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4339 examples of  for instance  in sentences

4339 examples of for instance in sentences

The Bureaus have found the demand for women in industrial chemistry and physics, for instance, to be greater than the supply because the graduates of women's colleges have not been carried far enough in mathematics, and in chemistry have been kept too much to theoretical text-book work.

A light might be placed there at night as signal, for instance; or by day a towel might be hung from the window as though to dry and yet could be plainly seen at that distance.

Take myself, for instance.

Numerous names have been suggested by their fancied resemblance to the feet, hoofs, and tails of animals and birds; as, for instance, colt's-foot, crow-foot, bird's-foot trefoil, horse-shoe vetch, bull-foot, and the vervain, nicknamed frog's-foot.

For instance, what do you get out of it, Marcia?" "What do you think I want to get out of it?

They knew, for instance, that their farm values were a third higher because of the presence of the church and its work, but they would find that the profit motive was not big enough to keep the church going.

A great calamity, for instance, is as old as the trilobites an hour after it has happened.

For instance, the fable of the centaur was invented to show, by the union of man and horse, the swiftness of human life.

"I was thinking," said the speaker, "that, as a Board of Directors, it would be unadvisable for us to authorize any action involving trespass; but if you, for instance, Mr. President, should, as it were, for mere curiosity, request some one, as, for instance, our excellent Secretary, simply as a personal favor, to look into the matterthis is merely a suggestion.

"Which one of the things, for instance?"

They could not understand, for instance, why he sat so far forward.

" "Indeed," Lanyard agreed with his most winning manner: "One may for instance remember that I recovered speedily enough to be in Paris to-night and meet mademoiselle without losing time.

For instance, if he had said Reynolds was the first of painters, he was capable enough of giving up, as objections might happen to be severally made, first his outline,then the grace in form,then the colouring,and lastly, to have owned that he was such a mannerist, that the disposition of his pictures was all alike.

For instance, after I had done my duty in the consultations, and seen my work fairly started in court, I contrived to take the train pretty early to Knebworth, in order to attend rehearsals as well as perform in the evening.

For instance I have known five years of penal servitude imposed for stealing from outside a shop on a second conviction, when one month would have been more than enough on a first conviction, and two or three months on a second conviction.

Take, for instance, the case of a persistent burglar, the great majority of whose robberies are committed under circumstances calculated to create terror and alarm, and upon whom imprisonment, however long, has no restraining effect after his liberation.

Admiral Mayo, for instance, was informed that British naval policy was being directed in 1917, as during the remainder of the war, to exerting constant economic pressure upon the enemy with a view to forcing him to come to terms.

His baronetcy, for instance, he will never assume; that, therefore, cannot entice him.

Every movement of a muscle, for instance, involves change in its component cells.

" "Mr. Peter Phipps, for instance?"

If you came to ask mewell, good advice, for instance,I might give it to you; but what is it you are after?

For instance, if it is claimed in the name of supernaturalism and psychism that a man is unhappy because he is vicious, it is equivalent to making a one-sided statement.

During the Middle Ages it was customary, in welcoming a monarch or in celebrating a royal wedding, to represent allegorical and mythological scenes, like the combat of St. George and the dragon, for instance, on a stage constructed for the purpose.

In reading other literatures, for instance the Celtic, we often find that the words overbalance the action.

The first and most necessary place (part, [Greek: topos]) in philosophy is the use of theorems (precepts, [Greek: theoraemata]), for instance, that we must not lie; the second part is that of demonstrations, for instance, How is it proved that we ought not to lie?

For instance, our officials in the United States are constantly occupied, in assisting British immigrant working men and women who are suffering hardships under the stringent provisions of the United States immigration laws.

In Martinique, for instance, there are three separate peaks, or groups of peaksthe Mont Pelee, the Pitons du Carbet, and the Piton du Vauclain.

