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2438 examples of  foreword  in sentences

2438 examples of foreword in sentences

With a foreword by Robert W. Johnson.

ยฉ on foreword and revision; 29Jun23, A711073.

Foreword by Rutger Bleecker Jewett; illus.

ยฉ on new foreword; 26Jan23, A698082.

Foreword by Ruth Franc von Phul.

Creative youth, with a foreword by Otis W. Caldwell.

Foreword by Ella Bishop Drury.

Foreword by Zona Gale.

Foreword by Will H. Houghton.

Foreword by Alexander Meiklejohn.

Foreword by Charles D. Maginnis.

by Walter L. Niles & a foreword by Walter White.

E. H. L. Corwin & Gertrude E. Sturges (A), Charles Scribner's Sons (PWH for introd. & foreword); 29Oct64; R347892.

NM: foreword & additions.

Foreword by Alfred Leete Hampson.

Foreword by Richard C. Cabot.

With a foreword by Harrison S. Martland.

Foreword by Patrick Pichi Sun.

Foreword by Mildred Howells.

Centenary ed. NM: foreword.

Foreword by Sophia J. Kleegman.

The famous stories of Joseph Conrad. Compiled & with a new foreword by Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc., employer for hire of John Beecroft.

Louis R, Wilson, foreword.

Chosen & compiled & with a foreword by Howard Haycraft.

ยฉ on foreword; 23Oct42; A169689.

With a foreword by William B. Greeley.

With a foreword by John Galsworthy.

With a foreword by Isabel M. Stewart.

Foreword by John Kieran.

by Isaiah Bowman & a foreword by H. R. Elkins

With a foreword by Katharine Cornell.

Foreword by Roark Bradford.

With a foreword by Eugen Kahn.

With a foreword by Damon Runyon.

With a foreword by Arthur H. Ruggles.

With a foreword by Ralph Waldo Trine.

With foreword by Emory Ross.

With a foreword by Hugh A. Drumm.

With a foreword by Irwin Edman.

ยฉ on foreword; 8May44; A180523.

Foreword & notes by Oliver Daniel.

NM: foreword & notes.

With a foreword by W. A. Bishop.

Foreword & notes by Oliver Daniel.

NM: foreword & notes.

With a foreword by Carl Sandburg.

With a foreword by Louis R. Wilson. ยฉ 30Mar43; A172003.

Foreword by Pearl S. Buck.

Foreword by William H. Howell.

Foreword by John Chamberlain.

Foreword by William L. Benedict.

Foreword by Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse.

(The Modern library of the world's best books) NM: foreword.

With foreword by Fred P. Corson.

By John A. Sexson & John W. Harbeson, with a foreword by Leonard V. Koos.

By Alfred J. Cantor, foreword by Beaumont S. Cornell.

NM: foreword & notes.

NM: foreword & notes.

By Earl C. Kelley, foreword by John Dewey.

By Frank Ambrose Beach, with foreword by Earl T. Engle.

NM: new foreword.

ยฉ on foreword, screen-plays & introductions to screenplays; 28Oct48; AI-2111.

By Harriet-Louise Holland Patterson, foreword by Gaius Glenn Atkins.

By Henry B. Zimmer, edited with a foreword & pref.

By Lemuel Shattuck, foreword by Charles-Edward Amory Winslow.

NM: illus., revisions, index, foreword & credits.

NM: foreword, letter & ms. material & format.

By Laura Thompson (Laura Thompson Collier), with a foreword by John Collier & a chapter from the writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf.

R64702, 25Jul50, American Bank Note Co. (PCB) CANE, by Jean Toomer, with a foreword by Waldo Frank.

With a foreword by Harvey W. Wiley.

Foreword by James W. Gerard.

With drawings by Robert Fawcett and a foreword by J. C. Lincoln.

A century of industrial progress, with a foreword by Herbert Hoover.

Foreword by Abraham Flexner.

With a foreword by Lawrence Gilman.

With foreword by Armistead C. Gordon.

EVANS, ABBIE HUSTON. Outcrop, with a foreword by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

With a foreword by Paul G. Hoffman. ยฉ 22Nov28; A780.

Foreword by H. F. Harrington.

With a new foreword by Thorne Smith.

ยฉ on foreword; 4Oct33; A66519.

with foreword by Alfred P. Loomis.

With a foreword by Stephen Vincent Benet.

ยฉ on cover design, title page, & foreword; 12May33; AA123416.

Author of new matter; Robert C. McQuilkin. ยฉ on t. p. & foreword; 8Nov33; A67088.

With a foreword by Eric P. Kelly.

With a foreword by John H. Finley.

& new foreword by the author.

Foreword by Edward P. Mulrooney.

Foreword by Edward P. Costigan.

Foreword by Stuart Chase.

ยฉ on foreword; 13Sep34; A75520.

With a foreword by Carlton J. H. Hayes.

With a foreword by Letetia Raubicheck. ยฉ 22Jan34; A70027.

With a foreword by Alfred E. Smith.

Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd. (PWH); 22May62; R295959. BURGESS, JOHN W. Reminiscences of an American scholar; the beginnings of Columbia University. Foreword by Nicholas Murray Butler.

With a foreword by Stuart Chase.

With a foreword by Fulton J. Sheen.

Foreword by Aldous Huxley.

Rostand says in the foreword to his play, that in it he does not espouse this cause or that, but only tells the story of "one poor little boy."