113 examples of forget-me-not in sentences

He had fallen from his high estate through loving a daughter of earth, nor was he permitted to enter again until she whom he loved had planted the flowers of the forget-me-not in every corner of the world.

He returned to earth and assisted her, and they went hand in hand over the world planting the forget-me-not.

The first piece is Akenside's beautiful Invocation to Cheerfulness; this is pleasingly contrasted with a Song to the Forget-me-not, by Mrs. Opie.

Boggley's bore the legend Forget-me-not, and mine A present for a good girl in gilt letters.

" It is a still and lovely spot Where they have laid thee down to rest; The white rose and forget-me-not Bloom sweetly on thy breast, And birds and streams with liquid lull Have made the stillness beautiful.

We had written our first stories together for Forget-me-not and Hearth and Home, and together enjoyed the first sweets of success.

Altogether, we congratulate the fair Editoress on the very pleasing, attractive, and useful character of her volume for the coming season; and as that for the previous year did not reach us early enough for special notice at the time of publication, we are happy to make the amende, by placing the Juvenile Forget-me-not first on our list of Annuals for 1830.

Juvenile Forget-me-not, 269, 383.

We begin with the parent-stock, The Forget-Me-Not.

Annuals for 1829, Forget-Me-Not, 306.

The Second SUPPLEMENT, containing Choice Extracts from the "Keepsake," "Forget-me-not," &c., with a fine Large Engraving from the "Landscape Annual," will be published with our next number.

The Forget-Me-Not will contain a very gembeing the first known attempt at poetry, by Lord Byron, copied from the autograph of the noble poet, and certified by the lady to whom it was addressedthe object of his lordship's first, if not his only real attachment.

The Juvenile Forget-Me-Not, under the superintendence of Mrs. S.C. Hall, also promises unusual attractions, both in picture and print.

This little work is a sort of protegé of The Forget-Me-Not, and is by the same editor.


The following account of the origin of the name "Forget-me-not," is extracted from Mill's History of Chivalry, and was communicated to that work by Dr. A.T.

She withdrew it, turned her eyes, whose fair, faint lustre, the pale forget-me-not blue, was darkened by the antagonistic light to an amethystine shadow, inquiringly upon him.

Well, it was the "Forget-me-not."

Cool in the noon-tide gleam, With rushes nodding in the little stream, And blue forget-me-not. Set in thick tufts along the bushy marge With big bright eyes of gold; And glorious water-plants, like fans, unfold Their blossoms strange and large. That wandering boy, young Hylas, did not find Beauties so rich and rare, Where swallow-wort and pale-bright maiden's hair And dog-grass richly twined.

Here we crossed into a splendid belt of gaunt silver firs, the first I have seen here; whitish yellow marsh-marigolds and a most vivid "smalt" blue forget-me-not with large flowers were abundant, also an oxalis very like our own wood-sorrel.

Large low bowl of blue and pink forget-me-nots in the center of the table, with candle shades of white, painted with forget-me-not sprays.

Height, 10 ft. Forget-me-not.See "Myosotis.

It skirted the edge of a little morass where the young flags were coming up; it followed the windings of a brook where the wild forget-me-not threw up its little azure buds; it crossed the stream a dozen times by means of shaking bridges, or fallen trees; it had magnificent gateways between twin oaksgateways to yet pleasanter reaches of leaving woodland.

" THE FORGET-ME-NOT The dear little FORGET-ME-NOT, (myosotis palustris)[077] with its eye of blue, is said to have derived its touching appellation from a sentimental German story.

He gallantly plunged into the stream and obtained the flower, but exhausted by the force of the tide, he had only sufficient strength left as he neared the shore to fling the flower at the fair one's feet, and exclaim "Forget-me-not!" (Vergiss-mein-nicht.)

113 examples of  forget-me-not  in sentences