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6085 examples of  forgave  in sentences

6085 examples of forgave in sentences

He had criticized the Hanoverians; and the king never forgave him.

But his temper was easily ruffled and for a whole day; he could not endure the ringing of bells, bribed his neighbours to repress their noises, and failing, retaliated by surpassing them; he never forgave Colonel Carr for breaking one of his dog's ribs, though he generally forgave injuries without forgetting them.

But his temper was easily ruffled and for a whole day; he could not endure the ringing of bells, bribed his neighbours to repress their noises, and failing, retaliated by surpassing them; he never forgave Colonel Carr for breaking one of his dog's ribs, though he generally forgave injuries without forgetting them.

" At that there was great laughter; even the Queen laughed when she said that she forgave him that too.

He honored his probity, and even that independence of character of which he himself had more than once had experience; Michelangelo, on his side, forgave him his frequent outbursts of impetuosity, that were ever atoned for by prompt and complete acknowledgment.

Cassius readily complied, and Cรฆsar forgave him, as he forgave all his adversaries: even Marcellus, who had mortally offended him, was pardoned at the request of Cicero.

Cassius readily complied, and Cรฆsar forgave him, as he forgave all his adversaries: even Marcellus, who had mortally offended him, was pardoned at the request of Cicero.

After this he forgave the populace left behind in Rome for not having come to him, and on the thirtieth day after his arrival set sail again for Greece.

When I'd been naughty fifty, sixty, five hundred times, then she forgave me; but now she can't forgive me any more; it isn't possible.

[10] This Enquiry, published in 1757, was the production of Soame Jenyns, esq. who never forgave the author of the review.

She scolded, snubbed, and predicted he'd come to a bad end in public; but she forgave his naughtiest pranks, always brought him something when she came, and privately intended to make his future comfortable with half of her fortune.

Dwight forgave me.

" "Forgave you!"

But her friends knew her failing, and readily forgave her.

He took compassion on this doleful company of ladies, and by reason of those holy bodies of the saints and those fair prelates, he granted life and member to his captives, and forgave them their debts.

Great as were the misery and suffering that this inscrutable man had brought into the lives of those I loved, I forgave him; and in his downfall forgot the callous relentlessness with which he had pursued his evil purpose.

He had to deal with the most capricious and jealous of tyrants; cruel and unscrupulous when crossed; a man who rarely retained a friendship or remembered a service; who never forgave an injury or forgot an affront; a glutton and a sensualist; although prodigal with his gifts, social in his temper, enlightened in his government, and with very respectable abilities and very considerable theological knowledge.

I know very well that you are much too pleased with your position here, and you are afraid that if my father forgave me and I came back, you would have to go home again.

I forgave him, and pitied his young wife.

You see that pleased my brother so much that he forgave him.

I forgave him the trick by which he had caught me and the selfish fears to which he had been willing to sacrifice me.

To use a vulgar expression, Lord Brougham fairly "bulldozed" his sovereign, and the king never forgave him.

The throne of Napoleon III. was overturned, and few felt sympathy for his misfortunes, since he was responsible for the overwhelming calamities which overtook his country, and which his country never forgave.

I forgave him at the moment, and on the spot.

I forgave him all; yet not in words, not outwardly; only at my heart's core.

Mr. Mason at once certainly forgave the intrusion, by asking my opinion as to his fears of having caricatured his poor friend.

Then he forgave Clotilde, clasping her wildly to his breast, and finally he said that she had done right, that they could not continue to live much longer as they were living, in a destitution which increased every day.

" But not once did she turn her eyes to the woman whom she forgave, and the hand that the widow held gave back no answering pressure.

Giovanni was so much impressed that he not only forgave the man but offered him his friendship.

For a time men forgave to Mr. Sheridanextravagant and reckless as he waswhat would long before have brought an honester, better, but less amusing man to a debtor's prison and the contempt of society; but only for a time was this career possible.

" Rom. xii; he will speak truth to his neighbour, be courteous and tender-hearted, "forgiving others for Christ's sake, as God forgave him," Eph. iv.

I then wished that I might die, and be buried with her; and, old as I now am, I would give worlds, were they mine to give, could my mother but have lived to tell me she forgave my childish ingratitude.

