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Do we say   forbear   or  forebear

Do we say forbear or forebear

forbear 974 occurrences

The proprietor, having pondered a while upon my friend's remarks, in a tone of exultation said,"Do you think, then, I could ever prevail on my people to forbear, when they saw a likely flock, from laying violent hands on it; or could I resist so favourable an opportunity of revenge?

Upon which they proceeded to blows, Dridrano all the while bellowing, "I beg, my worthy seniors, for the honour of science, that you will forbear!

Wherefore, in the name of God, forbear, and drive from thy heart the false delights promised by a guilty hope, and, with them, the madness that has seized thee.

forbear, and reflect whether thou shouldst not find befitting happiness in that which makes the happiness of Heaven and earth.

It is hardly good taste to introduce anything of a pathetic nature in an article intended to be humorous, but the following displays such infinite depth of tenderness, fortified by strength of mind, that I cannot forbear.

Others there be; but space has its limits, and we forbear.

How would "Bear and Forbear" do?

Prithee forbear.

No more than the Usurer would, to whom he has mortgag'd the best part of his Estate, would forbear a Day after the promis'd Payment of the Money.

Ha, ha, ha, I can't forbear with the thoughts on't.

Ah, my Erminia, might I hope at last To share the pity of that lovely Breast, By slow degrees I might approach that Throne, Where now the blest Philander reigns alone: Perhaps in time my Passion might redeem That now too faithful Heart y'ave given to him; Do but forbear to hear his amorous Tales, Nor from his moving Eyes learn what he ails: A Fire that's kindled cannot long survive, If one add nought to keep the flame alive.

This, however harsh it may appear, and however inconsistent with that delicacy with which the debates of this august assembly have generally been carried on, must surely be pardoned on this occasion, if for no other reason, at least for this, that it is not easy to forbear it, it is impossible wholly to suppress it in the mind; and to forbear to speak what cannot but be thought, is no part of the duty of a publick counsellor.

It cannot be imagined that they will forbear frauds, who have had recourse to violence, or that those will not endeavour to elude the government, who have already defied it.

I hope, my lords, it portends well to my inquiry, that the first position which I have to examine is true, nor can I forbear to congratulate your lordships upon having heard from the new ministry one assertion not to be contradicted.

The magistrates may be vitious, and forbear to enforce that law, by which themselves are condemned; they may be indolent, and inclined rather to connive at wickedness by which they are not injured themselves, than to repress it by a laborious exertion of their authority; or they may be timorous, and, instead of awing the vitious, may be awed by them.

It seems to suppose the use of distilled liquors absolutely unlawful, and, therefore, imposed upon licenses a duty so enormous, that only three were taken in the whole kingdom, and the people were therefore obliged to obtain by illegal methods, what they could not persuade themselves wholly to forbear.

It is possible, that those who purchase licenses may nevertheless forbear to prosecute those that sell spirits without the protection of the law.

They may forbear, my lords, from the common principles of humanity, because they think those poor traders deserve rather pity than punishment; they may forbear from a principle that operates more frequently, and too often more strongly; a regard to their own interest.

They may forbear, my lords, from the common principles of humanity, because they think those poor traders deserve rather pity than punishment; they may forbear from a principle that operates more frequently, and too often more strongly; a regard to their own interest.

I shall select only the following passage concerning Paradise Lost: 'Fancy can hardly forbear to conjecture with what temper Milton surveyed the silent progress of his work, and marked his reputation stealing its way in a kind of subterraneous current, through fear and silence.

The word bottom thus introduced, was so ludicrous when contrasted with his gravity, that most of us could not forbear tittering and laughing; though I recollect that the Bishop of Killaloe kept his countenance with perfect steadiness, while Miss Hannah More slyly hid her face behind a lady's back who sat on the same settee with her.

In the imagery I cannot forbear to distinguish the comparison of joy succeeding grief to light rushing on the eye accustomed to darkness.

DEAREST MADAM, Though I am afraid your illness leaves you little leisure for the reception of airy civilities, yet I cannot forbear to pay you my congratulations on the new year; and to declare my wishes that your years to come may be many and happy.

"Daughter, complete thy errands, and forbear to interrupt our privacy," said the monk, sternly.

John, unable to contain his mirth at this discovery of a likeness between the prototype of Mr. Benfield himself in leanness of figure, and the jolly rotundity of the merchant, was obliged to leave the room; Emily, though she could not forbear smiling at the comparison, quietly said, "You will meet him to-morrow, dear uncle, and then you will be able to judge for yourself."

