Do we say forceful or forcible

forceful 141 occurrences

By A. G. SPALDING PRICE, $2.00 NET A book of 600 pages, profusely illustrated with over 100 full page engravings, and having sixteen forceful cartoons by Homer C. Davenport, the famous American artist.

I wish Thomas would not use such very forceful language," said Miss Diana.

"The same forceful character," he observed gently, "the same blunt candor.

"Ignoring our guns, the German artillerymen, probably relying on concealment for immunity, were concentrating all their efforts in a particularly forceful effort to enfilade our trenches.

It was a characteristic of the New Englander that while he was a forceful figure in this man's country, he rarely quarreled with any one.

He could not associate this slight, fair girl, with a child's honesty and appeal in her eyes, with the forceful words he had read from her pen.

Mrs. Travers is a forceful personality.

The older poet sings with forceful simplicity: "Then comes, at dawn, the east wind, keen with frost.

He was taught how to express himself in the simple, forceful English for which he became famous.

In 1856 Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, one of the most eloquent and forceful denunciators of all the pro-slavery lawlessness, was attacked at his desk in the Senate chamber, after an adjournment, and unmercifully beaten with a heavy cane by Preston Brooks, a member of the House of Representatives, and nephew of Senator Butler of South Carolina.

A pleasant labour shall be mine in glorifying this land where of old the Myrmidons dwelt, whose ancient meeting-place Aristokleides through thy favour hath not sullied with reproach by any softness in the forceful strife of the pankration; but a healing remedy of wearying blows he hath won at least in this fair victory in the deep-lying plain of Nemea.

Duke Ercole was a man of strong will and forceful actiona tyrant in his own family and cruel to his unhappy consorthe could not brook any disobedience to his behests.

Also, he had forceful opinions as to the ultimate destination of those who were.

Damn is expressive and forceful, because capable of being enunciated at one explosive effort of the breath, but it is monotonous when too freely employed.

The image of his mother with her flamboyant blonde hair was replaced immediately by that of Francescaquiet, natural, and no less forceful.

She had taken for granted from the talk between him and Molly that he was one of the "forceful, impossible Montgomery cousins," and had cast her own first remarks in a tone calculated to fit in with the supposititious dialect of such a person.

The violence of Michelangelo, unlike that of Luca, lay not so much in the choice of savage subjects (cruelty, ferocity, extreme physical and mental torment) as in a forceful, passionate, tempestuous way of handling all the themes he treated.

Shih Lo was a forceful army commander, but he was a man without statesmanship, and without the culture of his day.

this is a thing from which the startled spirit recoils in speechless horror, and vainly, vainly strives to wrench itself by forceful thought from the shuddering, encumbering frame!

If one is not subject to the spirit of ancestor worship that has long ruled American history, one is bound to say thatapart from some forceful pamphleteering of transient purposethe voluminous political literature of the formative period displays much pedantic erudition but has little that goes really deep.

They had all been more or less constant members of his congregation during the years when he was making a name as the most forceful and fearless young preacher who ever ventured to tell the people of aristocratic St. Timothy's what he thought of them.

He went on interesting, touching, appealing to his listeners, waging war upon their hearts with all the skill known to the valiant, forceful speaker.

Mirabeau's common sense, as well as his great and puissant genius, revolted against the absurd theories of the privileged: he overwhelmed them with his terrible eloquence, whilst adjuring them to renounce their abuseful and obsolete rights; he scared them by his forceful and striking hideousness.

The major even muttered an oath or two, under his breath, till Leclair nudged him with a forceful elbow.

Chain, forts, and gunboats all gave way before Farragut's forceful will.

forcible 581 occurrences

As regards this important point of the subaërial region of coal, I am glad to find myself in entire accordance with Principal Dawson, who bases his conclusions upon other, but no less forcible, considerations.

All the most forcible expressions of the Commination-Service were liberally bestowed on the watch.

The genuine expression of popular feeling is always forcible, not seldom poetic.

We afterwards sang a hymn which brought over again some of the leading thoughts in the sermon and struck him so strongly, that on obtaining a copy of it, he committed it to memory, and used to repeat it, with so forcible an accent as showed how much every line expressed his very soul.

In a style copious and yet forcible, with an expression singularly clear and happy, and in language exceedingly chaste and at times very beautiful, he has given us a plain, unvarnished narrative of facts, as he himself says, unclogged by individual reflections which would "only encumber rather than enforce."

"I do not mean," continued the philosopher, serenely, "by any forcible diminution of the existing populace: unfortunately, the vulgar prejudices in favor of life are so strong, owing to the miserable preponderance of the Egoistic over the Altruistic instincts, that such an expedient would be unadvisable.

The concluding observations on "the extension of Britain," and her colonial interests, are in a forcible and liberal tone, but as they take rather too political a turn for our pages, we recommend the anxious reader to the volume itself, which is altogether the production of an original thinker and an impartial writer.

I speak not of forcible annexation, for that cannot be thought of.

The addition of a steeple to a Grecian church forms a stumbling-block to our modern architects, forcing them to have recourse to many shifts to convert a Grecian temple into an English church, a forcible argument for the rejection of the classical styles altogether in this species of buildings.

Glaring as were the intellectual faults of the Oxford movement, it was at any rate a recognition in a very forcible way of the doctrine that spiritual matters are not to be settled by the dicta of a political council.

But where these notions can be realised without unlawful interference of that kind, then the forcible hindrance of such realisation is a direct weakening of the force and amount of conscience on which the community may count.

But among the things which he would no longer permit himself to do, would be the forcible repression in others of any opinions, however hostile to his own, or of any kind of conduct, however widely it diverged from his own, and provided that it concerned themselves only.

[Footnote 28: No one, for instance, has given more forcible or decisive expression than Mr. Spencer has done to the duty of not passively accepting the current theology.

And were I the chooser, a dram of well-doing should be preferred before many times as much the forcible hindrance of evil-doing.

"There is no other earthly object capable of making so various and so forcible impressions upon the human mind, as a complete speaker."Perry cor.

The contrast is forcible, and the intellectual advantage to be enjoyed in the metropolis too evident to be overlooked.

Here, on the large scale, was the forcible repression of the Socialists; on a small scale, the punishment of a heretic.

he asked, "shall weshall we use the alphabet?" A forcible rap under the table.

" At first Lewisham was passionate and forcible.

His reviews of books were always good, and his literary articles piquant and forcible.

Douglas was always forcible in statement and bold in assertion; but Lincoln was his superior in quaint originality, aptness of phrase, and subtlety of definition; and oftentimes Lincoln's philosophic vision and poetical fervor raised him to flights of eloquence which were not possible to the fiber and temper of his opponent.

I know that it ran along in the mouth of some Southern men for a period of years, ending at last in that shameful though rather forcible declaration of Pettit, of Indiana, upon the floor of the United States Senate, that the Declaration of Independence was in that respect "a self-evident lie" rather than a self-evident truth.

Meade was accepted as a good working general but the occasion demanded something more forcible in the way of leadership and, early in 1864, Lincoln sends for the man who by his success in the West had won the hopeful confidence of the President and the people.

By the universal law of nations, robbery or forcible depredation upon the "high seas," animo furandi, is piracy.

The essential characteristic of a crisis is the forcible and sudden movement of readjustment in the mistaken capitalization of productive agents.

Do we say   forceful   or  forcible