & decreed, as followeth: 1.

The god who dwelleth therein worketh right and truth; unto him that doeth these things he giveth old age, and to him that followeth after them rank and honour, until at length he attaineth unto a happy funeral and burial in the Holy Land" (i.e., the underworld).

I have entered into thee, and my soul followeth after me, and my divine food is upon my hands.

"The rest followeth, Justice Brooke 12.

For if it be true (as can not be denied, the reasons being so strong, and arguments so plain) that every son of Abraham followeth the steps of Abraham, then here you may clearly perceive who it is that hath saving faith indeed, who they be that are true saints and the sons of Abraham.

That man whose faith showeth itself and putteth itself forth in its several conditions, agreeably to, the faith of Abraham, that man that followeth the footsteps of the faith of Abraham, let him be esteemed a faithful man, let him be reckoned for a true believer.

Christianity says that God is light, and that in Him is no darkness at all; that Jesus is the Light of the world, and that whosoever followeth Him shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

"Here followeth the lyfe of Saynt Crysaunt, and fyrst of his name.

I cannot here forbear reproving the folly and pedantry of some lawyers, whose opinions this poor creature blindly followeth, and rendereth yet more absurd by his comments.

" ROBERT STERNE, STEPHEN HART, JOSIAH WILLARD AND DANIEL PRATTFour womenTwo black creaturesA kettle and a dance"That place in the Acts about the 7 sons" "Robert Sterne testifieth as followeth.

"Luce Pell, the wife of Thomas Pell, being sworne deposeth as followeth, that aboute a day after goodwife Knapp was condemned for a witch, Mris.

"Deborah Lockwood, of the age of 17 or thereaboute, sworne & examined, saith as followeth, that she being present when goodwife Knapp was goeing to execution, betweene Tryes & the mill, she heard goodwife Staplyes say to goodwife Gould, she was pswaded goodwife Knapp was no witch; goodwife Gould said, sister Staplyes, she is a witch, & hath confessed had had familiarity wth the Deuill.

Hence it followeth, that we are to take him, so as to avouch him and his cause and interest on all hazards, stand to his truth, and not be ashamed of him in a day of trial.

Our believing is one thing, and God's sealing with the Holy Spirit of promise to our sense, is another thing; and this followeth, though not inseparably, the other, Eph. i. 13, "In whom also, after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise.

97 examples of  followeth  in sentences