I felt so sensibly the danger that some present were in of trifling away the reproofs of conviction, that I could not forbear reviving the language which was proclaimed to the Prophet Jonah, when he had fled from the presence of the Lord and was fallen asleep in the ship, "What meanest thou, O sleeper, arise, call upon thy God."

I could not forbear drawing the discouraging contrast of quitting those to whom we had become united in the gospel of peace, in a country the most beautiful that Nature can present, with a long journey in prospect through a dreary country whose inhabitants wish only to get what they can from us.

We could not forbear lifting up our testimony against the injurious effects of such a creed.

Sweet baby, then forbear to weep; Be still, my babe; sweet baby, sleep.

Sweet baby, then forbear to weep; Be still, my babe; sweet baby, sleep.

Sweet baby, then forbear to weep; Be still, my babe; sweet baby, sleep.

I saw the curl'd drops, soft and slow, Come hovering o'er the place's head, Offering their whitest sheets of snow To furnish the fair infant's bed: "Forbear," said I; "be not too bold: Your fleece is white, but 'tis too cold.

Then this request made, Joseph might no longer forbear, but commanded them that stood by to withdraw them, and when all men were gone out sauf he and his brethren, he began to say to them weeping: I am Joseph your brother, liveth yet my father?

As to the various routes to and through Kafiristan, he would add nothing to-night to what had been so ably stated, but as regards the languages, he could not forbear mentioning that there are at least five distinct dialects spoken by the tribes, which differ as much as Italian does from French, if not from German, although based on Aryan roots common to them all.

But when one is living with, and intends to go on living with a man who at times becomes such a brute, it is as well to know and acknowledge his weak points, and forbear to press him too far, even in the best cause, even when you are perfectly right, as I am sure you always are, for example.

As I never listen to after-dinner theology, I forbear comment on this subject; but before this time there had been a curious action brought by a churchwarden against his vicar for refusing to administer the Sacrament to him, on the ground that he did not believe in the personality of the devil.

I could not forbear questioning.

Let these madmen forbear, if they value the tranquillity of our country, and the stability of our Union.

We conjure them to forbear their maddened, parricidal hand.

" Jessie's heart was singing too, but she could not forbear a friendly gibe at him.

This book is intended to record facts, and not to touch upon personal matters, but I cannot forbear to mention the extreme cordiality of Sir Edward Carson's relations with the Board in general and myself in particular.

There are, however, just two cases in 1917, typical of many others, which I cannot forbear from mentioning.

To name all the officers who undertook this duty, or who were in charge of patrol areas, would be impossible, and it may seem invidious to mention names at all; but I cannot forbear to speak of some of those with whom I came most frequently into contact during 1917.

This I will come into if it will make you easyI will forbear to write to you for a few days, if nothing extraordinary happen, and till the rigour of her prohibition is abated.

Therefore dear Ned, at my advice forbear, Such loud complaints 'gainst critics to prefer, Since thou art turn'd an arrant libeller: Thou sett'st thy name to what thyself do'st write; Did ever libel yet so sharply bite?

'My Lord, I think I should be wanting to myself at this time, in my own necessary vindication, should I forbear any longer to give my friends a true account of my behaviour in the late ecclesiastical commission.

writings, when they were attacked upon a principle of party, and there are many of the greatest wits of his time who pay him compliments; amongst the rest is lord Lansdowne, who wrote some verses upon his illness; but as the lines do no great honour either to his lordship, or the Dr. we forbear to insert them.

Drink, swear, and roar, forbear no lewd delight Fit for thy bulk; do anything but write.

I pitied him then, but found it hard to forbear laughing, his aspect was so comical; therefore I feigned an errand out of the room, and, having stayed away long enough to compose my countenance, I returned to the parlour, where I found poor Mr. Poole on his knees to Althea, urging his suit for her hand with a great deal more passion than one could have expected in him.

Could it be called humanity to forbear committing murder?

Not only does the Gospel forbear to touch on social and religious problems, but, even on questions of morals, it refuses to furnish detailed solutions.

Let the Christians of America set to work, let them reject, for it is time, the scandals still presented here and there by their apologists for slavery, let them forbear to spare that which is culpable, to call good evil, or evil good, and they will render to their country a service which they alone can render it, and to which nothing on earth can be compared.

And I here cannot forbear to quote his own language, both to show his sagacity and to reproduce the portrait he drew of Napoleon.

One day, when the watchful nurse could not forbear to weepher full heart overflowingher patient asked: "Do you think I shall not get better?

