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14655 examples of  food  in sentences

14655 examples of food in sentences

He must be a man who, when night overtakes him, will be thankful if he can find a bunk and a plate in a miner's cabin; he must travel much, and therefore cannot be cumbered with extra trappingsmust dress as the miners do, and accept their food and fare.

He is in command of living natureof the rotation of seasons, of wind, frost, rain; he uses them to provide food for those that hunger and must be fed.

The Indians never disturbed them, never made war upon them; their flesh was not needed or fitted for food, and the value of their fur was unknown.

I caught them at every trial, and whenever we wanted them for food.

We had left our provisions there, calculating to return in the afternoon, not having taken with us even pepper or salt, wherewith to season the food which, upon constraint, we might cook during our absence.

He carried into the woods a bag of flour or meal, a few pounds of pork, pepper, salt, and tea; and this, with the game he killed, made up his supply of food.

The horrid Polyphemus did not so crave his food.

Do you happen to be acquainted with Blat's Horse Food?

Horses thrive on Blat's Food.

It cannot be food, it must be drink that stirs him.

"Have you any horses," I asked nervously, jerking my thumb toward the wall, "any horses that have been fed on just ordinary food?

With the commencement of the winter term a fresh matter filled the minds of the Triple Alliance, and gave them plenty of food for discussion and plan-making.

" "Plenty of food at Rampart City; that's the name o' the town where the Little Minรณok meets the Yukon.

" "Food at gold-craze prices, I suppose.

"I tell you on the Upper River there's food to burn.

Not only gold at Minรณok, but food!

Later, each found how, without meaning tohating himself for ithe watched food on its way to others' plates with an evil eye.

No one of the five would have believed he could feel so towards a human being about a morsel of food, but those who think they would be above it, have not wintered in the Arctic regions or fought in the Boer War.

The difficulty was frankly faced at last, and it was ordained in council that the Colonel should be dispenser of the food.

It began to be apparent that the same spirit was invading the forest that had possession of the camp; two, or at most three, did the work, and the rest shirked, got snow-blindness and rheumatism, and let the others do his share, counting securely, nevertheless, on his fifth of the proceeds, just as he counted (no matter what proportion he had contributed) on his full share of the common stock of food.

There had been some unexpected feeling, and even some real generosity shown at the last, on the part of the three who were to profit by the exodusfalling heir thereby to a bigger, warmer cabin and more food.

Exhilarating, too, to men of their temperament, to have cut the Gordian knot of the difficulty by risking themselves on this unprecedented quest for peace and food.

I was sick from fatigue and lack of food, and the South Port of Edinburgh was a welcome sight to me.

Soon the darkness came, and we were given a tallow dip in a horn lantern hung on a nail to light us to food.

Such food I had never dreamed of.

When the gaoler came with food, we all wakened up, and Gib asked very peaceably to be released.

Others abstained in Lent from all food for two consecutive days, but others fasted by taking nothing to eat all day, until the evening" (Kellner, op.

But if the Radiolaria and Diatoms are thus rained upon the bottom of the sea, from the superficial layer of its waters in which they pass their lives, it is obviously possible that the Globigerinoe may be similarly derived; and if they were so, it would be much more easy to understand how they obtain their supply of food than it is at present.

In time food was brought him, but he sat supine, staring ghastly at the dull-eyed orderly, silent, unquestioning.

She hardly dares leave him to cook his food.

The hen scratches and finds her food right under where she stands; but such is not the way with the hawk.

Then I remembered promises made by me of contributions to a certain album,further contributions,for I had already furnished several pages of it with food for mind and eye in the form of melancholy verses and "funny" sketches, with brief dramatic dialogues beneath the latter, to elucidate the "story."

His home is a movable point upon an area of twenty thousand square miles; his horse, the finest steed that he can find upon the Pampas between Buenos Ayres and the Andes, between the Gran Chaco and Cape Horn; his food, the first beef that he captures with his lasso; his dainties, the tongues of cows which he kills, and abandons, when he has stripped them of his favorite titbit, to the birds of prey.

"Cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator," said Juvenal ("Who has nothing can give nothing"), and Austria, for her part, instead of giving is imploring food succour.

What can she give now? Germany can pay in three ways only: 1. Merchandise and food products on account of the indemnity: coal, machines, chemical products, etc.

Many provinces, for months on end, had to content themselves with the most wretched kind of food.

But it was only show, for there was little real order, and even here on the edge of the settlements, the food was so bad and so scarce that foraging parties were sent to the neighboring plantations to seize what they could find, and a general market established in the camp.

