2438 examples of foreword in sentences

By Lemuel Shattuck, foreword by Charles-Edward Amory Winslow.

NM: illus., revisions, index, foreword & credits.

NM: foreword, letter & ms. material & format.

By Laura Thompson (Laura Thompson Collier), with a foreword by John Collier & a chapter from the writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf.

R64702, 25Jul50, American Bank Note Co. (PCB) CANE, by Jean Toomer, with a foreword by Waldo Frank.

Foreword by H. F. Harrington.

With a new foreword by Thorne Smith.

© on foreword; 4Oct33; A66519.

with foreword by Alfred P. Loomis.

With a foreword by Stephen Vincent Benet.

© on cover design, title page, & foreword; 12May33; AA123416.

Author of new matter; Robert C. McQuilkin. © on t. p. & foreword; 8Nov33; A67088.

With a foreword by Eric P. Kelly.

With a foreword by John H. Finley.

& new foreword by the author.

Foreword by Edward P. Costigan.

Foreword by Stuart Chase.

© on foreword; 13Sep34; A75520.

With a foreword by Carlton J. H. Hayes.

With a foreword by Letetia Raubicheck. © 22Jan34; A70027.

With a foreword by Alfred E. Smith.

Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd. (PWH); 22May62; R295959. BURGESS, JOHN W. Reminiscences of an American scholar; the beginnings of Columbia University. Foreword by Nicholas Murray Butler.

With a foreword by Stuart Chase.

With a foreword by Fulton J. Sheen.

Foreword by Aldous Huxley.

2438 examples of  foreword  in sentences