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125 examples of  foretasted  in sentences

125 examples of foretasted in sentences

In the right choice of work lies the fullest use of one's capacities; in the right conditions of work lies the freest play of one's energies; in the right spirit of work lies the way of one's lasting happiness, and the foretaste of eternal joys.

Herein we have also an explanation of the reason of these waters coming to the surface of the earthit is to give patients and other miserables who drink them a foretaste of future horrors.

It was only a foretaste, and I set my house in order.

"It's plain that Jacob was not captured, else we would see him near by," Sergeant Corney said to me, and I tried my best to enter into conversation with him, to the end that I might in some slight degree take my mind from the torture which, perhaps, was but a foretaste of what I would be forced to suffer.

The Turks in overwhelming force met a most stubborn defence by the Middlesex Yeomanry, and if the enemy took these London yeomen as an average sample of General Allenby's troops, this engagement must have given them a foretaste of what was in store for them.

O dastard whom such foretaste doth not cheer!

That glimpse of heavenly light, That foretaste of eternal Good, we miss.

On my way back to Zicron-Jacob, I passed through the town of Sheff'amr, where I got a foretaste of the conditions I was to find at home.

So artificially, by this means, is the nature of all human virtue and vice contrived, that their rewards and punishments are woven, as it were, in their very essence; their immediate effects give us a foretaste of their future, and their fruits, in the present life, are the proper samples of what they must unavoidably produce in another.

The Moors endeavour to imitate the sacred objects of their religion in every way, even in the commonest affairs of human existence, whilst likewise their troops of wives and concubines are only an earthly foretaste and an earnest of the celestial ladies they expect to meet hereafter.

My mind was instantly opened to such a glorious scene of divine good that I felt a resignation of heart to give up all for the enjoyment of [such a foretaste] of endless felicity.

Having experienced a foretaste of riches, Francois perhaps secretly longed for more of the glittering gems and for some of those American dollars which sounded five times as large in francs.

The sight of her terror of him, the foretaste of the triumph he was to enjoy, restored him for a moment to a brutal good-humor.


He had let West give her a foretaste of the hell in store for her.

This is considered to be but a foretaste of the time when all income-tax papers will have to be addressed to the workhouses.

For herself she was unafraid, she foretasted entire success.

There must be a certain general resemblance in the climates of the two places; and he who had gone through a winter at one of them, must have had a very tolerable foretaste of what was to be suffered at the other.

He readily undertook the task, and when he had half-finished the "Campaign," he shewed it to Godolphin, who was delighted, especially with the Angel, and in gratitude, instantly appointed the lucky poet to a commissionership worth about ยฃ200 a-year, and assured him that this was only a foretaste of greater favours to come.

Some of the carols of the fifteenth century give a foretaste of the Elizabethan song.

Again, he points out that there is no word in the German language for "character" (Karakter), a word borrowed from the Greek; the reason is, he explains, that there is no need for one, because to have character and to be German are the same thinga curious foretaste of the German arrogance of to-day.

forethought, forecast; predeliberation^, presurmise^; foregone conclusion &c (prejudgment) 481; prudence &c (caution) 864. foreknowledge; prognosis; precognition, prescience, prenotion^, presentiment; second sight; sagacity &c (intelligence) 498; antepast^, prelibation^, prophasis^. prospect &c (expectation) 507; foretaste; prospectus &c (plan) 626.

And I believe the shrewd Spaniard had put us to this pinch as a foretaste of the misery we must endure if we rejected his design, and so to shape our inclinations to his.

Every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection.

Every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection.

The other notable pictures are Raphael's Fornarina, No. 245, which is far more Venetian than the "Madonna della Sedia," and has been given to Sebastian del Piombo; and the Venetian group on the right of the door, which is not only interesting for its own charm but as being a foretaste of the superb and glorious Giorgione in the Sala di Marte, which we now enter.

One trip across the Pasig gives a foretaste of life in the interior of the country.

Still to the garrison yonder it must have been an unhappy foretaste of what they might shortly expect, when they saw the forty- twos striking here in this field and saw what execution they did among the cabbage and the beet patches.

What the Archbishop says, is most true of beginners in sin; but this is the foretaste of hell, to see and loathe the deformity of the wedded vice, and yet still to embrace and nourish it.

"Why it has been a little foretaste of heaven.

The City of BrousaReturn to CivilizationStormThe Kalputcha HammamA Hot BathA Foretaste of ParadiseThe Streets and Bazaars of BrousaThe MosqueThe Tombs of the Ottoman SultansDisappearance of the KaturgeesWe start for MoudaniaThe Sea of MarmoraMoudaniaPassport DifficultiesA

The City of BrousaReturn to CivilizationStormThe Kalputcha HammamA Hot BathA Foretaste of ParadiseThe Streets and Bazaars of BrousaThe MosqueThe Tombs of the Ottoman SultansDisappearance of the KaturgeesWe start for MoudaniaThe Sea of MarmoraMoudaniaPassport DifficultiesA

Half-way up, however, it became more difficult, the path being covered in places with a thick coating of icea foretaste of the pleasures before us.

