8632 examples of fooling in sentences

"Was it not a scurvy trick of fate," he observed to the ceiling, "that these poor lads should come here for a night's fooling, and find the best sword in the Five Seas?" CHAPTER XIII.

We kept very still, but now and again Elspeth's laugh rang out at his fooling, and it did my heart good to hear it.

"I know what gunshot wounds are: you think they are healed, and begin fooling about, when you find yourself laid up worse than ever.

" "Godfrey," I said, "are you still bent on fooling with that thing?"

What do you mean?" "Mr. Godfrey has been here for quite a while, sir, fooling with that cabinet thing.

I had had them with me at Miss Cumberland's and being given to fooling with something when embarrassed, I had fooled with them and dropped them while talking with Adelaide and watching Carmel.

What's the use fooling?" "Mr. Cumberland, the only two bottles known to contain this especial brand of wine were in the clubhouse at ten o'clock that night.

Cartwright, happily, is one of the forward-looking Institutes, and stunt night, crowded with most excellent fooling, produced two or three creditable and thought-provoking performances.

"You seem to have acquired a reprehensible habit of fooling, Henry," he said.

Come hither, leave your fooling & tell me truely: didst sleepe to night or no? Buz.

If he is secretly conscious of his own weakness, and accustomed to hear much that he does not understand, and to make as though he did, you can easily impose upon him by some serious fooling that sounds very deep or learned, and deprives him of hearing, sight, and thought; and by giving out that it is the most indisputable proof of what you assert.

And suddenly the Captain shouted out: "'Stop this damned fooling at once.

"Why have you been fooling me about your circumstances?" she demanded.

He may think he knows, but he is fooling himself."

"Without a doubt and without any fooling, Merriwell's father is dead," said Hod Chadwick.

He cowed like a whipped cur and whined: "I was simply fooling; it was all a jolly.

I'm not fooling myself about that.

She tried to sign to him now that matters were to the fore too grave for clumsy fooling, but he only took the book from her hand to read its title.

If I go on fooling in this way I'm bound to have a thundering accident!...

grunted Mrs. Possum, who was so busy looking after her eight lively babies that she had little time for fooling.

And all the time he had been fooling her to the top of her bent.

Here take me, And do what thou wilt with me, smother me; But still remember, if your fooling with me, Make me forget the trust Cel.

And shall I know this, and stand fooling? Leo.

I think he know they are fooling him.

" "Lot o' fooling with the candidates," said one of the horsemen, quietly.

8632 examples of  fooling  in sentences