100 examples of forensic in sentences

There was another display of forensic ingenuity by the same counsel in the next case, where he was once again the "friend" of the prisoner.

It is true, we have not a rich collection of ancient speeches; but we have every reason to believe that both Greeks and Romans were most severely trained in the art of public speaking, and that forensic eloquence was highly prized and munificently rewarded.

He was now past fifty years of age, in the prime of his strength and in the height of his forensic fame.

But he was dragged from his literary and forensic life to accept the office of a governor of a province.

But in spite of the defects of his early education, Henry's attainments were considerable, and the profoundest lawyers, like Wirt, Nicholas, and Jay, acknowledged his great forensic ability.

Adj. learned in the law; at the bar; forensic; esquire, esquired.

Marcus Antonius, the great forensic orator, was so odious to Marius that the latter, on hearing that he was taken, wished, so the story runs, to go and kill him with his own hand.

She had received all his nonsense, announced in his best style of simulated forensic grandeur, with a certain unchanging serenity which was unamused: which was, indeed, barely interested.

The first two styles might obviously be used in forensic prose or in ambitious poetic work like epics and tragedies.

For all that copiousness, and forest, as it were, of eloquence, is derived from those men, and yet is not sufficient for forensic business; which, as these men themselves used to say, they left to more rustic muses.

Accordingly this forensic eloquence, being despised and repudiated by philosophy, has lost many great and substantial helps; but still, as it is embellished with flowery language and well-turned periods, it has had some popularity among the people, and has had no reason to fear the judgment or prejudice of a few.

Every paragraph has its own charm; every word is chosen with that quick instinct that seizes upon the right word to describe the matter in hand which characterizes Mr. Dana's forensic efforts, and places him so high on the list of natural-born advocates,which gives him the power of eloquence at the bar, and a power scarcely less with the slower medium of the pen.

If Cicero were summoned suddenly back to Rome for business, forensic or political, he would hasten first to Formiae and sleep there, and thence hurry, by the via Appia and the route so well known to us from Horace's journey to Brundisium, to another house in the little sea-coast town of Antium.

For that we want less debating society and more philosophy, fewer prizes for forensic ability and more for strength and vigour of analysis.

The great political conceptions that are needed to establish the peace of the world must become the common property of the mass of intelligent adults if they are to hold against the political scoundrel, the royal adventurer, the forensic exploiter, the enemies and scatterers of mankind.

But to set oneself to know thoroughly and to think clearly about any human question is to unfit oneself for the forensic claptrap which is contemporary politics, is to put oneself out of the effective current of the nation's life.

If no better governing body is possible than the stupid, dilatory and forensic assemblies that rule in France, Britain and America to-day, then the civilised human community has reached its climax.

The forensic manner of speech, in which he was a head and shoulders higher than any of his legal contemporaries, is, after all, distinct from parliamentary eloquence.

In a merely forensic sense, it was indeed a battle of giants.

There seems something almost ludicrously incongruous in bringing a theological question into the atmosphere and within the technical handling of a law court, and in submitting delicate and subtle attempts to grasp the mysteries of the unseen and the infinite, of God and the soul, of grace and redemption, to the hard logic and intentionally confined and limited view of forensic debate.

[Lord Justice BANKS recently referred to the possible establishment of a Law Courts' crêche, where the female barrister might leave her young while engaged in forensic duties.]

I have already narrated, how at Oxford I was embarrassed as to the forensic propriety of transferring punishment at all.

MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE OR FORENSIC MEDICINE, is the branch of medical study which bears on legal questions, the detection of crime or the determination of civil rights.

This man possessed great forensic acquirements, and was of spotless private character; but, like the majority of lawyers of that daywhen it was no extraordinary thing to hang twenty men in a morning at Newgatehe was a staunch stickler for the gallows as the only effectual reformer and safeguard of the social state.

" "Bless the woman," thought I; "what an exalted idea she appears to have of forensic eloquence!

100 examples of  forensic  in sentences