They succeeded even in acquiring territory in this way; Aegina, for instance, which the allied Romans and Aetolians had wrested in the last war from Philip's allies, the Achaeans, was sold by the Aetolians, to whom it fell in terms of the treaty, to Attalus for 30 talents (7300 pounds).

Even among the lower classes and slaves there was much reading, writing, and counting: in the case of a slave steward, for instance, Cato, following the example of Mago, takes for granted the ability to read and write.

The poet of Beowulf has no need of it, for instance.

Those who maintain that it is so must assume (1) that length of time deprives a universal opinion of its demonstrative force, as otherwise all the old errors which were once universally held to be true would have to be recalled; for instance, the Ptolemaic system would have to be restored, or Catholicism re-established in all Protestant countries.

The general toleration of unnecessary noisethe slamming of doors, for instance, a very unmannerly and ill-bred thingis direct evidence that the prevailing habit of mind is dullness and lack of thought.

For instance: I have rarely been able to visit, in the proper spirit, the wild and inhospitable places of our own Highlands.

[Greek: hetรฉrou genous], which therefore is not its, but merely an, antecedent,or an incausative alien co-incident in time; as if, for instance, Jack's shout were followed by a flash of lightning, which should strike and precipitate the ball on St. Paul's cathedral.

For instance, in Monsieur Alphonse, a husband, on discovering that his wife has had an intrigue before their marriage, and that a little girl whom she wishes to adopt is really her daughter, instantly raises her from the ground where she lies grovelling at his feet, and says: "Crรฉature de Dieu, toi qui as failli et

Nowe for instance There's but one refuge left mee, that's to flye: The gates are shutt upon mee and myself Am a badd foottman, yet these difficultyes I can thus helpe; there to this place beelonges A mare that every second d[a]yes' imployde To carry corne and fetch meele from the mill, Distant som half league off; I by this beast Will fashion myne escape.

Clearly he appreciates that a fine subject is not all that is wanted to make a good book; that one needs, for instance, the gift of observation, the power of conveying an impression, and a reserve of humour always ready at need.

Not that all my midday guests are equally welcome: I could dispense, for instance, with the grey-ringed bee which has just reconnoitred my ear for the third time, and guesses it is a key-holeshe is away just now, but only, I fancy, for clay to stop it up with.

Then.... Then, we choose our company; for instance, that pretty girl there.

1. For instance, I am informed that some of the railway and other Government workmen have not received any wages upon which to keep themselves and their families, for in some cases many weeks, and in other cases months.

The first two, a and an, we use When speaking of one thing alone; For instance, we might wish to say An oak, a man, a dog, a bone.

If you, for instance, were traveling alone, and desired a drawing-room, you'd be compelled to have two tickets for yourself.

If, for instance, you trust the earth with some grains of corn, as they corrupt they germinate and spring; and that teeming parent restores with usury more ears than she had received grains.

Anyone at all familiar with the hopes and aspirations of the colored race, as expressed, for instance, in their prolific newspaper literature, must have perceived the wonderful inspiration which they have drawn from the career of a few distinguished Europeans of partial Negro ancestry, who have felt no call, by way of social prejudice, to deny or conceal their origin, or to refuse their sympathy to those who need it so much.

Now, if there be more matters to be defined,as for instance, if we inquire whether he is a thief or a sacrilegious person who has stolen sacred vessels from a private house,we shall have to employ many definitions, and then the whole cause will have to be dealt with on a similar principle.

Take our present case, for instance.

Sometimes,to-night, for instance,the curtain is accidentally drawn back, and I see a bare arm stretched out imploringly in the darkness, and an eager, wolfish face watching mine: a wan, woful face, through which the spirit of the dead korl-cutter looks out, with its thwarted life, its mighty hunger, its unfinished work.

Bolshevist, for instance.

For instance, there are some who say, that it is unjust to punish any one for the sake of example to others; that punishment is just, only when intended for the good of the sufferer himself.

