19225 examples of footing in sentences

The maidens were on a more reserved footing of intimacyat least so they wished it to be understood, and so it was understood, of course.

Then we shall all stand on an equal footing.

They had been on a much more friendly footing since Thursday.

Each army corps consists of twenty-four infantry battalions of about one thousand men each on a war footing; six cavalry regiments, eight batteries of horse artillery of six guns each, eighteen batteries of field artillery, two howitzer batteries, and troops of engineers, signal corps, army service corps and other details.

The battalion consists of four companies of men, commanded by a captain, so that each regiment on a war footing numbers upwards of 2,000 men.

Thus Russia was for awhile clear of the enemy, while she established a strong footing in both Prussia and Austria.

THE SERVIAN ARMY The Servian forces under General Radumil Putnik, consist of ten divisions, divided into four army corps, with a peace footing of 160, and a war strength of over 380,000.

" "Nay," muttered Little John (for he had heard so much upon this score that he was sore upon the point), "nay, truly, mayhap I have more flesh upon my joints than I once had, yet, flesh or no flesh, I doubt not that I could still hold my place and footing upon a narrow bridge against e'er a yeoman in Sherwood, or Nottinghamshire, for the matter of that, even though he had no more fat about his bones than thou hast, good master.

And now, to show you that I am conscious of, and thankful for, your own compliment, I shall place you on the footing of a friend to both the parties, and request you will take Captain Truck into your especial care, while he remains here.

Once the pines possessed the field, as the worn stumps of them along the streamside show, and it would seem their secret purpose to regain their old footing.

Every handful of loose gravel not wholly water leached affords a plant footing, and even in such unpromising surroundings there is a choice of locations.

He staggered, lost his footing, and fell into the mud, where, as though his choice had already overtaken him, he lay without thought or emotion, watching the dim light float off into the darkness.

Le's go!" XXII OUT OF SOUNDINGS When finally Lanyard did consent to seek his stateroomwith the pilot dropped and the Sybarite footing it featly over Channel waters to airs piped by a freshening breezeit was to sleep once round the clock and something more; for it was nearly six in the afternoon when he came on deck again.

"We further entreat that your Majesty would be graciously pleased to place the slaves in your Imperial dominions upon a footing of equality with the rest of your faithful subjects, and to make them free men, having the rightful possession of their own persons, and being at liberty to travel whithersoever they will.

" "You are placing things exactly on the footing I wish to see ourselves with all our connexions," replied Lady Moseley, kindly; "but what have you done with the duke?

All build on this as on a stable Cube: If we our footing keepe we fetch him forth And Crowne him King; if up we fly i'th ayre

The general consensus of mankind is right in trusting the evidence of our senses, and any system which tells us that we are not to do so will never obtain a permanent footing in a sane and healthy community.

Old Lute started up with a bound, throwing Andy off his footing.

Corneck had lately taken a lease of them at a very advanced rent, rather than let the Campbells get a footing in the island, one of whom had offered nearly as much as he.

He answered, with an uncommon attention to delicacy of feeling, 'I doubt whether our friend be on such a footing with the duke as to carry any body there; and I would not give him the uneasiness of seeing that I knew he was not, or even of being himself reminded of it.' SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10.

I spoke of living in the country, and upon what footing one should be with neighbours.

I observed that some people were afraid of being on too easy a footing with them, from an apprehension that their time would not be their own.

He made the obvious remark, that it depended much on what kind of neighbours one has, whether it was desirable to be on an easy footing with them, or not.

He is a most interfering person, and would welcome any excuse to obtain a footing in this house again.

Most of the coolies found the stream too strong to stem alone, and so they crossed in parties of a dozen or more, holding hands; but now and then a man would try by himself, generally with the result that half-way across he would get swept off his feet, and go floating down the stream, vainly endeavouring to regain his footing.

19225 examples of  footing  in sentences
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