Yet we cannot forbear to express a doubt, whether, aside from the Christian religion, Europe in that age had much in the way of civilization to impart to China.

However, several were wounded; and among them Cornelius Balbus, Marcus Plotius, and Lucius Tiburtius, centurions, and some privates; hereupon Labienus exclaimed, "Forbear, then, to speak any more about an accommodation, for we can have no peace unless we carry Caesar's head back with us."

When he had entered his seventieth year, Hurd, who had been his first friend, and the faithful monitor of his studies from youth, confined him "to a sonnet once a year, or so;" warning him, that "age, like infancy, should forbear to play with pointed tools."

Isagani realized that he was losing time, but still could not forbear replying: "Undoubtedly, there are many doctors and lawyers, but I won't say there are too many, since we have towns that lack them entirely, and if they do abound in quantity, perhaps they are deficient in quality.

forbear, relent, relax, give quarter, wipe the tears, parcere subjectis

vegetarian; Pythagorean, gymnosophist^. teetotaler &c 958; abstainer; designated driver; Encratite^, fruitarian^, hydropot^. V. be temperate &c adj.; abstain, forbear, refrain, deny oneself, spare, swear off.

We can scarcely doubt, that, if ever Russia plans a new invasion, England could not forbear to encourage Turkey, not to lose again the favourable opportunity to shake off the preponderance of Russia.

That I should be thus attacked at this crisis, does look like an endeavour to check a benefit to my country, but I cannot forbear humbly to beseech you, do not therefore think less favourably of my nation and of the Hungarian emigration, for which I am sorry that I can do very little, because I devote myself and all the success I may meet with to a higher aimto my country's freedom and independence.

Who could forbear warmly to feel for the fatherland of the Grattans, of O'Connells, and of Wolfe Tones?

Yet to some minds custom is of so much more power than argument, that I could not forbear to feel some uneasiness.

The ladies therefore hastened from the place to a point of greater safety, and before her departure Mrs. Lee is said to have affixed to the door a paper containing the following words: "Northern soldiers who profess to reverence Washington, forbear to desecrate the home of his first married life, the property of his wife, now owned by her descendants.

He starts at the encounter of a salutation as an assault, and beseeches you in choler to forbear your courtesy.

[Footnote 10: I cannot forbear to close this admirable character with the beautiful description of a "poure Persons," riche of holy thought and werk, given by the father of English poetry: Benigne he was, and wonder diligent, And in adversitรฉ ful patient: And swiche he was yprevรฉd often sithes.

" "Forbear, mistress; for the love of God, forbear!"

" "Forbear, mistress; for the love of God, forbear!"

Coming back to the place where we had hid our bundles, Dawson cast himself on the ground and gave vent to his passion, declaring he would see his Moll though he should tear the walls down to get at her, and other follies; but after a time he came to his senses again so that he could reason, and then I persuaded him to have patience, and forbear from any outburst of violence such as we had been warned against,

Reading all this in his manner, she had the delicacy to forbear intruding upon him questions to which she saw it would only give him pain to reply.

And when Klok-No-Ton arrived on the afternoon tide, Sime's defiant laugh was unabated; nor did he forbear to make a joke when the shaman tripped on the sand in the landing.

But Bash was aggrieved and truculent, and could not forbear to whimper and snarl as he was forced to receive the burden.

But as I have entered into this history I have come so strongly to perceive how noble and true and loyal was the knighthood of Sir Tristram, that I could not forbear telling you of many things that I had not purposed to speak of.

Then when Sir Percival beheld this lady how singularly beautiful she was he was altogether enchanted so that he could not forbear to approach her.

I exclaimed to the magistrate's guards, for God's sake forbear awhile; let me ask the Jew what great fault [my brothers] have committed, in retaliation for which, he so severely punishes them.

I forbear entering into all the details of this dreadful butchery; suffice it to say that the chaplain, Mr. Jennings, his wife, Miss C d, and nearly all the white people, both in the Palace and the city, were murdered.

He rolled over and over on the ground, presenting such a ludicrous appearance in his wet, nude state, and covered with earth, that, notwithstanding the awful surroundings of the scene, I and others could not forbear laughing.

Adelheid made an imploring gesture for her father to forbear, while she resumed her seat from farther inability to stand.

He mentioned it in a very artful manner at council, where I was told that some of the wisest appeared at least, by their silence, to be of my opinion; but others, who were my secret enemies, could not forbear some expressions which, by a side-wind, reflected on me.