The turkeys had evidently been frightened away by the approach of the pioneers, and had stopped here and there to hunt for food, so that their track was easily followed.

We soon finished with the food, and were smoking in gloomy silence, when Peyronie came in, and after a glance around at our faces, broke into a laugh.

There was no room to spare, to be sure, and Peyronie grumbled that every time a man turned over he disturbed the whole line of sleepers, but we put the best face possible on the situation, and had little cause for complaint, except at the food, which soon became most villainous.

They must have thought for a time to oppose us here, for we came upon traces of a camp just broken up, with embers still glowing in the hollow, over which they had prepared their food.

Captain Orme and some others attended as well as they were able to the general, and gave him a little food, which was all too scarce, barely sufficient for a single meal.

The general still persisted in the exercise of his duties, despite his suffering, and he at once detailed a party to proceed toward the Monongahela with a supply of food, for the succor of the stragglers and the wounded who had been left behind,a duty which was ill fulfilled because of the cowardice of those to whom it was intrusted.

The lunch of native food seemed delicious, if it was "hot," to J.W.'s healthy appetite, and if he had not seen over how tiny a fire it had been prepared he would have credited the smiling housewife with a lavishly equipped kitchen.

She has been nurtured upon the most deleterious food, which I will prove to you immediately.

And Mrs. Bargrave in those days had as unkind a father, though she wanted neither for food nor clothing; while Mrs. Veal wanted for both, insomuch that she would often say, "Mrs. Bargrave, you are not only the best, but the only friend I have in the world; and no circumstance of life shall ever dissolve my friendship."

Its natural food are small crabs and shell-fish.

It is from its roe that caviare, a favourite food of the Russians, is prepared.

It does not often exceed four or five pounds in weight, and is in England esteemed as a delicious and wholesome food.

In the common trout, the stomach is uncommonly strong and muscular, shell-fish forming a portion of the food of the animal; and it takes into its stomach gravel or small stones in order to assist in comminuting it.

This fish forms a light, tender, and delicate food, easy of digestion.

Less nutritious as a food than the flesh of animals, more succulent than vegetables, fish may be termed a middle dish, suited to all temperaments and constitutions; and one which those who are recovering from illness may partake of with safety and advantage.

There's food and raiment, and cattle, and grain, and porkers, and praichingyes, divil burn it, Nick, but there's what goes for praiching, though it's no more like what we calls praiching than yer'e like Miss Maud in comeliness, and ye'll own, yourself, Nick, yer'e no beauty.

He had forgotten all about the room, and when the knives came, in even less than the promised jiffy, he forgot everything but the varied excellences of the food before him.

State laws should be encouraged, but I am convinced that while effective in the East, they will not be effective in the West in time, because of the scattered population, the greater areas of country involved, the greater difficulty of watching and controlling the killing, and the actual need of game for food by settlers.

It must not be recorded that races of animals representing stocks 3,000,000 years of age, mostly developed on the American continent, were eliminated in the course of fifty years for hides and for food in a country abounding in sheep and cattle.

The tender center of the plant, loved as food equally by man and beast, is protected by many bristling bayonets, an ever-vigilant guard.

Over the mountain, and over the moor, Hungry and weary I wander forlorn; My father is dead, and my mother is poor, And she grieves for the days that will never return; Give me some food for my mother in charity; Give me some food and then I will be gone.

Over the mountain, and over the moor, Hungry and weary I wander forlorn; My father is dead, and my mother is poor, And she grieves for the days that will never return; Give me some food for my mother in charity; Give me some food and then I will be gone.

Cold blows the wind, and the night's coming on; Give me some food for my mother in charity, Give me some food, and then I will begone.

Cold blows the wind, and the night's coming on; Give me some food for my mother in charity, Give me some food, and then I will begone.

She inquired very tenderly about his health, about his work, about his likes in the way of books and food and clothing; and one could see that, notwithstanding her resolution to leave Ralph with Bachelor Billy, she still had many plans in her mind, for his comfort and happiness.

He knew that his own still had fragments of food in it; he wished that he had them now.

"It's curious," I said, as I watched the amount of food that was going her way, "but my heart seems to have stopped murmuring altogether.

Oats the food not of the Scotch alone.

Plain food is quite enough for me; Three courses are as good as ten; If Nature can subsist on three, Thank Heaven for three.

