593 examples of for the time being in sentences

As the Holy Office advanced in labor and experience, the supreme council was enlarged, and at last it consisted of a presidentinquisitor-general for the time being; six counsellors with the title of apostolic; a fiscal; a secretary of the chamber; two secretaries of the council; an alguazil-in-chief, or sheriff; one receiver; two reporters; four apparitors; one solicitor; and as many consulters as circumstances might require.

They are registered in the proper office, and the State trustee collects them from the owner for the time being as quit-rents are collected in Great Britain or land revenue in India.

I wish to go for the time being into the why.

He was fairly satisfied that he had established peace for the time being, and he was not ill-pleased with his success.

For the time being, her jealous distrust of the possible effect of these upon her son slumbered.

"It can stay here for the time being," the other answered him.

"One of the Georges," said Psmith, "I forget which, once said that a certain number of hours' sleep a dayI cannot recall for the moment how manymade a man something, which for the time being has slipped my memory.

Reason could never have furnished it from the facts, as Cuvier proved in the great debate in the French Academy in 1842, when he knocked Lamarck out, for the time being, because "it did not conform to the facts, and did not follow from any relation of the facts.

For the time being she is wholly absorbed in her gastronomic exertions.

A jarring word would have brought him back to his everyday mood, but for the time being he was wrapt in what he saw.

This, with Bosio's property, was enough to make her independent, and, for the time being, Veronica allowed her to live in the house.

The conclusions to which my cogitations at length brought me were: first, that I was an egotistical donkey, and, second, that my relations with Miss Gibson were of an exclusively business character and must in future be conducted on that basis, with the added consideration that I was the confidential agent, for the time being, of Reuben Hornby, and in honour bound to regard his interests as paramount.

There are some people who receive from Nature as a gift a sort of graceful facility of sympathy, by which they incline to take on, for the time being, the sentiments and opinions of those with whom they converse, as the chameleon was fabled to change its hue with every surrounding.

Wearied at last, Maggie gave it up for the time being, but her curiosity was thoroughly aroused, and for many days she persisted in her importunity, until at last, in self-defense, old Hagar, when she saw her coming, would steal away to the low-roofed chamber, and, hiding behind a pile of rubbish, would listen breathlessly while Margaret hunted for her in vain.

Occasionally, by way of lulling the suspicions of Madam Conway, Henry would direct a letter to Hillsdale, knowing full well it would never meet the eyes of Margaret, over whom, for the time being, a spy had been set, in the person of Anna Jeffrey.

The church-wardens and overseers for the time being are guardians by virtue of their office; and at the expiration of the year, they may continue to act as such, or not, at their option.

Some of these recourses were promptly adopted in the newer settlements also; and others proved of little avail for the time being.

I had secured for correspondent with the Prince the services of his Swiss secretary, an excellent fellow by the name of Duby; and, as all the interest of the war for the moment lay in the campaign of the Prince against Mostar and its consequences, I arranged to have my news at Ragusa by telegraph, and there I went for the time being.

Antony, as he perceived his rival's favorable situation and had not himself any force at his back, did not dare to adopt any revolutionary measures for the time being, and furthermore he persuaded Lepidus (to prevent his becoming greater) to bow to the will of the majority.

His face is not exactly pleasant to look upon for the time being, but he has a very winning personality.

Burr sighed,a real sigh of his better nature, but passed out with all the more freedom that he felt it would interest his fair companion, who, for the time being, was the one woman of the world to him.

I have no doubt that for the time being I was a figure in his dreams, and that I shall be described with the same minuteness to the unhappy recipients of his confidences who are now awaiting him at dinner,at which I may mention he always drinks whisky-and-seltzer.

His whole appearance was so in harmony with the exquisite sentiments he uttered, that we who listened felt as if, for the time being, we had entered with him into the Holy of Holies.

For the time being enthusiasm had been submerged.

The master, for the time being, had changed places with him; he felt how important in his eyes was the small transaction,

593 examples of  for the time being  in sentences