In this terrible agitation of mind I could not forbear thinking of Lilliput, whose inhabitants looked upon me as the greatest prodigy that ever appeared in the world; where I was able to draw an imperial fleet in my hand, and perform those other actions which will be recorded forever in the chronicles of that empire, while posterity shall hardly believe them, although attested by millions.

Scared and confounded as I was, I could not forbear going on with these reflections, when one of the reapers, approaching within ten yards of the ridge where I lay, made me apprehend that with the next step I should be squashed to death under his foot, or cut in two with his reaping-hook.

In the meantime I was not able to forbear groaning and shedding tears, and turning my head toward my sides; letting him know as well as I could how cruelly I was hurt by the pressure of his thumb and finger.

And I may say with truth, that, in the midst of my own misfortunes, I could not forbear lamenting my poor nurse, the grief she would suffer for my loss, the displeasure of the queen, and the ruin of her fortune.

I answered, it was very true: and I wondered how I could forbear when I saw his dishes of the size of a silver threepence, a leg of pork hardly a mouthful, a cup not so big as a nutshell; and so I went on, describing the rest of his household stuff and provisions, after the same manner.

These gentle tunes and whining songs forbear, Your trees and whispering breeze, your grove and love, Your Cupid's quiver, and his mother's dove; Let bards to business bend their vigorous wing, And sing but seldom, if they love to sing: 70 Else, when the flowerets of the season fail,

While his mother, however, continued to regard him steadfastly, he could not forbear smiling; and she instantly sprang from her seat, threw her arms round his neck, and cried out, "Ah, my son, I have found you at last!

It might be filled up by the detail of individual exploits, which would give vivacity to the description; but we forbear to mention them.

He was seized, and taken before the Cadi, who ordered him the bastinado immediately; which was inflicted with such severity, that I could not forbear interceding for the fellow.

As the narrative was not merely very curious, but really wonderful, I cannot forbear sending you the substance of it; as to give it you in the very circuitous way it came to me, would be rather a tax upon your patience, particularly, as you may not be so destitute of resources of amusement, as, I confess, I was at that moment.

There are, however, some of them of which I can not forbear a more particular mention.

I can not forbear to bring again into the view of the Legislature the subject of a revision of the judiciary system.

But here I can not forbear to recommend a repeal of the tax on the transportation of public prints.

And while we entertain a grateful conviction that your wise, firm, and patriotic Administration has been signally conducive to the success of the present form of government, we can not forbear to express the deep sensations of regret with which we contemplate your intended retirement from office.

Great God, consider All she has done and suffered, and forbear To smite her like a worldling!

Scarce five minutes had elapsed, when he who was without, again elevated his voice as before, and said in German, 'For a year and a day, then, I forbear my forfeiture;but coming for it when that time shall elapse, I come for my right, and will no longer be withstood.'

"Yours" fully expressed such affection for relatives as I was then capable offor the belief that I had disgraced, perhaps destroyed, my family prompted me to forbear to use the family name in the signature.

My mind has been mostly released from exercises, and it seems as though I had nothing to do now but to bear and forbear with her.

Forbear, great prince; 'tis I must pay to you That adoration, as my sovereign's due: For, from my humble race you did not spring; You are the issue of our murdered king, Sent by that traitor to his blest abode, Whom, to be made a king, he made a god: The story is too full of fate to tell, Or what strange fortune our lost queen befel.

The name of foe be but in battles known;) For some few days all hostile acts forbear, That, if the king consents, it seem not fear: His heart, is noble, and great souls must be Most sought and courted in adversity.

forebear 9 occurrences

He knew it was the Bona Nova in the November of 1619,for the first Musgrave had settled in Virginia, prior to his removal to Lichfield,which had the honor of transporting the forebear of this family into America.

Also in the analysis of the dictionary definition of tension we learned that the word has, not only a Latin forebear, but French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian kinsmen as well.

"Yes, father," he said, "that old ruffian forebear of ours could swear and could kill.

But she, pointing out the fact that he was scarcely able to stand, said this was no time to speak of marrying or giving in marriage, asked him if his grandfather had not done some good to the forebear of MacCallumore.

She sat on the grassy low mound above her forebear, released the top of the long black stocking from the bite of a hidden garter and lowered it to the bulky burden.

] Stands there not, at the side, The Castle Retiro, where, all concealed, My forebear, Sancho, with a Moorish maid!

A very similar word is forebear.

If Lore is Sutra's forebear, then that could explain her manipulations.

But when Boris looks at birds in flight, he, like his scientific and artistic forebear Leonardo da Vinci, also seeks to understand how birds are able to fly.