In addition to doing this, he forgave all persons all their debts to the imperial and to the public treasury for a space of forty-six years, outside of the sixteen granted by Hadrian.

He was my husband, for better for worse, and I forgave him

Apparently she forgave.

The latter never forgave the cession of Nice, his native town, to France, and never could be convinced that the sacrifice of Italian territory was a necessary step towards uniting Italy.

It was always a matter of grief to him that he did not know her better, and that he could not was one of the sins of slavery that he never forgave.

She forgave him, and he was about to send a reassuring line to his mother, when he found in his hands a portion of Eily's letter, in which she begged him to let her go back to her father.

" In 1838, Morse had been curtly and almost insultingly refused a patent for his invention in England, a humiliation for which he never quite forgave the English.

The plot of the drama used to strike my young mind as being a "crib" from "John Gilpin"; but I forgave that, in consideration of the skilful manner in which the story was wrought out.

I never forgave that man.

Of course she forgave him, knew he had not meant to hurt her, though he had horribly.

Tony forgave my past.

Later on, after the Prussian army had won its rapid victories, first over the Danes, then over the Austrians, and lastly over the French, the Prussian people, swollen with pride at what their armies had accomplished, forgave Bismarck for riding rough-shod over their liberties.

If treachery or oppression appeared among his nobles he punished them severely, but he forgave personal injuries freely.

And there the Queen forgave him easily.

Then he sent for the three knights, and they came afore him; and he cried them mercy of that he had done to them, and they forgave it him goodly; and he died anon.

When I learnt from whence it came, I forgave you all the blame, Musty Christopher; I could not forgive the praise Fusty Christopher.

it would make him much happier if you would treat him as though you forgave him, which you cannot do unless you from your heart forgive him.

She heard his words, and forgave him, if she did not believe him; for she knew that he was true in his friendship, and benevolent in his feelingsparts these, too, as he would have said, of the decree.

This outrage she never forgave.

" "They do say he never forgave her mother till the day of her death," remarked Nancy.

Also she forgave him much for the sake of his beautiful eyes and his eager enthusiasm of manner.

divinely brave! Injur'd he fell, and dying he forgave!

Mr. Boswell informs us, that he never forgave its pointed satire.

A few conservatives outlawed him, but there were people enough who forgave him, or approved him, to give him an abundance of society of the highest and most aristocratic sort.

But he never forgave the part which Cicero had taken against him; and from that time forth the latter found a new, unscrupulous, indefatigable enemy, of whose services his old opponents gladly availed themselves.

But they never forgave him.

Mrs. Prentiss had contrived out of the odd and incoherent jumble of words a choice bit of poetic humor and pathos, which I never quite forgave her for omitting in the publication of the nonsense written by other hands.

They forgave him much for his good heart and at appropriate moments led in applause of his prowess and achievements.

Her mother had wronged her in thought, had slandered her in word; but Janet forgave her and nobly wished her to have the consolation of knowing it.

"Thou answer'd them, O Lord our God: thou was a God that forgave them, though thou took vengeance of their inventions."See

"Thou answeredst them, O Lord our God; thou wast a God that forgave them, though thou tookest vengeance of their inventions."See

This was indignantly censored as a libel, but he excused himself on the plea that "evil" was the only possible rhyme to be found for "weevil," and declared that his very last intention had been to be personal or to cast the least reflection on the lovable disposition of Mnemosyne, so we forgave him with a caution.

Such a violation of contract the Romans never forgave; and Mark Antony, who had striven to rise to the supreme power after the assassination of Julius Caesar, as soon as he had leisure from his other ambitious schemes, bent his steps toward Egypt, to punish the faithless queen.

His Majesty never forgave me, and an intrigue began which had like to have been my utter ruin; but a considerable person at Court informed me of the schemes against me, and I resolved at once to pay a visit to Blefusco, whose Emperor had sent a solemn embassy to Lilliput with humble offers of peace, and who received me with the generosity suitable to so great a Prince.

Mr. Slope saw at once the full amount of his gain, and turned on the vanquished lady a look of triumph which she never forgot and never forgave.

