1189 examples of for the rest in sentences

But if he could not, then he must get down from the pulpit, and sit for the rest of his life on a back seat of the church.

Now they gambol o'er the clearing,off again, and then appearing; Poised aloft on quivering wing, now they soar, and now they sing: "We must all be merry and moving; we must all be happy and loving; For when the midsummer has come, and the grain has ripened its ear, The haymakers scatter our young, and we mourn for the rest of the year.

He scarcely left the ball-room for the rest of the evening, and when the party broke up he was among the last to leave.

And as for the rest, he was thoroughly a gentleman; was excellently well educated; and was, moreover, comely to look upon, and eminently agreeable in his bearing.

She is crowned with a beautiful wreath of flowers and presides for the rest of the day over the amusements of her subjects.

He lifted her in his arms and carried her out, and for the rest of that day my Aunt Ann, that "hard and unsympathizing woman," passed from one strange fainting-fit into another, until we were in almost as great fear for her life as we had been for Annie's.

When I came to make a bargain with him he named an annual sum which should keep him for the rest of his life; and thus he waived his rights.

He bought a bus pass valid for the rest of November.

"I wonder if those young Haverley people would take Mrs. Drane into their house for the rest of the summer?

When the 8th of Ashwin came, Queen Patmadhavrani dutifully tied round her wrist a thread of sixteen strands, and resolved to wear it every day for the rest of the month.

Ultimately he recovered his crown, and Frederick and Sorano were sent to a monastery for the rest of their lives.

For the rest, I am not sure that Mr. Raleigh did not find his path suiting him well enough.

It is clear that appointments in this field need not only far more care and far more insistence upon creative power than has been shown in the past, but for the rest we have to do with the men we have and the schools we have.

He sold his own country, he oppressed ours; for the rest he mixed his metaphors, and has saddled two separate and sensible nations with the horrible mixed metaphor called the Union.

It had got out of gear, and the workman had bungled in shutting off power; the result was chaos that threatened to stop the whole department for the rest of the day.

I had hired a nursemaid for her, and had taken an upper room for her nursery; but she spent the greater part of her life with me, and I began to fancy that Providence intended I should keep her with me for the rest of her days.

But, for the rest of the world, he delivered them all to the most absolute contempt, disgust, and execration; he resolved, from this time, nothing should ever induce him again to enter society, or admit the advances of a single civilised ruffian who affected to be social.

In a previous scene there had been one rather gratuitous posture which we might perhaps have been spared; but, for the rest, from the moment when she first entered, a noble figure in her robes of widowhood, veiling all but the oval of her face, pale and passionless, she played with a fine restraint, giving us confidence in her reserve of strength and never once allowing her high purpose to be forgotten.

For the rest, if again I am pressed to go to the Playstrap me!

Yes, though my hair is readjusted, though I spent more than a quarter of an hour in bathing my eyes, and restoring some semblance of white to their lids, though I had resolvedand without much difficulty, too, hithertoto be dry-eyed for the rest of the evening.

" For the rest of that evening I was more lively than is my wont, for it was a very easy thing to be lively in that family.

By catching this conveyance you avoid a tedious walk, which puts you out of temper for the rest of the day.

What shall we do with ourselves, old fellow, for the rest of the day?" "I hardly know.

"The whole thing," he said"to marry at all, to begin with, and to marry an unknown woman, to have one's debts paid, for the rest!

Ambrose had grown used to pulling his cart: he had expected to pull it for the rest of his days; and now the cart had suddenly broken down behind him and he was left standing in the middle of the long life-road.

1189 examples of  for the rest  in sentences