All his personal wishes and feelings were so against taking office at present, and the foretaste he had of it in this lonely and most harassing fortnight was so odious to him that his only feeling at first when he gave it all up was pure delight; and he slept, which he had not been able to do before.

Those readers are, perhaps, most fortunate who come upon such a book as this without foretaste or preparation.

The practical disfranchisement of the colored people in several States, and the apparent acquiescence by the Supreme Court in the attempted annulment, by restrictive and oppressive laws, of the war amendments to the Constitution, have brought a foretaste of what might be expected should the spirit of the Dred Scott decision become again the paramount law of the land.

The man who has not loved before he was fourteen has missed a foretaste of Elysium.

From our past history we may have a small foretaste of the cost of reviving the system of internal improvements.

Should the Union perish in the midst of the present excitement, we have already had a sad foretaste of the universal suffering which would result from its destruction.

But then, is not all celestial bliss burdened by this condition; nay, is not even our earthly bliss, which is a foretaste of heaven, only a flower raised upon the rottenness of other flowersa type of the soul as it issues from corruption?

About 7, I got offan excellent foretaste of my future progress.

When she was ready to go up to Muro, she knew that without those letters life in such a solitude would be well nigh unsupportable, whereas, being able to look forward to them, and to answering them, her hours of idleness were already a foretasted pleasure.

God speed the day, and let not the shining thread of hope become so enmeshed in the web of circumstance that we lose sight of it; but give us here and there, and now and then, some little foretaste of this golden age, that we may the more patiently and hopefully await its coming!

He had frightened her into heaven; and his heaven, a definite locality in the skies, had its foretaste here on earth in miniatureThe Towers, house, and garden.

"If the immortal gods assist me, as I trust that they will, going on my way with proper feelings, I shall live happily; but if another fate awaits me, I have already a foretaste of joy in the certainty of your punishment.

" You are very welcome to your foretaste of joy.

The extensive and interesting journeys connected with the manufacturing impulse of these engagements, reaching over a varied surface of several hundred miles, opened up scenes of life and adventure which gave me a foretaste of, and preparedness for, the deeper experiences of the western wilderness; and the war with England was no sooner closed than I made ready to share in the exploration of the FAR WEST.

" Miss Craydocke slipped her lap-boardwork and allunder her bureau, upon the floor, for safety; and then with her quaint, queer expression, in which curiosity, pluckiness, and a foretaste of amusement mingled so as to drive out annoyance, pushed back her bolt, and presented herself to the demand of her visitor, much as an undaunted man might fling open his door at the call of a mob.

your soul was bared, and the grave,a foretaste of the nakedness of the Judgment-Day?

Because you see, my dear, in ten yearsor thereaboutsthe course of nature will have made of me what this pneumonia has given me a foretaste of.

Two hours to stop, and as the town may give me a foretaste of the cities of China, I resolve to take a run through it.

There was no help for it; so, with a sigh of sad expectation, I resigned myself to my fate, of which I had experienced a short foretaste on my way to Pittsburg.

The hospitalities of which I had enjoyed a foretaste in November last, now thickened upon me, and though the season of Lent had put a stop to large and general parties, enough was still left to make my stay very agreeable.

You have a foretaste of that freedom now.

We shall not, however, impair the pleasure of the reader by giving him a foretaste of the whole plot of Penelope; but we shall rather confine ourselves to a few portrait-specimens of characters, whose drawing will, we hope, attract the general reader; presuming, as we do, that its claims to his attention will be found to outweigh dozens of the scandalous chronicles of high fashion.

The valley was very fertile, and its picturesqueness a foretaste of the heights.

Even if to some of us the remedial plans outlined seem to fall far short of the mark, they still are a beginning and are a foretaste of better things ahead.

Barwood in former times had been in the habit of going there occasionally to air his amateur French, burn a spoonful of brandy in his coffee, and enjoy an economical foretaste of Paris.

I spent about ten or fifteen minutes in the air; we went out to sea, soared up, came back over the land, circled higher, planed steeply down to the water, and I landed with the conviction that I had had only the foretaste of a great store of hitherto unsuspected pleasures.

" "What delight do you give me, my beloved Pamela, in this sweet foretaste of my happiness!

It seemed, indeed, a foretaste of those glorious campaigns long promised them, when they should go through the land of the Gentiles "like a lion among the flocks of sheep, cutting down, breaking in pieces, with none to deliver, leaving the land desolate.

It is a foretaste of thy love to come.

I think I know something about the land of Beulah, but I don't quite live in it yet; and yet what is this joy if it isn't beatitude, if it is not a foretaste of that which is to come?

It contained a gold pin in the shape of a horseshoe, in addition to a large, heart-shaped candy box filled with such chocolates that each was as a foretaste of celestial bliss to Fannie, who now thought she might fairly assume airs of importance.

Meanwhile the chief criminal, Germany, had begun to utter ad misericordiam appeals for the relaxation of the Armistice terms on the score of their cruelty; and Count Brockdorff-Rantzau gave us a foretaste of his quality by declaring that "Germany cannot be treated as a second-rate nation.