For instance, the name of his master may have been either Larrimer, or Larrrimore.]

Thus grace of manner, for instance, though wholly unaided by a single definite quality, will often delight us, and a ready elocution, with scarce a particle of sense, make commonplace agreeable; and it seems to be, that the pain of mental inertness renders action so desirable, that the mind instinctively surrounds itself with myriads of objects, having little to recommend them but the property of keeping it from stagnating.

Take for instance the prison diet, where the food is given by weight, and where it is purposely of the coarsest description consistent with health.

In a case where some village industry is threatened with annihilation, as for instance the weavers, there is absolutely no provision for the transfer of the unfortunate victims of civilisation either to some more favored locality or to some other sphere of labour.

Such, for instance, is "The Escape of the Speedwell," a capital story of the year 1805, which may serve to remind us that even in the glorious days of NELSON the English Channel was not always a healthy place for British shipping.

I have heard humanitarians, for instance, speak of vivisection and field sports as if they were the same kind of thing.

For instance, I have analysed the official records of the very carefully-selected crews of H.M. S. Alert and Discovery in the Arctic Expedition of 1875-6, and find the proportion of various shades of hair to be the same among them as is shown in the Diagram.

Madame Tcherny, for instance!

For instance: there is a difference between a thinking man and a man thinking; between a bragging fellow and a fellow bragging; between a fast-sailing ship and a ship sailing fast.

One of the most important functions of a modern Government is the effective publication of information, but we have no Department of Publicity, though we have a Stationery Office; and it is, for instance, apparently a matter of accident whether any particular Department has or has not a Gazette and how and when that Gazette is published.

There are other ways," he sighed heavily; "thus, for instance, while I pray with my eyes closed, it comes closer and closer, and I see it.

In Ceylon, for instance, the whole rainfall of the year occurs within a period of six to eight weeks, and often amounts to as much as 12 in.

He was sure Marguerite Grey did not know all that concerned her friend, the full meaning, for instance, of the shadows that began at the inner corners of her eyes and flared like dark wings outward.

I might be prompted by a less noble motive,for instance, to appear different from a Kromitzki,but from whatever motive, I should give it certainly.

I wonder for instance why I don't do such a lot of things I know would be all right to dothings I want to do.

For instance, can anyone conceive anything more perfectly beautiful than the death of Flavian, and all that youthful companionship, and Marius' admiration for his friend's poetry?...

When the criticism is anonymous, (as are many of those cited by Mr. Allibone,) it has not even the reflected interest, as a measure of the critic himself, which we find sometimes in the incapacity of a strong nature to appreciate a great one, as in Johnson's opinion of Milton, for instance,or of a delicate mind to comprehend an imaginative one, as in Addison's of Bunyan.

Dr. Newman can hardly be called in these sermons an innovator on the understood and recognised standard of Anglican doctrine; he accepted its outlines as Bishop Wilson, for instance, might have traced them.

For instance, doctor, sometimes I feel as if I were travelling at a speed of more than two hundred miles an hour; drawing.

" "Grammar, for instance," said Gus.

For instance, at a General's Inspection why should not Officers' duties be allotted after this fashion?

A perfectly discreet woman, for instance, would have made an effort to live down her flaming hair and almost immorally dazzling complexion, but Mrs. Condor had been much more ready to live up to these conspicuous charms.

I told her the whole story of your ankle, sir, for instance.

Thus they are like other Indiansthe Comanches, for instance, concerning whom we read in Schoolcraft (V., 683) that "the men are grossly licentious, treating female captives in a most cruel and barbarous manner; but they enforce rigid chastity upon their women.

Wordsworth, for instance, gained his revelation of divinity through Nature, and through Nature alone; whereas to Blake "Nature was a hindrance," and Imagination the only reality.

[109] As, for instance, in Psalm cxviii.

Madison's estimates, for instance, were very much out of the way, yet many modern critics follow him.]