Aunt Phoebe forgave all the jokes she had made at her expense and sent over a crocheted dressing jacket made of fleecy wool.

" His brother gave him a talking, and then forgave him.

No matter, she proved a cheery and delightful companion, and we entirely forgave her for coming to Tronkol and poaching on our preserves.

When she implored him to divorce her he said that, whatever her conduct had been, that course was impossible to him as a churchman, as she well knew; but that he forgave her.

It was as if he wanted to prove to him how heartily he forgave him for being Mrs. Rowcliffe's husband.

If Tayoga had erred either in omission or commission then the spirits that hovered about him forgave him, as when the night was thickest they gave the sign.

"It was I who was horrid," she announced to him frankly, and Tommy forgave her at once.

And now David Gemmell was the man, and Tommy genially forgave him all else for liking Elspeth.

Later, soothed by his own triumph, or touched, as Giraldus tells us, with compassion for a brave man, he, at the intercession of some of his courtiers, forgave and restored him to his possessions, reserving, however, the town of Wexford for himself.

Nevertheless it is impossible to grieve overmuch for the misfortune that befell men who freely forgave and condoned such treacherous barbarity.

The duke prayed "my lord of Orleans and my lords his brothers to banish from their hearts all hatred and vengeance;" and the princes of Orleans "assented to what the king commanded them, and forgave their cousin the Duke of Burgundy everything entirely."

The dauphin assured him that he forgave every offence, if indeed he had received any, and added, "Cousin, if in the proposed treaty between us there be aught which is not to your liking, we desire that you amend it, and henceforth we will desire all you shall desire; make no doubt of it."

declared, it is said, that "if the said moneyman were not found liable to the charge of having poisoned or caused to be poisoned Agnes Sorel, he threw up and forgave all the other cases against him."

" There was no more word about ghosts now, and the kind professor forgave the Finlander.

People were, therefore, very much excited, and curious to witness this double show, and in their eagerness they forgave the hostile general, who had prepared such a delightful entertainment for them, all the terrors of the last few days.

" He kissed her burning, feverish forehead, he bedewed it with tears, and forgave her, from the bottom of his heart, her misplaced love, her errors and transgressions.

For, on his side, he, too, felt no love for this young woman; and, as she never forgave him for having accepted her hand, although he knew that she loved another, he, in like manner, could never forgive her having consented to be his wife, although he had not been the one to solicit it, and although he had never told her that he loved her.

It is not three Years ago since she was gay, airy, and a little towards Libertine in her Carriage; but, methought, I easily forgave her that little Insolence, which she so severely pays for in her present Condition.

yet I forgave thee.

She never forgave him for living apart from his wife.

" I forgave Jimmie a good deal for that joke.

I think he forgave Winwood everything for that remark.

She never forgave me because I failed to do so, and at her urgent solicitation the minister, after great exertion, secured a few signatures to a petition for my discharge on the plea that I chewed tobacco and expectorated on the floor in the presence of my class.

You should not be thinking of that now, but of forgiveness" "I forgave her long ago," interrupted Lavretsky, with an impatient gesture.

Besides, I forgave you long ago; but there has always been a gulf between you and me.

Hitherto, it has been just the opposite, and we forgave you the torments that you inflicted on us.

STEIN, CHARLOTTE VON, a lady friend of Goethe's, born at Weimar; Goethe's affection for her cooled on his return from Italy to see her so changed; she never forgave him for marrying a woman beneath him; letters by Goethe to her were published in successive editions, but hers to him were destroyed by her (1742-1827).

I forgave you fully, and have never had a thought that wasn't kind.

In the first year of his reign, however, he began debasing the coinage,a favorite device of needy monarchs in his day,and his people never forgave the injury.

But he forgave the irrelevancy by taking no notice of it, and by doing full justice to that particular dish.

[Note 7: Las Casas (Hist, de las Indias, tom, i., p. 102) relates that Caunaboa never forgave Columbus for his treatment of him, while he had, on the contrary, great respect for Hojeda, the latter's clever ruse, deftly executed, being precisely the kind of trickery he was able to appreciate and admire.

Walter was glad he took this line before Colonel Clifford: not that he forgave Mr. Bartley that old affront the reader knows of.

Then she forgave him.