Yvonne was to beat her drum and play her orchestra on the platform outside, and this would attract the people, already anxious to behold the wonders within, a foretaste of which would be given, when the crowd gathered, by Cleofonte, who would life a few heavy weights and introduce the Signora, the Child Wonder, and Tomasso, the bear.

A month passeda foretaste of what was to come.

I cannot think of it calmly, because the foretaste of happiness is almost choking me.

If she be lost to me, then truly nothing remains but to vegetate, and gloominess unutterable as the foretaste of decay.

Foretaste of glory.

Foretaste of glory.

Surely this was a foretaste of the bliss, which shall never end.

Her Game was to Domesticate him in Advance, and let him have a Foretaste of what it is to be Boss of your own House, except as to the Bills.

Every separation gives a foretaste of death, and every meeting a foretaste of the resurrection.

Every separation gives a foretaste of death, and every meeting a foretaste of the resurrection.

Our enemy doth rush upon us with all the fury of his powers, and already giveth us a foretaste and the first-fruits of all the license with which he doth intend to set upon us.

on returning from Compiegne; but she thenceforward assumed her place, and gave a foretaste of the part she was to play in the government of France.

Oh, a little foretaste of this sabbath has been granted, when I have seemed to behold with my own eye, and to feel for myself in moments too precious to be forgotten, the waves of tumult hushed into a, more than earthly calm by Him who alone can say, "Peace, be still.

But I believe the two deficiencies are more connected than we are sometimes aware of; and perhaps the joys of a happy death-bed, the foretaste of heaven, of which we sometimes hear, are as much connected with the completeness of religious devotedness, often not till then attained, as with the nearness in point of time to a world of purity and joy.

Her touch has unsealed my eyes, and the pain that I take from my love for her is like a foretaste of heaven.

I have never felt the inward assurance of genius, nor the foretaste of celebrity, nor of happiness, nor even the prospect of being husband, father, or respected citizen.

How strange that the faith of evolution did not give them the "after sight" which is the crown and reward of those who "mean well," and who "work and hope!" To Mrs. Croly did come not only the well-wishing and the patient labor, but also a foretaste of her reward.

The old author long ago foretasted this, who wrote,"The divine arts of printing and gunpowder have frightened away Robin Goodfellow, and all the fairies."

In Hugo's view, that tenderness for the weak and the defenceless which is their keynote was the peculiar mark of the age in which he lived, and a foretaste of the glory that was to come.

And we get a foretaste of the familiar Shandian impertinence in the remark which follows, that "there are many good similes subsisting in the world, but which I have neither time to recollect nor look for," which would give you an idea of the parson's astonishment at Trim's impudence.

We have, in the passages quoted, a foretaste of the priggish extravagance of the Faithful Shepherdess.

Am I anxious to dedicate the day wholly and entirely to God, setting it apart entirely for His service, and looking upon it as a foretaste of the great and eternal Sabbath that is coming?

I would I might scorch thee with it, to give thee foretaste of that to come; perchance 'twould seethe thy rottenness to the quickif thou of that art not also bereftand turn thee from thy course.

Jehannum may indeed reserve the fruit of the tree Al Zakkum, for these dogs, but our work is to give them a foretaste of it, today.

It gave them a foretaste of what it would mean to graduate into the gymnasium, and from there into the university.

It is the end of March, and when one can hide round a corner from the wind, one has a foretaste of summer, in the sun's warm strength.

Up to the period of this war the country's most original men have been those who, by protesting against its evils and displaying a genius emancipated from the prescriptions of Church and State, have prophesied the revolution, and given to America the first rich foretaste of her growing mind.

It was also radical, up-rooting many aspects of its old social pattern, speeding up the bourgeois revolution, and preparing the way for a Mexican form of populism and a Mexican foretaste of a proletarian revolution, initiated, led and manned by Mexicans.

The devastation, during that year, of two moderate sized cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was a foretaste of the increasingly bleak chances of human survival with the stockpiling of nuclear weapons far more destructive than the fission bombs used on the two Japanese cities.

There was a calm upon his young spirit, so soothing and so blessed, that the future rose before him unsullied by a cloud; anticipation was so bright, it seemed a foretaste of that glorious heaven, the goal to which he and his Mary lookedthe home they sought together.

winding among grassy holms 275 Where I was looking on, a babe in arms, Make ceaseless music that composed my thoughts To more than infant softness, giving me Amid the fretful dwellings of mankind A foretaste, a dim earnest, of the calm 280 That Nature breathes among the hills and groves?

In any case what I have, can be but a foretaste of what I have yet to be; and if so, then indeed is there a glory laid up for them that will have God, the I of their I, to throne it in the temple he has built, to pervade the life he has lifed out of himself.

I felt my hair rise on my head as these questions rang like a tocsin through my brain, and I think, at that moment, I had a foretaste of the chief agony of death.

In order that the pleasure-seeking multitude might not lack a foretaste of the happiness in store for them, several musicians had taken up their positions on the left-hand slope of the raised causeway.

A foretaste of it came to him when he tried to surprise the fortress of Gullberg near the present Gรถtaborg.