113 examples of forget-me-not in sentences

If children are to have any sense of colour they must learn to match very truthfully; there is a great difference between the blue of the forget-me-not and of the bluebell, but only by experiment can children discover that the difference lies in the amount of red in the latter.

He had fallen from his high estate through loving a daughter of earth, nor was he permitted to enter again until she whom he loved had planted the flowers of the forget-me-not in every corner of the world.

He returned to earth and assisted her, and they went hand in hand over the world planting the forget-me-not.

The Juvenile Forget-me-not.

Our intention in coupling the works at the head of this slight notice is to express our high esteem of the taste which has dictated the scholar and the gentleman in the production of the Amulet, and his ingenious lady in the "delightful task" of writing and catering for those of tender growth, in the Juvenile Forget-me-not.

Altogether, we congratulate the fair Editoress on the very pleasing, attractive, and useful character of her volume for the coming season; and as that for the previous year did not reach us early enough for special notice at the time of publication, we are happy to make the amende, by placing the Juvenile Forget-me-not first on our list of Annuals for 1830.

Two Juvenile Annualsthe Keepsake and Forget-me-not, have likewise the same claim on our attention.

Juvenile Forget-me-not, 269, 383.

The Forget-Me-Not.

We begin with the parent-stock, The Forget-Me-Not.

The editor has only two or three pieces; but the excellent taste and judgment displayed in the editorship of the "Forget-me-not" entitle it to a foremost place among the "Annuals for 1829.

Annuals for 1829, Forget-Me-Not, 306.

The Second SUPPLEMENT, containing Choice Extracts from the "Keepsake," "Forget-me-not," &c., with a fine Large Engraving from the "Landscape Annual," will be published with our next number.

Mr. Ackermann has likewise announced a Juvenile Forget-Me-Not, so as to remember all growths.

Among the prose is "A Quarter of an Hour too soon," by the author of "The Hour too many," in the last Forget-Me-Not.


This little work is a sort of protegé of The Forget-Me-Not, and is by the same editor.

Cool in the noon-tide gleam, With rushes nodding in the little stream, And blue forget-me-not. Set in thick tufts along the bushy marge With big bright eyes of gold; And glorious water-plants, like fans, unfold Their blossoms strange and large. That wandering boy, young Hylas, did not find Beauties so rich and rare, Where swallow-wort and pale-bright maiden's hair And dog-grass richly twined.

Large low bowl of blue and pink forget-me-nots in the center of the table, with candle shades of white, painted with forget-me-not sprays.

Height, 10 ft. Forget-me-not.See "Myosotis.

[THE FORGET-ME-NOT, The first-born of the Annuals, comes to woo us with the kindred charms of poetry and playful humourromance and real lifefull of kindly feelings, sighs and tears, such as Niobe shed, and smiles that with their witchery light up the finest affections to cherish drooping nature, and guide our footsteps along this world of weal and woe.

One end of the large, double parlors seemed a bank of azalias and honeysuckles, while great bunches of yellow primrose and blue forget-me-not were on the tables and in the bay-windows.

" THE FORGET-ME-NOT The dear little FORGET-ME-NOT, (myosotis palustris)[077] with its eye of blue, is said to have derived its touching appellation from a sentimental German story.

" THE FORGET-ME-NOT The dear little FORGET-ME-NOT, (myosotis palustris)[077] with its eye of blue, is said to have derived its touching appellation from a sentimental German story.

She laughed a little, and stooping tried to reach a forget-me-not that grew on the edge of the water.

113 examples of  forget-me-not  in sentences