By-and-by the flow of life in the streets ebbs, and the old leafy inhabitantsthe smaller tribes always in frontsaunter in, one by one, very careless seemingly, but very tenacious, until they swarm so that the great stones gape from each other with the crowding of their roots, and the feldspar begins to be picked out of the granite to find them food.

For the first time for many days she felt a desire for food, and raising herself partly up, called to her mother to get her breakfast.

The wants of Fanny were also attended to, and the cravings of her appetite satisfied from a basket of food which the thoughtful care of Mrs. Jennings had provided.

And O! mother, I had nearly forgotten it, there was a poor Irish family coming off the boat last night, who seemed destitute of both clothing and food.

However, she hid him in the barn, supplying him with food at night.

He soon found him by the aid of one of the slaves who had noticed Judy carrying food to the barn, and watched her till he had discovered her husband, and then informed against him.

"When John was able to leave his bed, his mistress, a kind and humane woman, whose slave he had been before her marriage, took him and hid him in a cave that was on the plantation, and supplied him with food, intending to send him away as soon as she could do so safely.

She told me that, although born in Spain, she had been, as a child, in Rome; that it was she who preached that day at Ara Coeli, "an orphan, who would have perished of hunger had not a despised Jew given it shelter and food until it could flutter forth over the wild, restless sea."

Then a mighty wind arose, and carried the maiden to an enchanted palace, where she was waited on by unseen spirits who played sweet music for her delight, and fed her with delicious food.

Though I was changed into an ass, L could not relish hay and grass and food of that sort, and I derived scarcely any nourishment from it.

It was their duty to drill the soldiers, to inspect arms, clothing, and food, to visit the sentinels and regulate the conduct of the men.

"Are you starving yourself of food as well as rest?"

So I follow the old dishonored trade, Bedecked in garments fine, And the cream of the earth is saved for me In raiment and food and wine.

A pink flush, which neither the wine nor the food had produced, burned in his cheeks.

This is one of the common consequences of that immoderate share of labour, which is imposed upon them; nor is that, which is the result of a scanty allowance of food, less to be lamented.

They creep out clandestinely by night, and go in search of food into their master's, or some neighbouring plantation.

Before reaching the parish church there is a hostelry on the right-hand side of the road where an excellent tea may be obtained (so far as the food regulations will allow).

The sight of the food brought Peter a realization that he was keenly hungry.

Modern colleges are atheistic, but they do exalt three gods,food, cleanliness, and exercise.

He began again, deliberately, with an attempt to keep his mind on the savor of his food.

They'd come right in and take your food? GRANDMOTHER: What else could they do?

The child's food will not amount to a dollar a week.

This basis is very restricted: it is simply health, food, protection from wet and cold, the satisfaction of the sexual instinct; or else the absence of these things.

what an immeasurable difference there is in the depth and vehemence of his emotions!and yet, in the one case, as in the other, all to produce the same result in the end: namely, health, food, clothing, and so on.

Hence luxury in all its forms; delicate food, the use of tobacco and opium, spirituous liquors, fine clothes, and the thousand and one things than he considers necessary to his existence.

Celsus (On Medicine, Book Four, chapter 5 (=12)) recommends bathing and standing in such cold mineral springs as those at Cutiliae in cases where a patient suffers from inability of the stomach to assimilate food.

Yet he was so frail in body that at first he could not endure the cold, but when the soldiers had already come together in obedience to orders he would retire before speaking a word to them; and he took but very little food always, and that at night.

There they spent the night and the ensuing day without food or drink, calling upon the remainder of the soldiery (especially Pescennius Niger and his followers in Syria) with prayers for assistance.

Sir Joshua now ordered fresh clothing to be sent to him, and also that the black servant should carry him every day a sufficient supply of food from his own table; and at that time Mr E. Burke being very luckily in office, he applied to him, and by their joint interest they got his sentence changed to transportation; when, after being furnished with all necessaries, he was sent out of the kingdom.

Her mother, his wife, had died of consumption, and he was in mortal terror lest biting winds and scanty food should wither this sweet flower too, his one remaining joy.

That was an era in their painful journey, because until then Hope's only anxiety was to find food and some little comfort for his child.

As an example of this phenomenon, which we have all observed, William Hope was born in Derbyshire, in a small parish which belonged, nearly all of it, to Colonel Clifford; yet in that battle for food which is, alas!

Often on this fatal journey I have felt her shiver, and then I have taken off my coat and wrapped it round her, and her beautiful eyes have looked up in mine, and seemed to plead for the warmth and food I'd sell my soul to give her.

I had a Gargantuesque appetite, and needed food of some sort in proportion to its demands.