5709 example sentences with  for instance

5709 example sentences with for instance

Yonder is a structure, for instance, of beautiful proportions, and, at this distance, apparently of a precious material, and yet it seems better suited to heathen worship than to domestic comfort."

In the Dutch Indies, for instance, they live in the most important commercial towns, and though the Government has never favoured them, and though they have had to compete with Chinese and with Europeans, they have succeeded in making their position sufficiently strong.

As for instance, when you come into a house which is full of children, if you happen to take no notice of them (you are thinking of something else, perhaps, and turn a deaf ear to their innocent caresses), you are set down as untractable, morose, a hater of children.

"If I was wrong, it was possible that some of the undoubtedly genuine bones of John Bellingham might presently be discovered; for instance, the skull, the knee-cap, or the left fibula, by any of which the remains could be positively identified.

We are often pleased with his intellectual ingenuity, for instance, in likening the Schoolmen to spiders, spinning such stuff as webs are made of "out of no great quantity of matter."

One argument, for instance, on which he lays great stress, is that Germany is marked out to be a great political power because of the peculiar excellence of the German language, which he shows to his satisfaction to be superior to French, Italian, and other Latin languages.

For instance, I closely questioned an old gardener who had known the district for long years.

It is possible, for instance, to make a tree burst forth into leaf, blossom, or even bear fruit within a few days, by the application of unslaked lime and artificial heat; but after that the tree will wither away.

This is the thought, for instance, in our requiring certain qualifications in voters and office-holders.

For instance, private property such as land may be taken, even against the wishes of the owner, to permit the building of a railroad.

William B. Turnbull, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law, says, for instance, in his Introduction to Southwell: "There was resident at Uxendon, near Harrow on the Hill, in Middlesex, a Catholic family of the name of Bellamy whom [which] Southwell was in the habit of visiting and providing with religious instruction when he exchanged his ordinary [ordinarily] close confinement for a purer atmosphere."

Theologians will be perfectly aware that here are many instances of contemplative ascetics, and particularly of persons frequently in a state of ecstasy and who have received the stigmas, remaining long without taking any other food than the Blessed Sacrament; for instance, St. Nicholas of Flue, St. Liduvina of Schiedam, St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Angela of Foligno, and St. Louise de l'Ascension.

After their disastrous attempt to run the Dardanelles in March, the English and French had been somewhat in the position of an army trying to capture Jacksonville, Florida, for instance, and instead of marching over from Georgia, compelled to go away down to Key West, and fight their way up through the Everglades.

Suppose eleven tea-pots, for instance, or eleven silver salvers, all in a row!

He writes, for instance, upon New Year's Day, 1519, to say that the Resurrection of Lazarus, for which Michelangelo had contributed some portion of the design, was nearly finished, and adds: "Those who understand art rank it far above Raffaello.

Assuming, for instance, a Balloon of 100 feet in length and 50 feet in height, and proposing a rate of motion equal to 20 miles an hour, we have, in the first instance, the power required to propel the model at that rate, compared with that already ascertained for a velocity of six miles an hour, in the ratio of the squares of the two velocities, as nearly ten to one; that is, ten forty-seconds, or about one-fourth of a horse power.

We know very well that some things are literature and some merely journalism; that of novels, for instance, some deliberately intend to be works of art and others only to meet a passing desire for amusement or mental occupation.

For instance, I might say, casually, that it was a pity that a pair so happily situated as you two should not agree perfectly."

They may, for instance, be put in charge of estates, workshops, and other properties of the lord and thus acquire experience in administration and an efficiency which are obviously of advantage to the lord.

Take, for instance, the case of the liverworts.

South Kingstown for instance adopted an order that if any slave were found in the house of a free negro, both guest and host were to be whipped.

Look at me, for instance, working at a desk!

She heard, for instance, old Miss Burnaby informing young Donnington that she had been a good deal on the Continent as a young woman, and had actually spent a year in Austria a matter of forty years ago.

The instincts of sex, for instance, are becoming in all civilised countries more and more the subject of serious thought.

Oulton Broad, for instance, is generally to be found full of smart yachts, while Heigham forms a contrast in its solemn loneliness.

In Ceylon, for instance, the whole rainfall of the year occurs within a period of six to eight weeks, and often amounts to as much as 12 in.

For instance, two bladed screws have frequently given better results than four bladed screws of smaller diameter, neglecting, of course, the question of vibrations.

Every home, for instance, has its own rules for pronunciation.

See, for instance, Spix and Martius, 384.

I rejoiced, foreseeing the service which this discovery would render upon a battle-field, for instance, where more than one man risks being buried alive.

Verbal reminiscences of the Aminta also are scattered through the play, for instance, the lines in which Nerina protests her hatred of all who seek to win her from her state of unfettered virginity, protestations particularly fatuous, seeing that she is in love with Hylas throughout.

From the wording of repeated early statutes it would seem that they recognized this law of conspiracy as already existing and merely applied it to new forms, such as, for instance, the combination of masons, carpenters, and guilds, just mentioned.

Sartliff could never endure N.P. Willis, for instance."

For instance, if any man should write a book against the lawfulness of punishing felony with death; and, upon enquiry, the author should be found in Newgate under condemnation for robbing a house; his arguments would not very unjustly lose much of their force, from the circumstances he lay under.

For instance Vera.... I suppose that the motive of Vera's life was her pride.

Thus, for instance, the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, in their artistic objects, their representations of the gods, and their idols, adhered to formlessness, or to a vague and inarticulate form, and were not able to arrive at genuine beauty, because their mythological ideas, the content and conception of their works of art, were as yet vague and obscure.

You might," he added, with an unconscious touch of pathos in the suggestion, "heave in a word or two of advice after I get through; for instance, what you'd do in the circumstances, you see!

For instance, if the stone in your pin be a torquoise, wear it with brown, or crimson mixed with black, or black and orange.

The Italian word "orologio" for instance is pronounced oh-ro-LO-jo ("gi" always making a "j" sound.) In English, one comes across the word "knife".

For instance, standards for encoding data (e.g.

For instance, at Michael Page - which has also enforced work-from-home - it follows a team huddle or a video conference call every morning, wherein a sense of community, team ownership and a common objective is created, he said.

For instance, this could mean someone teaching fewer classes to compensate for the amount of extra work they have to do.

All that remains in the Missouri Valley Football Conference, for instance, is Missouri State, which is playing at Oklahoma and having a two-game home-and-home series with Central Arkansas.

However, taking into account the difficult situation of the markets and the complexity of products, like for instance ventilators, their production and delivery is expected to take time.

If it bounces from a glossy green surface, for instance, its hue may change.

It drives me nuts that people don’t get it, he said when he sees people eat, for instance, steak after steak.

For instance, just as the amount of information in a book is dependent on the number of pages within it, a hypertext is limited by the amount of storage space available on the editor's Web server or CD-ROM.

For instance, on page 32 the question is asked, "What goods do you see for sale in this picture?"

For instance, you do not need to provide a complete and nicely type system, provided you describe the important parts of your type checker, but you can do so if you think that is fun.

The dissolution process for instance does not meet the requirement as set out in the Act.