No one can pretend, for instance, that there is any body of theoretic opinion so compact and so well thought out as Benthamism was in its own day and generation.

If a political economist, for instance, finds himself puzzled by any recent or present commercial phenomena; if there is any mystery to him in the late or present state of the productive industry of the country, which his knowledge of principle does not enable him to unriddle; he may be sure that something is wanting to render his system of opinions a safe guide in existing circumstances.

Take, for instance, the following lines, describing the simple amusements of our first parents: "About them frisking played All beasts of the earth since wild, and of all chase In wood or wilderness, forest or den.

It is a pity, for instance, that Sterne should, in illustration of Captain Shandy's kindness of heart, have plagiarized (as he is said to have done) the incident of the tormenting fly, caught and put out of the window with the words "Get thee gone, poor devil!

Could you stand ten thousand, for instance?

Occasionally we meet with topical allusions, for instance the thrust at Taylor put into the mouth of the rude Cancrone: Farewell ye rockes and seas, I thinke yee'l shew it That Sicelie affords a water-Poet.

He had, for instance, a mania for the purchase of irrelevant poultry, and for accommodating the fowls in our wagon, tied by the legs, against the day of starvation, which he always, but causelessly, apprehended.

In the State of New York, for instance, barbers could only shave on Sunday in the city of New York and the town of Saratoga; the reasons for the exception are obvious.

I say, stupid; when, for instance, you have a chapter on "Corporations," no one can tell whether the legislature or compilers are going to put it under "C" for corporations, under "I" for incorporations, or under "J" for joint-stock companies.

" "Well, when I look into the revealed heaven, for instance, Bart, I see it peopled with things of the earth, reflected into it from the earth; showing that the whole idea is of the earthearthy.

For instance, if any man should write a book against the lawfulness of punishing felony with death; and, upon enquiry, the author should be found in Newgate under condemnation for robbing a house; his arguments would not very unjustly lose much of their force, from the circumstances he lay under.

Take for instance the long evening talk between the farm people when Oak is seeking employment.

There was the main chest of drawers, for instance, known as "mamma's bureau" and placed near one of the windows, where a good light fell on the swinging mirror forming a separate piece on top of it.

For instance, you hear that grey frock-coats are very much worn.

In what county, for instance?" But Tilda had begun to scent danger again, she hardly knew why, and contented herself with shaking her head.

The physical basis of a drama, for instance, is manifest when it is enacted on the stage; but it is substantially the same whether beheld in thought or ocularly.

One day, for instance, when a certain master spoke somewhat sourly and irritably to him, Robert Hart then and there took it upon himself to deliver him a lecture which, in its calm reasoning, was most disconcerting.

For instance, he refers to p. 159 when he means p. 153; he cites "I, but her life," instead of "lip"; and he makes Spenser speak of "old Pithonus."

Where are there any acts of Assemblies, or proceedings of the church, which discover any due concern or zeal for the covenanted interests? Nay, the contrary has too frequently appeared; as for instance, when by the 5th act of the 2d session of William and Mary's 1st Parl., the establishment of the church was calculated for the meridian of state-policy, according to act 114, Parl.

Nor was it mean delight To watch crude Nature work in untaught minds; 275 To note the laws and progress of belief; Though obstinate on this way, yet on that How willingly we travel, and how far! To have, for instance, brought upon the scene The champion, Jack the Giant-killer: Lo!

Space will scarcely permit even a reference to other Maori mythsto the tale, for instance, of the great flood which came in answer to the prayers of two faithful priests as punishment for the unbelief, the discords and the wickedness of mankind; then all were drowned save a little handful of men and women who floated about on a raft for eight moons and so reached Hawaiki.

" "As, for instance, critics, who are our natural enemies," said Rachel.

As, for instance:Lady Bulwer had for some days been complaining of feeling unwell, and was evidently suffering.

For instance, we see a child playing with a sharp tool, and we naturally reason that it will cut itself.