391 examples of forebode in sentences

But in the midst of my grief, at the prospect of our separation, I recollected that we were soon to meet again in the city; while Veenah's tears, for she did not attempt to disguise or suppress her feelings, seemed already to forebode that our happiness was here to terminate.

<Foretell, predict, prophesy, forecast, presage, forebode, portend, augur, prognosticate.

Forebode expresses an uncertain foreknowledge of vague impending evil.

His dear mistress divined his thoughts with her usual jealous watchfulness of affection; began to forebode a time when he would escape from his home nest; and at his eager protestations to the contrary, would only sigh and shake her head, knowing that some day her predictions would come true.

Of the people near Unmov'd he ask'd, what should be done To him who slew that boasting one, Whose words such mischiefs did forebode To th' armies of the living God?

"Do you ever feel an unaccountable sensation of dread," she asked, with a weary little laugh; "a sort of foreboding with nothing definite to forebode?" "Unaccountableno," replied Steinmetz.

Thou sat'st with Thrasybulus and his train, Couldst thou forebode the dismal hour which now Dims the green beauties of thine Attic plain?

" There was the glint in Grim's eye now that should warn anyone who knew him that the scent was hot; added to the fact that the rest of his expression suggested waning interest, that look of his forebode fine hunting.

For the present he led off his brigands; the palace and gardens were restored to quiet, though the traces of the assault to which they had been exposed could not easily be effaced; and Louis and his family were left in tranquillity to thank God for their escape, but to forebode also that similar trials were in store for them, all of which, it was not likely, would have so innocent a termination.

V. predict, prognosticate, prophesy, vaticinate, divine, foretell, soothsay, augurate^, tell fortunes; cast a horoscope, cast a nativity; advise; forewarn &c 668. presage, augur, bode; abode, forebode; foretoken, betoken; prefigure, preshow^; portend; foreshow^, foreshadow; shadow forth, typify, pretypify^, ominate^, signify, point to.

presentir, to foresee, forebode, have a foreboding of. presidio, m., jail, prison.

But if the fortune of war should turn against them, the children of all would be in danger from so many thousands of enemies; that he was unwilling to forebode what neither Jupiter nor their father Mars would be likely to suffer to befall a city built under such auspices.

Had I known that this disgrace was reserved for this year, above all others, though we have now long been living in such a manner, and such is the state of affairs, that my mind can forebode nothing good, I would have avoided this honour either by exile or by death, if there had been no other means of escaping it.

Hail to the beings, Unknown and glorious, Whom we forebode!

This condition forebode delirium and death, unless stayed by the only means at hand.

There are some, however, who croak and forebode evil; but they are few in number, and of no intelligence,such as are to be found in every community.

There are some, however, who croak and forebode evil; but they are few in number, and of no intelligence,such as are to be found in every community.

They were mostly youths, from sixteen to twenty years of age, and seemed little to forebode their probable fate.

In the statue, she stands musing, with her head drooping forward, as if the weight of the breastplate oppressed her woman's heart; the melancholy soul which shines through the marble seems to forebode the fearful winding-up of her eventful destiny.

I can not get over the saddening impression which such deaths cause, by receiving new ones; our lives here are so quiet and uneventful, that we have full leisure to meditate on the breaches already made in our circle of friends at home, and to forebode many more such sorrowful tidings.

as wise as he, 200 Maintain, with sounder sense, that dreams forebode; For Homer plainly says they come from God.

And, if I well forebode, My hat and wig will soon be here, They are upon the road.

And these omens forebode great havoc among ourselves.

Once on a time Balder dreamed heavy dreams which seemed to forebode his death.

The Japanese war of 1894-95 betrayed the weakness of the national organisation; and the seizure of Formosa by Japan, the Russo-Japanese protectorate over Manchuria and Corea, the French demand for Kwang-si and Kwang-tung, enforced lease of Kiao-chau to Germany, and of Wei-hai-wei to Britain (1898), seem to forebode the partition of the ancient empire among the more energetic Western nations.

391 examples of  forebode  in sentences
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