Do we say forbear or forebear

forbear 966 occurrences

Hor. Covent-Garden, Dec. 7. Mr. SPECTATOR, I cannot, without a double Injustice, forbear expressing to you the Satisfaction which a whole Clan of Virtuosos have received from those Hints which you have lately given the Town on the Cartons of the inimitable Raphael.

And Ovid, though in the Description of a very barbarous Circumstance, tells us, That when the Tongue of a beautiful Female was cut out, and thrown upon the Ground, it could not forbear muttering even in that Posture.

There are others who affect a very slow Time, and are, in my Opinion, much more tuneable than the former; the Cooper in particular swells his last Note in an hollow Voice, that is not without its Harmony; nor can I forbear being inspired with a most agreeable Melancholy, when I hear that sad and solemn Air with which the Public are very often asked, if they have any Chairs to mend?

This strange Figure gave me much Anguish of Heart, and to avoid being seen with her I went away, but could not forbear giving her a Crown.

I thought it no Breach of good Manners to peep at a Crevice, and look in at People so well employed; but who should I see there but the most artful Procuress in the Town, examining a most beautiful Country-Girl, who had come up in the same Waggon with my Things, Whether she was well educated, could forbear playing the Wanton with Servants, and idle fellows, of which this Town, says she, is too full:

Mr. SPECTATOR, Your Discourse of the 29th of December on Love and Marriage is of so useful a Kind, that I cannot forbear adding my Thoughts to yours on that Subject.

Several of these little Hollows were stuffed with innumerable sorts of Trifles, which I shall forbear giving any particular Account of, and shall therefore only take Notice of what lay first and uppermost, which, upon our unfolding it and applying our Microscopes to it, appeared to be a Flame-coloured Hood.

" "Forbear!" cried a voice of thunder near themand all turning at the cry, they beheld Solomon Eagle, with his brazier on his head, issue from behind the stalls.

"Forbear!" cried the enthusiast, placing himself between the earl and Amabel, both of whom recoiled at his approach.

Freedom is the "power to begin or forbear, continue or put an end to" actions (thoughts and motions).

She pointed out to me her favoured rival, who, already ill-treated by Winter, had still the weakness to see him, and could not forbear making fresh sacrifices for him.

That old familiar tree, Whose glory and renown Are spread o'er land and sea, Say, wouldst thou hack it down? Woodman, forbear thy stroke, Cut not its earth-bound ties Oh, spare that aged oak, Now, towering to the skies.

It is enough, that the nation has the power "to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain," to make her fearfully guilty before God, if she "forbear" to exercise it.

And while we entertain a grateful conviction that your wise, firm, and patriotic Administration has been signally conducive to the success of the present form of government, we can not forbear to express the deep sensations of regret with which we contemplate your intended retirement from office.

But, oh! forbear, nor let thy tears, Drop on this mould'ring sod; Reflect, 'tis dust that slumbers here, The spirit's with its God.

The propriety of these is at least questionable; and, as they are neither very necessary to the language, nor recognized by any of our lexicographers, I forbear to approve them.

31.It is remarkable that some, who forbear to use the plural for the singular in the second person, adopt it without scruple, in the first.

But of such themes forbear to tell May never War awake this bell To sound the tocsin or the knell Hush'd be the alarum gun.

When therefore we reflect on the Divine nature, we are so used and accustomed to this imperfection in ourselves, that we cannot forbear in some measure ascribing it to Him in whom there is no shadow of imperfection.

Our reason indeed assures us that his attributes are infinite; but the poorness of our conceptions is such, that it cannot forbear setting bounds to every thing it contemplates, till our reason comes again to our succour and throws down all those little prejudices which rise in us unawares, and are natural to the mind of man.

At a still later period, having often heard talk of revolts excited against him, and of disorders which troubled the country, he was moved, in consequence, to fits of violent irritation, which, however, he learned instinctively to bide, "and in his child's heart," says the chronicle, "he had welling up all the vigor of a man to teach the Normans to forbear from all acts of irregularity."

The grave and wise Cato the censor will for ever live in that noble freethinking saying"I wonder," said he, "how one of our priests can forbear laughing when he sees another!"

Thus I apply the sentence to our priests in England, and, when Dr. Smallridge sees Dr. Atterbury, I wonder how either of them can forbear laughing at the cheat they put upon the people, by making them believe their "religion as by law established.

Sir, Although it was against my knowledge or advice, that you entered into holy orders, under the present dispositions of mankind toward the Church, yet since it is now supposed too late to recede, (at least according to the general practice and opinion,) I cannot forbear offering my thoughts to you upon this new condition of life you are engaged in.

I cannot forbear warning you in the most earnest manner against endeavouring at wit in your sermons, because by the strictest computation, it is very near a million to one that you have none; and because too many of your calling have consequently made themselves everlastingly ridiculous by attempting it.

forebear 6 occurrences

He knew it was the Bona Nova in the November of 1619,for the first Musgrave had settled in Virginia, prior to his removal to Lichfield,which had the honor of transporting the forebear of this family into America.

Also in the analysis of the dictionary definition of tension we learned that the word has, not only a Latin forebear, but French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian kinsmen as well.

"Yes, father," he said, "that old ruffian forebear of ours could swear and could kill.

But she, pointing out the fact that he was scarcely able to stand, said this was no time to speak of marrying or giving in marriage, asked him if his grandfather had not done some good to the forebear of MacCallumore.

She sat on the grassy low mound above her forebear, released the top of the long black stocking from the bite of a hidden garter and lowered it to the bulky burden.

] Stands there not, at the side, The Castle Retiro, where, all concealed, My forebear, Sancho, with a Moorish maid! SERVANT.

Do we say   forbear   or  forebear
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