4339 examples of for instance in sentences

Numerous names have been suggested by their fancied resemblance to the feet, hoofs, and tails of animals and birds; as, for instance, colt's-foot, crow-foot, bird's-foot trefoil, horse-shoe vetch, bull-foot, and the vervain, nicknamed frog's-foot.

"I was thinking," said the speaker, "that, as a Board of Directors, it would be unadvisable for us to authorize any action involving trespass; but if you, for instance, Mr. President, should, as it were, for mere curiosity, request some one, as, for instance, our excellent Secretary, simply as a personal favor, to look into the matterthis is merely a suggestion.

" "Indeed," Lanyard agreed with his most winning manner: "One may for instance remember that I recovered speedily enough to be in Paris to-night and meet mademoiselle without losing time.

His baronetcy, for instance, he will never assume; that, therefore, cannot entice him.

Every movement of a muscle, for instance, involves change in its component cells.

If you came to ask mewell, good advice, for instance,I might give it to you; but what is it you are after?

For instance, if it is claimed in the name of supernaturalism and psychism that a man is unhappy because he is vicious, it is equivalent to making a one-sided statement.

During the Middle Ages it was customary, in welcoming a monarch or in celebrating a royal wedding, to represent allegorical and mythological scenes, like the combat of St. George and the dragon, for instance, on a stage constructed for the purpose.

The poet of Beowulf has no need of it, for instance.

The general toleration of unnecessary noisethe slamming of doors, for instance, a very unmannerly and ill-bred thingis direct evidence that the prevailing habit of mind is dullness and lack of thought.

Not that all my midday guests are equally welcome: I could dispense, for instance, with the grey-ringed bee which has just reconnoitred my ear for the third time, and guesses it is a key-holeshe is away just now, but only, I fancy, for clay to stop it up with.

The first two, a and an, we use When speaking of one thing alone; For instance, we might wish to say An oak, a man, a dog, a bone.

Now, if there be more matters to be defined,as for instance, if we inquire whether he is a thief or a sacrilegious person who has stolen sacred vessels from a private house,we shall have to employ many definitions, and then the whole cause will have to be dealt with on a similar principle.

Take our present case, for instance.

Sometimes,to-night, for instance,the curtain is accidentally drawn back, and I see a bare arm stretched out imploringly in the darkness, and an eager, wolfish face watching mine: a wan, woful face, through which the spirit of the dead korl-cutter looks out, with its thwarted life, its mighty hunger, its unfinished work.

Bolshevist, for instance.

I wonder for instance why I don't do such a lot of things I know would be all right to dothings I want to do.

When the criticism is anonymous, (as are many of those cited by Mr. Allibone,) it has not even the reflected interest, as a measure of the critic himself, which we find sometimes in the incapacity of a strong nature to appreciate a great one, as in Johnson's opinion of Milton, for instance,or of a delicate mind to comprehend an imaginative one, as in Addison's of Bunyan.

I told her the whole story of your ankle, sir, for instance.

[109] As, for instance, in Psalm cxviii.

Could you stand ten thousand, for instance?

" "Well, when I look into the revealed heaven, for instance, Bart, I see it peopled with things of the earth, reflected into it from the earth; showing that the whole idea is of the earthearthy.

In what county, for instance?" But Tilda had begun to scent danger again, she hardly knew why, and contented herself with shaking her head.

Space will scarcely permit even a reference to other Maori mythsto the tale, for instance, of the great flood which came in answer to the prayers of two faithful priests as punishment for the unbelief, the discords and the wickedness of mankind; then all were drowned save a little handful of men and women who floated about on a raft for eight moons and so reached Hawaiki.

" "As, for instance, critics, who are our natural enemies," said Rachel.

4339 examples of  for instance  in sentences